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BDO Dream Horse: Courser Training

Black Desert Online offers players the challenge of obtaining 3 T9 Dream Horses and 1 T10 Dream Horse, with the most powerful skills and highest stats. These rare horses have the best horse skills and stats. T9 horses can be purchased for about 12 billion silver on the Horse Market. Creating one of these beautiful horses yourself will take real persistance and a dash of luck.

T9 Dream Horses:

  • Arduanatt: Best T9 for mobility, excluding desert. Fastest T9. Air gliding after double jump.
  • Diné: Best for desert travel. No slow debuff in Valencia. Best DP.
  • Doom: Best for offensive PVP and combat. 2 Seater Skill. Fast Active Travel. Slowest AFK travel.

T10 Dream Horses:

  • Mythical Arduanatt: Best mobility and speed of all dream horses. Unique T10 skills for better travel.
  • Mythical Diné or Doom: not yet available but planned


Dream Horse Highlights:

  • requires Courser Training at NPC Gula of Stonetail Horse Ranch or NPC Melabee of Grána.
  • Train a Tier 8 Level 30-100 Courser with Training Materials you obtain via rare drops from Mirumok Ruins, horse racing, imperial horse delivery, and Kama questing for Peridot Leaf. Drops are also obtained through gathering, hunting, farming, and fishing.
  • When Courser Training is at 200%, an Awakening can be attempted with a Krogdalo’s Origin Stone
  • Successful Awakening of a T8 Courser results in one of three Dream Horses: Arduanatt, Diné, or Doom.
  • Training materials will increase the Courser’s Skill, Elegance, or Strength, depending upon which material you use.
  • If the Awakening fails, its stats for Skill, Elegance, and Strength will reset to 0%, unless you use Cron Stones, which resets them to 100% of 200%.

Dream Horse Stats: Speed, Accel, Turn, Brake

Dream Horse stats are influenced by RNG. When a horse levels, there is a roll to see how much each stat will increase. This ranges from 0.1% to 1.3%, depending upon the tier. Getting perfect or bad rolls 29 times in a row would be very rare. Leveling a Tier 8 horse, Dream Horse or Mythical horse past level 30 will not improve any of its stats, but characters will continue to gain Training XP as the horse levels. High level horses not drawing aggro from lower level monsters is another perk of leveling your horse past 30.


Dream Horse Base Stats (Level 1)

Dream Horse base stats show that Arduanatt is the clear winner in Speed and Acceleration. It would be easier to hit that 150.1% break point. Active travel, utilizing the right skills, makes each of the Dream Horses very close in speed. For AFK travel, Arduanatt is the best choice.


Doom Base Stats
Speed/Accel: 130%
Turn/Brake: 139.8%

BDO Dream Horse: Doom

Arduanatt Base Stats
Speed/Accel: 137.5%
Turn/Brake: 122.5%

BDO Dream Horse: Arduanatt

Dine Base Stats
Speed/Accel: 133%
Turn/Brake: 127%

BDO Dream Horse: Dine

Dream Horse Stats at Level 30

This shows the absolute best and worst Dream Horse stats possible at level 30-100.


Doom Level 30 Stats
Speed/Accel: 132.9 – 167.7
Turn/Brake: 142.7 – 177.5

BDO Dream Horse: Doom

Arduanatt Level 30 Stats
Speed/Accel: 140.4 – 175.2
Turn/Brake: 125.4 – 160.2

BDO Dream Horse: Arduanatt

Dine Level 30 Stats
Speed/Accel: 135.9 – 170.7
Turn/Brake: 129.9 – 164.7

BDO Dream Horse: Dine

Which Dream Horse is Best?

Arduanatt for Best in Mobility & Speed:

The best Dream Horse, if you only care about Speed, is gong to be Arduanatt. This Dream Hose is usually the best in overall mobility, with his flight/glide capability. Doing some cliff diving or mountain exploring? No worries here!

According to Patch Notes, Arduanatt’s DP is 150% higher than that of T8 horses. It’s a good amount of defense, but Dine has the best DP at 225% higher.

Arduanatt is the Dream Horse to use when you want the best AFK movement speed. All the horses are very similar in speed, when using the active travel skills Drift/Sprint + Instant Accel.

Arduanatt is terrible in the desert.

Dream Horse: Arduanatt

Image Credit: Equifaux of NA

Dream Horse: Arduanatt

Image Credit: Equifaux of NA

Dine for Best in Desert Travel & Healing & Defense:

Dine is the best Dream Horse for players who spend most of their time at Valencia grind locations in the Great Desert. He’s as fast on sand, as he is on road. He is also able to use Drift/Sprint + Instant Accel in the desert. His desert resistance is an innate special ability and not tied to a skill. Any desert sickness en route? His healing capability will come in handy.

