There are 5 main puzzles you will have to win in order to progress in the main quest line for Atoraxxion.

  • Puzzle 1: Balance the Two Platforms with Weighted Boxes
  • Puzzle 2: Simmon Says: Mimic the Ancient Weapon
  • Puzzle 3: Memorize the Red/Blue Light Patterns of 4 Light Towers
  • Puzzle 4: Weigh down 4 Platforms and Use Center Orb
  • Puzzle 5: Rotate Light Pillars to spawn Ahtenn Event

Atoraxxion Puzzle 1: Balance Boxes

Location: Vaha’s Sky (NW corner of the 1st Zone)

The object of this puzzle is to balance the two light beams until they are equal height.

  • Pick up and place boxes onto two seperate platforms.
  • Boxes are of varying weight.
  • All boxes must be on the ground, before the balance will move.
Atoraxxion Puzzle: Balance Boxes

Success Message: You untangle a thread begot by kinship-inspired faith.

Atoraxxion Puzzle: Balance Boxes

Atoraxxion Puzzle 2: Mimicry

Location: Vaha’s Storm (NE corner of the 2nd zone. Climb up on the rocks to the east.)

Memorize the Ancient Weapon’s movements.

  • Chat with the glowing orb to activate the Ancient Weapon
  • He will swing his shield, hit the ground in the middle, or swing his weapon
  • Record the first 8 moves in chat with corresponding numbers
    • 1: Weapon (swung weapon with his left arm)
    • 2: Shield (swung shield with his right arm)
    • 3: Ground (hit the ground with his shield)
  • His last 3 moves will cause smoke to appear on the platforms. These are for the purpose of showing which move matches which platform
  • Step on the platforms in the sequence he demonstrated
  • Glowing yellow smoke will appear, if you stepped correctly
  • Nothing happens if you step on the wrong platform
Atoraxxion Puzzle: Swinging Weapon

Swinging Weapon with left arm.

Atoraxxion Puzzle: Ancient Weapon

Atoraxxion Puzzle 3: Towers

Location: Vaha’s Heart (SW corner of the 3rd zone. Over the wall that’s next to Exchange NPC.)

Memorize and copy the correct color sequence.


  • Use the glowing orb to start puzzle
  • 4 towers will light up red or blue.
  • one player writes the red sequence into chat
  • one player writes the blue sequence into chat
  • the last color that is displayed on all 4 towers at once is the color sequence to enter
  • use the columns to mimic the correct color sequence
Atoraxxion Puzzle: Towers

Atoraxxion Puzzle 4: Platforms

Related Quest: “[Atoraxxion] Recovered Vow”

Location: Vaha’s Heart (SW corner of the 3rd zone. On top of the wall next to Exchange NPC.)

  • Have 1 player stand on each of the 4 round platforms (east, west, north, and south of the glowing orb)
  • The player with the quest can then use the glowing orb
  • Rotate members and repeat for each person that needs this quest

NOTE: This puzzle was bugged for me. Try switching channels, if you can’t interact with the glowing orb.


Solo Option:

  • Interact with the Exchange located within Vaha’s Heart to consume 10 Energy for supplies.
  • To solve the puzzle by yourself, you will need 4 of these supplies.
Atoraxxion Puzzle: Plates
Atoraxxion Puzzles: Platforms

Atoraxxion Puzzle 5: Ahtenn

Location: Vaha’s Head (middle of the 4th zone. Makes Ahtenn event occur.)


  • Step on the buttons next to each of the towers to rotate them and turn on their lights
  • All tower lights must be turned on and pointing toward the glowing sphere
  • When successful, one of three waves of mobs will spawn
Atoraxxion Puzzle: Ahtenn

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