Gathering is a fun and profitable Life Skill in BDO. (Players with high levels of Gathering Mastery report up to 900 million silver per hour.)

Along with Fishing, Gathering is one of the easiest Life Skills for beginners to start making money. Besides a gathering tool, all you need is Energy.

Gathering Benefits:

  • Rare crafting materials used in other Life Skills.
  • Gathering is most important in Alchemy, which has a greater demand for bottlenecked resources.
  • Enhancement materials for stronger Life and Combat gear.
  • Gathering mini-games and event fun.
Gathering Potato

Gathering Level Basics

Gathering Level becomes an important part of the industrious chubby squirrel… I mean gatherer!

  • Improves Gathering Mastery to gather more items.
  • Use less Energy. (up to 30% chance of not using Energy)
  • Meet Gathering level requirements on certain Life Skill quests.
  • Artisan 1 is a major milestone to obtain gathering mini-games.

From Beginner to Guru, there are 7 tiers of advancement. Each tier has 10 to 50 levels of progression.

Gathering Levels:

  1. Beginner → 10 Levels
  2. Apprentice → 10 Levels
  3. Skilled → 10 Levels
  4. Professional → 10 Levels
  5. Artisan → 10 Levels
  6. Master → 30 Levels
  7. Guru → 50 Levels

As you increase in Gathering Levels, you will notice the colors of the grade change. As a bonus, if your characters start leveling past Skilled level, your account may start earning a daily payment, depending upon their Life Skill Levels.

Press your P key to view your current Gathering Level.

  • Click on the icon that looks like a pointed axe, “Life Info”. This will show all the available Life Skills that you can gain experience in and level up.
  • The other tab labeled “Life Skill” that looks like a fish icon is used to view Gathering Mastery levels.
BDO Life Skill Levels

Gathering Tools

Each gatherable resource category requires it’s own tool. (Only select items can be gathered without tools.)

Gathering Tools
Lumbering Axe Use on trees to gather logs and timber
Hoe Use on vegetation to gather herbs, fruits, weeds, seeds, and flowers (Barehanded gathering without a tool will mostly reward weeds which are used in alchemy)
Tanning Knife Use on animal corpse to gather hides and feathers
Butcher Knife Use on animal corpse to gather meat (Also used in the Hunting Life Skill to gather blood, meat, and Hunting XP)
Fluid Collector animal blood or tree sap (used in Alchemy)
Pickaxe rocks, ore, and gem nodes
Empty Bottle gather river and sea water
Shabby Shovel Use in the desert of Valencia to gather muddy water, vanadium and titanium ore and shards, blue and violet crystals

Obtaining Gathering Tools

The easiest way to obtain cheap gathering tools is at a Material Vendor located in towns. 

Find a Material Vendor:

  • Use the Find NPC button next to the mini-map.
  • Click the button, “Material”.
  • This will create an auto-navigation path to the nearest Material Vendor NPC. Press T to auto-run there.

NOTE: You can gather plants without a gathering tool, however you will mostly get Weeds, an Alchemy ingredient.

Find NPC Material Vendor

Material Vendor Gathering Tools

Basic gathering tools at a Material Vendor are cheap and have decent gathering speed.

They are useful when you are just starting, but they will not last long and can’t be repaired.

Material Vendor Gathering Tools:

  • -8 seconds to gathering speed
  • Max Durability of only 10. (Durability controls how often you can use the tool.)
  • Can’t be repaired.
Hoe Material Vendor

Best Beginner Gathering Tools

Demihar is a powerful choice for beginner gathering, but are more tricky to obtain.

The major benefit is they give a whopping +50% Gathering EXP and +80% Gathering Item Drop Rate buff.

The Demihar Hoe is an excellent choice for leveling the Gathering Life Skill, because you can use it on Wild Herbs, which give the best Gathering Exp.

If you are also interested in the Hunting Life Skill, you will need a butcher knife. (Hunting also increases the Gathering Life Skill and can be more profitable.)

    Demihar Hoe

    Demihar Tool Stats:

    • Gathering Item Drop Rate (with tool) +80%
    • Gathering EXP +50%
    • Gathering Time -11 sec
    • 300 Durability (300 uses and cannot be repaired.)
    • Equipping this tool won’t apply the Item Drop Rate increase effect from Gathering Mastery.
    • Time Limited: Demihar Gathering Tools last for 14 days, and you won’t be able to use them after they expire. Boxes don’t have a time limit when you obtain them. So don’t open any boxes until you are ready to do some gathering/hunting.


    Obtaining a Demihar Tool:

    • You can obtain a Demihar Butcher Knife after reaching level 60 on a Season Character and starting the Treant’s Tear quest line.
    • Challenge Reward (Y) for reaching Apprentice 1 Gathering. (Choose 1).
    • 1000 Loyalties purchase in the Pearl Shop (F3).
    gathering tool demihar butcher knife
    demihar life tool box
    demihar gathering tool challenge reward

    Magic Gathering Tools

    Having trouble obtaining a Demihar Tool as a new player?

    Magic tools are also good for new players. They don’t give Gathering Exp, but still increase the items you gather.

    Magic Tools:
    Gathering Item Drop Rate +80%
    -11 Seconds to Gathering
    250 Durability (250 uses, not repairable)

    Use Demihar or Magic tools until you surpass 650 Gathering Mastery. After that use a gathering tool with Gathering Mastery on it.

    The buff granted from equipping a Magic tool does not stack with the Item Drop Rate granted by Gathering Mastery. (Demihar is the best option for beginners to level the Gathering Life Skill and has the same 80% boost to item drop rate as a Magic Tool.)

    Magic gathering tools give the best gathering speed and durability out of all the non-Life Mastery tools.

    Magic Hoe

    Crafting Magic Gathering Tools

    Magic Gathering Tools can be crafted with a worker after purchasing a Level 3 Tool Workshop.

    Cheapest Tool Workshops:

    • Arehaza 2-2 – 4 Total CP (1 CP for Prerequisite housing)
      • Arehaza is the cheapest location to purchase a Tool workshop that is level 3. Unfortunately, traveling there to hire a worker could be inconvenient.
    • Glish 1, Rm. 3 – 5 Total CP (3 CP for Prerequisite housing)
    • Duvencrune 9-1 – 5 Total CP  (0 CP for Prerequisite housing)

    Each city gives 1 free lodging, which gives 1 worker, without spending Contribution.

    Tool Workshop Lv 3 Duvencrune

    Magic Gathering Tools Market Price & Trade Info

    Magic Gathering Tools can be easily purchased on the marketplace, however it may not be in stock.

    Prices and stock are auto-updated every 30 minutes for NA server.

    MaterialBase PriceQtyTotal SilverInstockDaily Volume
    Magic Fluid Collector21,600121,60013,096110
    Magic Hoe82,500182,5000183
    Magic Lumbering Axe21,600121,6001,372168
    Magic Pickaxe22,200122,20035155
    Magic Tanning Knife493,0001493,00078244
    Magic Butcher Knife22,400122,400163133
    TOTAL Silver663,300

    Magic Gathering Tools from Imperial Golden Seals

    Obtain  Spellbound Tool Box from certain Imperial Life Skill seals.

