Hunting with a matchlock is one of my favorite Life Skills. Besides being able to shoot a mega gun, half the size of Velia, I get to stalk evil killer animals ravaging ocean, sky, and forest!

These ferocious beasts have a unique title of <Wild>. They can only be killed with matchlocks and not normal weapons.

A different title of <Boss> or similar means it’s a rare wild animal spawn. It will have more HP and difficulty, but will drop a large amount of loot.



Bad Joke #007:

How do you hunt a unique wolf? Unique up on it! How do you catch a tame wolf? Tame way – unique up on it!

Wild Giant Elk

Awww a cute friendly elk! Umm, wait.. red eyes?!
Maybe he’s a meat eater?

Hunting Money & Rewards

Hunting has been reworked several times to improve money and item drops.

Well-geared masters can expect 250 to 525 million silver per hour.

The greatest influences to hunting money are Hunting Mastery, Hedgehog, and location.

But as with everything in BDO, other variables can influence money:

  • Inventory Space, Storage, Tent, Maids
  • Item Brand Stone on your Matchlock (highly recommend)
  • Hunting buffs (details below)


Thank you to Morningstar, Styx, and BeterBuffwizardAWK for sharing their money earned (up 525 million per hour) at Narcion Shadow Wolves! (Images generated by, where you can input your hunting data and it calculates your money per hour at certain hunting spots.)

Common Hunting Drops:

More difficult mobs have the best drop amounts.

  • Blood (3 to 13)
  • Meat (3 to 13)
  • Hide (3 to 50)

    Some mobs only have 1 or 2 of the 3. For example, elephants drop only hides, but in large quantities.

    Rare Hunting Drops:

    • Caphras Stone
    • Fire Horn
    • Hard Black Crystal Shard
    • Sharp Black Crystal Shard
    • Hunting Mastery drops (hides/teeth to craft trade items)
    • Black Gem Fragment
    • Breath of Narcion (craft Master Matchlock)
    • Black Gem
    • Concentrated Magical Black Gem


    Hunting Drop Amounts

    The chart below shows the base amount of blood, meat, and leather you can expect from Hunting.

    Hunting Mastery and Hedgehog greatly influence the item amounts. Birds are marked with *feather because they drop feathers instead of leather.

    [Wild] Giant Boar 3~5 3~5 3~5
    [Wild] Giant Elk 3~5 3~5 3~5
    [Wild] Wolf 3~5 3~5 3~5
    [Wild] Giant Fox 3~5 3~5 3~5
    [Wild] Giant Wolf 4~7 4~7 4~7
    [Wild] Giant Mountain Sheep 6~10 6~10 6~10
    [Wild] Drieghan Male Goat 6~10 6~10 6~10
    [Wild] Drieghan Female Goat 6~10 6~10 6~10
    [Wild] Llama 6~10 6~10 6~10
    [Wild] Gazelle 6~10 6~10
    [Wild] Feather Wolf 6~10 6~10 6~10
    [Wild] Kamasylvia Weasel 6~10 6~10 6~10
    [Wild] Giant Brown Bear 7~10 7~10 7~10
    [Wild] Giant Lioness 7~11 7~11 7~11
    [Wild] Giant Lion 7~11 7~11 7~11
    [Wild] Yak 7~11 7~11 7~11
    [Wild] Phnyl 7~11 7~11 7~11
    [Wild] Ferrica *feather 7~11 7~11
    [Wild] Ferrina *feather 7~11 7~11
    [Wild] Grass Rhino 8~12 8~12 8~12
    [Wild] Verdure Buck 8~12 8~12 8~12
    [Wild] Verdure Doe 8~12 8~12 8~12
    [Wild] Shadow Wolf 8~12 8~12 8~12
    [Wild] Shadow Lion 9~13 9~13 9~13
    [Wild] Belladonna Elephant 50~70
    [Wild] Black Leopard 50~70
    [Wild] Baby Belladonna Elephant 25~35
    [Boss] Grass Rhino 35~55 35~55 35~55
    [Boss] Verdure Buck 30~50 30~50 30~50
    [Boss] Shadow Wolf 30~50 30~50 30~50
    [Boss] Shadow Lion 32~53 32~53 32~53


    Hunting Trophies

    Hunting allows you to obtain many different heads and animal parts to craft furntiure with powerful buffs.

    For a list of Hunting Furniture, please see our Hunting Mastery Guide.

    Blue Whale Hunting Trophy

    Hunting Step by Step

    To begin hunting, you will need to equip a matchlock and a butcher knife.

    You will also need Energy, obtained via completing Knowledge topics.

    1. Right click your butcher knife and matchlock when idle to equip them.
    2. Then you must right click to load 3 bullets into your matchlock. (4 Bullets for players with Guru 1 Hunting.)

    BDO Hunting: Load Matchlock

    The maximum bullets any matchlock can hold is 3 and then 4 when you reach Guru 1 Hunting level.

    Sometimes the game will only show 1 bullet after reloading, but will incease to the correct amount after a bit.

    Hunting Master 1 or higher can complete the quest, “Hunter’s Dream” in the Narcion region, to automatically reload a bullet in their matchlock when dodge rolling in any direction.

    The normal reloading animation feels like a long animation when you have a wild animal racing toward you, so make sure to start shooting from a distance and only when the aiming reticule is a red color. Attack/Casting speed decreases reload time.



    Hunting Cross Hair Colors
    When you’re in your shooting stance, you need to watch your cross hair. Never shoot unless it’s red or you have auto targeting turned on.


