Gathering has been called the most profitable Life Skill in BDO. (Players with high levels of Gathering Mastery report anywhere from 60 to 160 million silver per hour.)

Along with Fishing, Gathering is one of the easiest Life Skills for beginners to get started making money with. Besides the gathering tool, all you need is Energy.

Gathering Benefits:

  • On its own, Gathering allows you to obtain all kinds of crafting materials used in other Life Skills, Enhancement, and worker workshops. (Gathering materials are especially essential in Alchemy, which has a greater demand for bottlenecked resources.)
  • In many quest lines, the Gathering Life Skill is a requirement that opens up other Life Skill quests.
  • Increasing levels in Gathering allows you to use less Energy. (up to 30% Chance of not using Energy)
  • Improving Gathering Life Skill allows you to use better gathering tools

Gathering Tools

Each gatherable resource category requires it’s own tool.

Gathering Tools are obtained via Tool Workshops, Seal exchanges, Events, Contribution Points, and the Marketplace. You can obtain tools at a <Material Vendor>, but these are only recommended if you have no other choice.


Gathering Tools
Axe Use on trees to gather logs and timber
Hoe Use on vegetation to gather herbs, fruits, weeds, seeds, and flowers (Barehanded gathering without a tool will mostly reward weeds which are used in alchemy)
Tanning Knife Use on animal corpse to gather hides and feathers
Butcher Knife Use on animal corpse to gather meat (Also used in the Hunting Life Skill to gather blood, meat, and Hunting XP)
Fluid Collector animal blood or tree sap (used in Alchemy)
Pickaxe rocks, ore, and gem nodes
Empty Bottle gather river and sea water
Shabby Shovel Use in the desert of Valencia to gather muddy water, vanadium and titanium ore and shards, blue and violet crystals

Demihar Gathering Tools

There are 6 different Demihar Gathering Tools that you can obtain.

The major benefit is they give a whopping +50% Gathering EXP buff.

The Demihar Hoe is an excellent choice for leveling the Gathering Life Skill, because Herbs give the best Gathering Exp.

Demihar Hoe Stats:

  • Gathering Item Drop Rate (with Hoe) +80%
  • Gathering EXP +50%
  • Gathering Time -11 sec
  • How to Use: Interact (R) with gatherable plants
  • 300 durability
  • Cannot be repaired
  • Equipping this tool won’t apply the Item Drop Rate increase effect from Gathering Mastery.

How to Obtain:

Achievement Reward for obtaining Apprentice 1 Gathering. (“Life! Let’s Get Going!”)

  • You can equip Demihar Gathering Tools from Gathering Apprentice Lv. 1.
  • Season characters can also equip Demihar Gathering Tools.
  • Demihar Gathering Tools last for 14 days, and you won’t be able to use them after they expire.
  • Demihar Gathering Tools all have 300 durability, and cannot be repaired.


Gathering Tools with a Lucky Boost

Lucky and Magic tools increase the items you gather. Use these, if your primary goal is to gather for items, until you reach 600 Gathering Mastery. After that use a Loggia/Life Mastery tool. (Demihar is the best option for beginners, but it is limited to one.)

Magic gathering tools give the best gathering speed and durability out of all the non-Life Mastery tools.

Magic Tools:
Requires Gathering Skilled 5
-11 Seconds to Gathering
250 Durability (250 uses, not repairable)

You obtain them by exchanging Imperial Seals.

They aren’t cheap, but they are usually worth the price. Always do the math first before buying on the Marketplace!

Magic Gathering Tools: Price

Lucky and Magic tools give a bonus to obtaining rare resources like:

Rare resources like these are highly valuable and increase silver/hr.

Lucky Gathering Tools

  • Lucky Sharp tools: 60 Durability (Beginner 1) -4 seconds gathering time
  • Lucky Steel tools: 130 Durability (Beginner 10) -8 seconds gathering time
  • Lucky Shining tools: 250 Durability (Skilled 5) -10 seconds gathering time

Lucky Tools are crafted in Tool Workshops available in almost every town.

  • They have about a 10% chance to be crafted, when your worker creates a normal version of the tool.
  • Lucky Tools are crafted about 1 in 10 crafts.

