There are 3 options to enter Hystria Ruins or Aakman Temple.

  • Free Portal Spawns:
    • Seek and find random spawns of portals at specific locations.
    • Hystria and Aakman portals spawn in the Great Desert of Valencia. The portal locations are predefined, but it is random as to which dungeon entrance will spawn at the locations.
  • Permanent Paid Entrances:
    • Access static entrances to Hystia and Aakman via questlines for each.
    • Each permanent entrance requires 1x Black Spirit’s Claw Piece.
  • Free for Sage Class:
    • At level 60, Sage unlocks a passive skill, Ator’s Eye.
    • Enter Aakman and Hystria without using a Black Spirit’s Claw Piece. (Also works for Kratuga and Sycraia Underwater Ruins (Abyssal Zone)
    • Still requires the Hystria and Aakman entrance questlines, but Sage does not need to pay a Black Spirit’s Claw Piece.

A questline is no longer required to distinguish between Aakman and Hystria portals since patch Jan 3 2023.


Aakman vs Hystria Portal

The appearance of Aakman and Hystria portals are nearly identical, besides a glowing outline surrounding the black hole.

This outline determines which dungen you will be teleported into when you enter it.

Hystria Ruins
Portal has a glowing outline.

Hystria Ruins Portal

Aakman Temple
Portal does NOT have a glowing border.

Aakman Temple Portal

Aakman Portal

Aakman Portal has no glowing border.

Hystria Portal

Hystria Portals have a glowing border around them.

Hystria Portal

Hystria & Aakman Location Map

The portal locations are shown in the map below.

So far, it’s been accurate for me.


PLEASE NOTE: Portals randomly spawn at any of these locations and it’s RNG which type will spawn, if any at all at the marked locations.

Hystria & Aakman Location Map

(This map was obtained in discord. I’m still looking for the original source. Please share the source, if you find it.)

Static Entrances to Hystria & Aakman

The questlines below are optional, but allow you to use the static entrances to Hystria and Aakman dungeons.

You will need a Black Spirit’s Claw Piece to enter the dungeons from these permanent entrances.

Black Spirit's Claw Piece

Aakman Temple
North of Pilgrim’s Haven
Near Madum <Adventurer>

Aakman Temple Location Map
Aakman Temple Static Entrance

Hystria Ruins
SE of Pilgrim’s Sanctum: Purity below the canyon
Near Vygun <Archeologist>

Hystria Ruins Location Map
Hystria Ruins Static Entrance

Hystria Ruins Entrance Questline

Start Quest: Rumors at Ibellab Oasis
Start Quest NPC: Sameh <Node Management>
Location: Ibellab Oasis in Valencia Great Desert


Begin by traveling to Sand Grain Bazaar, which is east of Altinova at the edge of the Great Desert of Valencia.

Travel over the sands NE of Sand Grain Bazaar. Sand travel is slow and dangerous without a camel or Dine. Bring desert gear like a Compass, Star Anise Tea, and Purified Water.

Sameh - BDO
Sameh <Node Management>
Location: Ibellab Oasis node in Valencia Great Desert

Quests (O) → Suggested →
[Combat][Lv. 60] How to Get to Hystria Ruins Sans

Hystria Ruins Static Portal Entrance Questline

The questline to enter Hystria Ruins via the entrance has 11 quests.

Aakman Static Entrance Quest

Start Quest: Chaotic Aakman Temple
Start Quest NPC: Atosa <Node Management>
Location: Aakman node in Valencia Great Desert


Atosa - BDO
Atosa <Node Management>
Location: Aakman node in Valencia Great Desert

Other Hystria and Aakman Quests

This is the old quest line you could do to differentiate the two portals, however now it’s just an optional storyline.

Start Quest Name: Forgotten Core Part
Start Quest NPC: Karashu <Alchemist>
Location: Sand Grain Bazaar


  • Level 57+
  • Main Mediah quest line completion. Press O key then Main tab. (Apocolyptic Prophecy, Awakened Black Spirit, or Simplified Main Quest)
  • During quest line you will need to arrange Part for Explorer’s Compass x3 into the shape of a [-] to obtain an Ancient Explorer’s Compass (3 Days).

Begin by traveling to Sand Grain Bazaar, which is east of Altinova at the edge of the Great Desert of Valencia.

Speak to Karashu <Alchemist>, who is located next to the Work Supervisor.


Karashu <Alchemist>
Location: Sand Grain Bazaar, Valencia

Sources & Additional Info


Thanks official PA for the images! Image credits Source and older source.