Atoraxxion is a 5-man dungeon that became part of BDO on July 21, 2021. Vahmalkea is the first biome and often called “part 1.” In Vahmalkea, your team must outwit brain teasing puzzles, battle evil weapons of mass destruction, and craft keys from their body parts. Muwhahaha! Have I peaked your interest yet?

Atoraxxion Requirements:

  • Lv. 60+
  • 3 Pre-requisite Quest Chains under O > Main quest tab
    • [Lv. 56] *class*, New Power 0/14  (Succession or Awakening Questline)
    • [Invitation from I] Somone Beckons 0/15
    • [5-person Co-op] The Last Stronghold, Atoraxxion 0/48
      • requires a 100G Gold Bar (10 milllion silver)
      • 5 different materials available on the Marketplace
  • 2 items required to finish a quest and obtain a chest (this is the only way to obtain loot)
    • normal loot does NOT drop inside Atoraxxion
    • Key of the Sunless Dawn: drops from final boss, “Apex Lucretia”
    • Agris Fever: costs 10k Agris Fever Points for the final chest quest. (removed in patch 5-18-22)
  • Complete 6 zones inside Atoraxxion: Vahmalkea (some are locked and need keys)
    • make 4 unique keys from Vahmalkea mob drops
    • all party members must have the final key, “Lucretia Dagger” to progress to the last boss (requires 4 different mob drops to make)

Atoraxxion Difficulty:

  • Party of 5: (recommended)
  • Season Servers: DUO Tuvala gear
  • Normal Servers:
    • AP: 250+ (Kutum)
    • DP: 300
  • Elvia Servers:
    • AP: 280+ (Kutum)
    • DP: 340+

Atoraxxion Location:

Atoraxxion dungeon entrance is located inside Ancient Stone Chamber. (SE of Western Guard Camp. map) However, the questline starts in Tariff, Mediah.

Atoraxxion Biomes


  • Desert:  Vahmalkea
  • Ocean:  Sycrakea
  • Canyon:  in development
  • Forest:  in development


Atoraxxion Rewards

Obtain up to 2 chests each week per family. (3 with Season)

  1. Elvia Servers:
    • Desert Chest
    • Hystria Chest
  2. Normal Servers:
    • Aakmah Chest
  3. Season Servers:
    • Rift Chest

There are 2 different chests available on Elvia Server, a different chest for normal, and a bonus chest for season servers.


Atoraxxion Chest Quests

  • You must have “Key of the Sunless Dawn” obtained by defeating “Apex Urukios” in your inventory. (Resets every Thursday at midnight)
  • Limit of 2 quests per Family weekly (3 with Season quest)
  • Limit of 1 quest per character (2 with Season quest)
  • Chest Quests are given by the Vaha’s Time Capsule NPC located at Vaha’s Paradise. You can instantly complete the quests by talking to the NPC.
  • The Season quest is given by Fughar.

Atoraxxion Quests for Chests

Your server and the completion times determines which reward chest you will obtain.


Atoraxxion Quests for Chests Level

[Weekly] Vahmalkea: Desert Chest

1st Elvia completion

Vahmalkea: Desert Chest

[Weekly] Vahmalkea: Hystriah Chest

2nd Elvia completion on a different character

Vahmalkea: Hystriah Chest

[Weekly] Vahmalkea: Aakmah Chest I

1st Normal completion

Vahmalkea: Aakmah Chest

[Weekly] Vahmalkea: Aakmah Chest II

2nd Normal completion on a different character

Vahmalkea: Aakmah Chest

[Co-op] [Weekly] Vestige of the Rifts Bestowed by Vaha

Season completion

Atoraxxion: Rift Chest



Atoraxxion Chest Details

Atoraxxion Reward Reward Details
Desert Chest

Hystriah Chest

Aakmah Chest
[Elvia] Vaha’s Rare Box

RNG one of:

  • Tungrad Necklace
  • Laytenn’s Power Stone
  • Tungrad Earring
  • Ring of Crescent Guardian
  • Basilisk’s Belt

up to TRI level

1 0 0
Vaha’s Rare Box

RNG one of:

