[Manor] Runn Lamp is a tall and ornate light post for your mansion yard.

It is crafted in a level 5 Furniture Workshop, after obtaining Knowledge and many materials.

[Manor] Runn Lamp


It can only be installed in the exterior courtyard of a manor.


Ready to light up your world? Hate darkness? Runn for the lamp! 🙂

Manor Runn Lamp

Runn Lamp Requirements


Before you begin, you will need to complete 2 quests for 2 different Knowledge.

They must be completed in order.


Knowledge Quest Requirements:

  1. icon [Manor] Inextinguishable Stone (complete first)
  2. – [Manor] Runn’s Light Fragment (complete second)


TOTAL Energy Cost: 300 Energy

Inextinguishable Stone Quest

Inextinguishable Stone Quest

Quest Name: icon [Manor] Inextinguishable Stone

Energy Cost: 200

Start NPC: Pile of Books (marked on map)

Interact with “Pile of Books” object on the table that is to the left of two Shais named Curious Ru and Marion at the Library in Calpheon City. (SE section of the city.)

This will give you a quest, “[Manor] Inextinguishable Stone” which requires you to spend 200 Energy.

Knowledge Reward: Inextinguishable Stone

Inextinguishable Stone Location Map
Pile of Books: Inextinguishable Stone

Runn’s Light Fragment Quest

Quest Name:  – [Manor] Runn’s Light Fragment (complete second)

Energy Cost: 100

Start NPC: Shakatu <Boss>

After receiving knowledge of Inextinquishable Stone, go to Shakatu and speak with Shakatu <Boss> to gain knowledge of Runn’s Light Fragment.

Chat with Shakatu twice after accepting the quest.

You will spend 100 energy to learn Runn Light Fragment knowledge.

Shakatu <Boss>
Location: Shakatu City

NPC Shakatu Location Map

Shakatu is a town in Valencia, NE of Altinova.

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Runn Lamp Design

Runn Lamp is crafted in a level 5 Furniture Workshop.


Craft 3 different materials to create a Runn Lamp.


Required Materials:

1 Lamp Post

5 Alchemist’s Small Lamp

5 Runn Light Fragment

Runn Lamp Design

Lamp Post Design

You will need 1 Lamp Post to make a [Manor] Runn Lamp.

Lamp Post is crafted in a level 5 Furniture Workshop.


Required Materials:

100- Bronze Ingot

100- Steel

20- Gold Ingot

30- Sturdy Snow White Stone

300- Black Stone Powder

Lamp Post Design

Alchemist’s Small Lamp

You will need 5 Alchemist’s Small Lamp to make a [Manor] Runn Lamp.

Alchemist’s Small Lamp is crafted in a level 5 Furniture Workshop.


Required Materials Each:

20- Brass Ingot

5- Gold Ingot

20- Black Stone Powder

Alchemist Small Lamp Design

Runn Light Fragment

You will need 5 Runn Light Fragments to make a [Manor] Runn Lamp.

Runn Light Fragment is crafted with an Alchemy Tool in your residence.


Required Materials Each:

 1 Inextinguishable Stone (Alchemy Tool)
 1 Cleansed Magical Black Stone (boss drop)
1 Stabilized Magical Black Stone (boss drop)

Runn Light Fragment

Inextinguishable Stone

You will need 5 Inextinguishable Stones to make a [Manor] Runn Lamp.

Inextinguishable Stone is crafted with an Alchemy Utensil in your residence. (RNG success chance.)

  • 10x Black Gem Fragment (Gathering)
  • 10x Oil of Fortitude (Alchemy: Skilled 1)
  • 10x shining powder (Alchemy byproduct)
  • 10x Powder of Flame (nodes, gathering)
  • 10x Processed Coal (Processing > Heating: Coal)


Inextinguishable Stone

Current success rates seem to be very low.

(Got 6 out of 50 at Artisan 9 level.)

inextinguishable Stone Alchemy Recipe

Charred Stone: Hope Upon Hopes!

When you fail and get too many Charred Stone, give 100 of them to Yisar Pjetyo in Tarif for 1 Inextinguishable Stone.

Runn Lamp Screenshots

The white lamp in one of the images below is called a “Dim Runn Lamp.” It is similar, but shown only for comparison purposes. It has a different recipe.

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