Alchemy Substitutions

Alchemy Ingredient Grades:

Normal > T2 Green Grade > T3 Blue Grade > T4 > T5

Ingredient amounts in alchemy recipes can be changed based upon the grade of the ingredient.

  • 1 green = 3-4 white
  • 1 blue = up to 8 white.
Ingredient Category Ingredient Substitutions
Wild Grass Weeds
Gemstones *

Empty Crystal
2,500 silver @ General Goods


OR any green grade crystal









Salt Sun-dried Salt
3x white grade
3x Fire Flake
1x Pile or Bunch of *
1x Bunch of Fire Flake


Alchemy Recipes with 2 “Gemstones” in it, require at least 1 specific Green Grade crystal listed in the crafting window.

Ingredient Category Ingredient Substitutions
Blood Group 1

Wolf Blood

Flamingo Blood

Rhino Blood

Cheetah Dragon Blood

Blood Group 2

Deer Blood

Sheep Blood

Pig Blood

Waragon Blood

Ox Blood

Llama Blood

Goat Blood

Blood Group 3

Weasel Blood

Fox Blood

Raccoon Blood

Scorpion Blood

Marmot Blood

Blood Group 4

Troll Blood

Bear Blood

Ogre Blood

Dinosaur Blood

Yak Blood

Lion Blood

 Tiger Blood

Blood Group 5

Worm Blood

Lizard Blood

Bat Blood

Kuku Bird Blood

Cobra Blood


Alchemy Recipes



Alchemy Recipe Tool Tips:


  • The EYE BALL Button:
    • Click the EYE BALL to hide or show any column you like.
    • Crit Effects and item type is hidden by default
  • Search Tips:
    • Search via Alchemy ingredient to find all recipes that use that ingredient
    • Search anything you like: name, level, exp amount, etc.
    • Use “QUOTES” for strict search
      • “all ap” will list all items that effect AP
  • Filter Boxes: show only Alchemy Recipes of a certain Level, EXP, or Type
    • select more than one Filter
    • click the link that pops up to remove a filter
  • Sort by Column: numerically or alphabetically
BDO Shai Carrying Ingredients for Alchemy Recipe

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