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BDO Sailing Guide (Black Desert Online 2019)

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BDO Sailing

Originally written by Eminent (u/CadeGuitar), who generously published a Sailing Guide in "Eminent’s Life Skill Guide". This well-received, 260 page guide has been added to and edited by me. It's now kept current on GrumpyG, with Eminent's permission. Thanks Eminent! ! I will update this Sailing Guide with any new BDO patches/changes. (Eminent is currently taking a break from Black Desert Online.)

Eminent’s BDO Sailing Guide


Thank you to...
Much of the information throughout the sailing section came from (or was inspired by) Margoria & Ships Content by Halkeides

I think he did an excellent job with the guide and there’s lots of good info in it. Please take a look if you’re really interested in ocean content.

Sailing is a skill made for crossing the deep blue sea. It can be trained by using any boat and traveling in ocean areas where your map is disabled (Ross/Margoria).

Although you can train the skill on any boat, you will only see the benefits of the sailing skill if you are driving an Epheria Sailboat, Epheria Frigate, or a Guild Galley.

As you level your sailing, you will get more and more “skills” for your boat that you can use for advanced maneuvers, or just to move really fast.

Whether you’re a fisherman, a trader, or want to control a war machine of the sea, sailing is an extremely useful Life Skill that will make your play more efficient.

Making the Epheria Sailboat

Making an Epheria Sailboat is a huge pain, but the benefits you get from having one make it (probably) worth it. To make one you need:

Material Base Tier 1 & Tier 2 Material Cost
Design: Epheria Sailboat x20 Repeatable Quests:
[Daily] Falasi Family’s Kindness
Harpooning Chain (weekly, requires Professional 1 Fishing)
Steel x600 1,200 Melted Iron Shard (or 3,000 iron ore)
1,200 Coal
Flax Fabric x300 1,200 Flax Thread (or 2,400 Flax)
Standardized Timber Square x800 16,000 Logs
Pine Plywood x 1,500 6,000 Pine Plank (or 12,000 Pine Timber)

The amount needed in the right column is assuming you have at least Artisan Processing. If you don’t have Artisan Processing, it’ll be a complete waste of materials for you to try making these parts, and it’s also probably too early for you to focus on an Epheria Sailboat.

Steel, Flax Fabric, and Pine Plywood can all be easily bought on the marketplace if you don’t want to make those things yourself. The biggest issue is the Standardized Timber Squares. 16,000 logs is no small amount, and you’ll have to gather all of them yourself.

Once you finally get all of the materials, you can begin constructing the ship in Epheria house 3-5 (this is the only location you can make the ship).

BDO Epheria Sailboat Shipyard Contribution

The shipyard must be upgraded to level 3 to start making the boat.

The ship itself has a workload of 3,220. In other words, making the boat is going to take a long, long time.

BDO Epheria Sailboat Shipyard

In order to speed the process up, put as many workers as you possibly can on the job. You can stack workers on the boat, and you can send workers from any connected town to help work.

If you’re in no rush you can just put a few workers on it and wait a couple weeks. If you want it quickly you can take all the workers you have to finish it up.

Depending on where you’re at in the game, you could also consider just buying an Epheria Sailboat from the Marketplace instead of making one yourself.

The boats sell for about 200 million silver on the Marketplace. This might seem like a lot of money for you, but remember that it could take potentially months to build the boat yourself.

For me personally, dropping 200m was more than worth it in order to save all that time. It took me about 1 week of bidding (about once per day) in order to win one.

Ship Gear

Once you build yourself a boat, you’ll most likely want to get yourself some gear for it. You already put in an incredible amount of effort to build a ship; you might as well go all out.

There’s two sets of gear you can get: green grade gear, and blue grade gear.

The green gear you can buy from almost any Wharf Manager, but the blue gear you have to make yourself.

Blue Grade Ship Gear Base Stats Stats at +6 Materials Needed
Enhanced Black Plating All DP +20
Weight Limit +150LT
Movement Speed +2%
All DP +29
Weight Limit +270LT
Movement Speed +3.2%

Design: Epheria Sailboat x5,

Hard Pillar x2,

Glue x100,

Palm Plywood x1,500,

Trade of Death x100

Black Breeze Sail Max Power +2,000
Turn +2%
Movement Speed +4%
Max Power +4400
Turn +4.4%
Movement Speed +7%

Design: Epheria Sailboat x5,

Tough Flax Fabric x300,

Glue x80,

Blue Whale Tendon x10,

Trace of Ascension x100

Dragon Prow All DP +20
Movement Speed +4%
All DP +26
Movement Speed +8.8%

Design: Epheria Sailboat x5,

Black Gold Ingot x50,

Golden Pearl x2,

Pure Lead Crystal x10,

Trace of Chaos x100

Elena Cannon

All AP +22
Max Stamina +5,000
All AP +38
Max Stamina +23000

Design: Epheria Sailboat x5,

Margoria Dark Iron x100,

Pure Iron Crystal x10,

Sturdy Ash Plywood x30,

Trace of Battle x100

As you can see, if you thought you were done doing the daily quest for the boat designs you were wrong.

