BDO Worker Exchange allows us to buy and sell workers with silver.


Worker Exchange Highlights:

  • 30% tax is deducted for workers sold at Worker Exchange
  • max cost of workers is about 13.5 million silver (level 30 Artisan Worker)
  • How to Increase Worker Sell Price
    • more unspent promotions = higher price
    • more worker levels = higher price
    • higher worker grade = higher price


Santo Manzi <Work Supervisor>


 Worker Exchange

Work Exchange occurs at <Work Supervisors> located in most large towns and cities.

Find the closest one by pressing the Find NPC button at the top right of the screen, then click the pickaxe icon labeled Worker. This will create an auto-path and you can press T to auto run there.

Talk to the Work Supervisor (R) and click the Worker Exchange button. From this Worker Exchange screen, you can both buy and sell workers for silver.

BDO Worker: Find Work Supervisor NPC


Purchase a Worker at Worker Exchange

To purchase a worker inside Worker Exchange, make sure you are on the “Market List” tab and click the Buy button next to the one that you want to purchase.

Purchase Requirements:

  • 1 unused Worker Lodging in that worker’s origin city. (You automatically get 1 free lodging for each city Work Supervisor.)
  • have knowledge of the city where the worker is located (You have visited the city before)
  • the Worker Exchange window might be empty if there are currently no workers available, which often happens.
  • up to 100 million silver for a level 40 Artisan.
Worker Tier & Level Worker Exchange Price
Skilled Worker Lv. 1 100,000 Silver
Professional Lv. 1 1,000,000 Silver
Artisan Lv. 1 5,000,000 Silver
Skilled Lv. 40 2,000,000 Silver
Professional Lv. 40 20,000,000 Silver
Artisan Lv. 40 100,000,000 Silver


When there are available workers listed, then it’s usually an assortment of cheap Skilled workers that might have some promotions and less often, Professional workers of higher level that have 1 promotion left.

BDO Worker Exchange: Buy

TIP: Take note of the hotkey for Worker Exchange. Press this key to refresh the Worker Exchange window, without having to close and open the exchange again to see if your worker has arrived. (He arrives 10 minutes after the world alert.) The worker exchange window does not auto-update if you leave the window open and just watch it.

Before buying low grade workers, take note of the number next to “Promotion.”

Example: A level 20 worker with Promotion 0 means a player attempted and failed to improve his grade twice. So only two promotion attempts remain. If you do purchase the worker, you will have to wait until he reaches level 30 and you only get two more chances to promote him at level 30 and again at 40.

View our guide on Worker Promotion for tips on Promotions.


Worker Exchange Buying Tips

  • You don’t have to travel to a worker’s city to purchase a worker from his local Worker Exchange. You can purchase him from any Work Supervisor in any location as long as you meet the other requirements.
  • “Exploration Node is not registered.” error after clicking the Buy button means you haven’t visited and explored that worker’s origin city yet, so you can’t purchase a worker for that city
  • For beginners and poor folk, look for high level cheap buys with no promotions left
    • when you have more energy, you can roll for a chance to win Professional or Artisan grade
    • unpromotable workers are very cheap at the Worker Exchange.
    • You can obtain a level 30 Professional with no promotions left for 2.6 million silver.
  • The most expensive workers are Artisans. and it’s extremely rare to find a low level one.
    • Most Human/Goblin/Giant Artisans on Worker Exchange are fully leveled for maximum return on the seller’s investment of time and energy.
    • Fully leveled Artisans are bought up very fast.
  • There is a 10 minute delay after someone registers a worker
    • if you have Worker Registration Alerts turned on, you can log in an Alt at the Work Supervisor, when an Artisan Worker is registered
  • Turn on Worker Registration Alerts by pressing Esc » Settings » General » Alerts
BDO Worker Exchange Alert


Worker Exchange: Registration (Selling Workers)

You can actually earn silver by selling your workers within the Worker Exchange. But keep in mind that leveling the most profitable workers takes time and energy.

Getting a specific worker skill set can take much longer.

If you’re selling a 13.5 million silver Artisan, the Worker Exchange will take 4 million silver and leave you with only 9.45 million silver.

Collect your earnings from worker sales by visiting the Work Supervisor and clicking Worker Exchange » My Registrations » Collect Money

BDO Worker Exchange: Selling


Register a worker by visiting the Work Supervisor and clicking Worker Exchange » Register. 

BDO Worker Exchange Register Sell


Worker Exchange: Registration Tips

  • You must visit the worker’s city and talk to the Work Supervisor there to sell that worker.
    • Example: you can’t sell Heidel workers at the Velia Worker Exchange.
  • Worker Exchange will take 30% of the price even with a Value Pack buff on.
  • Keep in mind it takes about 35 days to level an Artisan from level 1 to level 30. Are you sure you want to sell your Artisan and start over?
  • “Working” means the worker is busy in the middle of the work cycle and can’t be sold until he stops working.
    • Hit his cancel button to instantly stop work, loosing all his current progress.
  • You can’t cancel a registration immediately. You must wait 5 minutes after he is made public to cancel. Meaning you have to wait 15 minutes total to cancel after your registration. Another player can purchase him during a 5 minute window he is on the exchange, so be careful submitting someone for sale.

Workers must be full Stamina to sell.

You may need to Force Feed to top him off.

Do this by right clicking the cup icon next to his portrait.

Recover All button may not fill Stamina to 100%. It does not over-feed workers and will not apply a 2 Stamina food to a worker that only needs 1 Stamina.

BDO Worker Force Feeding


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