BDO Herald’s Journal offers players the opportunity to complete a series of timed quests to earn family-wide character stats. Herald’s Journal is part of the Adventure Log Bookshelf. It was added December 11th 2019 in Black Desert Online on the NA server.

Herald’s Journal has also been called Rubin’s Adventure Log or Rubin’s Journal.

3 Books in Herald’s Adventure Log contain 4 timed quests.

Herald’s Journal rewards passive buffs for all characters on your account.

Herald’s Journal Highlights:

  • Requirement #1: Level 58+
  • Requirement #2: Knowledge on Rubin (Gain Knowledge of Rubin by talking to him. He is located in the northern part of Calpheon City, north of the <Storage Keeper>)
  • Requirement #3: Talk to Black Spirit (,) and complete quest, Adventure Log: Herald’s Journal (This simple talking quest instantly completes and allows you to view the first book.)
  • View Herald’s Journal Menu: press Esc > Adventure > Adventure Log Bookshelf

Herald’s Journal: Adventure Log Rewards

———— TOTALS ———–

  • +1 DP
  • +5 Health Points
  • +43 Stamina
  • +2 Weight Limit
  •  1x Enchanted Scroll (+80) — combine with 160 Blackstones to create 1x Advice of Valks (+80)
    • reward for completing Book 3. Talk to Black Spirit (,) and look for quest called Rubin’s Gift

Character Stat Buffs from Herald’s Journal

  • Book 1:
    • June 3: +3 Stamina
    • June 17: +5 HP
    • June 20: +3 Stam
    • June 24: +5 Stam
  • Book 2:
    • June 26: +2 LT
    • July 1: +2 Stam
    • July 5: +5 Stam
    • July 10: +5 Stam
  • Book 3:
    • July 14: +1 DP
    • July 20: +5 Stam
    • July 23: +5 Stam
    • Aug 7: +10 Stam

Herald’s (Rubin’s) Journal: Family-Wide Buff Chart

Please skip this table to view more details about each of Rubin’s Adventure Log quests.


Date Reward Adventure Log Goal Text Notes
1 June 3 +3 Stam Listen to Rubin talk about the start. Talk to 5 people in Calpheon City
1 June 17 +5 HP Listen to Rubin talk about the start. Climb to the very top of the belfry tower
1 June 20 +3 Stam Listen to Rubin talk about the start. Talk to Material Vendor, Geranoa
1 June 24 +5 Stam Listen to Rubin talk about the start. Run to Velia and talk to Crio
Book 2 of Herald’s (Rubin’s) Journal
2 June 26 +2 LT Listen to Crio about the start. Catch 2 Eel in 6 Minutes (keep fish for next part.)
2 July 1 +2 Stam Listen to Crio about the start. Successfully bargain with Velia Trade Manager
2 July 5 +5 Stam Listen to Croix about the start. Talk to Diega on Iliya Island
2 July 10 +5 Stam Listen to Kunga about the start. Find an object in a cave across the sea
Book 3 of Herald’s (Rubin’s) Journal
3 July 14 + 1  DP Listen to Kafa about the start. Kill 650 Bandits in 10 minutes
3 July 20 +5 Stam Listen to Tavu about the start. find Bert inside Hystria Ruins
3 July 23 +5 Stam Listen to Siriya Min about the start. Talk to Sanctum Node Managers in Valencia
3 Aug 7 +10 Stam Listen to Sahazad Nesser about the start. Talk to 4 city chiefs


Herald’s Journal Timed Quests

  • Herald’s Journal timed quests have to be completed within the given time frame.
  • The timer still counts down while you speak to NPC’s.
  • If you aren’t able to complete the quest in time, talk to the start NPC again to retry the quest.

Herald’s Journal Quest List

For more detailed info on each quest, please skip the Herald’s Journal quest list below.