One thing to note: It can be difficult to use Drift/Sprint + Instant Accel combo in the desert because the slope of the dunes breaks it a lot. Dine is still much faster than a camel or elephant in the Great Desert.

Dine will also appeal to players interested in the best defensive Dream Horse. According to patch notes: “Dine’s DP will now be 225% higher than that of T8 horses.” Compare that to “Arduanatt’s DP will now be 150% higher than that of T8 horses.”


Dream Horse: Dine

Doom for Best in Offense

Doom is best for offensive combat and PVP. Some of the videos of his AOE fire attacks have been very impressive. I can also see his utility in grinding low level mobs to pick up Knowledge ranks. His low speed numbers are not a problem if you active travel with Drift/Sprint + Instant Accel.

Dream Horse: Doom

Image Credit: EU Family Name: Lycatris

Dream Horse: Doom

Image Credit: EU Family Name: Lycatris

Dream Horse Materials

Items you will need:

Dream Horse Only Skills

All T9 Dream Horses start with 3 skills. One unique Doom/Arduanatt/Dine skill, plus Courser’s Spirit, and Double Jump. Other desirable skills have to be learned as the horse levels.


Icon Skill Name Keyboard Description Value
BDO Horse Skill S: Charge S: Charge Q while Charging Charge +damage & +range. Horse can use Charge twice, consecutively. T9 Dream Horse only. (20% Chance to learn.) 12,150,000
BDO Horse Skill Courser's Spirit Courser’s Spirit Auto-activated while unmounted Horse regenerates its HP and Stamina when it’s parked. T9 Dream Horse only. (100% Chance to learn.) 9,562,500
BDO Horse Skill Double Jump Double Jump SpaceBar while Jumping Jump a second time in the air. Must have Steak Leap & High Jump. T9 Dream Horse only. (100% Chance to learn.) 13,162,500
BDO Horse Skill Wings of Freedom Wings of Freedom Wings of Wind ← or →
also during descent after using Leap
S to quickly descend
Allows Arduanatt to turn sideways while using Wings of the Wind, T9 Arduanatt Dream Horse skill only. (10% Chance to learn.) 21,937,500
BDO Horse Skill Wings of Wind Wings of Wind E while Double Jump
also during descent after using Leap
S to quickly descend
Glide after Double Jump/Leap. Reduces fall damage by 100% when Arduanatt uses Double Jump. T9 Arduanatt Dream Horse skill only. (100% Chance to learn.) 21,375,000
BDO Horse Skill Earth of Life Earth of Life E
also during movement and while using Sprint or Instant Accel
Heals Dine and 10 friendly targets for 300 HP and 300 MP/WP/SP every 3 seconds for 30 seconds Cooldown: 3 minutes. T9 Diné Dream Horse only skill. (100% Chance to learn.) 21,375,000
BDO Horse Skill Earth of Protection Earth of Protection Auto activates while using Earth of Life All DP, Evasion, AP +10 for you and up to 10 party members for 30 seconds. T9 Diné Dream Horse only skill. (10% Chance to learn.) 21,937,500
BDO Horse Skill Dark Flame Steps Dark Flame Steps E AOE fire damage, based on % HP. T9 Doom Dream Horse skill only. (100% Chance to learn.) 21,375,000
BDO Horse Skill Dark Sprint Dark Sprint F during S: Instant Accel or F during S: Charge Press the key again for an additional IA or Charge. T9 Doom Dream Horse skill only. (10% Chance to learn.) 21,937,500


Mythical Arduanatt Skills

Mythical Arduanatt has 3 unique skills that are learned upon birth.


BDO Horse Skill Mighty Leap Mighty Leap E during Instant Accel

Swiftly ride the winds to leap mightily into the air. Not available when weapon is unsheathed. 400 Stamina. 100% Chance. T10 Arduanatt only.

  • Gives about the same height as Double Jump, but with one jump.
BDO Horse Skill: Wings of Swiftness Wings of Swiftness Press F during Wings of Freedom

Having learned the ways to read the wind currents, the Mythical Arduanatt pierces through the winds during Wings of Freedom to descend at even faster speeds. T10 Arduanatt only.