  • Tungrad Necklace
  • Laytenn’s Power Stone
  • Tungrad Earring
  • Ring of Crescent Guardian
  • Basilisk’s Belt

up to PRI level

0 1 1
Dehkima: Token of the Oath 1 = Memory Fragment x2
1 = Caphras Stone x1
2 = Mass of Pure Magic x1
2 = Enchanted Scroll (+20) x1
5 = Enchanted Scroll (+30) x1
10 = Ancient Magic Crystal of Crimson Flame – Power x1
10 = Ancient Magic Crystal of Nature – Adamantine x1
10 = Black Magic Crystal Box x1
15 = Enchanted Scroll (+40) x1
100 = Crystal of Elkarr x1
1000 = 3 Weapon Exchange Coupons (1 per family)
30 10 5
Golden Tears of the Desert need 1 to make earring, “Vaha’s Dawn
PEN Stats:
Attack (AP): 21 ~ 21
Accuracy: 16
Damage Reduction: -5
0-1 0-1 0-1
Maha’s Fragment Exchange x1 for 100G Gold Bar
100G Gold Bar = 10,000,000 silver
10 8 3
Upgraded Compass Parts ID: 44277 (one of 3 rare items to make Lafi Bedmountain’s Upgraded Compass) 0-1 0-1 0-1
Upgraded Compass Parts ID: 44279 (same icon and name as above, but different item. Also used for Lafi Compass) 0-1 0-1 0-1
Yona’s Fragment makes yellow grade accessories
Yona’s Guide
5-10 3-8 2-5
Black Spirit’s Claw Piece gives entrance to dungeon in Hasrah Cliff called “Kratuga Ancient Ruins” 0-1 0-1 0-1
Part for Explorer’s Compass need 3 to make a 3-day compass to see the map in desert and ocean  1 1 1
Ancient Spirit Dust need 5 + 1 Black Stone to make Caphras Stone 15-20 10-15 5-10
Scroll Written in Ancient Language need 5 to summon boss encounter for Memory Fragments 1 1 1
Pure Titanium Crystal Black Leopard Armor, Granverre Metal Horseshoe, Kaia Fishing Boat Prow, Krogdalo’s Barding, Manos Ruby Ring, Manos Topaz Ring 1-2 1-2 1
Pure Vanadium Crystal Granverre Leather Stirrups, Kaia Rowboat Prow, Krogdalo’s Barding – Earth, Manos Ruby Earring, Manos Topaz Earring, Muzika Leather Stirrups 1-2 1-2 1
Trace of Ascension makes alchemy ingredients, Epheria Frigate: Black Breeze Sail, Epheria Sailboat: Black Breeze Sail 5-10 3-8 2-5


Atoraxxion Earring

The Atoraxxion Earring is called Vaha’s Dawn.

How to Obtain Vaha’s Dawn:

  • weekly Atoraxxion quest, defeating the final boss
  • Atoraxxion knowledge

View details in our Vaha’s Dawn Guide.

 Level Enhancement Chance AP Acc DR Crons Total Crons
0 25% 6 6 0 62 62
PRI 10% 9 8 -1 187 249
DUO 7.5% 12 10 -2 562 811
TRI 2.5% 15 12 -3 1562 2373
TET 0.5% 18 14 -4 7499 9872
PEN 21 16 -5



BDO Tungrad Earring PEN
BDO Vaha's Dawn PEN Earring
BDO Black Distortion PEN Earring

Season Rewards for Atoraxxion

Atoraxxion Rewards for Season Server are unique and have many enhancement items for Tuvala Gear.

Quest: “[Co-op][Weekly] Vestige of the Rifts Bestowed by Vaha”
Start NPC: Fughar
Chest Reward: Atoraxxion: Rift Chest

Also obtain Atoraxxion: Rift Chest x1 via a Challenge reward.


Challenge Name Requirement
[Season] On the Lucretia Dagger! Defeat Apex Urukios of Atoraxxion: Vahmalkea
Learn “On the Lucretia Dagger” knowledge

Atoraxxian Quest: Invitation from I

The first step toward Atoraxxian is the Invitaton from I quest line.

Requires level 60+

Press O > Main tab.

  • [Invitation from I] Somone Beckons 0/15

Most of the quest line is talking to NPCs in Tariff.

At the end you will have to enter Hasrah Ruins and kill 30 Ancient Weapons.

It will lead you to the secret door deep inside Hasrah Ruins.