    BDO Hunting Matchlock Blue Cross Hairs BDO Hunting Matchlock Red Cross Hairs


    There are a few different Matchlocks you can obtain as a beginner.

    • Practice Matchlock: rent for 2 Contribution Points. The practice matchlock cannot be repaired. It must be returned to the npc and rented again to replenish the durability. Only use this if you have no other choice or if it’s required in a quest.
    • [Event] Beginner Hunter’s Matchlock: Best choice. Excellent beginner Matchlock that is almost equal to a +10 Beginner Matchlock, but can only be obtained by completing 8 objectives in Progression Pass. (Progression Passs is available after Season Graduation.)
    • Beginner Matchlock: If you don’t have [Event] Beginner Hunter’s Matchlock yet, this can be used at low levels. Get one for free at level 30 by completing the quest Chuck Laurie the Hunter (no other requirements).

    Item Brand Spell Stone reduces Durability consumption of matchlocks by 50%. (costs 400 Pearls)

    To see details and higher tier options, please visit our Matchlock guide.


    BDO Beginner Matchlock

    Butcher Knife

    In order to obtain loot and experience from the wild animals you defeat, you will need to butcher the corpse with a Butcher Knife.

    Gathering AND Hunting Life Skills increase when butchering animals killed with a matchlock.


    Hunting requires gathering, but in some instances does not benefit from buffs that apply to gathering.


    Gathering Buff Exclusions:

    • Lucky buff from items like Lucky/Magic Butcher Knife do not apply to Hunting.
    • Gathering Mastery does not affect Hunting in any way.
    • Item drop rate increases on Gathering Mastery tools don’t effect Hunting.
    • Item Drop Rate and Item Drop Amount from scrolls has no effect on Hunting.
    • Only Hunting Mastery and Hedgehog increase Hunting drop rates and amounts.
      Hunting Loot with Hedgehog and Mastery

      Hunting Exp comes as a drop from butchering the corpse of a wild animal.

      Hunting Exp is NOT obtained just by killing a wild animal with a matchlock.

      The hedgehog pet has a 50% chance at tier 4 to proc a second gather roll, which gives a second Hunting XP drop and greatly increases money and Hunting exp earned.

      Which Butcher Knife is Best for Hunting?


      The Mastery Tools (Loggia, Dostter, or Manos Butcher Knives) have benefits over disposable butcher knives. They have a greater cost investment, but last forever and can be sold via the marketplace to recoup some of their cost when you are ready to upgrade.


      • Repairable: Mastery Butcher Knives are repairable, use 1 inventory space, and don’t require crafting or re-purchase. You can repair them at your tent or NPC.
      • Item Brand Stone: Butcher Knives that are branded reduce Durability consumption by 50%.
      • Top Max Durability Potential: Mastery Butcher Knives can be enhanced for greater Max Durability. (Although only PEN Manos has 250 Max Durability, equal to Magic Butcher Knife.)
      • Gathering Speed: All Mastery Butcher Knives give the best gathering speed of -11 seconds (equal only to Magic Butcher Knife)
      TET Loggia Butcher Knife

      This TET Loggia Butcher Knife has lower Max Durability than a Magic Butcher Knife, but can be repaired and branded to consume less Durability.

      Hunting Progression Pass

      The Hunting section of Progression Pass is good to do in order to obtain a nice Matchlock for beginning hunters.


      Category Goals Rewards Additional Rewards
      Hunting/Butchering x4 Ship License: Epheria Cog (Kalis-Certified) 23 Total Goals:
      Caphras Stone x23
      x8 [Event] Beginner Hunter’s Matchlock
      x12 Breath of Narcion
      x16 [Event] Item Brand Spell Stone
      x20 Breath of Narcion



      Progression Pass UI
      Event Beginner Matchlock

      Hunting Mechanics

      Using a matchlock for the first time can be tricky until you learn all the tricks! 🙂

      Hunting Key Board Commands:

      • RMB: Load the gun with max 3 bullets (4 for Guru Hunters) This can be interrupted by attacks.
      • LMB: Enter Ready Stance. LMB again to fire bullet.
      • F: Fires your weapon, using 100% of Black Spirit’s Rage to increase damage.
      • Hold Shift + W: Sprint while standing with a matchlock to increase movement speed.
      • W+W: double tap any directional key while standing causes you to dodge roll in that direction. Master 1 Hunting also gives 1 bullet. (1 Bullet is only added when there are 0 bullets before the dodge roll. Sometimes the 1 bullet doesn’t register, but it’s still there.)
      • SPACE BAR: climbs small walls and obstacles in front of you.  You can’t jump normally while a matchlock is equipped.
      • Q: Crouching stance increases your firing range, but has special rules. (See details below.)
      • Shift + W + LMB: press LMB while sprinting to do a sliding shot. The shot after the sliding shot activates quickly.
      Hunting Crouch Stance

      Hunting Stances

      • Passive Stance: standing or moving with a matchlock equipped. You can’t immediately shoot from this stance.
      • Ready Aim Stance: matchlock sparks. Enter this by pressing LMB once. LMB again to shoot. (or just hold down LMB)
      • Mounted Horseback: used for unique boss hunting mobs that fly like Fugitive Khalk and King Griffon
      • Reloading Stance: takes about two seconds, but can be decreased with Attack/Cast Speed buffs.
      • Crouching Stance: shoot from a greater distance
      • Rolling or Dodging Stance: quickly move away from an animal to avoid hits and get time to reload without being interrupted.


