This is a beginner Sailing guide, covering basic ship maintenance and sailing UI. It helps explain ship Durability, Rations, and Repair, as well as Sails, Sea Currents, and Wind. All the things you need to keep your ship sailing the salty seas!

Ahoy! ūüôā

The Sailing Life Skill went through a major rework with the Great Expedition on 23 Oct, 2019 and has seen even more improvements in recent updates.

Sailing can be as simple as taking a beginner Epheria Cog boat out to sea to enjoy some fishing. But it’s also a Life Skill that is filled with complex strategy for those players who like to dive deeper.

Just conquer the deadly seas with our mighty piratey prowess!!


Fun Sailing Activities:

  • Sail to remote islands, hunting zones, and quests.
  • Sailor management and growth (They explore and find treasures for you.)
  • Collect a special sailling currency called Crow Coins to obtain loot.
  • Hunt Sea Monsters for booty and to complete Sailing quests.
  • Sail to World Bosses and battle them: Vell & Khan.
  • Discover Fishing Hotspots.
  • Harpoon (on Fishing Boat and Epheria Cog only)
  • AFK Fishing (All kinds of goodies and silver can be obtained)
  • Hunt whales with a Matchlock.
  • Sail to underwater gathering locations.

Beginner Sailing Recommendation

The main sailing questline is VERY beneficial. Don’t skip this before you start!


  • Level 50+
  • Main Sailing Quest Line:
    • [The Great Expedition] quest line under the Suggested tab of Quests (O).
    • Starting Main Sailing Quest:
       РVigorous Velia (travel to Velia)
the great expedition main sailing quest


You will get 1 free Sailor from completing the main sailing questline.

Sailor Management occurs via any <Wharf Manager>.

Click on “Manage Sailors” to assign Sailors to your ship.

Select the Sailor and then “Board” button.

If you have multiple ships, you have to do this for each ship. They don’t automatically board every ship you take out.

sailing ship manage sailors

Ship Summon & Teleport Button

Ship Anchor Button:

BDO Sailing Ship Anchor UI

Cooldown: 30 seconds. Must be at water surface to call ship. Other players will fall off your ship, if you call it.

The ship’s anchor button is extremely helpful for freeing a stuck ship and teleporting to your ship.

After registering a ship license at a <Wharf Manager> and checking out your ship, an Anchor Icon will appear on the top left.

Summon Ship:

  • LMB (Distance from ship 0-10m): Grabs ship’s wheel
  • LMB (Distance from ship 10-30m): Moves you to ship’s wheel
  • RMB (Distance from ship 0-40m): Call Ship
  • RMB: Find ship location (highlights the ship’s location with a beam of light, if you are more than 40m from the ship)
  • The ship ui also shows you your current distance from the ship.
sailing disembark button

Press the Disembark button on your ship to teleport back to the Wharf Manager.

If you don’t see a Disembark button, it means you are not close enough to the Wharf Manager.

Disembark button has a 5 sec cooldown.

big ship blocking port

When you can’t grab the wheel.

Teleporting to your ship when there is a ship already at that location, makes it difficult to grab the wheel of your own ship.

  • Option 1: Dive into the water, swim out a litte bit, then RMB to call your ship.
  • Option 2: Switch channels and hope there isn’t a ship blocking you on that channel too.

Sailing User Interface

When you board a ship, most of the control of the ship takes place at the wheel.

Press R at the ship’s wheel to mount the ship.

Unfortunately, you are the only one that can control the ship’s wheel to sail your ship, even if you are in a party with a trusted friend.

Friends have the option of traveling up the mast to enjoy the scenery. (I recommend this because it seems to prevent a glitch that can dump friends in the water while you sail.)

Ship Mounted Combat State: While mounted to the ship, a red Invincibilty icon appears over you. This means your character, but NOT your ship is protected from damage and CC. Once your ship is destroyed, you are no longer invincible and can be killed.

sailing ship wheel

Equipping Ship Gear

You can equip and unequip ship gear at the ship’s wheel.

Press F5 Mount Information at the ship’s wheel to see your ship’s info and equip cannons, figurehead, plating, and sails.

You can also view your ship’s stats like inventory, weight limit, and cannons.

ship gear stats inventory

Beginner Ship Gear

Ship Gear is equipped to improve ship stats to make sailing, barter, and sea monster hunting better.