  • much faster descent from flight
  • can be used or canceled any time during flight
BDO Horse Skill Mighty Leap Flight ↑ (W) + E while idle or E after raising forelegs with Space

After floating into the air with elegant movement, spend some time floating mid-air. Not available when weapon is unsheathed. 400 Stamina continuously. T10 Arduanatt only.

Lasts as long as you have Stamina.

  • NOTE: Fall damage reduction still only lasts 30s!!!
  • don’t float out of Flight!
  • only activated on the ground (you can’t use Flight mid-air or while falling.)
  • You can be knocked off your horse mid-flight/hover with a Matchlock or BSR.

Dream hoses can also obtain most of the T1 through T8 horse skills. To see a complete list, click the link below:

Courser Requirement

To begin your adventures in obtaining a fabled Dream Horse, you will need a Courser.

A Courser is a horse with a specific set of 7 skills.

To learn more, please visit our Courser Skills & Training Guide.

BDO Courser Gold Horse Icon

Courser has a gold horse head icon.

Courser Awakening: Tier 9 Dream Horse

Once you have your Courser, you need to stable it at Stonetail Horse Ranch or Grana. You will have the option to perform “Courser Training”. This will bring up a menu with 3 Training options.

Skill | Elegance | Strength

Courser Training: Skill, Elegance, Strength

Each Training option can go up to a maximum of 180%. Above the 3 Training categories, there is another xp bar which shows the total xp (shared between all 3 categories) and can go up to a maximum of 200%.

The goal is to make the total xp reach 200% (you can’t attempt an awakening otherwise) and it doesn’t matter what combination of Skill/Elegance/Strength you use to reach that number within the 180% limit for each. (But, keep in mind there is a penalty after a category reaches 100%. You get .5% per Training item, instead of 1% per Training item after the category reaches 100%.)

For example you could use:

  • 100% Skill, 100% Elegance, 0% Strength = 200%
  • 0% Skill, 180% Elegance, 20% Strength = 200%
  • 25% Skill, 100% Elegance, 75% Strength = 200%

Obtaining Skill, Elegance, & Strength

A Courser’s Skill, Elegance, and Strength is gained by using Training items — each item giving 1% for its respective category, up to 100%. Then .5% per item from 100% to 180%. Each time you give an item to train your Courser, it increases the chances of obtaining a specific Dream Horse type. (Every item fed into a particular Training area will increase your likelihood of obtaining the associated Dream Horse by .5%)


Dream Horse Courser Training Mat 1 Courser Training Mat 2

Stonetail FodderStonetail Fodder

This is obtained by using simple cooking to combine various farming byproducts from plant breeding. Put 2 of any of the following items into Simple Cooking to produce 1-3 Stonetail Fodder:

• 20x Mutant Plant Mutant Plant
• 20x Premature Fruit Premature Fruit
• 20x Seed Half Eaten by Bird Seed Half Eaten by Bird
• 20x Unusual Fruit Unusual Fruit
• 20x Plant with Rotting Roots Plant with Rotting Roots

1,000 byproducts are needed for 100% if you average 2 procs.

Rainbow Gem FruitRainbow Gem Fruit

This is obtained by exchanging…



Spirit Pouch of Ferocious BeastSpirit Pouch of Ferocious Beast

Deep Blue Hoof RootBreezy Conch Seaweed


Deep Blue Hoof RootDeep Blue Hoof Root

  • RNG drop from gathering with a tool or…
  • 7x Peridot PetalPeridot Leaf. — Peridot leaves are a reward from Daily Kamasylvia quests. See below.

Deep Blue Hoof RootPure Forest Breath

  • RNG loot drop from any mob or…
  • use Simple Alchemy on Spirit Stone Fragments dropped in Kamasylvia. (combine 2x of 10 of any Wind, Water, Earth, Tree Fragments)



Daily Dream Horse Awakening Quest

Dream Horse Quest

Quest Location: Stonetail Horse Ranch, Mediah
Quest NPC: Shamhain


Requirement: Professional 1 or Master 1 Training Life Skill



Breezy Conch Seaweed Breezy Conch Seaweed

Breezy Conch Seaweed is obtained as an RNG drop during fishing. You can exchange certain junk fishing loot for them also.


Item Name No. Required Trade NPC Trade Item
Broken Fish Hook 5 Velia Blacksmith Tranan Underfoe Breezy Conch Seaweed
Broken Bottle Fragment 5 Velia Blacksmith Tranan Underfoe Breezy Conch Seaweed



Krogdalo’s Origin Stone

Finally, once you’ve hit 200% in your Courser Training, you will need a Krogdalo's Origin Stone Krogdalo’s Origin Stone, obtained through RNG drop from Mirumok Ruins, racing, imperial horse delivery and also questing for Peridot Leaf. To craft Krogdalo’s Origin Stone with Simple Alchemy combine 25x Swaying Wind Shard and 25x Rumbling Earth Shard.


