Burning Moonlight Black Stone was removed in a patch on February 21st, 2024 and is no longer required to upgrade a Jetina PEN Accessory. It was crafted from 5 different ingredients through Simple Alchemy.

Instead of using Burning Moonlight Black Stones, use the Old Moon Guild Support button in your inventory UI.


—————– historical info below ———————


Burning Moonlight Black Stone:

  • 70 total stones are required for 0 to TET
  • TET to PEN requires 110 stones
  • not available for purchase on the Marketplace
  • ingredients require daily questing over many days
  • each stone costs 35,000,000 silver (minimum cost)

Burning Moonlight Black Stone is used to upgrade what has been called the “Free Pen Accessory.”

It’s more free than buying a PEN boss accessory from the Marketplace I guess. πŸ™‚

Burning Moonlight Black Stone

Burning Moonlight Black Stone Recipe

Processing (L) Simple Alchemy:


  • Β  Black Stone x100 (Weapon or Armor)
  • Β  Yona’s Fragment x1Β  (Yona’s Fragment Guide)
  • Β  Old Moon Alchemy Catalyst x10 (Pearl Shop, Attendance Reward, or 3.5 million silver each at Old Moon Managers)
  • Magical Shard x3Β  (Processing (L) > Heating any yellow grade Black Magic Crystal) Magical Shard Guide
  • Β  Burning Moonlight Blackstone Powder x1
    • 1 or 2 per Daily Quest:
      • Life Skill Quest (2 Powder = 2 enhancement stones)
      • Kill Quest (4 Powder = 4 enhancement stones)
Burning Moonlight Black Stone Processing Recipe

Burning Moonlight Black Stone per Level

This chart shows the Burning Moonlight Black Stones you will need to enhance to the next level, as well as the ingredients to make the required stones.

Enhancement Level 0 > PRI PRI > DUO DUO > TRI TRI > TET TET > PEN
Burning Moonlight Black Stones 5 15 20 30 110
BMBS Ingredients:
Burning Moonlight Blackstone Powder 5 15 20 30 110
Yona’s Fragment 5 15 20 30 110
Magical Shard 15 45 60 90 330
Old Moon Alchemy Catalyst 50 150 200 300 1100
Black Stone (Armor/Weapon) 500 1500 2000 3000 11000


Old Moon Alchemy Catalyst

Β  Old Moon Alchemy Catalyst is purchased for 3.5 million silver each from <Old Moon Manager> located in every major city.

Old Moon Alchemy Catalyst per Level:

Enhancement Level Silver Cost Old Moon Alchemy Catalyst
0 – PRI (I) 175,000,000 50
PRI (I) – DUO (II) 525,000,000 150
DUO (II) – TRI (III) 700,000,000 200
TRI (III) – TET (IV) 1,050,000,000 300
TET (IV) – PEN (V) 3,850,000,000 1100


Old Moon Manager Locations:


Klau <Old Moon Manager> Veila
Stee <Old Moon Manager> Heidel
Lajee <Old Moon Manager> Calpheon City
Jak <Old Moon Manager> Altinova
Zya <Old Moon Manager> Grana
Taya <Old Moon Manager> Duvencrune
Sahin <Old Moon Manager> Valencia City
Mene <Old Moon Manager> O’draxxia

<Old Moon Manager>

LOCATION: O’draxxia

Old Moon Alchemy Catalyst via Rarities Selection Box

Rarities Selection Box allows you to select a reward of 5 Β  Old Moon Alchemy Catalyst.

  • All the items in a Rarities Box have a category assigned to them. You have choices for each of the categories.
  • Select one reward from each of the categories.

Obtain Rarities Box By:

  • Attendance Reward given on the last day
  • Pearl Shop product ‘My Very Own Value Pack Box’
Rarities Selection Box

Burning Moon Tail

Event PEN Accessory is a long term goal of 3 to 6 months.

Time required can be shortened by Pearl gifts and future events.

For example, the event gift of “Burning Moon Tail” that gave players 28 enhancement stones.

Lets hope there are more gifts like this in our future! πŸ™‚

Burning Moon Tail

Sources & Additional Info

GrumpyG’s BDO Pen Accessory Event guide