Rich Merchant’s Ring got an update in a patch on July 8, 2020. You can now obtain the pieces to create it outside of the Trading Life Skill.

Rich Merchant’s Ring:

  • +5% to Marketplace silver collection
  • Right Click to add a permanent buff to every character on your account
  • Acts like a consumable and NOT a ring you wear (The ring still stays in inventory on use, however, so that you can show in chat for bragging rights)
  • only recommended for advanced players due to high AP/DP requirements


Obtaining Rich Merchant’s Ring

Rich Merchant’s Ring is probably one of the most elusive and diffiuclt to obtain items in BDO. The old method of obtaining one, required getting rare drops from the Trading Life Skill. With a patch, some additional methods were added. You can read more about the old method in the sources at the bottom of the page.

Unfortunately, this ring still looks very difficult to obtain! Hats off to anyone that achieves this.



Rich Merchant’s Ring Ingredients

Rich Merchant Ring’s Pattern

BDO Rich Merchant's Ring Pattern

Rich Merchant’s Ring Piece #1

‘Search the fingers of a specter wandering the forest of death where even spirits dare not tread.’

‘From the fingers of ghosts haunting the forest even spirits dare not treade’


The first Rich Merchant Ring Piece drops from hunting mobs in Ash Forest, Kamasylvia. Ash Forest is located north of the Fadus hunting zone. View the node location on

Official AP & DP Recommendations:

  • 300 AP
  • 400 DP


Rich Merchant’s Ring Piece #2

‘Search the soul of a boss gone berserk after being possessed by the Black Spirit.’

Rare drop from a Dark Rift.


Another hint was given on the 16 Sept 2020 patch notes:

‘From the pockets of drunkards lost in the aroma of flowers’

Another hint given in 7th October 2020 patch notes:

‘The giant of the sea who lazily makes waves’

Rich Merchant’s Ring Piece #3

 ‘Search the gracious bounty of the goddess of the Great Ocean Oquilla.’

Another hint was given in the 16 Sept 2020 patch notes:

‘From the ends of the sea of recreation’

Another hint was given in 7th October 2020 patch notes:

‘From the souls of crazed bosses possessed by the Black Spirit’

Rich Merchant’s Ring Piece #4

‘Search the valley filled with cries in an inaccessible and arid land’

The fourth piece arrived with the O’dyllita update. It drops from mobs inside Olun’s Valley. This is a difficult 300 AP zone. 3 party recommended. View Jaycoon’s youtube video guide here.

More hints added in 7th October 2020 patch notes

‘From fortune split by Oquilla, godess of the ocean’

‘From the darkness, wandering the maze of thoughts’



Rich Merchant’s Ring Piece #5

‘A spotted pattern, currently undecipherable…’

Another hint given in 7th October 2020 patch notes:

‘From a boulder laid in the valley, made from the arid tears of the goddess Sylvia.’

These hints are still a mystery! What are your thoughts?


Older Trading Method

Ring Pieces rarely drop when specific trade items are exchanged to a Trade Manager. It’s similar to how golden seals work for Imperial Delivery. Specific trade goods must be purchased from an NPC, then sold to a Trade Manager.

The table below is an adaption from a spreadsheet posted by u/oqwnM. Thanks!

Drop Rate is out of 1,000,000, meaning Drop Rate of 3 is 0.0003% per trade item sold.


Ring Piece Item Name Item Location Trade Level Weight Stock Drop Rate
1 The Valencian Nights Box Set Valencia (Yis) Beginner 1 56 22 30
1 Fig Vinegar Valencia (Yis) Artisan 9 45.7 21 30
1 Valencian Crescent Sword Valencia (Yis) Master 3 40.7 8 30
1 Sooty Star Dust Valencia (Yis) Master 4 55.8 12 30
1 Fabulous Exotic China Valencia (Yis) Master 5 35.6 5 30
1 Desert Star (Magnate) Valencia (Yis) Master 6 298.5 5 30
1 Valencia Transparency Potion (Magnate) Valencia (Yis) Master 6 316 4 30
Piece 2
2 Practical Astrology Valencia (Burita) Beginner 1 55.7 30 3
2 Valencian Carpet Valencia (Burita) Master 2 50.7 8 3
2 Palm Wine Valencia (Burita) Master 3 35.2 6 3
2 Valencian Vanadium Valencia (Burita) Master 4 55.2 10 3
2 Gold-Decorated Dish Set Valencia (Burita) Master 6 40.8 4 3
Piece 3
3 Natural Pigment Set Sand Grain Bazaar Beginner 1 55.4 36 3
3 Dried Raw Basilisk Skin Sand Grain Bazaar Beginner 1 55.4 20 3
3 Dried Star Anise Sand Grain Bazaar Master 2 35.5 7 3
3 Ivory Seal Sand Grain Bazaar Master 3 41 4 3
3 Mace Sand Grain Bazaar Master 4 40.1 5 3
3 Camel Fur Coat Sand Grain Bazaar Master 4 40.3 5 3
3 Rakshan Telescope Shakatu Beginner 1 45.8 22 3
3 Camel Hide Shoes Shakatu Master 1 35.4 21 3
3 Elixir of Life Shakatu Master 2 40.9 8 3
3 Giant Fire-Breathing Shield Shakatu Master 3 55.5 5 3
3 Rutile Nugget Shakatu Master 3 50.4 12 3
3 Shakatu’s Surprise Jewel Box Shakatu Master 5 50.8 5 3
3 Jewel-Decorated Rifle Shakatu Master 6 45.2 4 3
3 Traditional Bashim Accessory Rock Post Beginner 1 50.6 18 3
3 Occidental Noble Dress Rock Post Master 3 45.6 5 3
3 Elder Stem Bunch Rock Post Master 4 35.3 8 3
3 Sack of Date Palm Ibellab Oasis Master 3 40.1 8 3
3 Voodoo Doll Ruined City of Rune Beginner 1 45.7 18 3
3 Cadry Iron Armor Ruined City of Rune Master 2 55.5 5 3
3 Smoked Mountain Goat Meat Ruined City of Rune Master 5 56 4 3
Piece 4
4 Coconut Oil Ibellab Oasis Master 1 40.5 30 3
4 Ibelap Gunpowder (Magnate) Ibellab Oasis Master 2 256 5 3
4 Mercury Ointment Ibellab Oasis Master 4 45.1 6 3
4 Valencia Rock Salt (Magnate) Ibellab Oasis Master 4 271.5 8 3
4 Red Reagent Ancado Inner Harbor Master 2 40.6 9 3
4 Bunch of Ivory Ancado Inner Harbor Master 3 50.5 10 3
4 Portable Cannon Ancado Inner Harbor Master 4 40.1 4 3
4 Natural Sponge Orisha Island Beginner 1 55.2 18 3
4 Blue Coral Orisha Island Master 2 50.7 4 3
4 Sea Bass Jerky Orisha Island Master 4 55.4 5 3
Piece 5
5 Palm Forest Boy Collection Arehaza Town Beginner 1 120.5 12 1
5 Desert Landscape Arehaza Town Master 3 120.5 4 1
5 Outlaw Textbook (Negative Karma Needed) Muiquun Beginner 1 120.5 6 1



