Farming in BDO can be a very profitable Life Skill, if you enjoy it. Be wealthy AND adventurous wrangling a deadly wild mole while tending cabbages! Sound fun yet? šŸ™‚

NOTE: Teasing about the deadly mole part! šŸ™‚ He’s almost too cute and cuddly to wack. šŸ™

So lets look at how much money you can earn farming!

Farming is very versatile in how you can earn silver. To get the full benefits, you will need 100 Contribution to rent 10 Strong Fences.


Farming for Silver – 3 Primary Methods:

  1. Breeding Magical Seeds
  2. Harvest crops for the Marketplace
  3. Harvest crops, then craft crates via Workers
  • use farming byproduct to make Stonetail Fodder (sell on the Marketplace or use to make Dream Horse)
  • Fruits are either sold at Market or turned into something even more profitable via Alchemy.
BDO Magical Potato Farm

Farming Profit via Harvesting

Harvesting Magical Seeds, instead of breeding all the crops, can be the most profitable, depending upon the crop and Marketplace demand.

Magical Seed Harvest:

  • Harvest after you have bred enough to replant. (Harvest 1 out of 3 crops)
  • Often, havesting the crop for sale on the Maretplace is the most profitable way to farm.
  • Price fluctuations, supply, and demand on Marketplace is more important.
  • Careful you don’t harvest all your seeds so you have something to plant! (Magical Seeds can’t be bought.)
  • Value Pack is important to reduce Marketplace tax.
  • Get less Stonetail Fodder and Fruits


BDO Magical Seed Potato

Farming Profit via Magical Seeds

The easiest way to make money via Farming is by breeding Magical Seeds.

Magical Seed Breeding:

  • Sell extra Magical Seeds to any vendor
  • Obtaining Magical Seeds:
    • requires Artisan 1 Farming level
    • breed Special Seeds (RNG chance to obtain 1)
    • breed Magical Seeds (obtain 1 to 3)
BDO Magical Seed Breeding Rewards

Farming Profit via Crop Crates

If you are also interested in the Trading Life Skill, you can craft crates after harvesting your crops, instead of selling the crops on the Marketplace.

Crop Crates:

  • Trading level influences money earned. (Trading Guide)
  • Need extra CP for worker lodging and crate workshop housing “Crop Factory”
  • Requires additional wait time as worker makes the crates.
  • Additional effort and time to transport the crates to the furthest Trade Manager.
  • Crates are the least popular method, because the other two methods are usually more profitable and because of the added effort.
  • Value Pack has no impact on crate earnings.
BDO Special Potato Crate

Crop Crates require a Black Stone Powder for each one made.

BDO Crop Factory

Crop Factory can be purchased as cheap as 1 Contribution Point. A good example is Balenos 2-1 inside Finto Farm node, east of Velia.

Farming Byproduct

Blush Leaf, a farming byproduct, can be used to make Stonetail Fodder.

Stonetail Fodder is used to create the Dream Horse, Arduanatt.

This is usually more profitable, but you may have bad luck and it takes extra effort in obtaining a Courser.

This Farming Spreadsheet shows the profit from selling Stonetail Fodder at the Marketplace, but you may want to consider going after Arduanatt instead!

Make Stonetail Fodder

Exchange 20x Blush Leaf to Camellia Loggia at Loggia Farm.

Select 1 of the following:

Byproduct Fertilizer x4
Special Pepper Seed x4
Stonetail Fodder x1
Contribution EXP x900 and Farming EXP x30


Blush Leaf

According to Patch Notes – Sept 21, 2022, the byproducts below will no longer be obtainable via farming, but you can still create Stontail Fodder from them.
Stonetail FodderStonetail Fodder ā€“ use Simple Cooking on farming byproducts from plant breeding.

2 sets of any of the below produce 1-3 Stonetail Fodder:

ā€¢ 20x Mutant Plant Mutant Plant
ā€¢ 20x Premature Fruit Premature Fruit
ā€¢ 20x Seed Half Eaten by Bird Seed Half Eaten by Bird
ā€¢ 20x Unusual Fruit Unusual Fruit
ā€¢ 20x Plant with Rotting Roots Plant with Rotting Roots

1,000 byproducts are needed for 100% if you average 2 procs.

Farming Fruits

Farming Fruits are obtained when you breed your crop, instead of harvesting it.

Magical Seeds have a higher chance of dropping Fruits.

Breeding Mysterious crops yields 30-40 Fruits.