To obtain the crafting cost for a Lucky Tool, multiply the normal cost by 10.

When considering the costs of producing tools, remember there is a cost in CP for both the tool workshop and worker lodging. Weigh this against the profit you would have made having your worker gathering at a node instead.

Gathering Tool Recipe Materials Cost Cost For Lucky
Steel Lumbering Axe Maple Timber x1, Steel x3, BSP x3 31,500 315,000
Steel Pickaxe Maple Timber x1, Steel x4, BSP x3 39,000 390,000
Steel Hoe Maple Timber x1, Steel x2, BSP x3 24,000 240,000
Steel Butcher Knife Maple Timber x1, Steel x1, Hard Hide x1, BSP x4 39,000 390,000
Steel Tanning Knife Maple Timber x1, Steel x1, Hard Hide x1, BSP x3 36,000 360,000
Sturdy Fluid Collector Steel x2, BSP x3 24,000 240,000
Shining Steel Lumbering Axe Maple Timber x1, Steel x3, Pure Iron Crystal x1, BSP, x5 144,259 1,442,590
Shining Steel Pickaxe Maple Timber x1, Steel x4, Pure Iron Crystal x1, BSP x5 151,759 1,517,590
Shining Steel Hoe Maple Timber x1, Steel x2, Pure Iron Crystal x1, BSP x5 136,759 1,367,590
Shining Steel Butcher Knife Maple Timber x1, Steel x1, Pure Iron Crystal x1, Hard Hide x1, BSP x4 126,259 1,262,590
Shining Steel Tanning Knife Maple Timber x1, Steel x1, Pure Iron Crystal x1, Hard Hide x1, BSP x5 129,259 1,292,590
Shining Fluid Collector Steel x2, Pure Iron Crystal x1, BSP x5 136,759 1,367,590

Gathering Tools via Contribution: Renting from Norma Leight

Purchase your choice of 6 gathering tools by paying 50 Contribution for each.


Leight Family Gathering Tool Effects:

  • Gathering Item Drop Rate +30% (For the type of gathering associated with the tool)
  • Reduces Gathering Time by 11 sec
  • Gathering Mastery +200 (For the type of gathering associated with the tool)
  • Gathering EXP +10%

Norma Leight is located in the Northern Wheat Plantation, NE of Calpheon City.

Norma Leight
<Northern Wheat Plantation Owner>

Gathering Tools for Contribution
Gathering Tools for Contribution

Is the Leight Family Tool Worth It?

This is a good question! At a glance, this tool sounds like a dream tool! Who doesn’t want +30% drops? But you have to trade off 50 Contribution! Why do they do this to us?!? Ha. 🙂

I think this tool is great for people that don’t have allot invested in their worker nodes already.

If you do allot of active gathering, then this tool can’t be beat.

For us lazy AFKers, leave the Leight tools alone. 🙂


Magic Gathering Tools from Imperial Seals

In an update on June 24 2020, Imperial Seals were changed. You can now only obtain Golden Seals, although the old ones can still be turned in for magic tools.

  • The new seals are rewarded for Imperial Alchemy, Imperial Cooking, and killing bandits, while traveling with a trade item.
  • All other tools/seals were nerfed
  • Golden Seals are not interchangeable with the old imperial seals. You can only exchange the new seals with the new list of items, and the old seals with the old list of items.

For details on the old Imperial Seals, skip to the very bottom of the page.

Gathering Loot Categories

Gathering allows you to obtain many types of items in BDO. Each item is part of a category.

Gathering Item Categories:

  • Basic Resource: white grade gathered resources like hide, timber, sap, ore, blood, etc.
  • Special Resource: low drop chance items like Intact Insect Amber, Old Tree Bark, Laila’s Petal, Deep Blue Hoof Root, etc
  • Rare Resource: more common enhancement materials like Ancient Spirit Dust and Black Gem Fragments
  • Very Rare Resource: the rarest of enhancement materials like Caphras Stone and Hard/Sharp Shards

Gathering Rare Drops

Very Rare Resources:

 Rare Resources:

  • Black Gem Fragment – Enhancement of Loggia/Manos Life Mastery gear
    • Best Items to Gather for Black Gem Fragments:
      # 1. Gathering meat, blood, hide
      # 2. Gathering herbs
  • Ancient Spirit Dust – used to create Caphras Stones

Gathering for Silver Money

Like all Life Skills, Gathering is profitable with careful planning. Take time to look at supply and demand on the Marketplace. If you keep an eye on upcoming events, you can take advantage of price fluctuations to buy low or sell high. For the most part, you will not see many people sharing their prized secret gathering locations and strategy. When everyone knows of a certain profitable item to make or location, it soon tanks in profitability as it floods the Market.