Rich Merchant’s Ring Patch Notes

Source: 7th October 2020 patch notes:

Sightings of the Rich Merchant’s Ring Piece have been witnessed around the lands. The following clues has been gathered from the rumors:





Source: July 8th 2020 patch notes


Major Update: Revamped Rich Merchant’s Ring


The Rich Merchant’s Ring is notoriously difficult, some say impossible, to obtain. Therefore, we have decided to add a new way to obtain this item. In addition, we also revamped the ring’s effect. The new Market Silver Collection +5% effect is unique to the Rich Merchant’s Ring and the new temporary item, Old Moon Trade Pass. We created the Old Moon Trade Pass, which will allow you to have a taste of the Rich Merchant’s Ring’s effect for one use, to motivate those of you seeking the Rich Merchant’s Ring.

Although you can still attempt the old method of obtaining the ring, you might want to try your luck with the new method we are sharing with you below for obtaining the pieces of the Rich Merchant’s Ring. You may not be able to get it all at first, but don’t despair! We hope that eventually, the Rich Merchant’s Ring will join the ranks of must-have treasures like the Archaeologist’s Map or Lafi Bedmountain’s Upgraded Compass.

  • The Rich Merchant’s Ring will have an effect that increases market silver collection (tax reduction) instead of increasing marketplace bidding chance.
    • Using the ring will apply the effect permanently onto your Family. You can check the applied effect in the Central Market window.
    • The Rich Merchant’s Ring won’t disappear after use.


  • Sightings of the Rich Merchant’s Ring Pieces have been reported all over the continent. One adventurer has compiled all of those reports into the following clues.
    • The Fourth Piece will be available with the O’dyllita update.


  • To motivate adventurers seeking the Rich Merchant’s Ring, market directors from all over the continent have joined with the Old Moon Guild to create the Old Moon Trade Pass.
    • Bring a Shimmering Piece of the Old Moon to Chloe, the resident prankster of the Old Moon Guild, who will exchange it for the Old Moon Trade Pass.
    • You can obtain Shimmering Piece of the Old Moon through various means.
    • The Old Moon Trade Pass shares the same effect with the Rich Merchant’s Ring, but its effect will only last one use.
    • Using the Old Moon Trade Pass will consume it, and you can confirm its effects on the Central Market window. Its effect will be applied when selling an item.
      • The Old Moon Trade Pass effect can be applied to one item, including cases when the same item is sold in a stack.
      • The effect will be applied even if you use the Partial Collect function.
      • Withdrawing listed items will negate the effect and it will be gone.
  • Added an icon on the lower left-hand side of the Central Market window to appear when the Rich Merchant’s Ring is in effect.


Patch Notes on Ash Forest

Source: 3rd March, 2020


New Monster Zone at the Ash Forest


We hope that this new monster zone gives ambitious adventurers a fresh new challenge. Just like how the difficult Aakman and Hystria Ruins monster zones were eventually bested by many of you, we eagerly anticipate you eventually mastering this new monster zone.


  • Added a new monster zone at the Ash Forest.
    • The recommended AP is 300 and the recommended DP is 400, the highest so far in Black Desert Online.
    • The aura of hatred caused by the ghosts of Ash Forest makes it difficult to use spirits or magic in the Ash Forest.
      • This means that if even if your character has any summoned creatures, the monsters will attack your character first. The monsters will only start attacking the summoned creatures after the number of monsters your character can detect has been exceeded.
  • The following monsters will appear at Ash Forest.
    • Volkras
    • Barnas
    • Gairas
  • Added a new accessory, Deboreka Necklace, which can be looted from monsters at the Ash Forest.
Deboreka Necklace
Basic Stats Stats Increase per Enhancement Level
  • AP +10
  • Accuracy +4
  • AP +6
  • Accuracy +4

Sources & Additional Info merchant item links:


ID Title
Rich Merchant’s Ring
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Rich Merchant’s Ring Piece
Rich Merchant’s Ring Piece
Rich Merchant’s Ring Piece
Rich Merchant’s Ring Piece