Talibre Tear Talibre Tear opens Talibre’s Door, which is a locked entrance to Atoraxxion inside Ancient Stone Chamber.

It is crafted using 5 ingredients via Processing (L) > Heating.

Talibre Tear is a key that must be made each time you want to enter the Atoraxxion dungeon.

Talibre Tear Key

Talibre Tear Recipe


Processing (L) > Heating:

  • Fire Horn x49 (Hunting Life Skill)
  • Black Stone Powder x49 (grind magic crystals)
  • Powder of Flame x49 (Coastal Cave node west of Velia)
  • Clear Liquid Reagent x49 (Alchemy Beginner 1)
    • 1 Wild Grass, 1 Sunrise Herb, 1 Salt, 1 Purified Water
  • Trace of Despair x49
    • Mansha Forest (excavation node) 35 Energy to Node Manager
    • Rhua Tree Stub (excavation node) 35 Energy to Node Manager

NOTE: you will want to start looking for a party before you use your Talibre’s Tear to be teleported inside Atoraxxion. The questline will soon have you defeat 30 Atoraxxion mobs and they are very difficult solo.

You can complete a good part of the Atoraxxion questlines solo up to “[Atoraxxion] Start of the Maze” where you have to kill 30 Ancient Weapons.

Talibre's Tear Heating

Talibre Tear Requirements

  • Level 57+
  • Awakening or Succession questline
  • Invitation from I questline
  • Main Atoraxxion Questline, specifically, the quest, “[Atoraxxion] Talibre’s Tear”


Once you have completed the quest in which you have to make a Talibre Tear, you will gain knowledge to make it again.

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