      Learning when to reload is part of the fun of hunting. Reloading while a difficult monster is pounding on you isn’t the best situation to be in as your reload can be interrupted.

      Hunting Reloading a Matchlock

      Hunting with Crouch

      When you’re crouched, your hunting range is increased. It will take some practice, but soon, you will be able to learn by eye, the distance in which crouch will allow you to hit a distant animal.

      There is some belief that crouch may also increase reload speed and crit rate, although I could find no proof of this.


      Crouch Mechanics:

      • Press Q to go into a crouch.
      • When you move while crouching, you are slowed and will stay in a crouched position.
      • Crouch prevents you from sprinting.
      • While crouching, press SHIFT + any direction to doge roll in that direction.
      • You can gather and reload while crouched.
      • Exiting Crouch:
        • Press Q again to stand up straight.
        • Shift + Dodge rolling forward ends in a standing position. (not rolling sideways or backwards)

      While crouched, watch out for obstacles like rocks, tree stumps, and land which will block your shots.

      Hunting Crouch Stance

      Wild mobs at this distance can’t be hit, without crouching (Q). This allows you to kill higher HP mobs before they reach you.

      Hunting Tactics for Strong Animals

      Some animals can hit very hard or have difficult CC ability.

      You can get interrupted while reloading and have to start the reload animation over again. So I recommend you move while loading bullets or you can doge roll then reload, so that the animal has to stop attacking to move toward you.

      You can reload while moving in any direction, and while sprinting. Normal reloading can’t occur during a dodge roll, but 1 bullet is given if you have Master 1 or higher Hunting skill and have 0 bullets, after a dodge roll.

      You can roll-dodge while standing with a musket by double tapping the direction you want to roll in. Evading with a Matchlock is only required for more difficult mobs.

      Some of the more difficult mobs have unique patterns of behavior. You can learn these to anticipate their moves and dodge away from heavy attacks.

      It also helps to find a small rotation that you know very well. Take time to run around and learn the terrain until you find those perfect shooting spots that will give you the advantage, with plenty of distance.

      Try to get in Back Attacks whenever the monster’s back is to you. Back Attacks do 150% damage. Crit + Back Attack does 250% damage.

      Hunting Gear & Stats

      Hunting Level and then Hunting Mastery are the most important stats for Hunters.

      Press P → Life Skill tab (Fish Icon) to view your level and Hunting Mastery.


      Hunting Kill Speed:

      Hunting is impacted by 3 Character “Ability” Stats visible in your Profile (P) window.

      Ability Stats Used in Hunting:

      • Attack Speed: 5/5  (or Casting Speed)
      • Critical Hit: 5/5
      • Gathering: 5/5 (guild gives +3)

      Other Buffs That Effect Hunting:

      • Attack Speed %
      • Critical Hit Chance %

      Movement Speed can also help, depending on your location and mob density.

      BDO Attack Type

      This is a terrible example of Ability Stats for a Hunter. LOL!
      This is my fishing Alt. 🙂

      Easy Buff Option

      This option is usually the easiest to obtain or make.




      • Attack Speed: +5
      • Attack Speed: +4%
      • Critical Hit: +5
      • Hunting Exp: +25%
      • Gathering: +2
      • Movement Speed: +2
      • Life Skill Mastery: +25
      • Max HP: +300
      Hunting Item Hunting Buffs Obtain

      [Honor] Outfits
      Attack Speed +2 main quest reward

      Elixir of Flowing Wind
      Attack Speed +3 Alchemy (Professional 1)
      Wise Man’s Blood x1
      Fortune Teller Mushroom x5
      Powder of Darkness x2
      Pine Sap x5

      Seafood Cron Meal
      Life EXP +10%
      Gathering +2
      Movement Speed +2
      Weight Limit +100LT
      Life Skill Mastery +25
      Simple Cooking
      Balenos Meal x3
      Sute Tea x3
      Savory Steak x1
      Ancient Cron Spice x1
      Balenos Meal x3
      Calpheon Meal x3
      Margoria Seafood Meal x1
      Ancient Cron Spice x1

      Elixir of Flowing Time
      Life EXP +15% Alchemy (Professional 1)
      Wise Man’s Blood x1
      Fire Flake Flower x6
      Powder of Time x2
      Maple Sap x5

      Spirit Perfume Elixir
      MAX HP +300
      Critical Hit Rate +5
      Alchemy (Skilled 1)
      Loopy Tree Sap x10
      Fruit of Nature x1
      Violet Flower x2
      Powder of Darkness x10
      Dead Tree Essence x1

      Destruction Spirit Stone
      Attack Speed +4% mob drop in Kamaslyvia


      Best Hunting Buffs

      This option has the best hunting exp buffs, but can be more difficult and expensive to obtain.




