BDO Skills are divided into two main categories:

  • Succession: continue improving upon the skills you already know and love.
  • Awakening: use a whole new set of skills with a new weapon.

You can mix the skills and switch back and forth a bit, but it’s not normally as smooth, because you have to switch weapon stances via your C key or certain skills.

The awakening weapon is still important, even if you choose Succession skills.


Awakening Weapons (Level 56+)

Black Spirit Awakening

At level 56, you will get a quest from your Black Spirit for the Awakening quest line and then a Succession quest line will open up.

Here, you will probably get your first Awkening weapons. (A Canon Awakening weapon for normal characters and TRI Tuvala Awakening for season characters.)

Damage for Awakening skills is partly determined by the main hand weaon and vice versa. So both awakening and main hand weapons are important, no matter if you are primarily Succession or Awakening.

Succession & Awakening AP
Awakened Skills: adds 30% of main hand weapon AP for damage calculations
Succession Skills: adds 30% of Awakening weapon AP

The Awakening quest line from the Black Spirit rewards a blue grade awakening weapon. (Archer is the exception, and has access to a special beginner awakening weapon only, until they complete their Ascension.)


Awakening & Succession Quests

At level 56, you will be able to start your Awakening quest line.

  • Awakening and Succession quests are combined into one quest series per class.
    • Open the Quest (O) window, click on Main tab then find the section titled, “New Power.”
    • The Awakening quest line must be completed first, then you can conitue to the Succession quest line.


BDO Skills Patch Notes

Source: November 18, 2020


  • Added Core skills to all classes’ Awakening.
    • You can learn Core skills once you have reached Lv. 60, on the bottom of the Awakening Weapon tab in the Skill window (K).


“Core” skills were added to Awakening of all classes. These skills further enhance the existing skills the way Absolute skills do for Main Weapon skills, but their acquisition and roles differ. First of all, you may only select and learn one out of all Core skills. Only defensive effects, such as either Debuff Resistance or block effects will be added to the Core skills, without any additional damage or increased number of hits. With today’s patch, we hope that this addition of Core skills will relieve the discrepancy between Succession and Awakening’s performance, which many adventurers have already pointed out to us. We appreciate and look forward to your feedback and opinions.

  • Added third Skill Enhancement.
    • You can learn the third Enhanced Skill at Lv. 58.
    • You will need to learn the prerequisite skills to learn the Enhanced Skills.
    • You may only select one of two Enhanced Skills per level.






Source: Oct 28, 2020


  • Re-adjusted skill add-ons for all classes.


Skill Add-on List

Monster AP Increase

PvP AP Increase

PvP AP Reduction

All DP Increase

All DP Reduction

All Evasion Rate Increase

All Evasion Rate Reduction

All Accuracy Rate Increase

All Accuracy Rate Reduction

Critical Hit Rate Increase

Attack/Casting Speed Increase

Attack/Casting Speed Reduction

Movement Speed Increase

Movement Speed Reduction

Bleeding Damage inflicted for a certain period of time

HP Recovery per hit

MP/SP/WP Recovery per hit

MP/SP/WP Reduction per hit

Chance to Down Smash

Chance to Air Smash

Back Attack Damage Increase

Down Attack Damage Increase

Air Attack Damage Increase

Critical Hit Damage Increase


We’ve improved the skill add-ons for each class. Previously, you chose 2 out of 6 given add-ons and added them to your character’s skills, but now you can choose the add-ons you want from 24 add-ons (shared across all classes). The limitations of the previous system led adventurers to approach the add-ons as if there was a correct formula to use them, but with this renewal, we hope that adventurers will be more experimental in their customizations of their skill add-ons according to their play style. Also, before we had grouped our skill add-on effects into 5 levels (for example, the amount of Monster AP increased differed depending on the skill) based on the skill’s cooldown time and utility, but now we’ve reduced it to 3 levels in order to increase their utility. Additionally, we’ve made adjustments based on adventurer opinions on how the skill add-on effects were being applied to all hits for certain skills.





Source: July 8, 2020


Major Update: Revamped Skill (K) Window


We’ve revamped the skill window with a new UI. We combined each skill’s levels together to present each class’ skills in a more intuitive structure and added the Skill Preset function you can use to save skill configurations before making any changes. Skill Presets even saves Skill Add-On settings, and completing Succession and Awakening quests will award one preset slot each, while completing Talent and Ascension quests will award two preset slots each. This means there is a maximum of two preset slots available per class. 

This new skill window is quite a big change from the previous version, and we fear you might find it awkward. Please share your feedback with us, so we can find ways to make any improvements, if needed.

  • You can view skill demos whenever you wish in the new skill window. Select the skill on the right, which will display the skill demo on the left along with detailed skill descriptions. You can also always hover your mouse over the skill icon to read the text bubble with the skill description.
  • Succession and Awakening skills can be accessed from the top right of the skill window once your character has completed their Succession or Awakening quests.


  • ​​​​​​You can toggle displaying skill demos with the button on the bottom of the skill window.


  • Main Weapon skills have been divided into Main Skills, Secondary Skills, and Passive Skills.
    • Click each tab to see the skills in each category.


  • Skills are also divided into Main Weapon, Awakening Weapon, and Skill Enhancement categories.


  • Press LMB on a specific skill icon to learn the skill.
  • Hold Shift + LMB on a skill icon to learn the maximum level of that skill available to you.
  • Characters below Lv. 56 can freely reset all the skills learned to free up their skill points.
    • Press RMB on a skill icon to reset each individual skill.
    • Hold Shift + RMB on a skill icon to reset the skill to its lowest level.
  • Use the Toggle Black Spirit’s Rage function to toggle Black Spirit’s Rage skills.

  • Use Skill Cooldown Slot function to set how your skills’ cooldowns will be displayed.


  • Added the Skill Preset function.
    • Skill Preset saves all currently learned skills and Skill Add-ons so you can restore them later.
      • There is a maximum of two preset slots available per class.
    • You can save Skill Preset anytime, but to load Skill Preset you will either need a Secret Book of Old Moon and be in a Safe Zone, or go find a skill instructor.
      • Using a Secret Book of Old Moon to load previously saved Skill Presets will lock you to a 1 hour cooldown, while talking to a skill instructor only has a 10 minute cooldown.
      • When loading a Skill Preset, your character will act out a special motion.
      • You can reset your skills without a Secret Book of Old Moon or Armstrong’s Skill Guide item by clicking on a notification about skill reset if it pops up while you are saving or loading Skill Presets.
        • You cannot use the Skill Preset function if you do not reset your skills, so make sure to reset your skills by clicking on the notification.
  • Added the item Skill Preset Coupon.
    • Two coupons are available per class.
      • You can obtain one Skill Preset Coupon when you complete a series of Awakening or Succession quests.
      • You will get two Skill Preset Coupons when you complete a series of Talent or Ascension quests.
      • Characters that have already completed their respective Awakening, Succession, Talent, or Ascension quests series can talk to the Black Spirit to obtain the coupons via the [Skill Preset Coupon] Using a Variety of Skills quests.


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