The Friendly Astrologist is the start of a quest chain that provides Special Dice and Arcana Cards for the Black Spirit’s Adventure board game.

Adonna’s Fortune Telling quest can also be checked in Quest (O) → Suggested → [ADV Support] Arcana of Fate.



  • Level 30+
  • 10 each of 9 different items


Before you start the quest line, gather 10 each of 9 different items. (see table)

All can be purchased from the Marketplace and are plentiful atm.

Friendly Astrologist Item List

Give Adonna Rioblanc 10 of each from the list below.

10x of each
Soft Ferri Feather
Elder Tree Plank
Big Fortune Teller Mushroom
Fruit of Nature
Fire Horn
Black Stone
Balenos Meal
Purified Water
Knitting Yarn


Friendly Astrologist: Find Adonna Rioblanc

To begin the Friendly Astrologist questline, find Adonna Rioblanc.

She is a located in Olvia, sitting at a table by the door inside of the inn.

Accept her quest, “The Friendly Astrologist.”


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Adonna Rioblanc Location Map

Adonna’s Item List

When you have the required items in your inventory, chat with Adonna Rioblanc.

She will allow you to exchange 9 different items to her. (See list above.)

Each item requires a quantity of 10.

Adonna will give you a “Piece of Adonna’s Study” in return.

Friendly Astrologist Items

NOTE: Knitting Yarn is not shown in the image above, but you will need 10 of those as well. 🙂
Game scroll bar hid it!!


“Piece of Adonna’s Study” Puzzle Pattern

Make sure Auto Arrange is turned off, then arrange all 9 pieces into a pattern.



Find NPC Wale


Go talk to NPC Wale <Material Vendor> of Wale Farm.


He wll give you a Lucky Golden Clover. Take this to Adonna.

NPC Wale is located at the Wale Farm connection node, north of Olvia.


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NPC Wale Locaton Map



Friendly Astrologist Patch Notes

Source: playblackdesert


● There’s news of some gossipy NPCs in each of the major city’s taverns and inns offering interesting tales of this world. They talk of  Adonna Rioblanc, who trudged through the harsh sandstorms of the desert to settle down in a quiet tavern somewhere in the western continent.

– You can find details regarding Adonna Rioblanc’s actual location by talking to the following NPCs located in the taverns/inns listed below.


Town / Capital City Inn / Tavern NPC
Velia Lunar Halo Inn Kono
Heidel Golden Toad Inn Ponterra
Calpheon Herba Tavern Sauvinanc
Altinova Mariam Inn Taruc
Valencia Sabi Inn Akadula
Grána Luansei Inn Garkana
Duvencrune Bamam Inn Dotanta
O’draxxia Thornflower Tavern Rune Terna


– Meet with Adonna Rioblanc, and solve her simple riddle quests to get your fortune read for a total of 9 times per family. Each time you get your fortune read, you will be able to receive a special gift that is useful for the Black Spirit’s Adventure.

– You will be able to get your fortune told a few days after the previous fortune reading session from Adonna Rioblanc. Once you’re able to get another fortune read, Adonna Rioblanc’s Borky will announce in the inn/taverns of the towns/capital cities listed above that you can get another fortune read.

– Once her parrot makes the announcement, you can return to Adonna Rioblanc, who will eagerly read your fortune without the need to accept a separate quest.

– Adonna Rioblanc and her parrot will return to their wandering ways when the time comes. Right before they set off on their journey, adventurers will be able to accept a quest from the parrot Borky, who will reveal their hidden story, and also reward you with Adonna’s last gift and title.

– However, Adonna does not wish to sour the still-bright futures of adventurers who are below Lv. 30, and will refrain from reading their fortunes.

● Added the “Wanderer’s Star” category under Adventure Log – Travel Log.