    • Spellbound Tool Box rewards a random Magic Gathering tool. Good luck!
    • You can obtain Imperial Golden Seals from Imperial Alchemy, Imperial Cooking, and killing bandits, while traveling with a trade item.
    Spellbound Magic Tool Box

    History of Imperial Seals: In an update on June 24 2020, Imperial Seals were changed. You can now only obtain Golden Seals, although the old ones can still be turned in for magic tools. For details on the old Imperial Seals, skip to the very bottom of the page. Golden Seals are not interchangeable with the old imperial seals. You can only exchange the new seals with the new list of items, and the old seals with the old list of items.

    Gathering Requires Energy

    Besides a Gathering Tool, you will need Energy. Increase Max Energy by completing Knowledge topics (H).

    You can reduce Energy consumption by increasing Gathering Levels.

    Energy Recovery Methods:

    • Beds:
      • Amity/Quest/Crafted Beds: +1
      • Pearl Shop Beds: +2
    • Artifact Lightstone Combo:
      • Yawning Hedgehog +1
      • Refreshing Dream +2
    • Kamasylve’s Blessing: +2
    • Villa Buff – Turning Gates: +1
    • GMs Blessing: +1
    • Red Battlefield Daily Quest: 200 Energy
    • Daily Gathering Quest x4: 80 Energy
    • Energy Potions: 10/20/30/50 Energy every 10 minutes
    • Duvencrune Hotsprings: +1
    • Sea Palace Hotsprings: +1
    • Event Items: +1
    • Online: +1 every 3 minutes
    • Offline: +1 every 1 hour
    • Miraculous Herbal Medicine: +500 Energy Restored Immediately and +30 Energy Recovery for 60 minutes
    Gathering Exp Energy Artifact

    Artifact Combos for Energy

    Lightstone Combo Lightstones + Combo Effect
    Flora: Plains
    Flora: Forest
    Wind: Fortune
    Iridescent Lightstone
    [Yawning Hedgehog]
    Gathering Item Drop Rate +10%
    Gathering EXP +13%
    Gathering Mastery +25
    Gathering Speed Level +1
    Energy Recovery +1
    Luck Level +1
    Flora: Plains
    Flora: Trap
    Flora: Harvest
    Iridescent Lightstone
    [Refreshing Dream]
    Energy Recovery +2
    Gathering EXP +3%
    Hunting EXP +3%
    Farming EXP +3%


    Gathering Mastery

    Gathering Mastery really boosts the items you can obtain at later Gathering levels.

    BDO Gathering Mastery Highlights:

    Increased Aquisition Quantity:

    • +Common items up to +400%
    • +Special items up to +100%
    • +Rare items up to +85%
    • +Very rare items up to +44.42%
    • +Starlight Vein chance
    • +Buried Trace chance
    • +Fairy’s Breath Chance

    Press P key → Fish icon (Life Skill tab) to view your Gathering Mastery.

    To view how the Gathering Life Skill level increases Gathering Mastery, please view our Life Mastery Levels Chart.


    Gathering Mastery Tools

    Gathering Mastery Tools are tools that have a Gathering Mastery item effect on them.

    They should only be used if you can obtain sufficient Gathering Mastery.

    How to Obtain Gathering Mastery:

    When Should I Equip a Gathering Mastery Tool?

    • If your total mastery (which includes mastery from tools, clothes, accessories, and items) is below 650, use Magic or Demihar tools.
    • If your total mastery is over 650, use Mastery tools like Loggia, Dostter, or Manos.
    Loggia Hoe

    Contribution Gathering Mastery Tools

    Rent your choice of 6 Gathering Mastery tools from Norma Leight by giving 50 Contribution for each. (Contribution is returned when you return the tool.)


    Leight Family Gathering Tool Effects:

    • Gathering Item Drop Rate +30% (For the type of gathering associated with the tool)
    • -11 sec Gathering Time
    • Gathering Mastery +200 (For the type of gathering associated with the tool)
    • Gathering EXP +10%
    Leight Gathering Tool


    Is the Leight Tool Worth It?

    This is a good question! At a glance, this tool sounds like a dream tool! Who doesn’t want +30% drops and 200 Mastery? But you have to trade off 50 Contribution! Why do they do this to us?!? Ha. 🙂

    This tool has the same Gathering Mastery as a TET Loggia Gathering Tool. It is not quite as strong as a DUO Manos. It’s in the middle between a PRI and DUO Manos Tool. See comparison below.

    I think this tool is great for people that can obtain greater than 650 Mastery and don’t have allot of Contribution invested in worker nodes already. It would make a good entry into obtaining a good mastery tool, then you could upgrade later.

    Norma Leight
    <Northern Wheat Plantation Owner>

    Norma Leight is located in the Northern Wheat Plantation, NE of Calpheon City.

    DUO Manos HoeTET Loggia Hoe

    ● Gathering Item Drop Rate +30%
    ● Gathering Time -11 sec
    ● Hoe Mastery +200
    ● Gathering EXP +0%

    DUO Manos HoeLeight’s Hoe

    ● Gathering Item Drop Rate +30%
    ● Gathering Time -11 sec
    ● Hoe Mastery +200
    ● Gathering EXP +10%

    DUO Manos HoeDUO Manos Hoe

    ● Gathering Item Drop Rate +30%
    ● Gathering Time -11 sec
    ● Hoe Mastery +160
    ● Gathering EXP +0%

    Gathering Tool Durability

    Each time you gather, you will loose Durability on your tool.

    Only Gathering Mastery tools can be repaired. Other tools have to be sold after they are used up.

    You can decrease the chances that your gathering tool will loose Durability.

    • Pearl Shop:
      • Main Weapon Outfit → 10%
      • Awakening Weapon Outfit → 10%
      • Outfit 8 Piece Set Effect → 10%
      • Some Pets → 1% per tier up to 20% → Ex. Turtle, Young Griffon, Stoneback Crab
      • Item Brand Spell Stone (50%)

    You can repair at any Stable Keeper, Blacksmith, or Tent.

    Pearl Shop Weapon Costume

    Beginner Gathering Progression

    To begin gathering, I recommend the following:

    1. Create a Season Character and gather on Season severs for +100% drops and +30% Life Exp.
    2. Beginner Gathering Questlines – Gathering basics and goodies.
    3. Liana’s Tool Bag questline so you don’t have to swap gathering tools.
    4. Treant’s Tear Questline – rewards a Demihar Butcher Knife and Treant’s Tear alchemy stone.
    5. Floramos Accessory – exchange 300 gathered items to Liana.
    6. 2nd Floramos Accessory – exchange 100 Season Seal of Journey.

    Use the following gear until you surpass 650 Mastery.

    Please note that Season characters are restricted from using Life Mastery gear until after they graduate.

    Beginner Gathering Gear
    Demihar or Magic Tool
    Silver Embroidered Gatherer’s Clothes
    Loggia Earring x2
    Loggia Ring x2
    Floramos Necklace (Liana quest)
    2nd Floramos Accessory (Season reward)
    Silver Embroidered Gatherer Clothes TRI

    Beginner Gathering Questline

    I recommend doing the beginner gathering questlines found in the quest UI.