Questline Reward: Black Spirit’s Claw Piece


Invitation from I quest line

Atoraxxion Quest: Last Stronghold

Press O key > Main tab. Look for the quest section titled:

  • [5-person Co-op] The Last Stronghold, Atoraxxion 0/48


  • Invitation from I questline (level 60+)
  • Awakening or Succession questline

The first part of this questline is talking to many different NPCs in the Lily Valley Inn.

Required Items:

  • 100G Gold Bar. (10 milllion silver)
  • 5 different mats to make Talibre’s Tear (see below)
Atoraxxion Quest Line

Atoraxxion Quest Tips for Heidel Inn:

  • Grace Lauren is on the second floor balcony
  • the mercenaries are on the very top floor.
  • The quest window “Navigate” button doesn’t navigate stairs most of the time.
  • if you get stuck, look around for beams of light


After Heidel, you will be led to Ancient Stone Chamber to do some more talking.

This is also where the entrance to Atoraxxion is.

  • Quest: [Atoraxxion] Risen Ancient Weapon can be done solo.

[Atoraxxion] Talibre’s Tear

To enter Atoraxxion, you will need to make a Talibre’s Tear for the locked entrance inside Ancient Stone Chamber.

Processing (L) > Heating:

  • Fire Horn x49 (Hunting Life Skill)
  • Black Stone Powder x49 (grind magic crystals)
  • Powder of Flame x49 (Coastal Cave node west of Velia)
  • Clear Liquid Reagent x49 (Alchemy Beginner 1)
    • 1 Wild Grass, 1 Sunrise Herb, 1 Salt, 1 Purified Water
  • Trace of Despair x49
    • Mansha Forest (excavation node) 35 Energy to Node Manager
    • Rhua Tree Stub (excavation node) 35 Energy to Node Manager

NOTE: you will want to start looking for a party before you use your Talibre’s Tear to be teleported inside Atoraxxion. The questline will soon have you defeat 30 Atoraxxion mobs and they are very difficult solo.

You can complete a good part of the Atoraxxion questlines solo up to “[Atoraxxion] Start of the Maze” where you have to kill 30 Ancient Weapons.

Talibre's Tear Heating

WARNING: If you exit Atoraxxion for any reason, you will have to gather all the mats and make a new Talibre’s Tear in order to enter again.

All key pieces you have aquired will be deleted.

NEVER EXIT ATORAXXION!!! hahaha! Just teasing, but it feels that way once you are in. 🙂

WARNING 2: Try to stick together!! There is no map function inside Atorraxion. If you seperate from your party, it can be hard to find them again, if you are new to the dungeon.


Atoraxxion Zones & Key Upgrades

Some of the zones are locked and need keys to open.

Key parts are dropped by mobs you fight while going from puzzle to puzzle.

In the first two zones you enter, you must fight mobs until each player has 10 Vaha’s Cold Thorns.

These make your first key, Vaha’s Dried Fang.

This key is then upgraded as you obtain more parts by defeating bosses.

Monster Item Drop (100% Chance)
[Elvia] Vaha’s Cold Thorn
Vaha’s Cold Thorn


Zone Key How to Make
1.Vaha’s Sky
2.Vaha’s Storm
3.Vaha’s Heart Vaha’s Dried Fang Processing (L) > Simple Alchemy:
Vaha’s Cold Thorn x10
4.Vaha’s Head Vaha’s Burning Fang Arrange Items:

Vaha’s Dried Fang,
Searing Heart Piece
5.Vaha’s Garden Vaha’s Twisted Fang Arrange Items:

Vaha’s Burning Fang,
Frozen Shell of Reason
6.Vaha’s Cradle Lucretia Dagger Arrange Items:

Vaha’s Twisted Fang,
Vaha’s Whispering Bell


Atoraxxion Dungeon Mechanics

Each Atoraxxion Gateway requires a unique key.

Each Atoraxxion key is made and then upgraded by monster parts you pick up from killing mobs and two bosses.

Key Upgrade Path:

Vaha’s Dried Fang > Vaha’s Burning Fang > Vaha’s Twisted Fang > Lucretia Dagger


These fangs (keys) get you through locked gateways like in the image below.

Atoraxxion Locked Door

Atoraxxion gateways only stay open for a couple minutes, then lock again. Why? Pure torturous reasons, to be sure! 🙂

You can get through a gateway if your party member unlocks it, but this isn’t really a good thing!!!

Check first to make sure you have all the parts you need before progressing through a gateway.

