Winter Tree Fossil is a monster zone that will become available with the global release of Mountain of Eternal Winter.

Defend a tower while mobs continuously spawn and try to attack it.


Winter Tree Fossil:

  • Energy Cost: 100
  • 2 Difficulty Options: Loot is based on difficulty
  • Optimal AP: Select 250 or 280
  • Optimal DP: Select 320 or 350

Winter Tree Fossil is important because it is one of three grinding spots that drops a required material to obtain Labreska’s Helmet. (Fallen God Helmet)


Winter Tree Fossil: Titica

Winter Tree Fossil Defense

Interact with a black Winter Tree Fossil by spending 100 Energy.

Defend it from being destoryed by evil snowy rebels!!!

Inactive Winter Tree Fossil

Inactive Winter Tree Fossil

Active Winter Tree Fossil

Active Winter Tree Fossil

Evil Winter Tree Fossils are BLACK as night and they take our precious 100 Energy as well!! :O

Winter Tree Fossil Loot

Obtain the following items in Winter Tree Fossil.


Winter Tree Fossil Loot Description
Flame of Frost for Labreska’s Helmet
Burning Frost Embers Processing → Heating:
100 Burning Frost Embers
= 1 Flame of Frost
Starlight Jade Breath Processing → Simple Alchemy:
1 Spirit’s Perfume Elixir
+ 1 Starlight Jade Breath
= 1 Breathing Spirit’s Perfume Elixir
Ancient Crystal – Giant Stun/Stiffness/Freeze resistance +25%
Ancient Crystal – Robustness Grab Resistance +25%
Ancient Crystal – Adamantine Knockdown/Bound Resistance +25%
Ancient Crystal – Fighting Spirit Knockback/Floating Resistance +25%
Ignores Stun Resistance Ingredient for crystal that gives:
All Accuracy +3
Additional Human Damage +5
Ignore Stun / Stiff / Freeze Resistance +7%
Ignores Knockdown Resistance Ingredient for crystal that gives:
All Accuracy +3
Additional Human Damage +5
Ignore Knockdown/Bound Resistance +7%
Ignores Knockback Resistance Ingredient for crystal that gives:
All Accuracy +3
Additional Human Damage +5
Ignore Knockback / Float Resistance +7%
Ignores Grab Resistance Ingredient for crystal that gives:
All Accuracy +3
Additional Human Damage +5
Ignore Grab Resistance +7%
Winter Tree Snowflake Trash Loot Value: 5,620
Dragon Scale Fossil
Caphras Stone
Ancient Spirit Powder
Black Stone (Weapon)
Black Stone (Armor)

Winter Tree Fossil Mobs & Mechanics


Paints a blue circle on the ground during a continuous AOE attack.

Quickly get out of the blue area and destroy the Comau.



Spawns with an alert: “A strong energy emanates from the Winter Tree Fossil.”

Brookia can also spawn as a larger elite mob, with the alert, “A very powerful energy emanates from the Winter Tree Fossil.”




Spawns with an alert: “Tachyum with a cold energy is found in the dimly lit winter tree fossil”

Tachyum slowly makes his way from the outside to the center fossil.

If you do not kill him before he reaches the center, he self-destructs and the surrounding monsters disappear.






Winter Nest Ent


Erebjork <Guardian of the Void>

Continue fighting in Jade Starlight Forest and Winter Tree Fossil grinding spots and Erebjork will spawn.

Erebjork has a chance to drop Flame of Frost.


Rare Boss Spawn: Erebjork <Guardian of the Void>

BDO Erebjork

2 Erebjork Spawn Mechanics

1st – Okjinsini and Winter Tree Fossil

Appears with a low probability while grinding mobs. About once every 2 hours.

This Erebjork is challenging, but can be killed solo.


2nd – Spawns at a Fixed Location

Party boss with same difficulty as Valencia Gatekeeper


Example Erebjork (Solo) Loot:

Erebjork Loot

Winter Tree Fossil Location

Winter Tree Fossil is located in the SW section of the zone Mountain of Eternal Winter.

The Tree Fossils are scattered around the node, “Zvier Hills.”

Mountain of Eternal Winter is SE of Drieghan.

Winter Tree Fossil Grinding Spots

Thank you to 사이동 (Saidong) who made the Fossil Location Maps below! View Source.

Winter Tree Fossil Location Map
Winter Tree Fossil Location Map

Labreska’s Helmet

Also known as Fallen God Helmet.


Labreska’s Helmet Base Stats:

  • DP: 90
  • Evasion: 33 (+66)
  • Damage Reduction: 57 (+27)

Item Effect:

  • +5% All Resistances
  • +210 Maximum HP
  • +10 Monster Damage Reduction


*2 Set Effect*

  • Max HP +100
  • Monster Damage Reduction +10

3 Set Effect:

  • Max Stamina +200

4 Set Effect:

  • Attack Speed +1%
  • Casting Speed +1%
Labreska's Helmet

* Equipping Labreska’s Helmet with the Fallen God’s Armor will provide an additional set buff (HP +100 and Monster Damage Reduction +10) that is unique from the boss gear set effects.

Lebreska’s Helm Requirements

  • Level 56+
  • 1 Flame of Frost (rare drop from Winter Mountain)
  • Labreska Helm Quest Requirements:
    • Atoraxxion: Syca’s Paradise or Beginner Black Spirit main starter quests
    • then 100+ quests in main Mountain of Eternal Winter quest line
    • then 11 quests starting with “[Labesca’s Helmet] Fragment of Despair”
  • 1 Boss Helmet:
    • PEN: Blackstar Helmet
    • PEN: Giath’s/Griffon’s Helmet (Caphras Lv. 10)
    • PEN: Giath’s Helmet (Caphras Lv. 10) via Season Boss Coupon
    • PEN: Giath’s/Griffon’s Helmet (Caphras Lv. 10) via Jetina’s Guaranteed PEN

NOTE: this is a wip! Names and info may change with the official Mountain of Eternal Winter NA/EU release. It is currently released to Korea and being translated for a global release in “early 2022.”


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