The most common resources recommended to gather, that will not hurt other players profits are items like the following timbers used to make Calpheon Timber Crates.

  • Cedar
  • Fir
  • Birch

These timbers are all high value compared to many timbers. Timber is known to have the highest drop rate for the very rare Caphras Stones. Logs from timber gathering are valuable also.

Calpheon Timber Crate
icon – Workload (3m 45s)
Workshop level: 1

– Crafting Materials

icon5  Fir Plywood

Best Gathering Locations

The best gathering location is usually the secret one you stumble upon and tell no one about! 🙂

However, there are gathering areas recommended just because there is a huge number of resources all packed into a small area. The advantage is you don’t waste time running around looking for resources. So less time gathering means better profits per hour.

The disadvantage is that these locations are well known and the resources could be camped or low in price. Crowding isn’t usually too much of a concern. For me, switching channels usually does the trick, if someone is gathering at my desired location.

Gathering Logs Near Trent

Logs are highly sought after and worth good silver. When you gather timber that is also high value, it makes for profitable gathering runs. For example, the Calpheon Timber Crate timbers of Birch, Fir, and Cedar. has an excellent tool that lets you select and view gatherable nodes:


Gathering Meat & Blood at Sheep Hill

Sheep Hill is the most famous gathering location for meat and blood, but remember to check Market prices, if you’re gathering to sell and not use! At the time of this writing. sheep products had flooded the Market and were drastically low in price.

Gathering Rough Stone at Pilgrim’s Haven

The best place to gather Rough Stone is at Pilgrim’s Haven. Mudstone nodes are heaped one on top of another and you barely have to move to gather. Just jump on top of a Mudstone tower and press the R key multiple times.

This location is in the Great Desert of Valencia, so be sure to have Purified Water and Star Anise Tea. Otherwise, it’s safe enough to take even low level characters.

The Shai Gathering Advantage

Shai is the only class that starts with Professional 1 Alchemy and Gathering. She also has a useful passive skill that gives her more LT than other classes per level.

See all of her Gathering buffs below.

Gathering Bonuses:

  • Gathering & Alchemy starts at Professional 1.
  • 10 Skills that give up to +5% Gathering/Alchemy XP.
  • Skill that gives 300% Combat XP buff from Gathering/Alchemy
  • Light Bag: Passive skill that increases the amount of Weight Limit you gain when you level up.

Gathering Requirements for Life Skills

Gathering Life Skill is a requirement for other Life Skills and many quests. For example, in order to obtain the ability to process higher tiers, you need at least Beginner 7 Gathering.

Obtain Beginner 7 Gathering with AFK Gathering using Empty Bottles at the fountain in Heidel.

Empty Bottle for leveling Gathering SkillPurchase 34 Empty Bottles at the Material Vendor near the fountain. Or you can use any river/lake for gathering water. I like Heidel because the Material Vendor is only a couple steps away from the water source.

BDO Gathering Fountain Water for Processing Quests

BDO Gathering Water for Processing Quests

Speedy Tip: Get to Apprentice 4 Gathering to bypass 9 prerequisite Processing advancement quests. You may want to do them anyway, though, since they give you a free fence and other goodies.
BDO Apprentice 4 Gathering for Processing quest line

Gathering level Apprentice 4 is a little more challenging to obtain. You will need about 274 Empty Bottles filled. If you do skip the prerequisite quest chain for processing, then you will miss out on the Shabby Fence and some housing furniture, as well as additional Gathering/Processing XP.

Gathering Mastery

Gathering Mastery really boosts the items you can obtain at later Gathering levels.