Each party member needs ALL key parts.

Atoraxxion Key Part Requirements:

  • Vaha’s Cold Thorn x10
  • Searing Heart Piece x1
  • Frozen Shell of Reason x1
  • Vaha’s Whispering Bell x1

Atoraxxion Puzzles

There are 5 main puzzles you will have to win in order to progress in the main quest line for Atoraxxion.

  • Puzzle 1: Balance the Two Platforms with Weighted Boxes
  • Puzzle 2: Simmon Says: Mimic the Ancient Weapon
  • Puzzle 3: Memorize the Red/Blue Light Patterns of 4 Light Towers
  • Puzzle 4: Put weight on 4 Platforms and Use Center Orb
  • Puzzle 5: Rotate Pillars Toward Center to spawn Ahtenn Event


For more details about the main quest line puzzles, please view our Atoraxxion Puzzle guide.

Atoraxxion Boss 1: Krahtenn

The first boss you will encounter is Krahtenn.

Keep fighting mobs in Vaha’s Heart (middle zone) until he spawns.


Make sure all party members have his drop:


Krahtenn’ Key Part:

  • Searing Heart Piece



Krahtenn <Vaha’s Fury>
Level: 65

Krahtenn Tactics

  • Pull Krahten toward the bridge and fight him there to avoid triggering other spawns of Puturum and land mobs.
  • Krahtenn will go immune and perform an AOE attack
  • During this time hit him 3 to 5 times in the back with the Vahmalkea Matchlock. Then he will fall down and greatly increase damage done to him.

Atoraxxion Boss 2: Ahtenn

The second boss you will encounter is Ahtenn.

Ahtenn spawns in Vaha’s Garden, the final zone before the last boss.


Make sure all party members have his 2 drops:


Ahtenn’s Key Parts:

  • Fozen Shell of Reason
  • Vaha’s Whispering Bell



Ahtenn <Vaha’s Fury>
Level: 65

Ahtenn Boss Tactics


  • keep 2 players on Ahtenn at all times, who keep the boss away from the towers
  • assign 1 player each on 3 towers
  • Destroy all towers to 50% HP
  • Watch for announcements telling which tower to destroy.
  • Destroy the tower within 3 seconds
  • If successful, Ahtenn will be stunned
  • Leave towers and DPS Ahten
  • When Ahtenn gets up, 3 players return to towers.

Atoraxxion Final Boss: Urukios

Stage 1: Seperate to 50% HP

  • 2 players charge Lucretia and draw him to a corner
  • 2 players charge Urukios and draw to a seperate corner
  • Keep two bosses seperate or they will perform a devastating AOE attack
  • 1 player on the trash that spawns in the middle room
    • attack the three towers, which spawns circles on the floor
    • draw the adds to the circles to kill them over the circles, which greatly increases damage to them AND bosses
    • don’t allow mobs to get close to Lucretia or Urukios, or they will heal them
  • DPS both bosses down to 50% at the same time.
  • At 50% HP, one boss will go immobile and stiff before the other, then quickly move to the other boss until both are immobile

Apex Urukios <Vaha’s Eyes>
Level: 66

Stage 2: Color Match Floating Orbs

  • Middle mobs will disappear
  • Lucretia and Urukios will slowly walk to the center and fuse.
  • Player with boss agro should keep him in a corner
  • Avoid floating rocks, which CC and explode if you touch them
  • Colored orbs will spawn and follow the last player to go near them
    • Colored orbs need to be taken to the matching colored tower.
    • Avoid stealing other player’s orb by running as a team in a clockwise direction
    • Avoid using dash skills, if having trouble (it is sometimes a bit glitchy)
    • When a tower has been matched to an orb and completed, it will loose its color
    • If a tower is not matched fast enough, it will spawn a wave of mobs
    • When done correctly, boss will become immobile and take more damage

Stage 3: Lava

  • Keep Urukios in a corner until he starts lava attack
  • A beam of red will strike the ground and quickly kill all who are around it
  • These kill zones do NOT disappear and this is why you need to strategize ahead of time and be careful how to move Urukios around the arena. (Don’t block yourself in/out)
  • Pull Urukios in an orderly manner, so you still have a safe area to stand in.