    Quests (O key) → Suggested:

    [Life] Gathering, the Basics of Life

    Make sure All quests are turned on in the quest UI.


    • Character Level 31+
    • Gateway to Heidel quest (all of the Balenos Main questline)
    Beginner Gathering Questline

    Silver Embroidered Gatherer’s Clothes

    Wear Silver Embroidered Gatherer’s Clothes until you obtain enough gear and items to surpass 650 Gathering Mastery.

    Silver Embroidered Gatherer’s Clothes can be purchased at the marketplace or crafted by a worker in a level 1 Costume Mill in major cities.

    Workshop Recipe:

    Silver Embroidered Gatherer’s Clothes can be enhanced up to level 5.

    Use another Silver Embroidered Gatherer’s Clothes to enhance. If enhancement fails, both clothes are destroyed.

    There are no safe options to enhance these clothes. Crons can’t be used.

    Silver Embroidered Gatherer Clothes TRI

    Silver Embroidered Gatherer’s Clothes Enhancement Levels & Buffs

    Enhancement Level DP Evasion DR Gathering Buffs
    0 16 6 (+18) 10 Movement Speed +1 Level
    Gathering +1
    1 18 7 (+21) 11 Movement Speed +1 Level
    Gathering +1
    Gathering EXP +10%
    2 20 8 (+24) 12 Movement Speed +2 Level
    Gathering +2
    Gathering EXP +15%
    3 23 9 (+27) 14 Movement Speed +2 Level
    Gathering +2
    Gathering EXP +20%
    4 26 10 (+30) 16 Movement Speed +3 Level
    Gathering +2
    Gathering EXP +25%
    5 29 11 (+33) 18 Movement Speed +4 Level
    Gathering +3
    Gathering EXP +40%

    Loggia Life Mastery Jewelry

    Mastery Jewelry like Loggia Jewelry are nice because they boost all Life Mastery and help all Life Skills. (Unlike mastery clothing or tools that target one specific Life Skill.)

    Loggia Jewelry contains individual Life Skill Experience buffs, except the belt, which has LT.

    Set Effect: For every 2 Loggia Accessories equipped, you gain Life EXP +2%

    Loggia Life Mastery Accessories
    Loggia Belt
    Loggia Earring
    Loggia Necklace
    Loggia Ring
    BDO Loggia Necklace

    Loggia Life Mastery: (Full Accessory Set)

    • Base: 26
    • PRI: 52
    • DUO: 100
    • TRI: 152
    • TET: 208
    • PEN: 320

    A full set is 6 pieces.

    Loggia Life EXP Buff: (Full Accessory Set)

    • Base: 11%
    • PRI: 11%
    • DUO: 16%
    • TRI: 16%
    • TET: 21%
    • PEN: 21%

    A full set is 6 pieces.

    How to Obtain Life Mastery Gear


    Loggia Life Mastery Gear:

    • Camellia Loggia <Seed Vendor> at Loggia Farm west of Veila for 1m silver
    • Zaaira <Material Vendor> in Veila for 1.5m silver.

    Blue-grade Life Mastery Gear:

    • Geranoa <Material Vendor> in Calpheon City for 10m silver
    • Zaaira <Material Vendor> in Veila for 15m silver.

    Camellia Loggia <Seed Vendor>
    Location: Loggia Farm west of Velia

    • Life Mastery Jewelry Accessories:
      • Loggia: +21% Life EXP, +208 Life Mastery (full set of 6 TET) Loggia Gear Guide
      • Geranoa: +35.5% Life EXP, +350 Life Mastery (full set of 6 TET)
      • Manos: +65% Life EXP, +570 Life Mastery (full set of 6 TET) Manos Accessories Guide

    Life Mastery Jewelry Enhancement

    • Green grade Life Mastery jewelry (Loggia) is enhanced using Black Gems.
    • Blue grade and higher require Concentrated Magical Black Gems.
    • When an accessory fails enhancement, it is destroyed.
    Enhancement Chances on Life Mastery Accessories
    70% 70% 75%
    40% 45% 45%
    30% 30% 30%
    20% 18% 15%
    10% 8% 5%
    Black Gem Cost
    BG x1 CBG x1 CBG x10
    BG x2 CBG x2 CBG x11
    BG x3 CBG x3 CBG x13
    BG x4 CBG x4 CBG x16
    BG x5 CBG x5 CBG x20


    BDO Black Gem
    Life Mastery Necklace Buffs
    Life Mastery +5
    Life EXP +1%
    Life Mastery +8
    Life EXP +1%
    Life Mastery +15
    Life EXP +2%
    Life Mastery +10
    Life EXP +1%
    Life Mastery +14
    Life EXP +2%
    Life Mastery +30
    Life EXP +4%
    Life Mastery +18
    Life EXP +2%
    Life Mastery +26
    Life EXP +3%
    Life Mastery +50
    Life EXP +6%
    Life Mastery +28
    Life EXP +2%
    Life Mastery +45
    Life EXP +4%
    Life Mastery +75
    Life EXP +8%
    Life Mastery +40
    Life EXP +3%
    Life Mastery +70
    Life EXP +5%
    Life Mastery +105
    Life EXP +10%
    Life Mastery +60
    Life EXP +3%
    Life Mastery +110
    Life EXP +6%
    Life Mastery +150
    Life EXP +12%


    Life Mastery Belt Buffs
    Life Mastery +5
    LT +30
    Life Mastery +8
    LT +50
    Life Mastery +15
    LT +50
    Life Mastery +10
    LT +40
    Life Mastery +14
    LT +65
    Life Mastery +30
    LT +80
    Life Mastery +18
    LT +55
    Life Mastery +26
    LT +80
    Life Mastery +50
    LT +110
    Life Mastery +28
    LT +70
    Life Mastery +45
    LT +100
    Life Mastery +75
    LT +140
    Life Mastery +40
    LT +90
    Life Mastery +70
    LT +120
    Life Mastery +105
    LT +170
    Life Mastery +60
    LT +120
    Life Mastery +110
    LT +150
    Life Mastery +150
    LT +200


    Life Mastery Rings and Earrings Buffs
    Life Mastery +4
    Life EXP +1%
    Life Mastery +6
    Life EXP +1%
    Life Mastery +10
    Life EXP +2%
    Life Mastery +8
    Life EXP +1%
    Life Mastery +12
    Life EXP +2%
    Life Mastery +25
    Life EXP +4%
    Life Mastery +16
    Life EXP +2%
    Life Mastery +22
    Life EXP +3%
    Life Mastery +40
    Life EXP +6%
    Life Mastery +24
    Life EXP +2%
    Life Mastery +36
    Life EXP +4%
    Life Mastery +65
    Life EXP +8%
    Life Mastery +32
    Life EXP +3%
    Life Mastery +55
    Life EXP +5%
    Life Mastery +90
    Life EXP +10%
    Life Mastery +50
    Life EXP +3%
    Life Mastery +95
    Life EXP +6%
    Life Mastery +125
    Life EXP +12%

    Loggia Accessories Market Price & Trade Info

    Loggia Accessories can be easily purchased on the marketplace, however they may not be in stock.

    Prices and stock are auto-updated every 30 minutes for NA server.