Herald’s Quest Quest Info
[Timed Quest] Attributes of a Herald
2 minutes to talk to 5 people inside Calpheon City
Elle Belucci
[Timed Quest] Height of Information
In 5 minutes go to the top of the belfry and talk to Rubin again.
Climb the belfry tower – Highest Place in Calpheon
[Timed Quest] What Goes Around Comes Around
Talk to Geranoa in time
Geranoa <Material Vendor>
[Timed Quest] The News that Divided the Land
Talk to Crio in time.
Herald’s Journal: Book 2
[Timed Quest] How Quick Can You Fish?
6 minutes to fish 2 Eels
Fish up Sea Eel (2)
[Timed Quest] Art of Bargaining
successfully bargain with the Trade Manager in Velia
Bahar <Trade Manager>
[Timed Quest] Island of Time
6 minutes to talk to Diega on Iliya Island
Diega <Chief>
[Timed Quest] The Way of the Natives
travel accross the water and find a hidden object in a cave
Kunga <Shultz Guard Decorated Veteran>
Herald’s Journal: Book 3
[Timed Quest] Bandits in the Perimeter?
Kill 650 Gahaz Bandits in 10 minutes
[Timed Quest] Desert’s Breath
find an NPC inside Hystria Dungeon
[Timed Quest] Desert Pilgrimage
Talk to all Pilgrim’s Sanctum Node Managers
Siriya Min
[Timed Quest] Timeless Stories
Talk to city chiefs in 18 minutes
Sahazad Nesser


Book 1: Chapter 1 – Talk to 5 Calpheon City NPC’s

For this timed quest from Rubin, you have to talk to 5 Calpheon City NPC’s in 2 minutes.

Elle Belucci <Marketplace Director>

Grandus <Armor Vendor>

Bartholomeo <Wharf Manager>

Angela <Workshop Timber Handling>

Romary <Stable Keeper>

Book 1: Chapter 2 – Belfry Tower Climb

The belfry tower is located in Southeastern Calpheon City. You must climb some winding stone stairs, then press R to climb up two ladders on the outside ledges. You will also have to jump and run along other ledges. Keep jumping to climb and grapple until you get to the very top of the roof. Look for an invisible bubble to interact with in the middle of the floor.

The belfry tower is located behind Vitheons Belucci <Elionian Instructor>.

She is standing outside the entrance, very near the entrance to the great library.

Book 1: Chapter 3 – Talk to Geranoa

Geranoa <Material Vendor>

Geranoa is located in the NE section of Calpheon City.

Book 1: Chapter 4 – Talk to Crio in Velia

Crio is located quite a distance away in Velia. He is across from the <Storage Keeper>.

 Crio <Fish Vendor>

Book 2: Catch 2 Eel in 6 Minutes

You have to quickly catch 2 eels in 6 minutes. Be sure to keep the fish you obtain for the next part.

Obtain item:icon – Sea Eel (2)


Quest Tips:

Use icon  Triple-Float Fishing Rod (catches up to 3 fish at one time.) If you can’t obtain one, any fishing rod that increases “Big” fish chance will help. These include Calpheon Fishing RodTerrmian Fishing Rod, and Ash Tree Float.

Fish in the fishing hotspot along the coast. (Look for the group of fishers west of the Velia docks.)

Spend Energy by pressing Space for a long cast.

Increase Fishing Rank to +5 by using Fishing Items. (Decreases time to first bite.)

Book 2: Bargain with Velia Trade Manager

Bahar <Trade Manager>

Travel to Bahar in Velia and select Trade option. Click on “Bargain Game” button on the bottom right.

Each Bargain attempt will cost 5 Energy.

Bargain attempts are limited. Choose “Carefully” option for greater chance of success.

Available Bargain attempts are viewable as “Remaining x times” notice.

Book 2: Talk to Diega on Iliya Island

Croix at the Velia dock, has the next timed, Herald’s Journal quest.


Croix – <Wharf Manager>



In 6 minutes, travel to Iliya Island and Talk to:

 Diega <Chief>

Tips on Using the Griffon Transport for this Quest

  • When the griffon first arrives, start a timer
  • travel to npc Croix.
  • at 3 minutes and 30 seconds, open the [Ready] dialog, which starts the 6 minute timer to reach Diega.
  • jump into the griffon’s basket
  • the flight starts, as your first timer reaches 4 minutes.
  • travel time to Iliya is about 4 minutes.
  • you will have about 30 seconds to run to Diega. (She is near the landing dock.)
  • view images and additional info on griffon travel.