      • Attack Speed: +5
      • Attack Speed: +4%
      • Critical Hit: +5
      • Hunting Exp: +35%
      • Gathering: +5
      • Movement Speed: +5
      • Max HP: +150
      • Back Attack Damage: +5%
      Hunting Item Hunting Buffs Obtain

      Exquisite Cron Meal
      Attack Speed +2
      Movement Speed +2
      Critical Hit +2
      Max HP +150
      Max Stamina +200
      Back Attack Damage +5%
      All Resistance +4%
      Simple Cooking
      Serendia Meal x1
      Special Arehaza Meal x3
      Kamasylvia Meal x3
      Ancient Cron Spice x1

      Destruction Spirit Stone
      Attack Speed +4% mob drop in Kamaslyvia

      Perfume of Swiftness
      Weight Limit +200LT
      Life EXP +20%
      Movement Speed +5
      Gathering Speed +5
      Alchemy (Skilled 1)
      Blue Whale Oil x1
      Powder of Time x4
      Everlasting Herb x6
      Purified Water x4
      Clear Liquid Reagent x2

      Elixir of Flowing Wind
      Attack Speed +3 Alchemy (Professional 1)
      Wise Man’s Blood x1
      Fortune Teller Mushroom x5
      Powder of Darkness x2
      Pine Sap x5

      Elixir of Flowing Time
      Life EXP +15% Alchemy (Professional 1)
      Wise Man’s Blood x1
      Fire Flake Flower x6
      Powder of Time x2
      Maple Sap x5

      Elixir of Strong Shock
      Critical Hit +3 Alchemy (Professional 1)
      Blood of Clown x1
      Tiger Mushroom x5
      Powder of Time x3
      Cedar Tree Sap x7


      Option 3

      Just has the bare essentials for hunting.




      • Attack Speed: +5
      • Critical Hit: +5
      • Hunting Exp: +25%
      • Gathering: +2
      • Max HP: +150
      Hunting Item Hunting Buffs Obtain

      Pan-Fried Oyster
      Attack Speed +2
      Stun/Stiffness/Freezing Resistance +10%
      Cooking (Skilled 1)
      Oyster x3
      Egg x2
      Wheat Flour x5
      Vinegar x2
      Olive Oil x3

      Whale Meat Salad
      Life EXP +10% Cooking (Skilled 1)
      Blue Whale Meat x1
      Egg x3
      Cabbage x6
      Pepper x4
      Dressing x2

      Life Spirit Stone
      Gathering +2 mob drop in Kamaslyvia

      Spirit Perfume Elixir
      MAX HP +300
      Critical Hit Rate +5
      Alchemy (Skilled 1)
      Loopy Tree Sap x10
      Fruit of Nature x1
      Violet Flower x2
      Powder of Darkness x10
      Dead Tree Essence x1

      Elixir of Flowing Wind
      Attack Speed +3 Alchemy (Professional 1)
      Wise Man’s Blood x1
      Fortune Teller Mushroom x5
      Powder of Darkness x2
      Pine Sap x5

      Elixir of Flowing Time
      Life EXP +15% Alchemy (Professional 1)
      Wise Man’s Blood x1
      Fire Flake Flower x6
      Powder of Time x2
      Maple Sap x5


      Hunting Life Mastery Clothes

      Manos Life Mastery Clothese are the best option, because they have the best stats and also give Hunting Exp. (Loggia and Robeau don’t give Hunting Exp.)

      Hunting Mastery is very important to the Hunting Life Skill because it can increse drops up to 300%.


      Hunting Clothes Hunting Buffs Obtained By
      Loggia Hunter’s Clothes
      (up to +20 enhancement)
      DP: 6 to 264
      Hunting Mastery +3 to +280
      Movement Speed +1 to +2
      1 mil silver at Camellia Loggia or Zaaira
      Robeau Hunter’s Clothes
      (up to +20 enhancement)
      DP: 11 to 269
      Hunting Mastery +4 to +330
      Movement Speed +1 to +2
      10 mil silver at Geranoa and Zaaira
      Manos Hunter’s Clothes
      (up to +20 enhancement)
      DP: 21 to 279
      Hunting Mastery +5 to +400
      Movement Speed +1 to +3
      Hunting EXP +5% to +40%

      Processing (L) > Manufacture

      30- Gold Topaz
      5- Manos Stone
      50- Magical Shard
      15- Dusk Laden Cotton Fabric
      50- Fire Horn

      Hunting Mastery Clothes use armor, gloves, shoes, and helmet slots, but it’s mostly safe because they have DP! 🙂

      Please visit the Hunting Mastery Guide for more details.

      Hunter’s Clothes Costume

      Hunter’s Clothes can be tailored into a costume that will equip into your Appearance slots.

      You can try to wear them without tailoring, but they have no DP!

      • No DP = pot happy but sad, or possibly dead hunters.

      Hunter’s Clothes are obtained as a Challenge Reward (Y) for getting Professional Hunting level. If you lost yours, you can buy it for 1.5 mil silver at a <Luxury Vendor> NPC in every major city.

     ’s Clothes:

      • Hunting EXP +10%
      • Vision Range +10m
      • Fall Damage -50%



      • Skilled 10 Hunting in order to equip.
      • Equipment Tailoring Coupon from Pearl Shop (1,500 Pearls)

      Hunter’s are prone to falling while screaming wildly from the wilds, so Hunter’s Clothes is extremely necessary! 😀

      Equipment Tailoring Coupon

      Hunting with Alchemy Stones

      Alchemy Stones and Khan’s Heart can also be used, but may be a bit more difficult to obtain.


      Hunting Item Hunting Buffs Obtained By
      Alchemy Stone of Life Gathering +1 to +3 Alchemy (Skilled 5)
      Shining Powder x8
      Blood of the Sinner x5
      Powder of Time x6
      Pure Powdered Reagent x9
      Clear Liquid Reagent x9
      Alchemy Stone of Destruction Attack Speed +1% to +10%
      Casting Speed +1% to +10%
      Alchemy (Skilled 5)
      Shining Powder x8
      Blood of the Sinner x5
      Powder of Time x6
      Pure Powdered Reagent x9
      Clear Liquid Reagent x9
      Khan’s Heart (Life) Gathering +2
      Life Mastery +25
      Weight Limit: +70LT
      world boss drop and barter


      Hunting Pets

      Hedgehog should be your first priority.

