This is a beginner Sailing guide, covering basic ship maintenance and sailing UI. It helps explain ship Durability, Rations, and Repair, as well as Sails, Sea Currents, and Wind. All the things you need to keep your ship sailing the salty seas!

Ahoy! ūüôā

The Sailing Life Skill went through a major rework with the Great Expedition, on 23 Oct, 2019.

Sailing has become more complex. Players have to keep an eye on their ship’s UI, which lets them know about changing weather that can help or hinder their ability to sail.

Now we can conquer the deadly seas with our mighty piratey prowess!!

Not to mention even more sailing fun in the Great Ocean and other waters of BDO. ūüôā


Fun Sailing Activities:

  • Sailor management and growth (They explore and find treasures for you.)
  • Barter & Trade for Crow Coins and items
  • Sea Monster Hunting for Sailing quests and loot
  • Sail to World Bosses and battle them: Vell & Khan
  • Discover random Fishing Hotspots
  • Harpoon (on Fishing Boat only)
  • Remote Fishing (all kinds of goodies and Silver can be obtained)
  • Hunt whales with a Matchlock
  • Sail to underwater gathering locations
  • Sail to remote islands, hunting zones, and quests

Ship Summon & Teleport Button

Ship Anchor Button:

BDO Sailing Ship Anchor UI

Cooldown: 30 seconds. Must be at water surface to call ship. Other players will fall off your ship, if you call it.

The ship’s anchor button is extremely helpful for freeing a stuck ship and teleporting to your ship.

After registering a ship license at a <Wharf Manager> and checking out your ship, an Anchor Icon will appear on the top left.

Summon Ship:

  • LMB (Distance from ship 0-10m): Grab ship’s wheel
  • LMB (Distance from ship 10-30m): Move to ship’s wheel
  • RMB (Distance from ship 0-40m): Call Ship
  • RMB: Find ship location (highlights the ship’s location with a beam of light, if you are more than 40m from the ship)

Sailing User Interface

When you board a ship, a Sailing UI will appear.

  • Wind Speed & Direction
  • Ocean Current Speed & Direction
  • Ability to furl/unfurl ship sails
  • Ship Speed
  • Cannon Timer & Cannonball Count

  • Ship Durability (Decreased through damage in battle)
  • Ship Rations (Decreased through Sailing Skills, Sailor Explore)

Ship Rations

Ship Rations are viewable as a yellow bar on the ship ui.

Rations are depleted whenever you use a ship skill, move the ship, or when you have your Sailor Explore an island for treasure.

Ship Rations are refilled via normal player foods, Sailor Supply/Explore, or the <Wharf Manager>

Refill Rations & Cannonballs: Buy Supplies

You can replenish ship rations at any <Wharf Manager>.

Check Out ship > “Buy Supplies”

Ship MUST be checked out first!

“Buy Supplies” refills cannons as well.

The cost for buying cannonballs is 1,000 Silver per cannonball.

To repair the Rations of an Epheria Sailboat with 0/1,000,000 Rations, it costs 1.4 million Silver.

Keep this in mind, when you plan your sailing trips. Bring plenty of Silver in your Inventory!


Rations & Sailor Explore
Sailor Explore can also replenish Rations, but this is not a recomended method, since it’s highly RNG. Also, Sailor Explore costs 100,000 rations.

Rations & Sailor Supply
Sailor Supply option will give a very small amount of Rations. Don’t use this unless nothing else is available. If you use this, you can’t use Explore for 20 minutes.

Read our Sailor Guide for more info.

Supplying Rations at Sea

For times when you can’t supply at a <Wharf Manager>, you can use foods.

The amount of rations it will supply, is shown in small white text on all foods that have a Marketplace price. (Land worker food, like Beer, is excluded.)

Rations supplied depends upon the food’s grade.

Food Grade Rations
White 80
Green 100
Blue 240
Yellow 4000
Orange 22000


When Durability reaches 0%, you will not be able to use the ship. You must Remote Collect at a <Wharf Manager>

The cost to repair an Epheria Sailboat that has been destroyed in PVP is 100k Silver, no matter if you were flagged for PVP or not.

Ship Durability

Ship Durability is shown as a thin red bar. This is depleted through battles in sea monster hunting, PVP, and sailing along reefs.

Reefs are located next to the shores of Velia and Port Epheria. Ships get -10% Durability damage, upon entering reefs.

Ram skill costs 20,000 Durability with each successful hit. (Max 9) If one Ram skill hits 3 times, it will cost 60,000 Durability.

