Olvia, the sleepy town located Northwest of Western Guard Camp in Balenos, offers 11 daily repeatable Alchemy quests that reward Alchemy EXP, Contribution EXP, and other goodies. Some of the repeatable quests are locked behind a prerequisite questline while others only require a certain Alchemy/Gathering skill. See the charts below for a detailed look at the questlines.

  • A list of the Olvia repeatable Alchemy quests can be found by going to your Quest Log (O key), selecting the Recurring tab, and looking for the [Apprentice Alchemy] Olvia Alchemy Journal questline.
  • All 11 of the daily repeatable quests can be picked up simultaneously after the prerequisite questlines are completed.
  • Daily Alchemy quests in Olvia reset at server reset every day.
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Are the Olvia Alchemy Quests Worth Doing?

The easy and simple repeatable Alchemy quests are the most helpful for leveling Alchemy.

With my tests, at Artisan 5 Alchemy, each repeatable quest in Olvia gave me .41% Alchemy EXP.

The price for the more advanced Alchemy quests is quite high, but still gives the same amount of Alchemy Exp as the more inexpensive and easier ones. (Although, you do get to keep the crafted items.)

But, you will have to decide if the most expensive quests costing 5 oils is worth the Alchemy EXP + the crafted items.

Alchemy Quests in Olvia

Required Alchemy Level: Apprentice 1 or higher

Repeatable: quests reset daily at midnight (server time)

The Alchemy quests in the chart below require Alchemy Apprentice 1+. Only one is locked behind a short questline. All are simple to complete.

The materials needed are not too difficult to acquire, even if you are a new player. All the ingredients can be obtained via the gathering Life Skill.

The Alchemy quests below can be picked up simultaneously.

If you do not have a residence and an alchemy tool in Olvia, you will have to travel to a residence to craft the Alchemy recipes.

Olvia map
Alchemy Quest Start NPC Required Ingredients Quest Rewards

[Alchemy] Wocester, Enhancing Plywood


Wocester <Furniture Dealer> x1 Plywood Hardener
Pure Powder Reagent
3 – Bloody Tree Knot
4 – Fir Sap
3 – Trace of the Earth
Select 1:
Trace of Savagery
Trace of Origin
Trace of Ascension
Trace of the Earth
[Alchemy] Chiara’s Hide Treatment  Chiara Coop <Stable Keeper> x1 Leather Glaze
Clear Liquid Reagent
3 – Maple Sap
3 – Trace of Ascension
2 – Powder of Darkness
Select 1:
Trace of Savagery
Trace of Origin
Trace of Ascension
Trace of the Earth
 [Alchemy] Bionier’s Jewels  Bionier <General Goods Vendor> x1 Gem Polisher
Pure Powder Reagent
4 – Processed Coal
2 – Trace of Origin
6 – Purified Water
Select 1:
Trace of Savagery
Trace of Origin
Trace of Ascension
Trace of the Earth
 [Alchemy] Just Like a Seal Bionier <General Goods Vendor> x1 Elixir of Seal
3 – Dwarf Mushroom
Birch Sap
4 – Blood 1
5 – Purified Water
Select 1:
5 – Fortune Teller Mushroom
5 – Arrow Mushroom
5 – Dwarf Mushroom
 [Alchemy] Curtis’ Metal Solvent Curtis <Blacksmith> x1 Metal Solvent
Clear Liquid Reagent
3 – Melted Iron Shard
4 – Rough Stone
2 – Trace of Savagery
Select 1:
Trace of Savagery
Trace of Origin
Trace of Ascension
Trace of the Earth
[Alchemy] Method of Hemostasis Akan <General Goods Vendor> 1x Elixir of Hemostasis
Pure Powder Reagent
Cloud Mushroom
Ash Sap
3 – Purified Water
Select 1:
5 – Cloud Mushroom
5 – Sky Mushroom
5 – Tiger Mushroom
 [Alchemy] Julietta, the Rookie Alchemist
Julietta <General Goods Vendor>

Requires Questline. (below)

3x Clear Liquid Reagent
3x Pure Powder Reagent

Select 1:

5- Wild Grass
5- Silk Honey Grass
5- Sunrise Herb
5- Silver Azalea
5- Fire Flake Flower

Additional Alchemy Quest Rewards:

All the above daily alchemy quests reward the following:

  – Contribution EXP (120)
Recover 5 Energy
Alchemy Skill Experience
10 – Prognyl Silver Bar

Alchemy Quest Line

One of the repeatable quests from Olvia requires an easy quest line.

Where to Begin: Glish, south of Heidel

Gathering Level Requirement: Apprentice 2+

“Julietta, the Rookie Alchemist” is locked behind 4 quests given by Seilane in Glish.