    Loggia BeltBase PriceIn StockDaily Volume
    Loggia EarringBase PriceIn StockDaily Volume
    Loggia NecklaceBase PriceIn StockDaily Volume
    Loggia RingBase PriceIn StockDaily Volume

    Knowing When to Use Mastery Gear

    Don’t swich to Gathering Mastery Tools or Mastery Clothes until you have greater than 650 Mastery.

    Below is an example character that has 660 Gathering Mastery from permanent gear, but it could be even more if consumables are used.

    Gathering Mastery Gear Mastery
     DUO Loggia Tool 90
     TRI Loggia Gatherer’s Clothes 130
     TRI Loggia Earring 24
     TRI Loggia Earring 24
     TRI Loggia Ring 24
     TRI Loggia Belt 28
     Floramos Ring (Season reward) 65
     Floramos Necklace (Liana quest) 75
     Gathering Lv Skilled 5 200
    BDO Loggia Gatherer's Clothes

    Gathering Life Mastery Clothes

    Manos Gathering Mastery Clothes are the best option, because they have the best stats.

    Unfortunately, no Gathering Mastery clothes give Gathering Exp. That’s why you should use Silver Embroidered Clothes until surpassing 650 Gathering Mastery.

    Gathering Mastery is very important to the Gathering Life Skill because it can increase drops up to 400%.

    Gathering Clothes Gathering Buffs Obtained By
    Loggia Gatherer's Clothes - BDO Loggia Gatherer’s Clothes
    (up to +20 enhancement)
    DP: 6 to 264
    Gathering Mastery +3 to +280
    Movement Speed +1 to +2
    1m silver at Camellia Loggia or 1.5m Zaaira
    Carta Gatherer's Clothes - BDO Carta Gatherer’s Clothes
    (up to +20 enhancement)
    DP: 11 to 269
    Gathering Mastery +4 to +330
    Movement Speed +1 to +2
    10 mil silver at Geranoa and Zaaira
    Manos Gatherer's Clothes - BDO Manos Gatherer’s Clothes
    (up to +20 enhancement)
    DP: 21 to 279
    Gathering Mastery +5 to +400
    Movement Speed +1 to +3

    Processing (L) > Manufacture


    Gathering Mastery Clothes use armor, gloves, shoes, and helmet slots, but it’s mostly safe because they have DP! 🙂

    Gathering Mastery Clothes Market Price & Trade Info

    Gathering Mastery Clothes can be easily purchased on the marketplace, however they may not be in stock.

    Prices and stock are auto-updated every 30 minutes for NA server.

    Loggia ClothesBase PriceIn StockDaily Volume
    Carta ClothesBase PriceIn StockDaily Volume
    Manos ClothesBase PriceIn StockDaily Volume

    Gathering Loot Categories

    Gathering allows you to obtain many types of rare and bottlenecked items in BDO.

    Gathering Item Categories:

    • Basic Resource: white grade gathered resources like hide, timber, sap, ore, blood, etc.
    • Special Resource: low drop chance items like Trace of Forest, Old Tree Bark, Laila’s Petal, Deep Blue Hoof Root, Fire Horn, Fairy Powder, Fruit of Nature, and Powder of Flame.
    • Rare Resource: more common enhancement materials like Ancient Spirit Dust and Black Gem Fragments.
    • Very Rare Resource: the rarest of enhancement materials like Caphras Stone and Sharp Black Crystal Shard.
    • Event Resource: a rare event occurs and the ground changes to alert you. Starlight Veins or Buried Trace appear depending upon Gathering Mastery level.


    Gathering Rare Drops

    Example Rare Gathering Loot & Locations

    Thanks to Bairog’s Gathering Spreadsheet – love the calculated data on gathering! 🙂

    “Calculate your gathering earnings using your full Mastery bracket information and compare to your next upgrade. Watch the video guide of most of the top tier, per tool, rotations to up your game and calculate earnings using auto-updated market prices to see if upgrades are worth it for you.”

    Gathering Location Main Resource Main Resource Hard Sharp Black Gem Frag Caphras
    Valencia Lion Meat 9768 12 6 107 13
    Behr Elk Meat 13039 15 8 143 17
    Imp Cave Wolf Meat 12631 15 8 139 16
    Forest of Seclusion Fox Meat 12739 15 8 140 16
    Sheep Mountain Meat 11925 16 6 124 15
    Drieghan Snake Scorpion Meat 5974 12 6 110 13
    Behr Herbs Wild herbs 15078 13 5 90 31
    Serene Spring Wild herbs 13111 12 4 78 27
    Trent Forest Wild herbs 12919 11 4 77 27
    Pilgrim’s Haven Rough Stone 10244 11 10 35 40
    Ash Forest Timber 5512 11 6 2 86
    Orc Camp Sap 11959 12 7 2 62
    North Kaia Mountaintop Sap 12415 12 6 2 67
    Garmoth Dead Tree Essence Old Tree Branch 6767 10 5 2 65
    Loopy Tree Sap 13714 9 4 2 50
    Lake Flondor Flowers Flowers 11515 14 6 71 42


    Also, please check out this community doc maintained by Summer.

    Caphras Stone Caphras Stone from Gathering


    Caphras Stone provides safe enhancement to obtain TRI+ gear.

    Best Items to Gather for Caphras Stones:

    # 1. Gathering trees for timber via Lumbering Axe.

    # 2. Gathering trees for sap via Fluid Collector.

    # 3. Gathering ore and herbs.

    # 4. Gathering animals.


    Best Gathering Spots for Caphras:

    1. Ash Forest – timber – 86
    2. North Kaia Mountaintop – sap – 67
    3. Garmoth Dead Tree Essence – timber – 65
    4. Orc Camp – sap – 62
    BDO Caphras Stone

    Black Gem Fragment from Gathering


    Black Gem Fragment is used in all levels of Life Mastery gear enhancement.

    Best Items to Gather for Black Gem Fragment:

    # 1. Gathering animals for meat with a Butcher Knife.

    # 2. Gathering animals for blood via Fluid Collector.

    # 3. Gathering animals for hides via Tanning Knife.

    # 4. Gathering herbs and plants with a hoe.


    Best Gathering Spots for Black Gem Fragment:

    1. Behr Elk – meat – 143
    2. Forest of Seclusion Fox– meat – 140
    3. Imp Cave Wolf – meat – 139
    4. Sheep Mountain – meat – 124
    BDO Black Gem Fragment

    Traces from Gathering

    Traces can be obtained from gathering. The Trace you obtain depends upon the gathering type.

    Gathering Type Trace
    Mining  Trace of the Earth
    Hoe Gathering  Trace of Forest
    Lumbering or
    Collecting Sap
     Trace of Ascension
    Collecting Blood  Trace of Memory
    Butchering  Trace of Death
    Tanning  Trace of Savagery


    Trace of Forest

    Fairy’s Breath

    Fairy’s Breath is a rare drop acquired through Lumbering, Skinning, Extracting sap or blood, Hoe, Mining, Water Scooping, or Butchering. Exchange Fairy’s Breath to Dalishain who can be found in major cities.

