“[Timed Quest] Height of Information” is the second quest in Herald’s Journal.

You have 5 minutes to climb the Belfry Tower and run back to Rubin.


Tower Location: Southeastern Calpheon City

The tower entrance is located behind Vitheons Belucciย <Elionian Instructor>



Notice the map shows the default route to navigate to the tower.

I recommend you do NOT follow the default navigation!!

The default path is longer and has a tricky doorway difficult for a horse.

Height of Information: Tower Map

Height of Information Travel Route

You can cut off some time if you do NOT follow the default navigation path to the tower.

Take some time, before you start the timer, to learn the path below.


Recommended Route:

Height of Information: Route to Tower

The default route will have you turn right in the image below.

Instead turn left!

Height of Information: Tower Route
Height of Information: Tower Route
Height of Information: Tower Route
Height of Information: Tower Route
Height of Information: Tower Route

Navigating the Tower

Dismount from your horse because they hate corners.

Sprint up the stairs that are inside the tower.

Hug the left wall all the way up.

Herald's Journal: Tower Entrance

Sculpture Room

You will reach an open room where there is a chest, 4 braziers, and a large sculpture in the middle.

There is a hidden ladder behind you as you enter the room.

Herald's Journal: Tower Statue

Ladder #1

The ladder is on the north side, on the outside wall.

You will need 100% Stamina.

Height of Information: Tower Ladder 1

Ladder #2

After climbing the first ladder, turn to your right and follow the ledge.

You will be traveling west along the ledge.

After rounding the corner, take the second ladder.

You will need about 70% Stamina.

It is on the west side of the tower.

Height of Information: Tower Ladder 2

Corner Ledges

Jump up onto the ledges that are on the corner.

Height of Information: Tower Corner Ledge

Small Dome Roof

Jump up onto the small dome on the corner. This one can be tricky. Seems like you have to hit it just right.

Height of Information: Tower Dome

Large Dome Roof

Jump up onto the large dome roof.

TIP: Take your time and try to calm down at this point because this jump is really tricky!!!

Don’t go too far under the lip of the large dome or you will not be able to grab it.

If you walk too far right or left… ack!

The spot you need to stand on is very small in order to jump up and succeed.

Note: you do not need to run forward and jump for this one. Just position correctly and press space bar.

Height of Information: Tower Large Dome

Top of the Tower

The object you need to interact with is invisible.

Run up to the center of the platform and you will get a text bubble that says “Highest Place in Calpheon”.

Press R then Esc.

Height of Information: Tower Highest Place in Calpheon

Falling Down

Be careful falling down. Most players will die if they jump straight down from the top!

Try to fall from one ledge to the next. Don’t full jump!

The last fall from the last ledge is the worst. It almost took all my health.

Height of Information: Tower Fall HP

TIP: find the SE corner and begin your descent.

Height of Information: Tower Fall


Notice there are thin ledges. Walk onto these and drop down to them. Don’t jump with space bar!

Or you will SPLAT ๐Ÿ™‚

Height of Information: Tower Ledges & Platform


Your goal is the east side of the tower, where you left your horse.

You will see the quest NPC icon on the ground.

Height of Information: Tower Ledges

Back to Rubin

Back to our favorite boy!

The final part is running back to Rubin and turning in the quest before the timer expires.

Never give up!


Rubin <Herald>

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