“[Timed Quest] Attributes of a Herald” is the first quest in Herald’s Journal. You must quickly talk to 6 NPC’s in 2 minutes. I’ve compiled some maps and tips to help you beat this tricky quest!


Quest Tips:

  • Ride a horse with speed skills (Sprint + Instant Accel)
    • Requires a Saddle
    • Free Tier 5 horse with 100% Sprint & Instant Accel from beginner quest in Velia. (Read more in our Horse Guide.)
  • Speed Gear:
    +10 Krogdalo Horseshoe (+8% speed) Krogdalo Guide
    +10 Granverre Metal Horseshoe (+8% speed)
    +10 Light Steel Horseshoe of Storm (+6.5% speed)
    Pearl Horse Gear Set (+1% speed)
    Loggia’s Riding Crop – Max Mount Speed +5%
    Izaro’s Riding Crop – Max Mount Speed +10%
    Manos Riding Crop – Max Mount Speed +20%
  • Quickly move through the quest dialog pressing R + Esc with each NPC (You do NOT have to click “Chat” or “Quest” during the quest to move forward.)

Talk to 6 Calpheon City NPC’s

For this timed quest from Rubin, you have to talk to 6 Calpheon City NPC’s in 2 minutes.

Elle Belucci <Marketplace Director>

Grandus <Armor Vendor>

Romary <Stable Keeper>
Angela <Workshop Timber Handling>
Bartholomeo <Wharf Manager>
Rubin <Herald>

Starting the Quest

The start NPC is Rubin <Herald>.


  • Click “Quest” then “[Timed Quest] Attributes of a Herald”
  • Click “Chat” then select option when ready.
  • A 2 minute timer immediately starts when you click ready. Press Esc.
  • Remaining seconds will appear in the quest log.

Rubin <Herald>

Rubin Map

NPC #1: Elle Belucci

Elle Belucci <Central Market Director> has several locations in Calpheon City. Run to her northern location, outside the city walls by the Stable Keeper.

Elle Belucci

Elle Belucci <Marketplace Director>

NPC #2: Grandus

Grandus <Armor Vendor> is the second NPC you must speak to.

Grandus Map

Grandus <Armor Vendor>

NPC #3: Romary

Romary <Stable Keeper> is the third NPC you must speak to. She is located far to the east. Be sure to use your horse’s speed skills during the straight and long stretch of road running east and west.

Romary Map

Romary <Stable Keeper>

NPC #4: Angela

Angela <Workshop Timber Handling> is the fourth NPC you must speak to. She will be on the left side of the road, standing on a platform.

Angela Map

Angela <Workshop Timber Handling>

NPC #5: Bartholomeo

Bartholomeo <Wharf Manager> is the fifth NPC you must speak to.

Bartholomeo Map

Bartholomeo <Wharf Manager>

Herald Journal Quest

As you are riding fast to the last NPC, press the R button, which will throw your horse forward and dismount you.

The horse should stop near the street running east down to Bartholomeo.

Jump over the bridge ledge and drop down to Bartholomeo.

Herald Journal Quest

Sprint up the stairs to where your horse is. (If you timed your dismount right, you will not have to back track.)

NPC #6: Rubin

Rubin <Herald> is the last NPC you must speak to. You must turn in the quest before the timer expires.

Rubin Map

Rubin <Herald>

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