Exploration Quests are random quests you can obtain via sailing and barter. They were improved in a patch on September 20, 2023. The fishing and pirate quests were removed, leaving only the barter and ship repair material quests.

Each quest rewards 300 Contribution, 50 crow coins, and ship materials or barter goods. Please see the chart below for details.

How to Obtain an Exploration Quest:

After anchoring at an island’s Barter NPC, spend 100,000 ship rations to send your sailor on a quick exploration of the island. Besides things like Iridescent Coral, barter goods, Imperfect Flora Lightstones, and ship durability loss, your sailor might uncover an Exploration Quest.

For more information on Sailors and Bartering check out BDO Sailor Guide or BDO Bartering Guide

island barter explore ui

Select the Explore option to have a chance to obtain an exploration quest.

Exploration Quests from Sailor Explore

[Exploration] Request from a Child on an Island

Hand over your ship materials (1 or 3 depending on the quest) to the Aspiring Pirate child on the East coast of Oben Island to receive your rewards. Standing next to him, you’ll find the Aspiring Trader. After completing your barters (1, 3, or 5 depending on the quest) speak to the Aspiring Trader to receive your rewards.

Map Location of Child on Island
Aspiring Trader and Pirate