BDO Gathering Mastery Highlights:

Increased Aquisition Quantity:

  • +Common items (up to +400%)
  • +Special Items (up to +100%)
  • +Rare Items (up to +85%)
  • +Very Rare Items (up to +44.42%)
  • +Extra Acquisition Rate (80%)
  • +Starlight Vein Chance

Press P key > Fish icon (Life Skill tab) to view your Gathering Mastery.

To view how the Gathering Life Skill level increases Gathering Mastery, please view our Life Mastery Levels Chart.


Gathering Buffs with Gear, Tools, & Items

The items below help speed up the Gathering Life Skill.

Silver Embroidered Gatherer’s Clothes +2 Enhancement:

Movement Speed+2 Level
Gathering Ability +2 Level
Gathering EXP +15%

Magic Hoe Magic Tool A gathering tool used to gather resources. With a luck increase when gathering.

  • Steel: -8 seconds
  • Shining Steel: -10 seconds
  • Magic: -11 seconds
Lucky Steel Hoe for Underwater Gathering Lucky Steel Tool
Lucky Shining Steel Hoe for Underwater Gathering Lucky Shining Steel Tool
Shining Steel Hoe for Underwater Gathering Shining Steel Tool -10 seconds gathering. No luck bonus.
Special Balenos Meal for Underwater Gathering Special Balenos Meal Movement Speed Rank +2

Fishing Speed Rank +2

Gathering Speed Rank +2

Skilled Worker's Elixir for Underwater Gathering Skilled Worker’s Elixir Gathering +3
Hard-Boiled Shellfish Hard-Boiled Shellfish

Big Hard-Boiled Shellfish

Gathering +2

Underwater Breathing +10 sec.

Duration: 60/75 min.

BDO Gathering Food: Grain Soup
BDO Gathering Food: Pickled Vegetables
Grain Soup

Pickled Vegetables

Gathering +1

Duration: 30/60 min.


Gathering Item Drop Rate Increase

There are a few items that give an increase in the amount of items you can gather.

BDO Gathering Food: Fig Pie Sweet Fig Pie Gathering Item Drop Rate +3%

Cooking Recipe: Fig x5 + Wheat Dough x3 + Sugar x3 + Olive Oil x2

Duration: 60/75 min.

____ Stone of Life Gathering Item Drop Rate up to +25% on yellow grade life stones.

Create via Alchemy or dropped by certain mobs. View them on


Gathering Mastery Gear

Gathering Mastery helps to determine the best tools to use.

  • Use Magic or Lucky tools until you reach 600 Gathering Mastery.
  • Magic & Lucky Tools remove any Gathering Mastery bonus. (Only the Magic/Lucky bonus is left.)
  • Switch to a Life Mastery tool when you reach 600 Gathering Mastery.

There are many items you can obtain that will buff your Gathering Mastery or Life Mastery level. Manos gear is the best, but also extremely expensive to enhance.

  • Loggia Gear  (sold by Camellia Loggia <Seed Vendor> for 1 million Silver at Loggia Farm)
  • Geranoa or Dostter Gear (sold by the <Material Vendor> Geranoa in Calpheon City for 10 million Silver)
  • Manos Gear (Processing > Manufacture of rare ingredients.)


Gathering Mastery Items:

  • Clothes
  •  Accessories: Ring, Belt, Earring, Necklace
  •  Tools: Pickaxe, Lumbering Axe, etc


Pearl Shop Gathering Gear

Pearl Shop Underwater Gathering Gear:


Da-Dum Da-Dum Diving Suit Set (2200 Pearls)
Da-Dum Da-Dum Diving Suit Set Da-Dum Da-Dum Diving Suit Set
Contains 2 Pieces:
Set Effect: Swimming Speed +59%
Da-Dum Diving Suit
Da-Dum Da-Dum Diving Hat Underwater Breathing +30 sec.

Da-Dum Da-Dum Diving Suit

-Endurance while swimming, Swimming Speed +90%

Gathering & Life Skill Pets

BDO Hedgehog Pet that is colored white

Hedgehog pet gives a chance to obtain an extra gather. He also gives Life Skill EXP +1-4%, depending on Tier.

