Use this interactive furniture list to search and find the many objects you can use to decorate housing in BDO.


BDO Furniture:

  • Most buffed furniture has 10 Durability, so you can use it 10 times. (Most Pearl furniture has 30 Durability.)
  • Create Bookshelves by visiting the Calpheon City Library after completing a Knowledge topic. Exchange your completed knowledge category and 100k for a bookshelf with Annolisa Rosie in SE Calpheon City library.
  • Furniture obtained via the Hunting Life Skill is created by having 250+ Hunting Mastery, using a matchlock, butchering the corpse, and using Processing > Manufacture on the ingredients.
  • Furniture obtained via the Farming Life Skill uses special seeds you can purchase at Seed Vendors. Find more info in our Seed Vendor guide.
  • manors can use all normal furniture, but some furniture will have a manor requirement

Finding furniture can feel like digging for gold. Quite a few of them are very mysterious and don’t show how to get them! If you would like to share how to find any “unknown” furniture, please comment below. Thanks! 🙂

Furniture Tool Tips:


  • The EYE BALL Button:
    • Click the EYE BALL to hide or show any column you like.
    • “Pearls” column is hidden by default (Pearl furniture will be added soon)
  • Furniture Search Tips:
    • Search via Furniture ingredient to find all designs that use that ingredient
    • Search anything you like: name, location, npc, amity, etc.
    • Use “QUOTES” for strict search
      • “all ap” will list all items that add AP
  • Filter Boxes: show only furniture of a certain type
    • select more than one Filter
    • click the link that pops up to remove a filter
  • Sort by Column: numerically or alphabetically




This list isn’t complete, yet. I still need to add more Pearl furniture.


Sources & Additional Info