      Unfortunately, Hedgehog has only a 14.7% chance to learn Hunting Exp +5%. 5 other skills have a mucher higher chance.

      Some pets have a higher chance of learning Hunting Exp +5%.

      Bos’n Jak is an example of one pet that has a 48% chance to learn +5% Hunting EXP.

       Bos’n Jack

      • Pet Type: RARE
      • Talent: +50LT Big Ship Weight each Tier
      • Special Skill: Auto-Fishing Time Reduction
      • 5x T4 Bos’n Jack = 1,000 LT
      • Increased Chances to Learn these Skills:
        • Fishing Exp +5%
        • Hunting Exp +5%
        • Training Exp +5%
        • Trading Exp +5%
        • Karma Recovery +5%
      Bos Jak Pet Skills

      Pets with Life Skill Exp Talents:

      Choppy, Hedgehog, Penguin, Marmot, Shadow Wolf, Little Lamb, Otter, Ferret, Flondor Duck, Panda (not red), Jojo, Newborn Crimson Dragon, Newborn Golden Dragon, most cat pets, etc (900+ Pearls)

      • 1% Life EXP per Tier (up to +20% for 5 pets)
      • all pets have RNG chance to learn +5% Hunting EXP (up to +25% for 5 pets)

      Classic cats don’t appear to have a high chance of learning Hunting Exp +5% skill.

      Classic Cat Skills at Highest Chance:


      1. Processing: 43.79%
      2. Alchemy: 42.76%
      3. Karma Recovery: 40.39%
      4. Cooking: 38.42%
      5. Fishing: 38.29%
      6. Farming: 38.29%

      Hunting Exp Gear

      Life Exp helps you level Hunting faster.

      The most common Life Skill items are +50% Life Exp Scrolls and Book of Life purchased from the Pearl Shop.

      But there are many other ways to boost Life Exp.

      See → Life Skill Equipment & Buffs.

      Sealed Book of Life

      Hunting Mastery Accessories

      Hunting Mastery can be increased by wearing Life Mastery jewelry that also boosts your Hunting Exp.


      Life Mastery Necklace Buffs
      Life Mastery +5
      Life EXP +1%
      Life Mastery +8
      Life EXP +1%
      Life Mastery +15
      Life EXP +2%
      Life Mastery +10
      Life EXP +1%
      Life Mastery +14
      Life EXP +2%
      Life Mastery +30
      Life EXP +4%
      Life Mastery +18
      Life EXP +2%
      Life Mastery +26
      Life EXP +3%
      Life Mastery +50
      Life EXP +6%
      Life Mastery +28
      Life EXP +2%
      Life Mastery +45
      Life EXP +4%
      Life Mastery +75
      Life EXP +8%
      Life Mastery +40
      Life EXP +3%
      Life Mastery +70
      Life EXP +5%
      Life Mastery +105
      Life EXP +10%
      Life Mastery +60
      Life EXP +3%
      Life Mastery +110
      Life EXP +6%
      Life Mastery +150
      Life EXP +12%
      Life Mastery Rings and Earrings Buffs
      Life Mastery +4
      Life EXP +1%
      Life Mastery +6
      Life EXP +1%
      Life Mastery +10
      Life EXP +2%
      Life Mastery +8
      Life EXP +1%
      Life Mastery +12
      Life EXP +2%
      Life Mastery +25
      Life EXP +4%
      Life Mastery +16
      Life EXP +2%
      Life Mastery +22
      Life EXP +3%
      Life Mastery +40
      Life EXP +6%
      Life Mastery +24
      Life EXP +2%
      Life Mastery +36
      Life EXP +4%
      Life Mastery +65
      Life EXP +8%
      Life Mastery +32
      Life EXP +3%
      Life Mastery +55
      Life EXP +5%
      Life Mastery +90
      Life EXP +10%
      Life Mastery +50
      Life EXP +3%
      Life Mastery +95
      Life EXP +6%
      Life Mastery +125
      Life EXP +12%

      Other Hunting Gear for Attack & Crit

      You can also find Attack Speed and Critical Hit in gear, but note that Hunting Mastery clothing will take up armor, gloves, shoes, and helmet slots already.

      Gervish Magic Crystals

      The 2 crystal and 4 crystal set effects are applied separately, and only once each.

      For Any Gear Socket

      • 4 Set Effect: +5% Combat Exp
      • HAN Upgrade: +1% Combat Exp each crystal

      Example Crystal Use:

      4x Gervish = +3 Critical Hit

      HAN Upgrade How To:


      Simple Alchemy:

      3x Garmoth’s Scale

      1x Combined Gervish or Macalod

      1x JIN/BON/WON Magic Crystal

      Combined Magic Crystal Gervish

      Gervish Stats:

      – 2 crystal set effect
      Critical Hit +1
      Movement Speed +1
      Weight Limit +75 LT

      – 4 crystal set effect
      Critical Hit +1
      Movement Speed +1
      Weight Limit +75 LT
      Combat EXP +5%
      Skill EXP +3%

      HAN upgrade: Combat/Skill EXP +1%, Weight Limit +15 LT (each crystal)

      What is the Best Class for Hunting?

      Some classes have passives in Attack Speed and Critical Hit, which are beneficial for hunting.

