New wild hunting animals will be released with the upcoming zone, Mountain of Eternal Winter.

The stuffed furniture may not be available immediately, when Eternal Winter is released. (They were released one week after Eternal Winter in Korea.)

Winter Bear

Winter Bear has very high HP and takes many more shots than other Eternal Winter hunting mobs.


Housing Furniture:

Stuffed Winter Bear Head


  • Normal: Max HP + 40
  • Artisan: Max HP +50
  • Master’s: Max HP +60
  • Duration: 1 hour

Snowy Yak & Black Yak

Snowy Yak & Black Yak take about 7 shots to kill with a +10 Artisan Matchlock.


Housing Furniture:

Snowy Yak Stuffed Head


  • Normal: Breathing EXP +10%
  • Artisan: Breathing EXP +10%
  • Master’s: Breathing EXP +20%
  • Duration: 1/2/3 hours


Housing Furniture:

Snowy Yak Black Stuffed Head


  • Normal: Strength EXP +10%
  • Artisan: Strength EXP +10%
  • Master’s: Strength EXP +20%
  • Duration: 1/2/3 hours

Snowy Markor

Markor takes about 9 shots to kill with a +10 Artisan Matchlock..


Housing Furniture:

Stuffed Snowy Markor Head


  • Normal: All Evasion +4
  • Artisan: All Evasion +8
  • Master’s: All Evasion +12
  • Duration: 1 hour

Frost Wolf

Frost Wolf takes about 5 shots to kill with a +10 Artisan Matchlock.


Housing Furniture:

Stuffed Frost Wolf Body


  • Normal: Human Damage +3
  • Artisan: Human Damage +6
  • Master’s: Human Damage +9
  • Duration: 1 hour

Other Wild Mobs?

I stumbled upon these two animals while researching this guide on

Listing these here for further research later.

NOTE: this is a wip! Names and info may change with the official Mountain of Eternal Winter NA/EU release. It is currently released to Korea and being translated for a global release in “early 2022.”


Sources & Additional Info

Patch Notes (Korean language)