BDO Canon Awakening Weapon is highly desired because you can trade it in for a Narchillan Awakening Weapon.

Canon Awakening Weapon is given as a reward during the Awakening Weapon quest line.

To view this quest line, Press O key and Main tab. Look for a section titled “[Lv. 56] *class* New Power”

It is located toward the middle or end of the Awakening quest line, right before you have a tutorial and have to demonstrate a few Awakening skills.


Note: If you accidentally deleted your Canon Weapon, you can obtain another. See details below.

Awakening Quest Line


Can’t Find Your Canon Awakening Weapon?

Did you delete your Canon Awakening Weapon?

You can accept the “[Weekly] Canon Awakening Weapon” quest from Tulem in Altinova.


  • This quest requires you to have completed your class Awakening questline AND be proceeding with the “[Special Aid] Narchillan’s Powerful Awakening Weapon” quest on a non-season character.