      Classes with passive Attack Speed: Kuno, Ninja, Lahn (10%)

      Classes with passive Critical Hit Chance: Striker (+20%), Mystic (+20%, +2% Attack Speed), Succ Musa, Succ Guardian (10%)

      Classes like Shai and Tamer have strong self buffs.

      Critical Damage % does NOT impact Hunting Life Skill. Sorry Awa Guardians! 🙁

      There is some debate over how much advantage class gives. Some say it’s significant enough to switch classes and others say it’s a minor benefit.

      Hunting Location Maps for Wild Mobs

      The developers keep adding wild hunting locations. There are maps that can help you find the animals you want to hunt.

      Beginner Hunting Questline

      Huge thank you to PolarVortex (discord PulloutRoulette#9422) for doing a runthrough of the questline and providing pictures along the way. And also Eminent! (Originally written by Eminent (u/CadeGuitar), who generously published a Hunting Life Skill Guide in “Eminent’s Life Skill Guide“.)


      Level 20+ (Turn on All Quests (O key))

      Hunting in the Forest of Seclusion


      Hessenvale is the general goods vendor in the western guard camp. Make sure you rent a practice matchlock for 2 CP from her before you move on to the quest location.

      At the location marked on your map, look for owls in the trees and SHOOT THEM DOWN.

      If you’re having trouble getting a hit, go back over the hunting mechanics section and make sure you’re doing it all right. If you are, it should be a piece of cake.



      Daphne’s Matchlock


      • 10 Amity with Alfredo
      • Beginner 5 gathering

      If you don’t have beginner 5 gathering just buy some empty bottles from a material vendor and gather river water. It should take like 2 minutes.

      Start the quest by talking to Alfredo and he’ll lead you to Daphne DelLucci.



      Bee Hurts Farm


      Start the quest by talking to Daphne. She wants you to shoot down 3 wooden beehives. Make sure you rent a practice matchlock from her for 2 CP.

      After finishing the quest, return the practice matchlock and then rent it again (this will recover the durability of the gun so you can use it for the next quest)



      Those Seagulls!


      • Must have a practice matchlock in your inventory

      Start this quest by talking to Crio on the Velia docks. He has something against seagulls so he wants you to shoot them down from the sky.

      There are plenty of seagulls in the area, the difficulty is finding ones that are in range. I recommend standing on the roof of the building by the banker (go around the back to climb up easy) for an easy shot.

      Remember you can only hit the seagulls when your crosshair is red. Crouching to increase your range could be a help here.

      It’s important to note that birds can ONLY be damaged by the practice matchlock. My first time doing this quest I spent 20 minutes trying to kill it with a regular gun like a dumbass.

      Patch Notes – January 30th 2019: Your character can now use either a Practice Matchlock (which can be rented with Contribution Points) or a Hunting Matchlock to kill seagulls. Additional seagulls have been added to Velia.



      The Cat that Swallowed the Canary


      • Level 15+

      This quest doesn’t give hunting xp but it’s required to do the next quest.

      The start NPC is “Villager” who lives on an unmarked farm near Heidel.

      To complete the quest simply walk over to one of the scarecrows that are 2 feet away from him, press R, and you’re done.



      An Eye for an Eye


      This quest is extremely similar to the seagull quest from before.

      The start NPC is the same villager from the farm. If your practice matchlock is out of durability, you can return it to him and rent another one.

      Climb up onto the roof of his farmhouse and take aim at a bird. Like the seagull quest, they can only be damaged by a practice matchlock. With your experience you should be an expert at bird hunting and this should be a piece of cake for you.

      When you’re done return the matchlock to him.



      Shoot and Help


      • Level 30+
      • Must not have a practice matchlock

      You get this quest from Daphne, and, very similar to last time, you have to shoot beehives. After you accept the quest rent the practice matchlock from Daphne.

      Follow the same steps from the previous beehive quest.

      Return the practice matchlock to Daphne and rent it again to recover the durability. You will need the gun one more time for the jellyfish quest, but until then you will use the beginner matchlock that she gives you as a reward for finishing this quest.

      If you are beginner10 hunting by this point, you should buy an Apprentice Matchlock and upgrade it (using weapon stones) to +3 or +4. This will make future quests must easier.



      Hunting-Loving Hunter


      This quest is important because it unlocks one of the better hunting dailies.

      After completing shoot and help, talk to Daphne again to get this quest. She’ll ask you to find Chuck Laurie, who might have gotten lost in the Balenos mountains.

      Head to the inn in Velia and look for a black-robed man. Talk to him and he will lead you to Chuck (he’ll mark your map).

      Once you find him the quest will be complete and the daily will be unlocked.

      Chuck Laurie gives 4 daily quests, which give a huge chunk of hunting xp. They are absolutely recommended to level hunting quickly and easily.

      He will always be in the same location, but he’ll never be marked on the map.

      Before moving on to the next quest in the chain you should do the dailies he offers. See the “hunting dailies” section below for a guide on those.



      Brothers at Lake Kaia


      After you finish the dailies from Chuck Laurie, he’ll give you a quest to find his brother, Leo.

      Go to his brother in North Kaia lake (map below) to complete the quest. This will unlock the crocodile daily. You should probably do it while you’re there.



      Annoying Jellyfish


      • Level 50+

      Start this quest by talking to Merio, who is just east of North Kaia lake.

      Like Crio, he has something against a random animal (maybe it’s an otter thing), so he wants you to kill some jellyfish in the lake.