Hedgehog Gathering Proc Chances:

  • T1 and T2 Hedgehog: 30% proc chance
  • T3 Hedgehog: 40% proc chance
  • T4 Hedgehog: 50% proc chance
BDO Life Skill Pet
BDO Pet Buffs

  • Pet Life Skill Talent: Life Skill Experience Gain 1-4%. 4% doesn’t sound like much, but with 5 pets, you could increase your Gathering experience by 20%. Most cats give Life Skill buff.

  • Pet Skills: Gathering Level +1 and/or Gathering Exp +5%. Random chance to obtain by all pets. Pets have 3 Skills at Tier 4, 2 Skills at Tier 3, and 1 Skill at Tier 2.

Gathering Limitations

Gathering is limited by gathering tool availability and Energy.

Each time you gather there is a chance that you will not consume Energy. It increases with your Gathering levels. This can go as high as 30% chance to not consume Energy, according to Patch Notes.

Gathering burns through the Energy quickly, even with higher Mastery. You use 500-600 Energy per hour. Energy can be purchased with Marketplace Energy Potions, or with Loyalties/Pearls.

Gathering Tips

  • the best Gathering experience is obtained via wild herbs
  • equip a Matchlock to avoid the cheer animation while gathering. This is especially useful during AFK water gathering with Empty Bottles. (You won’t get interrupted and stop gathering.) Fixed in patch 6-29-21.
  • mouse movement allows you to gather from a distance. For an explanation and demonstration, view Jeffy’s video:
  • You can turn in weeds to Lara <General Goods Vendor> in Heidel for gathering experience. You must have 100 Weeds minimum in your inventory, then talk to her. Click “Chat” option. (Chat option isn’t visible if you don’t have Weeds in your inventory.)


Magic Gathering Tools via Old Imperial Seals

NOTE: These were the rewards from the old Imperial Seals. You can still turn these in, but can’t obtain new ones any more.

All info inside the red border, is from the old system.


Magic Tool Seal
Magic Lumbering Axe Imperial Training Seal x2
Magic Pickaxe Imperial Conquest Seal x35
Magic Hoe Calpheon Trade Seal x100
Magic Butcher Knife Imperial Conquest Seal x35
Magic Tanning Knife Imperial Training Seal x2
Magic Fluid Collector Imperial Fishing Seal x10


Shiny Golden Seal – [Imperial Training]

Imperial Training Seals are exchanged for Magic Tanning Knife and Magic Lumbering Axe Imperial Training Seals are acquired by doing imperial horse training. It’s not too difficult to get these, but the problem here is that you can use these seals to make other things like Black Magic Crystal – Viper. Depending on the cost of the Viper crystal or other items at the time, Imperial Training Seals can be valued differently. You might be better off getting the Viper crystal or the other rewards and then ordering a magic tool from the Marketplace.

Imperial Training Seal Exchanges:


Shiny Golden Seal – [Imperial Conquest]

Imperial Conquest Seals are difficult to obtain quickly. You get these seals from killing bandits that roam around the map.

Image credit to Facemelt#5867

Killing bandits will give about 20 seals per hour. To get the bandits to spawn, buy a trade item from the <Trade Manager> and put it on your horse. Look for the red bandit icons on the world map. The bandits are levels 50 to 55. They will drop 0-3 Conquest Seals.

Conquest Seals help make Black Magic Crystal – Harphia and Awakened Spirit’s Crystal. so we can use them to help determine the value of Conquest Seals.

Imperial Conquest Exchanges:

35 → Magic Pickaxe

It’s not recommended to go out of your way to grind for Conquest Seals, but if you’re trading anyway, try to go routes that have bandits available.

Shiny Golden Seal – [Calpheon Trade]

Calpheon trade seals are obtained via completing Calpheon trading quests. These are time consuming, so not recomended.

100 → Magic Hoe


Shiny Golden Seal – [Imperial Fishing]

Imperial fishing seals are easy to obtain via AFK Fishing. Selling your full inventory of fish to the Imerpial Fish Delivery NPC can give you 40+ Fishing Seals (4 Magic Fluid Collectors). But, the ease of obtaining Fishing Seals, makes them plentiful and cheap on the Marketplace. Fishing Seal Exchanges:


Sources & Additional Info

  • Jeffythewise Life Mastery Google Doc
  • and data searches