BDO Church Buff is obtained by exchanging 3 million silver to NPC priests found in churches of large cities.


Do this by interacting with specific priests and choosing their “Chat” option.


Church Buff Facts:


  • Church Buff duration is 2 hours.
  • Church Buffs stack with all other combat buffs.
  • You can have all three on at the same time.
  • Church Buffs remain after death.

Obtain 3 different church buffs for combat.


Church Buff Options:

  • Elionism’s Blessing – Attack:
    • All AP +8
    • All Accuracy +8
  • Elionism’s Blessing – Protection:
    • All Damage Reduction +8
    • Max HP +150
  • Elionism’s Blessing – Experience:
    • Combat EXP +15%
    • Skill EXP+15%

Church NPCs for Combat Buffs

Priest NPCs are usually found in churches of major cities and have religious titles.


Priest NPC City Territory
Ottavio Ferre <Elionian Priest> Velia Balenos
Arsen <Apprentice Priest> Heidel Serendia
Leona <Elionian Priest> Calpheon City Calpheon
Zigmund <Astrologist> Altinova Mediah
Merindora <Eldest Spirit> Grana Kamasylvia
Nerasabi Alom <Innkeeper> Valencia City Valencia
Qindir <Audrite High Priestess> O’draxxia O’dyllita
Altar Duvencrune Drieghan
Munkhtseg <Demibeast Historian> Eilton Everfrost

Church Buff Location Maps


Arsen in Heidel
Altar in Duvencrune
Munkhtseg Location Map

Church Buff Changes

Church buffs were updated in a patch on Dec 1, 2021. source page

The cost was changed from Gold Bar 1G x5 to Gold Bar 10G x3. (2,500,000 silver to 3 million silver)

Also the mechanics changed for the better!


Church Buff Type Previous Buffs Changed Buffs
Attack 1 of All AP +3/5/8
1 of All Accuracy +3/5/8
All AP +8
All Accuracy +8
Protection 1 of All Damage Reduction +3/5/8
1 of Max HP +50/100/150
All Damage Reduction +8
Max HP +150
Experience 1 of Combat EXP +5/10/15%
1 of Skill EXP +5/10/15%
Combat EXP +15%
Skill EXP+15%


The “gold bar buff” used by many Adventurers was somewhat inconvenient since you would have to keep exchanging gold bars until you obtained the buffs with the highest stats. Now, you can get the best possible buffs by just handing over a fixed amount of gold bars.