      Just like birds, jellyfish can only be killed with a practice matchlock. If you didn’t keep yours from earlier you can rent one from Merio.

      Head over to the lake, kill some jellyfish, and you’re done.


      Hunting Dailies (Repeatable Daily Quests for Hunting Skill XP)

      Fly Like a Butterfly, Sting Like a Bee!


      The first daily is located on the mountain just south of Olvia. There isn’t really anything to guide you there, so you just have to know where he is.

      I like to park my horse next to him. I’m like 60% sure that if you park your horse too close to the Witch Deer it will scare the deer away and you’ll have to chase it down (I could be wrong about that, but there’s no harm in parking your horse away from it).

      First, Chuck Laurie will ask you for 10 weeds. Just gather some of the random plants next to him, or do a farm run before you start this daily.

      After you give him the weeds he lures out the Witch Deer for you to hunt. Hop on the rock next to him and crouch to shoot it.

      If you try to shoot the deer (from any location) without crouching you’re gonna have a very hard time. It will run away by the time you ever get in range which makes this a very frustrating quest. You just have to learn the spots to stand and crouch in order to not scare it away.

      This quest (as awful as it might be) is helpful in getting used to the range of your gun.



      Easy Game


      • Level 30+

      Grab this quest at the same time as the witch deer quest. After you kill the deer you need to kill 5 giant elk. The giant elk roam those mountains, so you can probably just kill them as you’re chasing the witch deer around.

      You technically don’t need to gather from them to complete the quest. However, the crocodile daily (that you do right after this) requires 5 deer meat to use as bait. Therefore it’s highly recommended to gather from the deer after killing them.



      The Reckless One


      After turning in the “Easy Game” quest, you get the request to kill 2 Giant Boars. The location for the Giant Boars is marked on your map.

      While it’s also not mandatory to gather from them after killing them (and you don’t need their meat for any quest), they do give a chunk of xp (more than the elk) so it’s worthwhile to do so.



      Hunter’s Honor


      The final quest you get from Chuck Laurie is to kill a Giant Brown Bear. The location for the bear is marked on your map (although it’s not the only bear on the mountain).

      If you’re not careful about the fight things could go terribly wrong and it will just straight up kill you.

      I like to start the fight from the top of this rock. Having the high ground means nothing can block the path of the bullet, and you should be able to get 2 clean shots off.

      After your first 2 shots the bear will start charging at you, and you’ll be stuck doing a ridiculously long reload animation. Lucky for you the bear is slow.

      Right as you finish reloading the bear should be in the middle of its attack animation, and you have just enough time to do a dodge roll out of the way and avoid the damage.

      After rolling immediately shoot 2 more times and repeat the process. Just dodge roll and shoot as fast as possible to avoid all the damage you can.

      If you don’t mess up it’s possible to hunt bears without taking any damage at all. However, if you’re still getting used to it you should wear your combat gear in order to tank the damage easier.

      Once you get better (and get skilled 10 hunting) you can wear Hunter’s Clothes instead of armor to get a little bit of extra xp.

      PLEASE NOTE: After doing this quest, you can skip to the Balenos Islands hunting quest line if you like. This will open up many repeatable hunting quests as well as two daily boss scroll quests. View the Balenos Islands Hunting Guide.



      An Epicurean Alligator


      Lastly you head to northern lake kaia (just southwest of calpheon). Leo Laurie will be on a small island in the middle of the lake.

      If you have a shark outfit this is the time to use it. It’s not a “must have” but it will speed things up a bit.

      Give Leo the 5 deer meat that you got from the daily you did earlier. This will bait out the Bull Gator (which is basically identical to the crocodiles just bigger).

      Kill it, swim over to it, and butcher it for some meat. Give the meat to Leo and you’re done.

      If you have a hedgehog it’s possible to get 2 bull gator meat. It’s pretty much useless and you can just throw it away.

      After doing the quest you should kill the crocodiles in the lake. If they’re all there there should be 3 of them. Each one gives a hefty sum of xp, as well as a generous drop table.

      After doing the daily, check the north part of the lake for an Everlasting Herb which you’ll be glad to have if you hunt whales in the future. Everlasting Herb, along with Blue Whale Oil, is used in alchemy to produce Perfume of Swiftness.

      In addition, if you check the map you’ll notice that kaia lake is separated into 2 lakes. The quest takes place in the northern lake, but the southern lake also has an additional 4 crocodiles, so you should kill those too.

      After killing out both lakes, hop servers and do the same thing.

      Crocodiles have a 1 hour respawn time, and they’re also extremely contested. They are very desirable because of the quick and easy hunting xp (which is hard to come by).

      You won’t always be able to get 2 full servers of crocodiles, but it’s definitely worth a try.

      Crocodiles have a generous drop rate of Magic Crystals and Black Stones, which I always grind into Black Stone Powder.

      They also have a chance of dropping Hard/Sharp Shards (which I don’t grind).

      Finally, they drop crocodile meat, which is the rare ingredient in [Hunter’s Salad] which is a necessary food when hunting Khalk or blue whales.

      The following data is connected to my own spreadsheet where I keep track of my daily crocodile kills. The average Black Stone Powder and profit is per run (once a day).

      • Kills: 167
      • Average Black Stone Powder: 411.40

      Your profits could be higher if you didn’t grind your gems and Black Stones, but the Black Stone Powder is more valuable to me.

      Technically the 2 seagull quests are also dailies, but they aren’t worth doing past the beginner levels.