  • Combine 5 base Mysterious Seeds with 1 Magical Seed to obtain 5 Mysterious Seeds.
  • Combine 1 base Mysterious Seed with 1 Special Seed to obtain 1 Mysterious Seed.

Fruits can be very profitable, if you use them in Alchemy.

BDO Fruit of Nature

When choosing a crop to farm, pay attention to the Fruit it produces from Breeding.

Farming Fruit price and demand can fluctuate with events, but there are a few that are consistently pre-ordered on the Marketplace.

  1. Fruit of Nature: most popular
    • usually at max developer price
    • worth much more if used in alchemy
      • Oil of Fortitude
      • Spirit Perfume Elixir
  2. Fruit of the Sun:
    • Oil of Corruption

Farming Fruit Current Price & Demand

Price and quantity listed is updated every 30 minutes for NA.

ItemBase PriceInstockDaily Volume
Fruit of Destruction15000026116337
Fruit of Perfection15100038017213
Fruit of Abundance257000019505
Fruit of Magic Power257000016434
Fruit of Crimson Flame326000022104
Fruit of Enchantment326000040460
Fruit of Nature326000028920
Fruit of the Sun326000018755

Fruits Obtained From Breeding Crops

Fruit Crop
Fruit of the Sun
Fruit of the Sun
Fruit Crop
Fruit of Abundance
Fruit of Abundance
Fruit Crop
Fruit of Perfection
Fruit of Perfection
Arrow MushroomArrow Mushroom
Cloud MushroomCloud Mushroom
Bluffer MushroomBluffer Mushroom
Fog MushroomFog Mushroom
Fruit Crop
Fruit of Magic Power
Fruit of Magic Power
Emperor MushroomEmperor Mushroom
Fortuneteller MushroomFortune Teller Mushroom
Hump MushroomHump Mushroom
Tiger MushroomTiger Mushroom
Fruit Crop
Fruit of Crimson Flame
Fruit of Crimson Flame
Hot PepperHot Pepper
Fruit Crop
Fruit of Destruction
Fruit of Destruction
Amanita MushroomAmanita Mushroom
Ancient MushroomAncient Mushroom
Ghost MushroomGhost Mushroom
Sky MushroomSky Mushroom
Dwarf MushroomDwarf Mushroom

Fruit Crop
Fruit of Enchantment
Fruit of Enchantment
Dry Mane GrassDry Mane Grass
Fire Flake FlowerFire Flake Flower
Silk Honey GrassSilk Honey Grass
Silver AzaleaSilver Azalea
Sunrise HerbSunrise Herb
Fruit Crop
Fruit of Nature
Fruit of Nature
Sweet PotatoSweet Potato
Acacia LeafAcacia Leaf
Pie MushroomPie Mushroom
Purple MushroomPurple Mushroom
Dalvenia AlreaDalvenia Alrea

Farming Time Impacts Profit

Another factor to consider when choosing a crop to farm is the amount of time it will take to grow.

If you are a very active farmer, this will be very important. If you only like to farm twice a day, then it doesn’t matter.

Typical Farming Times:

  • most crops grow to 100% in about 3 to 5 hours
  • to earn more profit, focus on crops that grow faster
  • Ferilizer becomes important for very active Farmers. (reduces grow time by 40% to 60%)

For details on growth time of crops, please visit this Farming Spreadsheet.

Best Profitable Crops to Farm

Purply Hypha Bubba Gump?

One popular choice is Purple Mushroom. This is one of the quickest growing crops that also gives Fruit of Nature. (2 hours 45 minutes.)

Potato Potato For the Win! šŸ™‚

Personally, I like to farm Potato. It also gives Fruit of Nature. It is not the quickest growing crop, but I don’t like to feel time pressured in BDO. I also like to cook and have hungry workers to feed with the Potato!! šŸ™‚

The best crop for you will be the one that best fits your play style. There are so many options. A big factor will be wether you enjoy Alchemy or Cooking.

Farming Location

For Profit & Convenience & Fishing:

  • Many players use an area west of Velia for their farming location.
  • It is just north of the Loggia Farm node.
  • The Velia fishing hotspot is nearby while you wait on the crops to grow. šŸ™‚
BDO Farm Location Map

Location for Leveling Farming

For leveling the Farming Life Skill to Artisan 1 or more, I recommend planting Dry Mane Grass in the swamps south of Heidel. The high humidity will cause the crops to have more problems and you will need to tend to them more often.

Sources & Additional Info