    You can exchange 10 Fairy’s Breath for:

    • Sharp Black Crystal Shard x2 OR…
    • 900 Contribution EXP + 30 Gathering EXP
    fairy's breath ui

    Gathering Rare Event

    Rarely, after gathering, the ground will change around you to alert you that a gathering event occurred and you need to take further action. Gathering Mastery applies to the chance of finding Buried Trace and Starlight Veins.

    Animations are courtesy of Pearl Abyss.

    Starlight Veins

    Starlight Veins have a rare chance to proc with your mining loot. After gathering the loot, 3-5 Starlight Veins will appear nearby. Use 1 energy to mine each vein and gather Rough Lustrous Gems.

    Take the Rough Lustrous Gems to a Jeweler in any town. After raising Amity with the Jeweler to 200+, they will appraise your gems, randomly giving you various items in exchange for each gem.

    Items include gems, rough stone, black stone powder, and sturdy snow white stone which is used to craft manor furniture. 

    Starlight Veins

    Starlight Vein 1 energy
    rough lustrous gem appraisal

    Buried Trace

    There is a very rare chance to proc 1-2 Buried Trace in your loot table when Lumbering, Tanning, Extracting, Hoeing, Mining or Butchering.

    An announcement will appear alerting you to a buried trace after you’ve gathered from a node. Use 1 energy to interact with the buried trace (dirt cloud) to spawn a mystery chest.

    * Use a Gold Key to open chests!

    Buried Trace and Mystery Chest will disappear if not interacted with!

    buried trace announcement
    dig in the buried trace

    Obtainable items from the Mystery Chest

    ▼ Guaranteed drops:
    – Sharp Black Crystal Shard x15-22

    ▼ Obtained according to a set probability:
    – Ancient Spirit Dust x5-20
    – Fruit of Crimson Flame x5-10
    – Fruit of Abundance x5-10
    – Fruit of Nature x5-10
    – Fruit of the Sun x5-10
    – Fruit of Enchantment x5-10
    – Fruit of Magic Power x5-10
    – Fruit of Perfection x5-10
    – Fruit of Destruction x5-10

    * You will need a Gold Key to open chest.

    Example of loot from Buried Trace Mystery Chest below.

    buried trace loot
    Gold Keys

    Don’t have any Gold Keys? No problem! Exchange 100 Silver Keys for 1 Gold Key at the Crow Merchants Guild’s Morco who is found in major cities. Silver and Gold keys can also be purchased at the Marketplace.

    mystery chest gold key

    Afuaru from Gathering

    Afuaru can spawn while gathering trees and while hunting mobs to butcher or skin.

    • Afuaru is not affected by your Life Skill Mastery. (source)
    • Afuaru will not spawn during the Green Artisan minigame.
    • You will need to defeat Afuaru within 3 minutes or he will run away.
    • Only one type of Afuaru can spawn at any given point in an area.
    Lumberer Afuaru

    Gathering for Silver Money

    Like all Life Skills, Gathering is profitable with careful planning. Take time to look at supply and demand on the Marketplace.

    Players probably keep their most prized gathering strategies secret. When everyone knows of a certain profitable item to make or location, it soon tanks in profitability as it floods the Market.

    You might also consider gathering resources to use in trade crates like the Calpheon Timber Crate.

    • Timber is known to have the highest drop rate for the very rare Caphras Stones. Logs, usually a bottlenecked resource, are in high demand.
    Calpheon Timber Crate
    icon – Workload (3m 45s)
    Workshop level: 1

    – Crafting Materials



    Most Profitable Gathering Locations

    My favorite resource for seeing what the market is currently doing is

    For example, at the time of this writing, Pilgrim’s Haven is one of the most profitable gathering spots:

    gathering profit and items at pilgrim's haven


    Gathering Rough Stone at Pilgrim’s Haven

    The best place to gather Rough Stone is at Pilgrim’s Haven. Mudstone nodes are heaped one on top of another and you barely have to move to gather. Just jump on top of a Mudstone tower and press the R key multiple times. (Or you can use the mouse gathering method.)

    This location is in the Great Desert of Valencia, so be sure to have Purified Water and Star Anise Tea. Otherwise, it’s safe enough to take even low level characters. has an excellent tool that lets you select and view gatherable nodes:

    Choosing the Best Gathering Location

    The best gathering location is usually the secret one you stumble upon and tell no one about! 🙂

    However, there are gathering areas recommended just because there is a huge number of resources all packed into a small area. The advantage is you don’t waste time running around looking for resources. So less time gathering means better profits per hour.

    The disadvantage is that these locations are well known and the resources could be camped or low in price. Crowding isn’t usually too much of a concern. For me, switching channels usually does the trick, if someone is gathering at my desired location.

    Pets with “Finds Resources” special ability will highlight and sometimes jump on top of items you can gather in the wilderness.


    bdo coal for gathering life skill

    Gathering for Calpheon Timber Crate

    Below is an example gathering screenshot showing Calpheon Timber Crate timbers of Birch, Fir, and Cedar. map


    Gathering Meat & Blood at Sheep Hill

    Sheep Hill is a famous gathering location for meat and blood because of its easy location and mob density.

    Remember to check market prices, if you’re gathering to sell and not use! At the time of this writing, sheep products had flooded the market and were drastically low in price.

    Sheep - BDO

    Gathering Wild Herbs Near Behr

    • Gathering EXP: ★★★★★
    • Location: ★★★★☆
    • Caphras Stone: ★★★☆☆
    • Black Gem Fragment: ★★★☆☆
    • Fruit of ____: ★★★★★

    Wild Herbs are popular because they give more gathering experience and Behr is considered the best location because there are many close together and near a town. Here you will obtain good silver or rare items used in Alchemy.

    Go to bdolytics to view Wild Herb nodes:

    wild herbs in behr

    Shai Gathering Advantage

    Shai is the only class that starts with Professional 1 Alchemy and Gathering. She also has a useful passive skill that gives her more LT than other classes per level.

    See all of her Gathering buffs below.

    Gathering Bonuses:

    • Gathering & Alchemy starts at Professional 1.
    • 10 Skills that give up to +5% Gathering/Alchemy XP.
    • Skill that gives 300% Combat XP buff from Gathering/Alchemy
    • Light Bag: Passive skill that increases the amount of Weight Limit you gain when you level up.

    Gathering Requirements for Quests

    Gathering Life Skill is a requirement for other Life Skills and many quests. For example, in order to obtain the questline for Processing, you need at least Beginner 7 Gathering.

    Obtain Beginner 7 Gathering with AFK Gathering using Empty Bottles at the fountain in Heidel.

    Empty Bottle - BDOPurchase 34 Empty Bottles at the Material Vendor near the fountain. Or you can use any river/lake for gathering water. I like Heidel because the Material Vendor is only a couple steps away from the water source.

    BDO Gathering Fountain Water for Processing Quests

    Gathering River Water Empty Bottle 2

    Speedy Tip: Get to Apprentice 4 Gathering to bypass 9 prerequisite Processing advancement quests. You may want to do them anyway, though, since they give you a free fence and other goodies.

    Gathering level Apprentice 4 is a little more challenging to obtain. You will need about 274 Empty Bottles filled. If you do skip the prerequisite quest chain for processing, but you will miss out on the Shabby Fence and some housing furniture, as well as additional Gathering/Processing XP.