Book 2: Cross the Sea into a Cave for Kunga

Pick up the next timed quest at Kunga <Shultz Guard Decorated Veteran>. He is located NE of Kusha, along the coastal cliff, in the trees.

Kunga <Shultz Guard Decorated Veteran>


For this quest, you will need a boat stationed below Kunga. I have seen a video of a player running through the sea with a Dream Horse as well. See video below. Maybe a Shark Suit from the Pearl Shop would work as well?

Kunga wants you to cross the sea to a cave in Kisleev Crag (Valencia territory).

The cave is very dark, so bring Atanis Firefly!

Look for a hidden object called “Goal

Jumping off of the cliff into the water can kill you, if you don’t have enough Health. Try to slide down, if you don’t have high health.

Book 3: Kill 650 Gahaz Bandits

Pick up the next timed quest at the Gahaz Bandit’s Lair Node Manager.

Kill 650 Bandits in 10 minutes.

Rafa <Node Management>


Book 3: Find Bert inside Hystria Dungeon in 5 Minutes

Pick up the next quest at the Storage Keeper of Sand Grain Bazaar.

Tavu <Storage Keeper>


You must find the following NPC beyond a randomly spawning portal that leads to Hystria Ruins:

Bert <Miscellaneous Merchant>


Hystria Ruins:

Look for a black swirling portal surrounded by pillars in the Great Desert. It spawns randomly. The dungeon you enter may not be Hystria. The portal will randomly put you inside either Aakman or Hystria.

Locating Bert:

To find Bert, keep traveling East. Mobs are level 57 to 59 and hit very hard. Bring lots of DP!

Tip From Commenter: Use “Escape” to get to Bert immediately once you enter through the portal.

Hystria Map

Thank you to a u/alaphonse, who posted the following Hystria map on reddit!

Book 3: Talk to all Pilgrim’s Sanctum Node Managers

The next timed quest is located at Pilgrim’s Sanctum: Obedience.

Siriya Min <Node Management>

Talk to 7 Node Managers in 12 minutes:

  1. Pilgrim’s Sanctum: Obedience
  2. Pilgrim’s Sanctum: Abstinence
  3. Pilgrim’s Sanctum: Sincerity
  4. Pilgrim’s Sanctum: Humility
  5. Pilgrim’s Sanctum: Purity
  6. Pilgrim’s Sanctum: Sharing
  7. Pilgrim’s Sanctum: Fast

Great Desert Travel Tip:

Lafi Bedmountain's Upgraded Compass Use a compass: Lafi Bedmountain’s Upgraded Compass or Ancient Explorer’s Compass or Compass (7 Days) from the Crow Coin Shop, Compasses allow you to view your map location in the Great Desert and Great Ocean. (Map functionality is removed in these areas, without having one of these compasses.) Compass parts drop in Valencia and the Hystria Ruins dungeon. Explorer’s Compass Part drop node locations: Pila Ku Jail, Roud Sulfur Works, Titium Valley (Fogans). Collect 3 Explorer’s Compass Parts and arrange them in the shape of a [-]. You will obtain Ancient Explorer’s Compass (3 Days).

Book 3: Talk to 4 NPC’s Far & Wide

The most difficulty is found in traveling from Valencia City to Altinova. If you do not have a good desert mount like Dine, Dream Horse, travel over the Great Desert is significantly slowed. There is a land route you can travel that is north of the Great Desert, through the Gahaz Bandit hunting zone. (See Eren’s video below.) Do NOT AFK this route, as it is unsafe and you will get stuck or killed. Make sure the map fog is removed and then you can right click on Altinova and it will draw the path for you.

The next Herald’s Journal quest starts in Valencia City.

Sahazad Nesser <King of Valencia>

Talk to 4 NPC’s

 – Neruda Shen – Altinova
 – Igor Bartali – Velia
 – Crucio Domongatt – Heidel
 – Herman Feresio – SW Calpheon City

Player Made Herald’s Journal Videos

Thank you to lulu who made a helpful video, detailing Herald’s Journal. Titled Rubin’s Diary Guide.

Thank you to Eren1996 who made some videos, helpful in showing the quests in Herald’s Journal.