      Power Leveling Hunting Skill

      I believe that leveling Hunting Skill should be done in 4 steps:

      1. A run through of the hunting quest line
      2. Giant Wolves if Narcion mobs are too difficult.
      3. Narcion Rhino (Narcion) +10 Professional Matchlock


      Hunting Wolves by Port Epheria

      Giant Wolves are kind of tough creatures, which is why you want at least a Skilled Matchlock to kill them. Make sure it’s upgraded to at least +7 (mine was +8) when you fight them.

      BDO Hunting Giant Wolf and Fox Location Map

      The location of the wolves is just north of Epheria.

      1. Run from Epheria to entry point A on your horse
      2. Kill wolf 1 > 2 > 3 > 4 > 5
      3. Climb the rock wall to get to the higher ground
      4. Kill wolf 6
      5. If your gun has sufficient durability for another FULL rotation, descend the mountain and repeat steps 2 through 4
      6. If your gun doesn’t have enough durability for another full rotation, run west to exit point B, whistle your horse, and path to the repairman in Epheria.
      7. Repeat steps 1-6

      There are a few important things to note about these instructions

      • Points A and B on the map might be slightly off but it gets the general idea across
      • The rock wall should be easily climbed. You have to figure out the right path to get up it — but once you do it should only take a few seconds to get up
      • Never start another rotation if your gun doesn’t have enough durability to do another full rotation. If you do half a rotation, repair your gun, and then come back, you will completely mess up the timing of the wolf spawns which will kind of mess up your Hunting Skill xp
      • If you are constantly finishing a rotation with like 10-15 durability (not enough for another full run), try to add a few foxes into your rotation. I always finish with less than 5 durability on my gun

      BDO Hunting with a Matchlock a Giant Wolf

      Like I said at the beginning of the hunting section, it is extremely important to understand the terrain as well as your prey. Let’s look at the characteristics of the wolves.

      • When you’re within aggro range of the wolf it will do a howling animation
      • It is still vulnerable during this animation, and you should take the opportunity to shoot it twice
      • Once it’s missing a good chunk of health it will do another howling animation that calls 3 smaller wolves to come help it
      • During this animation it is invincible, so don’t waste your shots on it
      • The smaller wolves also give hunting xp, and have very little health, which makes them very very good

      I’ve found that if you aren’t messing up anywhere, you’ll actually finish a rotation a bit faster than the respawn timer. This really messes up your xp rates because you’re forced to just stand around.

      To combat this, I began adding foxes to my rotation. After analyzing it more, I actually found that adding a huge number of foxes had a significant increase in both xp/h as well as profit/h.

      Here are some important notes about foxes

      • Never go far out of your way to kill foxes. Adding needless travel time is an awful idea that will really mess up your xp rates, as well as add chaos to the rotation
      • Unlike wolves (which remain mostly stationary), foxes like to roam a lot. You have to show an educated discernment when going after foxes, because “good” foxes could potentially roam out of range of what is efficient.
      • Killing foxes that are directly between 2 wolves is the most efficient you can get. In particular, there is often a fox between wolves 2&3 as well as a fox between wolves 4&5.
      • Characters with ranged auto attacks have an advantage here. Although regular attacks can’t damage foxes, they can draw their aggro. I’ve found that it is very efficient to aggro 3 foxes and then kill them together. This can be done at the 3 foxes south of wolf 1, as well as the 3 foxes east of wolf 2.

      BDO Hunting with a Matchlock a Giant Fox

      Incorporating a smart balance of foxes into your wolf rotation will take your xp and profit to the next level. It may seem like the best way to improve your xp rates is to just have a better gun, but in reality, the most important thing is making smart decisions and playing in an efficient way.

      With a +10 professional musket, incorporating all of those fox kills, I can do 1 full rotation, and then do a second rotation through the 5th wolf (aka, not enough durability for the very last wolf).

      Although I said not to do another rotation if you can’t do the whole thing, I have found in this specific case there is no consequence.

      Hunting EXP Rework

      Recent rework of Hunting Exp from patch notes Feb 23, 2022.

      Hunting Animals Increased by
      [Wild] Giant Boar 1.56 times
      [Wild] Giant Elk 3.13 times
      [Wild] Wolf 3.13 times
      [Wild] Giant Fox 1.56 times
      [Wild] Giant Lioness 1.56 times
      [Wild] Giant Lion 2.5 times
      [Wild] Giant Mountain Sheep 1.56 times
      [Wild] Drieghan Male Goat 3.13 times
      [Wild] Drieghan Female Goat 1.56 times
      [Wild] Llama 1.56 times
      [Wild] Yak 2.5 times
      [Wild] Belladonna Elephant 20.83 times
      [Wild] Gazelle 1.56 times
      [Wild] Black Leopard 4.69 times
      [Wild] Ferrica 8.33 times
      [Wild] Ferrina 8.33 times
      [Wild] Baby Belladonna Elephant 8.33 times
      [Wild] Phnyl 2.5 times
      [Wild] Kamasylvia Weasel 1.04 times
      [Wild] Grass Rhino 1.03 times
      [Wild] Verdure Buck 4.69 times
      [Wild] Verdure Doe 4.69 times
      [Wild] Shadow Wolf 1.17 times
      [Wild] Shadow Lion 3.26 times
      [Boss] Grass Rhino 2.76 times
      [Boss] Verdure Buck 62.5 times
      [Boss] Shadow Wolf 11.72 times
      [Boss] Shadow Lion 10.87 times
      [Wild] King Griffon 52.08 times