    Gathering Gear & Items

    Gathering has many options to improve it.

    There are 4 main gear categories:

    • Gathering Speed
    • Gathering EXP
    • Gathering Mastery
    • Gathering Item Drop Rate

    Often, Gathering Mastery comes at a cost to Gathering EXP.

    seafood cron meal

    Gathering Speed

    Gathering Ability Stat is important for gathering speed.

    Joining a guild can give you a passive +3 to the Gathering Ability level.

    Max 5 Gathering Levels:

    Higher levels reduce Gathering time.

    – Lv. 1: By 25%
    – Lv. 2: By 45%
    – Lv. 3: By 60%
    – Lv. 4: By 70%
    – Lv. 5: By 75%

    Gathering Ability Stat

    Gain +5 Gathering by using any combination of the following:

    Gathering Ability Item Gathering Buff
     Nimble Fingers Passive Guild Skill Gathering +1 to +3
     Pet Skill Gathering +1
    Silver Embroidered Gatherer’s Clothes Gathering +1 to +4
     Balenos Meal or Special Balenos Meal Gathering +2
     Worker’s Elixer or Skilled Worker’s Elixir Gathering +3
     Hard-Boiled Shellfish or Big Hard-Boiled Shellfish Gathering +2
     Grain Soup Gathering +1
     Pickled Vegetables Gathering +1
     Seafood Cron Meal (2 hours) Gathering +2
     Verdure Draught (15 mins)
     Magical Verdure Draught (1 hour)
    Gathering +3
    [Yawning Hedgehog] Lightstone Combo:
    Lightstone of Wind: Fortune
    Lightstone of Flora: Forest
     Lightstone of Flora: Plains
     Iridescent Lightstone
    Gathering +1
     Pearl Shop Treant Camouflage 3-Set Effect Gathering +1
    Professional Gatherer's Uniform - BDO Gatherer’s Uniform (Luxury Vendor) Gathering +1
    Life Spirit Stone Gathering +2
    ****grade**** Alchemy Stone of Life Gathering +0 to +3
     Khan’s Heart: Life Gathering +2


    Gathering Item Drop Rate

    The amount of items that are gathered are increased by only a few buffs.

    • Gathering Mastery.
    • Select items with effect “Gathering Item Drop Rate”
    • Hedgehog and Llama Special Ability (must be fed.)
    • Agris Fever
    • +100% basic resources on Season Server

    Is “Item Drop Rate” used for Gathering?

    Unless the buff specifically states “Gathering Item Drop Rate” then it’s not used for gathering.

    • “Item Drop Rate” is different from “Gathering Item Drop Rate”.
    • For example, Luck ability stat, Item Collection Increase Scrolls, Arsha server buff, Node levels, and Ecology do NOT increase amounts gathered.
    Gathering Item Drop Rate Artifact

    Gathering Item Drop Rate Gear

    Gathering Item Drop Rate Item Gathering Item Drop Rate
     Fig Pie or Sweet Fig Pie +3%
    Elixir of Rough Labor +5%
    Elixir of Labor +3%
     Sethra’s Artifact – Gathering Item Drop Rate
    – obtained via a rare drop while gathering
    +2% each
    Life Spirit Stone 10%
    Treant's Tear - BDO Treant’s Tear 10%
    ****grade**** Alchemy Stone of Life
    – on yellow grade life stones.
    up to +25%
     Khan’s Heart: Life 12%

    Gathering Exp and Leveling

    • Gathering Exp is earned each time you gather.
    • Gathering Exp is earned per slot, so items that take up more slots give better exp.
    • Underwater gathering gives the best exp, followed by Wild Herbs.
    • Increase Gathering Exp by using any Life Skill Exp item or buff. For example, Life EXP Scroll from Challenges (Y)
    • Gathering Level is seen in your Character Profile window (P)
    • Gathering Rank is also viewable in the Rankings window.
    • Detailed Gathering Exp List: Gathering Exp Spreadsheet.


    Leveling Gathering Life Skill

    Since Gathering is considered a Life Skill, we can use all the many Life Skill Exp items available to us.

    For more details, please view my Life Exp Items guide.

    mercenary's life experience scroll
    BDO Life Exp Stack
    Icon Life EXP Item EXP
    Time Elixirs or Verdure Draught (Alchemy) 10%, 15%, or 20%
    Perfume of Swiftness stacks with Time Elixir or Verdure (Alchemy) 20%
    [Villa] Turning Gates (180 min.) or [Camp] Life Buff 10%
    Sute Tea, Seafood Cron Meal, or Fresh Whale Meat Salad (Cooking) 8%, 10%, or 15%
    GM’s Blessing (1h) (event item) 5%, 10%, or 15%
    [Event] items like Turkey or Lara’s Tea 8-50%
    Value Pack (Pearl Shop) 30%
    Event, Olvia Server, or Season Server 30% to 100%
    Secret Book of Old Moon (Pearl Shop) 50%
    Birthday Cake 100%
    Anniversary Celebration Cake 100%
    [Event] Giovan Grolin’s Support Scroll (Season Graduation reward) 20%
    Pearl Outfits Canape and Pavilla or Equipment Tailoring Coupon costumes 10% to 15%
    Treant’s Tear Level 60+ Season Character quest 30%
    Daily Challenge Reward (Y) Mercenary’s Life (60 min) 50% to 150%
    Icon Life EXP Item EXP
    Lighstones & Lighstone Combo Effects up to 41%
    Artifacts (Sethra’s) up to 10%
    Life Skill Mastery Accessories (NPC, recipe, marketplace) up to 75%
    Secret Book of Florin (weekly quests) 20%
    Extra Life EXP Scroll or Book of Life 50%
    Krogdalo’s Donkey Gear (Hee Haw 3-set buff) 10%
    Experienced Cry (Guild Skill) 10%
    Complete Perfection (Guild Skill) 20%
    Guru’s Touch (Guild Skill) 40%
    Caphras Journal of Nature (Caphras Log) 10%
    Life Skill Clothes (workshop or marketplace) up to 40%
    Life Skill Crystals up to 80%
    All Pets have RNG +5% Life Skill Chance Up to 25%
    Specific T4 pets with Life Exp Talent 4% to 46%
    Falasi’s Bookshelf with Knowledge on Excavation (2 different quest lines) 3%

    Gatherer’s Uniform Costume

    Gatherer’s Uniform can be tailored into a costume that will equip into your Appearance slots.

    You can try to wear them without tailoring, but they have no DP!

    • No DP = pot happy but sad, or possibly dead squirrel.

    Gatherer’s Clothes are obtained as a Challenge Reward (Y) for getting Artisan Gathering level. If you lost yours, you can buy it for 1.5 mil silver at a <Luxury Vendor> NPC in every major city.


    Professional Gatherer's Uniform - BDOGatherer’s Uniform:

    • Gathering EXP +10%
    • Gathering +1
    • Item Effect: Monsters won’t attack first while you are squatting or Gathering.



