Naru Gear can be exchanged for Narchillan or Tuvala, depending on the character.

There are character, level, gear, and quest requirements.

Beginner Gear Progression (Normal Character)

PEN Naru > Narchillan Gear

  1. Beginner Black Stones are used to enhance Naru Gear to PEN level.
  2. Exchange for Narchillan Gear (Naru must be PEN level.)

    Beginner Gear Progression (Season Character)

    PEN Naru > PRI Tuvala > TET Boss

    1. PEN Naru gear is exchanged for PRI Tuvala Gear. (Requires Season Character)
    2. One PEN Tuvala gear can be exchanged for one TET boss gear each season.

    Exchange Naru for Narchillan Gear:

    Speak to the Black Spirit and accept quest “[Special Aid] Fughar’s Letter“.

    Complete this quest and the rest of series by speaking to Fughar in any major city.


    Items Required For Exchange Obtained By Items Received by Exchange with Fughar
    PEN(V) Naru main weapon, sub-weapon, helmet, armor, gloves, or shoes See Naru Gear Guide Narchillan main weapon, sub-weapon, helmet, armor, gloves, or shoes
    Canon Awakening Weapon Awakening Weapon Questline Narchillan Awakening Weapon
    Exchange Naru for Narchillan Gear Quest

    Fughar will offer 7 different quests to exchange PEN Naru gear for Narchillan gear.

    Each quest can only be completed once per family.

    Quest Requirements:

    Completion of Calpheon Main questline &  be Level 50+
    Be Level 56+


    How to Exchange Naru Gear for Tuvala Gear

    PEN Naru armor/weapons can be exchanged to Fughar for PRI Tuvala gear.

    Naru for Tuvala Exchange

    Requires Mediah main quest line.

    Requires a Season Character.

    Naru gear does NOT have to be full Max Durability.

    Click on “Chat” option with Fughar, after completing the following:


    Required Quest Completions:

    – Apocalyptic Prophecy

    Apocalyptic Prophecy is at the end of the Mediah main quest line. After this, you will be able to complete the following helpful quest as well, that will supply a large amount of Beginner Black Stones.


    And Take this Black Spirit Quest:

    – [Season] Beyond the Limits (given by Black Spirit)

    Quest Rewards Beginner Black Stones: