Forest Path Wagon is the best wagon in Black Desert Online, useful in both Training and Trading Life Skills.


No Life Span

Every wagon, but Forest Path Wagon, has a limited Life Span stat that decreases every time you use it. Every week of training you need to buy another wagon. Forest Path Wagon has no Life Span, so you own it for the rest of your game!


Money Maker

Even if you are not interested in Life Skills, this wagon is worth 2 billion silver on the Central Market. It will be good money from 2 short daily quests.


Trading Life Skill Rework:

  • Trading Life Skill saw improvements to prices: Trade Crate Prices
  • Plans for more advanced trading content, such as joining an NPC merchant guild and competing against other guilds.
Forest Path Wagon for Horse Leveling

Forest Path Wagon Stats

The Forest Path Wagon has 22 inventory slots, 1565LT of weight, 105% speed,  105% acceleration, 110% turn, 110% brake.


The Forest Path Wagon can train 4 horses at the same time.


The skill <Forest Rush> is a special ability like sprint for horse, but it consumes player stamina to speed you up.

Forest Path Wagon

Speed/Accel: 105%
Turn/Brake: 110%
Weight Limit: 1,565LT
Inventory Slots: 22
Horses: 4
Special Skill: Forest Rush
Lifespan: Unlimited

Forest Path Wagon Comparison

Forest Path Wagon has the largest weight capacity and excels in every stat except for base Speed. (This can be improved with gear.)


Wagon Speed Inventory Slots Weight Lifespan Horses Wheels Durability Impact Absorber
Flimsy 100% 6 270 LT 148,501 1 2 3600 70
Shabby 110% 8 360 LT 247,501 1 2 4100 80
Strong 110% 10 450 LT 495,001 1 2 4600 80
White 110% 12 540 LT 990,001 1 2 5100 80
Farm 100% 14 630 LT 247,501 2 4 5600 80
Trade 100% 16 720 LT 495,001 2 4 6100 80
Merchant 100% 18 810 LT 990,001 4 4 6600 80
Noble 95% 20 900 LT 990,001 4 4 7100 80
Forest Path 105% 22 1,565 LT infinite 4 4 9900 80

Forest Path Wagon Materials

To make Forest Path Wagon you need:


4x First-grade Wagon Horse: Buy at Stonetail Horse Ranch for 15 million silver each

15x Sturdy Loopy Tree Plywood gathering Loopy Trees found in Kamasylvia

15x Noc Ingot Noc Ore is found in Kamasylvia

15x Soft Hide Processing → Drying soft hide from skinning deer, black leopards, gazelles, sheep, and foxes

4x Indigo Lapis Lazuli process Rough Lapis Lazuli: mining Noc Rocks (Kamasylvia) and Akum Mt. node (Drieghan)

4,000x Piece of Image Processing → Simple Alchemy: Merindora’s Element x1, Trace of memory x100, Trace of Death x100, Trace of Forest x100 and Weed x100.

Piece of Image

Piece of Image are crafted using 5 items in Simple Alchemy.

4 of them you can buy at the central market.

The other one Merindora’s Element requires a daily quest.


Piece of Image Recipe
Processing → Simple Alchemy:

Merindora’s Element

100- Trace of Memory

100- Trace of Forest

100- Trace of Death

100- Weeds

Piece of Image


Piece of Image Proc Rate

Since patch Oct 5, 2022 you will always obtain exactly 150 Piece of Image upon performing Simple Alchemy on Piece of Image crafting materials.

Forest Path Wagon Daily Quests

The daily quests are given by Merindora <Eldest Spirit> located in Grana, Kamasylvia.

In the first quest, you need to give her a Mediah, Valencia, Calpheon, Serendia, or Balenos Meal. Each time is different from the last one.

In the second quest, you need to go to Lake Flondor. Transport a golden egg to a NPC nearby.

You will get 2 Merindora’s Elements daily.

You will need many days to build the Forest Path Wagon.

After you collect all the materials, you can build it in Grana 4 House → Wagon Workshop. Level it to 4. Hire a worker and put the materials in city storage. You start the process by clicking on the house from the map.


Umbray’s Tip: Start Building Early!

This item in not like crafting a normal item. Invest in Grana 4 and you can start building immediately once you acquire some of the resources. Each piece needs 1 worker to deliver the item, requiring large amount of workers in each city and having the materials spread out to have workers from that city delivering non stop. Crafting this item is just like building a Ship and can take weeks for players with low CP and who have not setup up a large node worker network. Use workers from other cities by connecting the nodes from them to Grana.

Forest Path Wagon Gear

Forest Path Wagon is an awesome cart, but you have literally no chance to buy the gear to upgrade it from the market. No one sells them.

Continue doing daily quests for Piece of Image, because now you have to build the gear!

You can buy the other mats as usual in the Central Market.

Forest Path Wagon Gear can be crafted in the Level 4 Wagon Part Workshop found in Grána 3-2 2F.


Item Forest Path Gear Stats Forest Path Gear Mats HQ Noble/Merchant Noble/Merchant
Wheels Movement Speed +3.5% 30x Loopy Tree Timber
60x Steel
1000x Piece of Image
Movement Speed +2.5% Movement Speed +2%
Cover Defense (DP): 21
Damage Reduction: 21
Trade Item Stability +30
Max Power +5000
15x Loopy Tree Plywood
15x Noc Ingot
8x Iron Ingot
1000x Piece of Image
Trade Item Stability +20 Trade Item Stability +20
Badge Weight Limit +270LT 5x Pure Noc Crystal
3x Flax Fabric
1000x Piece of Image
Weight Limit +200LT Weight Limit +150LT
Flag Defense (DP): 33
Damage Reduction: 33
Max Power +10000
1x Loopy Tree Timber
9x Flax Fabric
4x Legendary Beast’s Blood
1000x Piece of Image
White Wagon Flag
Defense (DP): 20
Damage Reduction: 20
Max Power –
Defense (DP): 16
Damage Reduction: 16
Max Power –

Forest Wagon Gear for Training

If you are a trainer and do no trading, I suggest you make gear in this order:

  1. Wheel
  2. Flag
  3. Cover
  4. Badge

You will have more Power, so you won’t stop to refuel your wagon at the stable keeper as often, leaving it afk even for 2 days without worries.

Forest Wagon Gear for Trading

If you are a trader, I suggest you make gear in this order:

  1. Wheel
  2. Badge
  3. Cover
  4. Flag

With speed and weight, you can trade more efficiently, using Forest Rush.

You can’t use Forest Rush, if you are overweight.

The cover as the third item is awesome, because it gives trade item stability and makes you lose less items if you go off road or if you get hit by bandits on the road.

Closing Remarks & Additional Info

Anyway try to have fun. All of the quests take like 5 min, so don’t worry if you have a short amount of time.

If you have any questions about this or the sea life feel free to contact me.

Discord: Omez#0720




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