    • Skilled 10 Gathering in order to equip.
    • Equipment Tailoring Coupon from Pearl Shop (1,500 Pearls)

    Chipmunks can attack while gathering nuts, so Gatherer’s Clothes is extremely necessary! 😀

    Equipment Tailoring Coupon

    Life Skill Crystal

    More powerful Life Skill Crystals were introduced with the Land of the Morning Light patch.

    • Life Crystal → Life EXP +5%
    • Vital Crystal → Life Mastery +10



    NOTE: Life Crystal and Vital Crystal do NOT have a crystal group and have no limit!


    Vital Crystal Life Mastery

    Life Skill Crystal

    16 crystal slots:
    +80% Life Exp or +160 Life Mastery

    Vital Crystal Materials

    Vital Crystal that gives Life Mastery +10 can be crafted by processing Forest Crystal with 4 other materials.

    Processing (L) → Simple Alchemy:

    Vital Crystal Life Mastery

    Life Crystal Materials

    Life Crystal that gives Life EXP +5% can be crafted by processing Forest Crystal with 4 other materials.

    Processing (L) → Simple Alchemy:

    Life Crystal Exp

    Forest Crystal

    1 Forest Crystal is used to craft 1 Life Skill crystal that buffs +5% Life EXP or +10 Life Mastery.

    Obtain Forest Crystal:

    • Sniper hunting in Land of the Morning Light – about 1 every 1.5 hours.
    • Send worker to Dokkebi Forest node – 1 every 2 to 3 weeks.
    • AFK Fishing in Land of the Morning Light – 1 every week.
    • Special Barter – is this real? Not in my experience, but I have proof it exists.
    • Exchange 1000 Sangpyeong Coin to Hyunyong in Moodle Village.
    forest crystal

    Magical Lightstone Crystal

    100 Magical Lightstone Crystal is also required to craft a Life Exp or Mastery Crystal.


    Obtain Magical Lightstone Crystal:

    • Exchange Imperfect Lightstones or Lightstones you no longer need to Dalishain the Wandering Alchemist.
    Magical Lightstone Crystal

    Gathering Artifacts

    There are 5 different Artifacts you can equip to improve Gathering. These Artifacts can be obtained rarely while doing Imperial turn-ins for Training, Fishing, Cooking, and Alchemy. You can obtain them as loot from the Gathering and Hunting Life Skills, and from Special Barter and sea monster hunting.

    General Life Skill Artifacts:

    Gathering Artifacts:

    Specialized Gathering Artifacts are rarely obtained as loot from gathering. The Gathering Item Drop Rate Artifact is the most rare in my experience.

      Gathering Exp Energy Artifact

      Gathering Lightstones

      Lightstones can be infused into Artifacts to improve Gathering.


      Gathering Lightstone Lightstone Effect
       Lightstone of Flora: Wildlife Life EXP +3%
      Lightstone of Flora: Paradise Life Skill Mastery +5
      Lightstone of Flora: Forest Gathering Mastery +5
      Lightstone of Flora: Plains Gathering EXP +3%
      Lightstone of Wind: Feather Weight Limit +20LT
      Lightstone of Flora Forest Gathering Mastery

      Gathering Lightstone Combos

      Certain Lightstone Combinations can be infused into Artifacts to create additional buffs.

      The most famous Lightstone Combo for Gathering is Yawning Hedgehog because it has a set of useful buffs.

      Lightstone Combo: [Yawning Hedgehog]

      • Gathering Item Drop Rate +10%
      • Gathering EXP +10%
      • Gathering Mastery +20
      • Energy Recovery +1
      • Gathering +1

      [Yawning Hedgehog] Requirements:

      Lightstone of Wind: Fortune
      Lightstone of Flora: Forest
      Lightstone of Flora: Plains
      Iridescent Lightstone

      gathering lightstone combo

      All Gathering Lightstone Combos

      Please Note: Lightstone Effects are added to the Combo effect in the list below.

      Lightstone Combination Lightstones + Combo Effect
      Flora: Plains
      Flora: Plains
      Wind: Mind
      Iridescent Lightstone
      [Choice and Focus: Gathering]
      Gathering Mastery -500
      Gathering EXP +41%
      Max MP +50
      Flora: Plains
      Flora: Plains
      Flora: Plains
      Iridescent Lightstone
      Gathering EXP +25%
      Flora: Plains
      Flora: Plains
      Flora: Plains
      Flora: Plains
      [Friend of Fairies]
      Gathering EXP +20%
      Flora: Plains
      Flora: Plains
      Flora: Plains
      Gathering EXP +14%
      Flora: Plains
      Flora: Forest
      Fire: Rush
      Iridescent Lightstone
      [Scurrying Weasel]
      Gathering Item Drop Rate +5%
      Gathering EXP +13%
      Gathering Mastery +25
      Movement Speed +3%
      Gathering Speed Level +1
      Movement Speed Level +1
      Flora: Plains
      Flora: Forest
      Wind: Fortune
      Iridescent Lightstone
      [Yawning Hedgehog]
      Gathering Item Drop Rate +10%
      Gathering EXP +13%
      Gathering Mastery +25
      Gathering Speed Level +1
      Energy Recovery +1
      Luck Level +1
      Flora: Forest
      Flora: Forest
      Flora: Forest
      [Four-leaf Clover]
      Gathering Mastery +23
      Flora: Forest
      Flora: Forest
      Flora: Forest
      Flora: Forest
      [Spirit’s Echo]
      Gathering Mastery +35
      Flora: Forest
      Flora: Forest
      Flora: Forest
      Iridescent Lightstone
      Gathering Mastery +45
      Flora: Plains
      Flora: Trap
      Flora: Harvest
      Iridescent Lightstone
      [Refreshing Dream]
      Energy Recovery +2
      Gathering EXP +3%
      Hunting EXP +3%
      Farming EXP +3%


      Lightstones can be obtained rarely via Life Skill activities and the marketplace.

      Iridescent Lightstone

      Pearl Shop Gathering Gear

      Pearl Shop Underwater Gathering Gear:

      Da-Dum Da-Dum Diving Suit Set (2200 Pearls)
      Da-Dum Da-Dum Diving Suit Set Da-Dum Da-Dum Diving Suit Set
      Contains 2 Pieces:
      Set Effect: Swimming Speed +59%
      Da-Dum Diving Suit
      Da-Dum Da-Dum Diving Hat Underwater Breathing +30 sec.
      Da-Dum Da-Dum Diving Suit -Endurance while swimming, Swimming Speed +90%

      Gathering Item Quantity Pets

      Hedgehog and Llama pets give a chance to obtain an extra gather. They also give Life Skill EXP +1-5%, depending on Tier.

      Both pets have a higher than normal chance to learn Gathering Exp +5% at tier 1, 3, and 4.

      Gathering Proc Chances:

      • T1 and T2: 30% proc chance
      • T3: 40% proc chance
      • T4: 50% proc chance

      Pets with Life Exp Talent + High Gathering Skill Chances

      Besides Hedgehog or Llama, there are some pets that could also make great gathering pets.

      Best Gathering Pet Qualities:

      • Higher than normal chance to learn Gathering Exp +5%
        • Gathering Exp stacks for each pet, giving a total of +25% possible.
      • Talent: Life Exp +1% per tier
        • Life Exp stacks for each pet, giving a total of +21% possible.

      A few examples are shown below.