Ship Gear Benefits:

  • Cannon:¬†Damage & Durability
  • Plating:¬†Weight Limit¬†& Defense
  • Figurehead:¬†Speed & Defense
  • Sail:¬†Turn & Rations

For your first ship gear set, I recommend purchasing the green grade ones available in Port Epheria.

For more details: Ship Gear

epheria old cannon

Ship UI

When you grab the ship wheel, a Sailing UI will appear.

  • Wind Speed & Direction
  • Fold and Unfold ship sails
  • Ship Speed
  • Cannon Timer & Cannonball Count
  • Ship Durability (Decreased through damage in battle)
  • Ship Rations (Decreased through Sailing Skills, Sailor Explore)
sailing ship interface

Ship Rations

Ship Rations are viewable as a yellow bar on the ship ui.

Rations are depleted when you use a ship skill, move the ship, or when you have your Sailor Explore an island for treasure.

Ship Rations are refilled via normal player foods, Sailor Supply/Explore, or the <Wharf Manager>.


Refill Rations & Cannonballs

You can refill ship rations and cannonballs at any <Wharf Manager>.

Make sure your ship is “Checked Out” at the wharf then use the Wharf Manager’s “Buy Supplies” option.

sailing ship buy supplies

Rations via Sailor Explore
Sailor Explore option at a Barter NPC also has an RNG chance to replenish Rations. But Sailor Explore costs 100,000 rations and you may even get a bad result!

Rations via Sailor Supply
A Barter NPC’s Sailor Supply option will give a very small amount of Rations. Don’t use this unless nothing else is available. If you use this, you can’t use Explore for 20 minutes.

Read our Sailor Guide for more info.

Barter User Interface

Supplying Rations at Sea

For times when you can’t supply at a <Wharf Manager>, you can use marketplace foods like Special Balenos Meal.

This is usually my go-to food since it’s plentiful on the marketplace and cheaper than other options.

The amount of Rations food will supply is shown in small white text on foods that have a Marketplace price. (Node Worker food, like Beer, is excluded.)

The amount of rations supplied depends upon the food’s grade.

Food Grade Rations
White 80
Green 100
Blue 240
Yellow 4000
Orange 22000


special balenos meal

How to Supply Rations at Sea: Press P key while you are mounted to the ship’s wheel. Click the plus sign next to Rations.¬†

emergency supply rations

Ship Durability

Ship Durability is shown as a thin red HP bar. This is depleted through battles in sea monster hunting, PVP, and sailing along reefs.

Reefs are located next to the shores of Velia and Port Epheria. Ships get -10% Durability damage, upon entering reefs.

Ram skill costs 20,000 Durability with each successful hit. (Max 9) If one Ram skill hits 3 times, it will cost 60,000 Durability.

When Durability reaches 0%, you will not be able to use the ship. You must Remote Collect at a <Wharf Manager>.

Repairing Durability

Repair Durability at any <Wharf Manager>.

At the Wharf Manager select “Check In” ‚Üí “Repair”.

You must have the ship checked in!

checked in ship repair wharf manager
Durability Repair Item % Obtained By
Ship Repair Material
takes 10 sec to apply

Processing (L) > Chopping:
any 2 Plywood

Emergency Ship Repair Kit 0.4%

Processing (L) > Manufacture

5 –¬†Steel
¬†–¬†Plywood Hardener
Ship Repair Kit
takes 20 sec to apply
Ship Part Workshop:
Port Epheria 1-4, 2F
2 –¬†Steel
2 –¬†Glue
Luxury Ship Repair Kit 4% Event/Gift

Ship Repair Items

It’s always better to use a <Wharf Manager> to repair Durability, but sometimes you don’t have easy access to one.

For repairing Durability at sea, use repair kits.

How to Use: interact with the ship’s mast.

Repairing Durability at the Mast

Move around the ship mast until the correct UI pops up.

Press F6 “Mount Repair” to use a repair kit to restore the durability of your ship.

If multiple types of repair kits are in your inventory, the first one at non-auto arrange state will be used.

Repair Ship Gear

As you progess in ship upgrades, you will start to equip and use ship gear.

Ship gear also needs repair.

ship repair icon

How to Repair Ship Gear: Whenever you are at a Wharf Manager select the Repair button along his NPC options bar.

The normal repair next to your ship icon only repairs Durability and NOT ship gear.

wharf manager repair ship gear

Sea Currents & Routes

There are special Sea Currents that will boost your sailing speed. (Also known as “Fast Current” and “Oquilla Current”)

Sea Currents are static and do not change like wind does.

