BDO Horses help us get from one place to another in less time. Horses provide not only faster travel, but hours of strategy for players, as they examine horse stats to level, tame, and breed the best.

The Life Skill focused on training horses can be fun, especially if we get to equip and battle with them!

With determination, you can take a wimpy tier 1 horse and train it up into a Mythical Dream Horse of epic proportions!

Are you ready for the challenge?

This guide covers the basics of the Training Life Skill, to get you stirruped and chomping at the bit! 🙂

BDO Horse: Doom Dream Horse



About Horses in BDO:

  • Horse Level: T1 to T7 horses level up to 30.  T8 to T10 horses up to 100.
  • Horse Tier: the most powerful tiers are 9 (Dream) and 10 (Mythical), obtained via a unique training process.
  • Horse Skills: horse skills greatly improve movement speed and enable combat.
  • Horse Items: part of the fun is discovering and making items that help training, like Horse Gear.
  • Horse Stats: trainers use horse stats to determine their power.
    • Speed – increase AFK and Sprint running speed
    • Acceleration – improve top speed for Instant Acceleration horse skills
    • Turn – how sharp a horse can turn
    • Brake – Important for stability during Drift + Instant Accel animation cancel. Brake can reduce Drift animation significantly. A horse with Brake at 150.1% makes the sliding from Drift almost non-existent.
    • Health – influences how quickly the horse will die from falling. drowning, and being attacked
    • Stamina – used by horse skills and determines how far a horse can travel before being fed
    • Horse Inventory & Weight – Horses get burdened, if you place too much in their inventory and they go over their LT amount. But if you don’t mind a slowed horse, they can help you transport even very heavy goods.
BDO Horses: Doom

Obtaining Horses

There are several ways to obtain horses in BDO. Skip below to read more details about each.


  • Horse Breeding: breed two horses at the <Stable Keeper> View our Horse Breeding Guide
  • Horse Quest: There is a quest that rewards a nice Tier 5 horse that alreadys knows Sprint and Instant Accel
  • Horse Taming: capture wild horses at special horse locations in the forests. View our Horse Taming Guide.
  • Stable Keeper Shop: purchase a beginner mount for 15k silver.
  • Horse Market: players can buy and sell horses in a seperate Marketplace.
  • Shakatu Seals: obtain via Attendance Reward (10+ per month) View our Shakatu Seals Guide.

    T5 Horse Quest

    This quest can be done once per family, after you have completed the main Balenos quest line. (O > Main tab)

    This is a very nice horse for beginners, with some helpful skills to make travel faster.

    The horse will already know Sprint and Instant Accel, and both skills will be at 100%.

    Find the quest under the “Suggested” tab in the Quests window (O)

    Quest Name [Horse Emblem] Seal of the Secret Guards
     Quest Rewards Horse Emblem: Secret Guard’s Horse
    Shabby Leather Saddle
    10 High-Quality Carrot


    Lorenzo Murry <Stable Keeper>
    Location: Velia

    Before the main questline has you leave Velia and enter Heidel, visit Lorenzo.

    Speed: 115%
    Accel.: 115%
    Turn: 121%
    Brake: 121%
    Breedable: 2
    HP: 1,558
    Stamina: 3,384
    Weight: 135



    Horses via the Stable Keeper Shop

    At the <Stable Keeper> click on the “Shop” button.

    Beginner Horses cost 15,000 silver.


    Horse Emblem:
    Beginner’s Brown Horse
    Tier 1 Male Horse
    HP: 1,090
    Stamina: 3,000
    Weight: 90
    Speed/Accel: 109%
    Turn/Brake: 100%
    Breedable: 1
    Horse Emblem:
    Beginner’s Gray Horse

    Lorenzo Murry <Stable Keeper>
    Location: Velia

    Beginner Horses at the Stable Keeper are available, if you have no other option. I do recommend trying the Horse Market, before purchasing one of these. See below.



    Horses at the Market

    To see the Horse Market, visit any <Stable Keeper> and click on “Stable”  then “Horse Market”

    Here you will find Tier 1 through 9 horses that other players have put up for sale. (Also other mounts like donkey, etc)

    Prices of the horses here are automatically determined by the game and based upon the level, tier, skills, and other stats of the horse. View our guide on Horse Valuation.

    If you are selling a horse on the Horse Market, there will be a 30% tax. (This can be reduced by your Training Skill.)


    Beginner Tip:

    Try to find a low level Tier 4 or 5 horse. These will be fairly cheap, but still have great potential to learn skills that make them much faster, like Instant Accel.

    BDO Courser at the Horse Market



    Horses via Breeding

    When you have a male and female horse, you can breed them at the <Stable Keeper> to potentially create a new and higher tier horse.

    The first step in horse breeding is to check to make sure each horse has a “Breedable” stat of at least 1.

    Then you check in a male horse at the stable and click “Register at Breeding”.

    To start breeding, there are several requirements and breeding tips you should know about.

    View our Horse Breeding Guide.




    BDO Horse Breeding Register



    Horses via Taming

    Horse Taming allows you to capture up to a tier 5 horse.

    To tame a wild horse you need Capturing Ropes from a <Stable Keeper> and Lumps of Raw Sugar.

    First you have to locate a wild horse, then win a series of mini-games.

    For more details on how to tame a horse, visit our Horse Taming Guide.

    BDO Horse Taming: Press Space Bar

    Horse via Shakatu Seals

    [Event] Shining Shaktu Seals are given at a rate of about 10 per month via Attendance Rewards.

    50X = 1x Tier 8 Horse

    T8D Horse Coat
    Speed/Accel: 130%
    Turn/Brake: 124%
    HP: 1,792
    Stamina: 3,408
    LT: 135
    Special: Already Knows S:Instant Accel


    BDO Shakatu Seal Attendance Reward

    Horses via Rare Events

    Once in a while, players can obtain horses through events for a limited time.

    These are very rare.

    New players often get a free tier 5 horse via Attendance Rewards.

    BDO Horse Attendance Reward