Sailing Skills

As you level your Sailing Skill, you will gain the ability to use skills for the Epheria Sailboat, Epheria Frigate, and the Guild Galley. The skills are:

Sailing Skill Sailing Skill Description Required Sailing

Dashes forward and does an aoe attack at the end. Your ship will come to a complete stop at the end of the dash. Great for soloing sea monsters.


Power Accel

From an idle boat, quickly accelerates to max speed.


Breezy Sail

While at max sailing speed, accelerates significantly. Unlike Ram, your boat does not stop at the end of the dash


Swift Retreat

Move backwards at a faster speed


Abrupt Turn

Drift for your boat


Smooth Turn

Allows you to turn your boat while on standby, just like a fishing boat



Shortens cannon reload time


Sailing for XP

BDO Sailing watching kids swim

Sailing Skill can be leveled by:

Most of your sailing xp is probably going to come from the sailing daily quests and hunting young sea monsters. Of course, you could always sail all day long, but that would require allot of W pressing. You could press T and auto travel forward, but if you aren't carefully watching, you could end up dead in dangerous waters or off course somewhere. If you do decide to auto sail with T, be sure to turn off your screen saver, or your boat might go in circles.

Thank you to Villen#2570, who shared Sailing XP data below and created a helpful spreadsheet: Sailing XP and Sailing Time Calculator

Daily Sailing EXP Breakdown
(quests require Sailing: Beginner 3)
Daily/Repeatable Sailing Quest XP NPC Objective
A Treasure Swimming in the Ocean OR..
A Treasure Swimming in the Ocean (2)
10,000 Dius (Epheria)
Kill 1 x Hekaru OR...
Kill 1 x Ocean Stalker (random chance)
Outlaws in the Ocean 5,000 Dius (Epheria)
Kill 1 x Goldmont Large Battleship
Stay Sharp! 5,000 Dius (Epheria)
Kill 3 x Goldmont Small Battleship
Wanted: Hekaru OR..
Wanted: Ocean Stalker
10,000 Croix (Velia) Kill 1 x Hekaru OR..
Kill 1 x Ocean Stalker (random chance)
Looming Threats from the Ocean 5,000 Croix (Velia)
Kill 1 x Goldmont Large Battleship
Ocean Predators 5,000 Croix (Velia)
Kill 3 x Goldmont Small Battleship
Through the Rough Tides: Ancado 15,000 Sihuram (Ratt) Talk to Sihuram to obtain Old Moon Trade Item, then deliver
EXP gained from sailing
Total: 65,000

Using Villen's Sailing Time Calculator, we can get a snapshot of the amount of time it would take to get to Professional level Sailing vs Guru Sailing if we leveled Sailing skill with just Sailing quests...

To Obtain (2,356,500 XP) Professional Sailing:
All 7 Sailing Quests/Day
To Obtain (1,553,114,900 XP) Guru Sailing:
All 7 Sailing Quests/Day