Swaying Wind ShardSwaying Wind Shard obtained by…

Rumbling Earth ShardRumbling Earth Shard obtained by…



Dream Horse Success Chance

Dream Horse Failstack

Your Chances of Awakening a Courser:
Failing is common, but each failure results in 1 Failstack. When you fail, you loose all your Training materials because Skill, Elegance, and Strength are reset to 0%. Your T8 horse will keep their level and skills.

Cron Stone

If you spend 200 million silver on 100 Crons Stones, you can protect half of your training materials from being destroyed.

Awakening a Courser seems to be highly RNG. Some players report they are successful almost immediately and others say it takes 100 tries. The most common Failstack range I see from the forum is 15 to 35.

When you do finally succed, it’s not the end, because your Dream Horse will be level 1 and will loose all but the default Dream Horse skills. Depending on how lucky you are, you may have to spend more on Horse Skill Reset Coupons to get the best skills.



Buying a Dream Horse with Silver

You can purchase a Dream Horse for about 10 to 12 billion silver, depending upon their sex. Dream horses do not increase in value at the Market by leveling them past 31. The exact same horse with the same skills and stats when leveled to 90 will still sell for the exact same amount as it would have at level 31.

Visit the Horse Market at the Stable Keeper.



BDO Dream Horse Market Price



Dream Horse Speed Comparison

Arduanatt – Speed 165.4%, Accel 166.6%, Turn 149.2%, Brake 144.6% or 151.6%
Dine – Speed 160.7%, Accel 162.6%, Turn 158.0%, Brake 155.7%
Doom – Speed 157.5%, Accel 159.5%, Turn 168.6%, Brake 165.0%

Thank you to kmd d for the following video.



Mythical Arduanatt

You now know the challenge of obtaining a T9 Dream Horse! Mythical Arduanatt is even more challenging to obtain than a T9 Dream Horse, because it takes two Arduanatt, plus rare mats, and luck to obtain one.

For more details, please click on the link to our guide below:



Dream Horse Lore

The following is a copy of the official lore according to the Doom Horse announcement page located here.


Doom. It is known as the roaring fire that blazes through battlefield. Yet, it was not always so praised.

Doom’s siblings, Diné of the forest and Arduanatt of the wind, were lauded for their beauty and powers. Yet not Doom, with its menacing coal-fire body. It had no wings to soar through the skies, or a mighty horn. Even worse, everywhere it went, it left behind a trail of fiery hoofprints.

Doom tried to suppress its inner fire, but fire continued to consume all around it. The only ones who could keep it company were its siblings, but while they had the chance to go out and be loved by the world for their powers, Doom doubled down on controlling its own power.

Afraid of harming others, Doom decided to exile itself. Every single day it spent on its own, it would pray only for one thing: that it could one day be around others without harming them, just like its siblings did.

Doom became increasingly lonely as time passed by during its exile. Knowing about the sadness in Doom’s heart, one day, Hadum, the God of Darkness, sought Doom out under disguise. He told Doom that others were waiting for him in the Land of the Dead.

Doom believed him. It wanted so desperately to believe that someone would want to seek it out. Therefore, Doom left its home for the first time and ventured into the unknown.

After traveling many leagues, Doom finally stood before the entrance of the Land of the Dead. Unsettling noises seeped from beyond, but Doom charged through without hesitation. It kept on galloping and galloping, passing through scenes of unimaginable agony.

There was something wrong. No matter how frantic its search was, Doom simply couldn’t hear anyone calling its name. In fact, everything was fading slowly fading to black, but as soon as the thought passed its mind, he suddenly realized it was a trap! There was no one there for Doom.

Doom tried to leave, but the gates of the Land of the Dead were firmly shut. Even after multiple attempts to ram the gates down, they would not budge. Doom had spent too much time trying to rein in its power that now, even when it was needed the most, it hesitated to draw upon its full strength. However, a thought crossed its mind as it looked around the infernal surroundings: There is no reason to not use its full powers here.

After that revelation, Doom gathered all its strength and charged at the gates a final time. With a thunderous explosion, the gates finally gave way.

Doom was free at last, and it had learned an unforgettable lesson: Power is not something to suppress, but to harness and control.

In fiery spirit and body, Doom returned from the Land of the Dead, ready to take on anything.