Starlight Veins have a chance to appear while you are gathering with a pickaxe. They drop Rough Lustrous Gems, which can be exchanged to a Jeweler for an RNG gift of materials.

  • In the loot profile of any gem or ore node, there’s a chance to proc a rare loot instance of 1-2 Starlight Vein
    • A notice will be displayed at the top of your screen: “You’ve discovered a Starlight Vein with your sharp miner’s eyes!”
    • Drop chance is increased by Gathering Mastery. (Similar to how mastery impacts Shard rates)
    • Each instance spawns 3-5 Starlight Veins.
    • Appearance: yellow pulsating circles that glow on the ground.
    • Starlight Veins disappear quickly.
  • Requirements:
    • 1 Energy per Starlight Vein. Press R to interact with the Starlight Vein that spawns.
    • Gathering with a pickaxe. (does not spawn with meat, blood, etc gathering.)
    • 200 Amity with a <Jeweler> NPC, to exchange the Rough Lustrous Gem

Marsella <Jeweler>
Location: Velia


Rough Lustrous Gem Reward List

Exchange 1 Rough Lustrous Gem to a Jeweler for RNG chance at a few of the following:


Black Magic Crystal – Addis 1
Black Magic Crystal – Carmae 1
Black Magic Crystal – Cobelinus 1
Black Magic Crystal – Harphia 1
Black Magic Crystal – Hystria 1
Black Magic Crystal – Viper 1

*Since I have yet to receive a Black Magic Crystal as an appraisal reward, I can’t confirm this loot.

*See pic below for loot from 174 Rough Lustrous Gem appraisals.

174 Rough Lustrous Gem Loot Haul

 *See pic below for examples of loot received from 3 separate gem appraisals. White border separates the loot for each Rough Lustrous Gem appraisal.

3 Gem Appraisals

Starlight Vein Item Drop Rates

Thanks to Kuuro’s Guide, we can see some data on Starlight Veins! Thanks much Kuuro! 🙂

I made a chart based upon their published item data. Looks like we can expect mostly Rough Stone and Black Stone Powder.

  • From 2 hours gathering at Pilgrim’s Haven.
  • 2000 Gathering Mastery.
Starlight Vein Item Drop Rates
Starlight Vein Item Chart

Sources & Additional Info

Starlight Veins Patch Notes

Source: Official website

Some seasoned miners are talking about rumors of a special vein of ore you can discover while mining. You can get Rough Lustrous Gems by mining a special vein called ‘Starlight Vein.’ It was named as such for its beautiful sparkle.

– Starlight Veins can be discovered at a low chance while mining across all regions.

– The message ‘You’ve discovered a Starlight Vein with your sharp miner’s eyes!’ will appear when you find it, and the vein will glow yellow around you.

– You can discover 3 – 5 Starlight Veins at a time, but the veins will disappear if you don’t start mining them quickly.

– You can find additional Starlight Veins depending on your Gathering Mastery.

– You can hand over the Rough Lustrous Gem you obtained to a jeweler in each village for appraisal. – However, you must have 200 amity with the jeweler NPCs to get an appraisal.

Village NPC
Velia Marsella
Olvia Corin
Heidel Dora Fonti
Calpheon Bianstimi
Florin Ardan
Keplan Greco Gorda
Altinova Belgar
Tarif Thyshelle Arms
Valencia City Yara
Sand Grain Bazaar Binvane
Shakatu Gagaru
O’draxxia Hiznella

– You can find the NPCs above by searching for ‘crystal’ or ‘jewel’ in the Find NPC function left of the minimap.


● Added the chance to obtain the following items if you exchange Rough Lustrous Gem with the NPCs listed above.

Items Obtainable by Exchange
Manos Processing Stone – Lake Manos Processing Stone – Vitality Manos Processing Stone – Energy Manos Processing Stone – Sun Manos Processing Stone – Wind Manos Processing Stone – Lava Black Magic Crystal – Harphia Black Magic Crystal – Cobelinus Black Magic Crystal – Viper Black Magic Crystal – Hystria Black Magic Crystal – Carmae Black Magic Crystal – Addis Scorched Fragment x1–2 Rough Topaz x2–4 Rough Sapphire x2–4 Rough Emerald x2–4 Rough Ruby x2–4 Rough Diamond x2–4 Rough Stone x7–13 Black Stone Powder x7–13

There is now a chance that you will find glowing veins of ore while mining. You can obtain Rough Lustrous Gems from these veins called Starlight Vein. You may even be able to get special crystals that you can’t get from normal mining if you take the Rough Lustrous Gem for an appraisal. We hope our mining Adventurers will enjoy these small strokes of luck, and that they will brighten up their day.