This guide will compare the Epheria Sailboat to the Epheria Frigate. The Great Expedition Update made many new changes to Sailing and Great Ocean ships. Both ships are T2 and are no longer considered the best available. However, the strengths and weaknesses of the Epheria Sailboat vs Frigate is still the same.

Which T2 Epheria ship is best?

——— Quick Frigate and Sailboat Comparison ———

  • Epheria Sailboat: 25 inventory slots. 5,000LT weight limit. 10% lower Speed, Brake, Accel, Turn. 2 cannons. Blue boat gear requires 50% less materials.
  • Epheria Frigate: 12 inventory slots. 4,000LT weight limit. 10% higher Speed, Brake, Accel, Turn. 4 cannons. Blue gear requires 50% more mats.

TLDR: Epheria Sailboat excels at trade/barter. Epheria Frigate excels at battle and Sea Monsters

For more detailed guides on each ship: Epheria Frigate and Epheria Sailboat

Ship Stat Epheria Sailboat Epheria Frigate
Durability 1,000,000 1,200,000
Ration 1,000,000 1,000,000
LT Limit 5,000LT 4,000LT
Speed 100% 110%
Accel 100% 110%
Turn 110% 120%
Brake 110% 120%
Inventory 25 12
Cabins 10 10
Cannon Reload 17s 17s
Cannons 2 (1 per side)
Player mountable
4 (2 per side)
Player mountable
Epheria Sailboat vs Epheria Frigate

BDO Epheria Sailboat

Ship License: Epheria Sailboat:


Proof of ownership of an Epheria Sailboat, allowing you to retrieve it at a Wharf.

Durability: 1,000,000

Speed/Acceleration: 100%

Turn/Brake: 110%

Rations: 1,000,000

Cannons: 2

Blue Gear: 50% less cost

Weight Limit: 5,000 LT

Inventory: 25

BDO Epheria Sailboat Crafting Recipe and Materials

BDO Epheria Frigate

Ship License: Epheria Frigate:


Proof of ownership of an Epheria Frigate, allowing you to retrieve it at a Wharf.

Durability: 1,200,000

Speed/Acceleration: 110%

Turn/Brake: 120%

Rations: 1,000,000

Cannons: 4

Blue Gear: 50% more cost

Weight Limit: 4,000 LT

Inventory: 12

Ship License: Epheria Frigate crafting recipe and materials

Epheria Sailboat vs Frigate Cost Comparison

Epheria Sailboat takes much less materials. Also, the materials themselves are somewhat easy to obtain, although Logs are a bottleneck resource for both ships.

Frigate takes corals and Shining Powder, which will also take effort and time for most players to obtain.

NOTE: This comparison is for building in Port Epheria with a shipyard and workers and NOT upgrading at the <Wharf Manager>


BDO Epheria Sailboat


Ship Mats Additional Info
Standardized Timber Square x800

Base Amounts:

  • Usable Scantling (3780)
    • Log (15120)
Steel x600

Base Amounts:

  • Melted Iron Shard (1200)
    • Iron Ore (2400)
  • Coal (1200)
Pine Plywood x1500

Base Amounts:

  • Pine Plank (5560)
    • Pine Timber (11120)
Flax Fabric x300

Base Amounts:

  • Flax Thread (1200)
    • Flax (2400)
icon Design: Epheria Sailboat x20

Repeatable Quests:

[Daily] Falasi Family’s Kindness

Location: Port Epheria Philaberto Falasi

Harpooning Chain (weekly, requires Professional 1 Fishing)

BDO Epheria Frigate


Ship Mats Additional Info
Standardized Timber Square x1000

Base Amounts:

  • Usable Scantling (4720)
    • Log (18880)
icon Jade Coral Ingot x800

Base Amounts:

  • Resplendent Coral (2000)
    • Colored Coral (6000)
      • Coral Piece (24000)
      • Gem (2400)
        • Rough Gem (4800)
    • Resplendent Gem (2000)
      • Gem (5000)
        • Rough Gem (10000)
  • Melted Titanium Shard (10000)
    • Titanium Ore (20000)
icon Pine Coated Plywood x1600

Base Amounts:

  • Pine Plywood (3200)
    • Pine Plank (12800)
      • Pine Timber (25600)
  • Coconut (32000)
icon Enhanced Flax Fabric x450

Base Amounts:

  • Flax Fabric (900)
    • Flax Thread (3600)
      • Flax (7200)
  • Shining Powder (900)
icon Design: Epheria Frigate x25

Repeatable Quest:

[Daily] Falasi Family’s Kindness

Location: Port Epheria Philaberto Falasi

Upgrade Cost Comparison

Upgrading from a Bartali Sailboat to an Epheria Sailboat or Frigate is much more expensive than crafting at Port Epheria shipyard. The only reason to use the upgrade system at the <Wharf Manager> is to save on build time and CP. (Upgrades are instant, but pricey.)

View our Bartali Sailboat Upgrade Guide.