When you enter an Oquilla Current, your Ship UI will change into a blue swirling mermaid spirit. Really!

Different Waters Impact Sailing Speed:

  • Oquilla Current: +36%
  • Deep Water: base speed
  • Shallow Water: -20%

Most water surrounding the main land is Shallow Water, giving a speed penalty. The difference between these fast and slow waters is 56%.

sailing oquilla current
sea oquilla current
great ocean map sea route monsters barter npc

Thanks Map Creators! ‚Üí “created by gpw, sea currents and mapping by flockenburger, and Ceonsiune’s noice og map and color scheme”

Ships are only affected by wind when the sails are unfolded. See below.

Wind Speed & Direction

Wind direction is shown as a small white arrow. This is the direction the wind is coming toward you. Speed is improved, when the white arrow is at the bottom, indicating that the wind is blowing behind you. Wind has no impact, if sails are folded. See below.

Wind Speed is shown as a number. Very high Wind Speeds can occur the furthur away you are from the main land.

Wind Speed/Direction changes randomly.

Fold or Unfold Sails

By default ships leave the wharf with their sails unfolded. This means you will can be impacted by sea storms if you sail against the wind.

The wind gauge will change color when there is high wind during a “sea storm”.

  • Green: 300 wind speed
  • Blue: 400 wind speed

Make sure the sails are folded when you are sailing against the wind during a sea storm. (When the arrow is at the top.)

Make sure the sails are unfolded when the wind is behind you during a sea storm. (The arrow is at the bottom.) This will increase your speed.


ship sails sailing with the wind

Unfold Sails when sailing with the Wind.

ship sails sailing against the wind

Fold Sails when against the Wind

Ship Speed

The orange bar next to the sails button on top will let you know the speed your ship is traveling.

Increase Ship Speed:

  • Static Sea Currents
  • Ship Gear: Figurehead
  • Sailors: Innocent Sailors have the greatest growth potential for the Speed stat, “Endurance”.
  • Sailing Mastery
  • Corsair class specific Passive Skill

Cannon Timer & Cannonballs

Higher tier ships, starting at Improved Epheria ships, have a Cannon UI visible, when you have control of the steering wheel. (Older ships have a cannon UI, seperate from the steering wheel. Only when you interact with the cannon on deck.)

IMPORTANT: You must be level 50+ in order to shoot cannons!

  • RMB: shoot all right side cannons
  • LMB: shoot all left side cannons
  • RMB + LMB: shoot both sides at the same time
  • Hold LMB or RMB to increase range

Cannon Timer: There is a timer between cannon shots. Each side has a seperate cannon timer. The higher tier ships are able to reload cannonballs quicker. (Epheria Sailboat/Frigate: 17s –> Epheria¬†Caravel/Galleass 15s)

Cannonball Count: Each ship has a maximum cannonball count. Battle style ships (like Epheria Frigate) and higher tier ships are able to hold more cannonballs. Cannonballs fired depend on the amount of cannons on each side. Ships with two cannons on one side shoot two cannonballs each time, etc.


sailing ship skill volley

Emergency Cannonball Supply

Cannonballs no longer have to be crafted and are restored at the <Wharf Manager>.

Refill cannons the same way Rations are filled, via “Buy Supplies” on a Checked Out ship at a Wharf Manager.

When you can’t get to a <Wharf Manager>, you can use Breezy Crystal and Origin of Wind to replenish cannon ammunition.

Breezy Crystal 2 Cannonballs
Origin of Wind 8 Cannonballs
[Guild] Breezy Crystal 5 Cannonballs
[Guild] Origin of Wind 10 Cannonballs
origin of wind
breezy crystal
emergency supply cannons

Cannon Damage: Ram and cannonball damage are greatly increased by Cannon ship gear.

Ship Gear can be enhanced to +10 using Black Stones obtained via Sailing activities.

epheria old cannon

FocusFire Skill

FocusFire mode gives you a different cannon firing view and attempts to help the accuracy of your cannon shots.

IMHO Focus Fire makes aiming at and hitting the enemy much easier.

It has different mechanics and cannon rules.

Enter FocusFire mode by pressing Q or E

Read more about FocusFire and other ship/sailing skills.

sailing ship skill focusfire
ship skill focus fire

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