Exp Needed to
complete level
Total XP
Beginner 1 1 400 400
Beginner 2 2 600 1,000
Beginner 3 3 1,200 2,200
Beginner 4 4 1,900 4,100
Beginner 5 5 2,900 7,000
Beginner 6 6 4,000 11,000
Beginner 7 7 5,400 16,400
Beginner 8 8 6,900 23,300
Beginner 9 9 8,600 31,900
Beginner 10 10 10,600 42,500
Apprentice 1 11 13,100 55,600
Apprentice 2 12 15,900 71,500
Apprentice 3 13 18,800 90,300
Apprentice 4 14 22,000 112,300
Apprentice 5 15 25,400 137,700
Apprentice 6 16 29,100 166,800
Apprentice 7 17 33,000 199,800
Apprentice 8 18 37,100 236,900
Apprentice 9 19 41,500 278,400
Apprentice 10 20 46,100 324,500
Skilled 1 21 104,600 429,100
Skilled 2 22 117,600 546,700
Skilled 3 23 131,200 677,900
Skilled 4 24 145,400 823,300
Skilled 5 25 160,200 983,500
Skilled 6 26 175,600 1,159,100
Skilled 7 27 191,600 1,350,700
Skilled 8 28 208,200 1,558,900
Skilled 9 29 234,800 1,793,700
Skilled 10 30 262,400 2,056,100
Professional 1 31 300,400 2,356,500
Professional 2 32 349,200 2,705,700
Professional 3 33 409,200 3,114,900
Professional 4 34 490,200 3,605,100
Professional 5 35 593,000 4,198,100
Professional 6 36 727,800 4,925,900
Professional 7 37 905,200 5,831,100
Professional 8 38 1,136,200 6,967,300
Professional 9 39 1,441,600 8,408,900
Professional 10 40 1,747,200 10,156,100
Artisan 1 41 2,148,800 12,304,900
Artisan 2 42 2,678,200 14,983,100
Artisan 3 43 3,282,000 18,265,100
Artisan 4 44 3,981,800 22,246,900
Artisan 5 45 4,905,200 27,152,100
Artisan 6 46 6,030,600 33,182,700
Artisan 7 47 7,326,200 40,508,900
Artisan 8 48 8,941,200 49,450,100
Artisan 9 49 10,981,600 60,431,700
Artisan 10 50 13,022,200 73,453,900
Master 1 51 15,073,000 88,526,900
Master 2 52 17,134,200 105,661,100
Master 3 53 19,206,000 124,867,100
Master 4 54 21,288,600 146,155,700
Master 5 55 23,382,200 169,537,900
Master 6 56 25,487,000 195,024,900
Master 7 57 27,603,200 222,628,100
Master 8 58 29,731,000 252,359,100
Master 9 59 31,870,600 284,229,700
Master 10 60 34,022,200 318,251,900
Master 11 61 36,186,000 354,437,900
Master 12 62 38,362,200 392,800,100
Master 13 63 40,551,000 433,351,100
Master 14 64 42,752,600 476,103,700
Master 15 65 44,967,200 521,070,900
Master 16 66 47,195,000 568,265,900
Master 17 67 49,436,200 617,702,100
Master 18 68 51,691,000 669,393,100
Master 19 69 53,959,600 723,352,700
Master 20 70 56,242,200 779,594,900
Master 21 71 58,539,000 838,133,900
Master 22 72 60,850,200 898,984,100
Master 23 73 63,176,000 962,160,100
Master 24 74 65,516,600 1,027,676,700
Master 25 75 67,872,200 1,095,548,900
Master 26 76 70,243,000 1,165,791,900
Master 27 77 72,629,200 1,238,421,100
Master 28 78 75,031,000 1,313,452,100
Master 29 79 77,448,600 1,390,900,700
Master 30 80 79,882,200 1,470,782,900
Guru 1 81 82,332,000 1,553,114,900
Guru 2 82 84,798,200 1,637,913,100
Guru 3 83 87,281,000 1,725,194,100
Guru 4 84 89,780,600 1,814,974,700
Guru 5 85 92,297,200 1,907,271,900
Guru 6 86 94,831,000 2,002,102,900
Guru 7 87 97,382,200 2,099,485,100
Guru 8 88 99,951,000 2,199,436,100
Guru 9 89 102,537,600 2,301,973,700
Guru 10 90 105,142,200 2,407,115,900
Guru 11 91 107,765,000 2,514,880,900
Guru 12 92 110,406,200 2,625,287,100
Guru 13 93 113,066,000 2,738,353,100
Guru 14 94 115,744,600 2,854,097,700
Guru 15 95 118,442,200 2,972,539,900
Guru 16 96 121,159,000 3,093,698,900
Guru 17 97 123,895,200 3,217,594,100
Guru 18 98 126,651,000 3,344,245,100
Guru 19 99 129,426,600 3,473,671,700
Guru 20 100 132,202,200 3,605,873,900

Sailing Quests: Through the Rough Tides

Through the Rough Tides has 4 different options...

To start the quest, you need to make your way to Port Ratt. If you have Port Ratt discovered already, you can use a Traveler’s Map from Ross sea and it will take you all the way there (eliminating a very long sail time). Traveler's Map Current Marketplace price is 700k.

Once you’re there you’ll want to talk to Sihuram, the Guild Wharf Manager. Sihuram, Wharf Manager

Sailing Quests: Through the Rough Tides

She will give you the option to go to one of 4 locations for the daily. The list is in order of least xp to most xp. Think of it as, the farther you have to travel the more sailing xp you get from the quest.

Sailing Quest NPC Sihuram

After you accept the quest to go to one of those locations, make sure you grab the Old Moon Trade Item. If you do not grab the trade item you cannot finish the quest.

The Ancado quest gives the most xp by far, but I should warn you that it’s a terrible idea to sail all the way there. It will be much faster to sail to land and then run your horse to the desert to turn in the trade item.

The sailing daily is a long process where you have to cross the entire ocean twice. Unless you have another reason to go to Port Ratt, I think it’s most likely a big waste of time to even do it.

By “another reason” I mean something like Ratt imperial trade, or Margoria fishing. If you’re doing one of those things then it’s totally justified to grab the sailing daily (and encouraged).

However, spending 2 hours on travel time for the sailing daily alone (doing nothing else) is, in my opinion, not worth it at all.


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