Alchemy Quest Chain from Seilane:

  1. Accidental Alchemist: Gather then give 1 Sunrise Herb to Seilane
  2. Basic Alchemy Ingredients #1: Gather then give 1 Bottle of River Water to Seilane
  3. Basic Alchemy Ingredients #2: Make Purified Water by Filtering
  4. Alchemy Catalyst, Clear Liquid Reagent: Buy an Alchemy Tool and Make 1 Clear Liquid Reagent

You can continue this quest line, if you like but the quests get more difficult and reward the same amount of EXP. They are one time quests meant to teach you about the different items you can make in Alchemy.

Seilane <General Goods Vendor>
Location: near Storage Keeper in Glish.

seilane glish
Optional Alchemy Quests from Seilane

Continue the Questline from Seilane

You can continute the questline if you like. The Alchemy Exp is the same for each quest, but the crafting requirements start getting more challenging.


  1. Using a Catalyst for Resurrection Elixir
  2. Pure Powder Reagent, Another Catalyst
  3. Making an Elixir of Energy
  4. Finding Grace Lauren
  5. Swirling Power of Rage
  6. Hawk’s Eye Seeking Prey
  7. Origin of Swirling Magic Power
  8. Steel-Strong Skin
  9. Alchemy, Variation #1
  10. Alchemy, Variation #2
  11. Charm of Alchemy

Alchemy Quests in Olvia After Skilled 1

The daily quests from Bofin <General Goods Vendor> and Corin <Jeweler> in Olvia require a short quest line of 6 quests.

This will open 4 more alchemy dailies: “[Alchemy] Learning Never Stops #1, #2, #3, and #4”.

Find Bofin and Corin next to the Storage Keeper in Olvia.

To begin the questline, you must have Alchemy Apprentice 8+. To complete the crafting requirements, however, you must have Alchemy Skilled 1+.

bofin olvia alchemy

Additional Alchemy Quest Rewards:

All the above daily alchemy quests reward the following:

  – Contribution EXP (70 to 120)
Alchemy Skill Experience
10 – Prognyl Silver Bar

Alchemy Quest Map

Here is a map that shows the locations of each Olvia NPC that gives a daily repeatable Alchemy quest.

Alchemy Quest NPC Locations in Olvia

Other Important Alchemy Quests!

While doing these quests, don’t forget the following from Liana.

View my guide on Liana, including her locations.


Liana’s Daily Alchemy Quests

Quest Name: [Daily] [Alchemy] Striving Towards Imperial Delivery

One of Liana’s daily Alchemy quests will be offered, depending on your Alchemy level.

NOTE: You get to keep the items that the quests have you make. She also has a weekly alchemy quest.


Quest Objectives Rewards

Beginner 1 to Skilled 10:

Alchemy Quest, RNG 1 of:

Clear Liquid Reagent x100
Pure Powder Reagent x100

Alchemy EXP
(Apprentice 10:  65%)

Lomerun’s Advanced Alchemy Repair Tool
50 – Purified Water

Professional 1 to Artisan 10:

Alchemy Quest, RNG 1 of:

Legendary Beast’s Blood x100
Tyrant’s Blood x100
Clown’s Blood x100
Sinner’s Blood x100
Wise Man’s Blood x100

Alchemy EXP
(Professional 10: 11%)

Lomerun’s Advanced Alchemy Repair Tool
Imperial Trace Box (x50 RNG Trace of **)


▼ Select one of:

60- Fox Blood
60- Pig Blood
60- Lizard Blood
60- Bear Blood
60- Wolf Blood

Master 1 and higher:

Alchemy Quest, RNG 1 of:

Oil of Regeneration x100
Oil of Storms x100
Oil of Fortitude x100
Oil of Corruption x100
Oil of Tranquility x100

Alchemy EXP
(Master 10: 1.17%)

Lomerun’s Advanced Alchemy Repair Tool
Imperial Trace Box (x50 RNG Trace of **)


▼ Select one of:

30- Fruit of Crimson Flame
30- Fruit of Abundance
30- Fruit of Nature
30- Fruit of the Sun
30- Fruit of Magic Power


Advanced Alchemy Tool Quest

It will not take long for you to reach Apprentice 1 Alchemy. Once you do, you can complete a short questline to obtain one of the best Alchemy Tools in the game. Do NOT throw away the Advanced Alchemy Tool when the Durability is used up, because you will be able to repair its durability later via a daily quest.


Alchemy Tool Quest Line:

  1. – The Nervous Alchemist – makeHelix Elixir x5
  2. – Seiri’s New Draught – – makeSavage Draught x1
  3. – [Repeat] Seiri’s Teacher – makeSavage Draught x5
  4. – [Repeat] Helix Elixir (optional) – makeHelix Elixir x30 (rewards Alchemy Exp)

Quest Requirements:

  • Level 56+
  • Alchemy Level: Apprentice 1 or higher

Seiri <General Goods Vendor>
Location: Duvencrune, Dreighan capital city

Sources & Additional Info

  • Thanks to bdocodex.com for quest and image research!
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