There are 5 main puzzles you will have to win in order to progress in the main quest line for Atoraxxion.

  • Puzzle 1: Balance the Two Platforms with Weighted Boxes
  • Puzzle 2: Simmon Says: Mimic the Ancient Weapon
  • Puzzle 3: Memorize the Red/Blue Light Patterns of 4 Light Towers
  • Puzzle 4: Weigh down 4 Platforms and Use Center Orb
  • Puzzle 5: Rotate Light Pillars to spawn Ahtenn Event

Atoraxxion Puzzle 1: Balance

Location: Vaha’s Sky (NW corner of the 1st Zone)

Related Main Quest: Broken Bonds

Related Knowledge: What Became of the Architect?

The object of this puzzle is to move all 6 boxes and balance the two light beams until they are equal height.

  • Pick up and place boxes onto two separate circles.
  • Boxes are of varying weight.
  • Dopplenus will spawn with a success message when you are successful.
  • Interact with Dopplenus then chat with the Sol Magia

Tip: Keep placing boxes until the platform lowers. Once it lowers, go to the other side and start placing boxes there until that platform lowers. When that one lowers, switch to the other side again.

If you end up having moved all 6 boxes, but have no success message yet, then take one box from one side. If the platform didn’t move when you moved the box off it, then place it on the other side.

Atoraxxion Puzzle: Balance Boxes

Success Message: You untangle a thread begot by kinship-inspired faith.


Atoraxxion Puzzle 2: Mimicry

Location: Vaha’s Storm (NE corner of the 2nd zone. Climb up on the rocks to the east.)

Related Main Quest: Vaha’s Heart

Memorize the Ancient Weapon’s movements.

  • Chat with the glowing orb to activate the Ancient Weapon
  • He will swing his shield, hit the ground in the middle, or swing his weapon
  • Record the first 8 moves in chat with corresponding numbers
    • 1: Weapon (swung weapon with his left arm)
    • 2: Shield (swung shield with his right arm)
    • 3: Ground (hit the ground with his shield)
  • His last 3 moves will cause smoke to appear on the platforms. These are for the purpose of showing which move matches which platform
  • Step on the platforms in the sequence he demonstrated
  • Glowing yellow smoke will appear, if you stepped correctly
  • Nothing happens if you step on the wrong platform
Atoraxxion Puzzle: Swinging Weapon

Swinging Weapon with left arm.

Atoraxxion Puzzle: Ancient Weapon

Atoraxxion Puzzle 3: Memory Towers

Location: Vaha’s Heart (SW corner of the 3rd zone. Over the wall that’s next to Exchange NPC.)

Related Main Quest: Shattered Memories

Memorize and copy the correct color sequence.

  • Use the glowing orb to start puzzle
  • 4 towers will light up red or blue.
  • One player writes the red sequence into chat.
  • One player writes the blue sequence into chat.
  • The last color that is displayed on all 4 towers at once is the color sequence to enter.
  • Use the columns to mimic the correct color sequence within 60 seconds.
Atoraxxion Puzzle: Towers

Atoraxxion Puzzle 4: Platforms

Related Quest: “[Atoraxxion] Recovered Vow”

Location: Vaha’s Heart (SW corner of the 3rd zone. On top of the wall next to Exchange NPC.)

  • Have 1 player stand on each of the 4 round platforms (east, west, north, and south of the glowing orb)
  • The player with the quest can then use the glowing orb
  • Rotate members and repeat for each person that needs this quest

NOTE: This puzzle was bugged for me. Try switching channels, if you can’t interact with the glowing orb.


Solo Option:

  • Interact with the Exchange located within Vaha’s Heart to buy Heavy Wooden Crate x4. RMB on Crate to place it on a circle.
Atoraxxion Puzzle: Plates
Atoraxxion Puzzles: Platforms

Atoraxxion Puzzle 5: Ahtenn

Location: Vaha’s Head (middle of the 4th zone. Makes Ahtenn event occur.)

  • Step on the buttons next to each of the towers to rotate them and turn on their lights
  • All tower lights must be turned on and pointing toward the glowing sphere
  • When successful, one of three waves of mobs will spawn
Atoraxxion Puzzle: Ahtenn

Atoraxxion Puzzle Maze

Location: Vaha’s Head (where Ahtenn spawns, final zone before final boss. Climb up the side of the wall starting in the SW)

Related Knowledge: Thread of Old Memories

This is an optional puzzle for knowledge only.

There are 18 circles you have to walk over in the correct order.

The hint for the correct pattern is found in Vaha’s Storm. (It’s near the Ancient Weapon Puzzle. NE corner of the 2nd zone. Climb up the side of the wall to the east.)

Image of the hint located in Vaha’s Storm.

Atoraxxion Knowledge via a Puzzle


Inside Vaha’s Head find a low lying mound of dirt that leads up to a blocky ramp.

thread of old memories
thread of old memories


After running along the ledge towards the SW corner, you’ll pass a block and can start climbing the tall wall in a NW direction.

thread of old memories


Once you reach the very top, keep following the pathway all the way around to the NE corner of Vaha’s Head.

thread of old memories


Step onto each circle until a beam of light shoots out and the circle smokes. The order doesn’t change. Walk slowly.

If you step onto a wrong circle, the beam of light will go out.

Interact with the Stellagia after you get the success notice, “You untangle a thread begot by reliving memories lost.”

thread of old memories

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