Repairing Durability

Repair Durability at any <Wharf Manager>.

Check In ship > “Repair”

You must have the ship checked in!

Durability Repair Item % Obtained By
Ship Repair Material
takes 10 sec to apply

Processing (L) > Chopping:
any 2 Plywood

Emergency Ship Repair Kit 0.4%

Processing (L) > Manufacture

5 –¬†Steel
¬†–¬†Plywood Hardener
Ship Repair Kit
takes 20 sec to apply
Ship Part Workshop:
Port Epheria 1-4, 2F
2 –¬†Steel
2 –¬†Glue
Luxury Ship Repair Kit 4% Event/Gift

Ship Repair Items

It’s always better to use a <Wharf Manager> to repair Durability, but sometimes you don’t have easy access to one.

For repairing Durability at sea, use repair kits.

How to Use: interact with the mast.

Repairing Durability at the Mast

Applying ship repair materials can be a bit tricky. The mast will go semi-invisible and sometimes you catch the steering wheel, instead.

Move around the ship mast until the correct UI pops up.

Press F6 “Mount Repair”.

If multiple types of repair kits are in your inventory, the first one at non-auto arrange state will be used.

Sea Current Speed & Direction

Sea Current Direction is shown as a small white arrow. This is the direction the current is flowing toward you.

When the white arrow is at the bottom, you will sail faster.

Sea Currents are static and do not change like wind does.

The number tells you the strength of the Sea Current. Any Current Speed over 30 is very slow to sail against.

View a sea current map below.

Ships are only affected by wind, when the sails are unfurled (opened). See below.

Wind Speed & Direction

Wind direction is shown as a small white arrow. This is the direction the wind is coming toward you. Speed is improved, when the white arrow is at the bottom, indicating that the wind is blowing behind you. Wind has no impact, if sails are reefed (folded). See below.

Wind Speed is shown as a number. Higher Wind Speeds occur, the furthur away you are from the main land.

Wind Speed/Direction changes randomly.

Sails : Shake Out or Reef

You can shake out (unfold) your sails, when the wind is behind you. (When the arrow is at the bottom.) This will help your speed.

Make sure the sails are reefed (folded), when you are sailing against the wind. (When the arrow is anywhere, but the bottom.)

Wind has no impact, when the sails are reefed (folded).

Ship Speed

The orange bar on top will let you know the speed your ship is traveling.

Cannon Timer & Cannonballs

Higher tier ships, starting at Improved Epheria ships, have a Cannon UI visible, when you are behind the steering wheel. (Older ships have a cannon UI, seperate from the steering wheel. Only when you interact with the cannon.)

  • RMB: shoot all right side cannons
  • LMB: shoot all left side cannons
  • RMB + LMB: shoot both sides at the same time

Cannon Timer: There is a timer between cannon shots. Each side has a seperate cannon timer. The higher tier ships are able to reload cannonballs quicker. (Epheria Sailboat/Frigate: 17s –> Epheria¬†Caravel/Galleass 15s)

Cannonball Count: Each ship has a maximum cannonball count. Battle style ships (like Epheria Frigate) and higher tier ships are able to hold more cannonballs. Cannonballs decrease depending on the cannons on each side. Ships with two cannons on one side shoot two cannonballs each time, etc.


Breezy Crystal 2 Cannonballs
Origin of Wind 8 Cannonballs
[Guild] Breezy Crystal 5 Cannonballs
[Guild] Origin of Wind 10 Cannonballs

Emergency Cannonball Supply

Cannonballs no longer have to be crafted and are restored at the <Wharf Manager> the same way Rations are filled, via “Buy Supplies” on a Checked Out ship.

When you can’t get to a <Wharf Manager>, you can use Breezy Crystal and Origin of Wind.

Cannon Damage: Ram and cannonball damage are greatly increased by Ship Equipment.

FocusFire Skill

FocusFire mode gives you a different firing view and attempts to help the accuracy of your cannon shots.

It has different mechanics and cannon timing rules.

Enter FocusFire mode by pressing Q or E

Read more about FocusFire and other ship/sailing skills.

Experiencing Bad Sailing Conditions

The number you really have to keep your eye on is the Sea Current Speed & Direction.

When you are running against a Sea Current Speed of 50, sometimes it can even stop your ship.

Example Ship UI reading that stopped my ship in Margoria.

Sea Current Map

Sea Current Speed/Direction does not change like Wind Speed/Direction.

Thank you to Acount_Name for the Sea Current map below:

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