Atoraxxion Travel Tips

  • World map doesn’t work and it’s easy to get lost at first. Stick with your group.
  • After every boss is defeated, make sure you ask if everyone picked up the boss part(s) needed to make keys
  • There are teleporters scattered throughout Atoraxxion, called “Sol Magia”
  • Sol Magia will teleport you back to the previous zone or back to the starting zone of Vaha’s Sky
  • If you use a Sol Magia to teleport back to Ancient Stone Chamber, your key parts will be deleted and you will have to gather all the mats to make another Talibre Tear (the Atoraxxion Entrance Key).
Sol Magia Teleport

Atoraxxion Pots

  • The middle zone, Vaha’s Heart, has a statue you can buy pots from and repair. It looks like a Sol Magia, but is called “Vaha’s Heart, Atoraxxion Exchange.”
    • 3 Unique Party Pots (Duration: 20 sec. Cooldown 1 minute)
      • HP Recovery Greatly Increased for 20 sec
      • Movement Speed +30%
      • Debuff Resistance Against Monsters +100%
Atoraxxion Pots

Note that you can NOT use the Vahmalkea Pots against the final boss.

Vahmalkea Matchlock

You can also purchase a Vahmalkea Matchlock.

Matchlock Cost:

  • Vaha’s Cold Thorn x2


Note that it is only temporary and lasts 2 hours.

Can’t be used outside of Atoraxxion.

Vahmalkea Matchlock

Vahmalkea Matchlock is good for shooting Putoruim in the sky.

They like to hang out of reach in the air and attack you.

Their attacks and CC are can kill you quickly, especially if you can’t reach them!


Putorium <Vaha's Remnant>

Putorium <Vaha’s Remnant>
Level: 65

Atoraxxion Party & PVP

  • All of the zones, besides the last zone, are open to other players outside your party.
  • The bad part about this is they can interact with and mess up your puzzle.
  • They can also flag up and attack you while your back is turned and you’re in deep thought about the puzzles! LOL!
  • Only the final boss zone, Vaha’s Cradle, is a private instance created just for your party.
  • Party members can be recruited at any point before Vaha’s Cradle.
  • Recruiting another to replace any party member could mean going back to the beginning zone and starting over. (Because all party members need ALL key parts to make a Lucretia Dagger.)
  • If a member is disconnected during the final boss, he will be ejected from Vaha’s Cradle, not have his Lucretia Dagger, and log back into the previous room. (Be locked out of the final boss fight.)
  • The final boss instance can NOT be reset without starting over and making a new Lucretia Dagger.

Atoraxxion Vahmalkea Titles


Title How to Obtain
Chomp! Craft Vaha’s Dried Fang
Ow! Craft [Elvia] Vaha’s Dried Fang
Groovy For A Ruby Complete the quest [Weekly] Lucretia’s Ruby
quest was removed February 23, 2022
Dream Inside the Box Open a Vahmalkea: Desert Chest
Ba-dump Open a Vahmalkea: Hystriah Chest


Titles obtained by defeating Atoraxxion Vahmalkea monsters in normal servers.

Title How to Obtain
Shun Shine Defeat Cetus 1 time
Hit It! Defeat Monoceros 1 time
Most Followed Defeat Lacerta 1 time
No Mute Button Defeat Putorium 1 time
RIP Defeat Creomar 1 time
The First Queen Defeat Putrakium 1 time
Need to Recharge Defeat Krahtenn 1 time
First-Rate Weapon Designer Defeat Ahtenn 1 time
Restored Vaha’s Dawn Defeat Apex Urukios & Apex Lucretia 1 time
The Last One Defeat Apex Urukios & Apex Lucretia 5 times


Titles obtained by defeating Atoraxxion Vahmalkea monsters in Elvia Realm servers.

Title How to Obtain
Float Like a Butterfly Defeat Cetus 1 time
Hit It Harder! Defeat Monoceros 1 time
Thrives On Attention Defeat Lacerta 1 time
Devoured the Sky Defeat Putorium 1 time
Br-zzap Defeat Creomar 1 time
Lion of the Sky Defeat Putrakium 1 time
Rage Inducer Defeat Krahtenn 1 time
Grave Keeper Defeat Ahtenn 1 time
Conquered Vaha’s Heart Defeat Apex Urukios & Apex Lucretia 1 time
Tyrant of Vahmalkea Defeat Apex Urukios & Apex Lucretia 5 times


Sources & Additional Info