      Pet Buff Gathering Exp +25

      Special: Auto-Fishing Time Reduction
      Talent: Life Skill EXP +1% per tier
      Type: RARE on NA

      Penguin‘s Top Skill Learn Chances

      Pet Skill  Learn Chance
       Combat EXP +5% 15%
       Gathering EXP +5% 15%
       Fishing EXP +5% 15%
       Karma Recovery +5% 12%
       Fishing Level +1 3%


      Special: Auto-Fishing Time Reduction
      Talent: Life Skill EXP +1% per tier
      Type: Premium

      Otter‘s Top Skill Learn Chances

      Pet Skill  Learn Chance
       Combat EXP +5% 15%
       Gathering EXP +5% 15%
       Fishing EXP +5% 15%
       Karma Recovery +5% 12%
       Fishing Level +1 3%


      Special: Finds Resources
      Talent: Life Skill EXP +1% per tier
      Type: Classic

      Flondor Duck‘s Top Skill Learn Chances

      Pet Skill  Learn Chance
       Combat EXP +5% 15%
       Gathering EXP +5% 15%
       Fishing EXP +5% 15%
       Karma Recovery +5% 12%
       Fishing Level +1 3%


      Ferret - BDO

      Special: Finds Resources
      Talent: Life Skill EXP +1% per tier
      Type: Premium

      Ferret‘s Top Skill Learn Chances

      Pet Skill  Learn Chance
       Combat EXP +5% 15%
       Gathering EXP +5% 15%
       Fishing EXP +5% 15%
       Karma Recovery +5% 12%
       Fishing Level +1 3%


      Marmot - BDO

      Special: Auto-Fishing Time Reduction
      Talent: Life Skill EXP +1% per tier
      Type: Premium

      Marmot‘s Top Skill Learn Chances

      Pet Skill  Learn Chance
       Combat EXP +5% 15%
       Gathering EXP +5% 15%
       Fishing EXP +5% 15%
       Karma Recovery +5% 12%
       Fishing Level +1 3%


      Choppy - BDO

      Special: Finds Resources
      Talent: Life Skill EXP +1% per tier
      Type: Premium

      Choppy‘s Top Skill Learn Chances

      Pet Skill  Learn Chance
       Combat EXP +5% 15%
       Gathering EXP +5% 15%
       Fishing EXP +5% 15%
       Karma Recovery +5% 12%
       Fishing Level +1 3%


      Gathering Limitations

      Gathering is limited by gathering tool availability and Energy.

      Each time you gather there is a chance that you will not consume Energy. It increases with your Gathering levels. This can go as high as 30% chance to not consume Energy, according to Patch Notes.

      Gathering burns through the Energy quickly, even with higher Mastery. You use 500-600 Energy per hour. Energy can be purchased with Marketplace Energy Potions, or with Loyalties/Pearls.

      Artisan Gathering Minigame

      “Green Thumb” is knowledge that allows you to obtain special mini games while gathering. After obtaining this knowledge via a quest line, you can turn on your “Green Artisan” skill which gives a chance to proc a mini game while gathering.

      Once you obtain the Green Thumb knowledge, all alts can enjoy Green Artisan gathering mini-games, since it’s a knowledge reward that is shared with family.

      Gathering Mini-game Requirements:

      • 1 or 10 Energy:
        • Mini-game Success: 10 Energy gives 10x the normal gathering rewards.
        • Mini-game Fails: 1 Energy gives the normal amount of gathering rewards.
      • Gathering Mini-game Questline: “[Green Thumb] Gatherer Across the Sea”, given by Hyunyong <Chorong Merchant Guild> in Nampo’s Moodle Village.
        • Gathering Level: Artisan 1 or more to obtain the quest only. (Green Artisan can proc with lower gathering level. For example, on a Season character alt with Skilled level gathering.)
        • Land of the Morning Light Access: (to obtain the quest only)

      Liana’s Tool Bag

      Liana’s Tool Bag is an item you equip that stores all your gathering tools in one slot. It also instantly equips whichever gathering tool you need. No more swapping tools in order to gather different items in BDO!


      Liana’s Tool Bag:

      • Liana’s Tool Bag fills the Life Skill Tool slot.
      • Stores 1 of each of the 6 different tool types.
      • Automatically equips the correct tool for the item you are gathering.
      • “Tool Bag” button in your Inventory (I) allows you to insert the tools you would like to use.
      • RMB to equip Liana’s Tool Bag.
      • Share Liana’s Bag with family by transferring via Storage Keeper to an alt.


      • Level 49+
      • Short questline starting with Black Spirit.
      • 10 Energy for each trivia question. (100 total Energy)
      BDO Liana's Tool Bag

      Gathering Progression Pass

      The Gathering section of Progression Pass is good to do in order to obtain some goodies for Gathering.

      Progression Pass becomes available after Season Graduation.

      Category Goals Rewards Additional Rewards
      Gathering x5 Life Buff Box 28 Goals:
      Caphras Stone x28
      x10 Demihar’s Life Tool Box
      x15 [Event] Energy Tonic (L) x5
      x20 Secret Book of Florin x2
      x25 Choose Your Manos Tool Box
      Progression Pass UI
      Choose Your Manos Tool Box

      Gathering with Agris Fever

      Agris Fever can be used during Gathering to increase the basic items obtained.

      Basic items are single processed such as tree and ore types and not rare resources like Sharp Black Crystal Shards or special resources like Truffle Mushrooms.

      BDO Agris Fever

      Agris Fever Point Costs

      With Agris Fever toggled on, you will consume the following points per gather.

      Life Skill Tool (Gatherable Resource) Agris Fever Consumed
      Pickaxe (Ores and Rough Metals) 42 points
      Fluid Collector (Bloods and Sap) 34 points (blood)
      30 points (sap)
      Butcher Knife (Meats) 34 points
      Hoe (Herbs, Flowers, Mushrooms, etc.) 22 points
      Tanning Knife (Hides, Furs, and Feathers) 22 points
      Lumbering Axe (Timber) 22 points


      Agris Fever Gathering Example

      After completing Book of Margahan Vol. 1 Chapter 5, you get an Item Drop Amount +150% with Agris Fever toggled on.

      Gathering Lion Meat:

      • Normal Gather amount: 2 to 4.
      • With Agris Fever on: 5 to 10 (Item Drop Amount +150%)
      • 2,000 Gathering Mastery: 10 to 20 (Basic Resources Quantity +400%)
      • 2,000 Gathering Mastery + Agris Fever: 13 to 26 (Item Drop Amount +150% and Basic Resources Quantity +400%)


      Gatherable Resources Affected by Agris Fever

      Black Quartz
      Green Quartz
      Muddy Quartz
      Red Quartz
      Strange Rock
      Clear Quartz
      Rainbow Stone
      Soft Sandstone
      Hard Sandstone
      Vanadium Ore
      Titanium Ore
      Mythril Ore
      Blue Crystal
      Violet Crystal
      Volcanic Rock
      Noc Rock
      Dry Thicket
      Sunrise Herb
      Fruit Tree
      Wild Herb
      Blue Rose
      Sweet Potato
      Dalvenia Alrea
      Purple Pink Flower
      Yellow Flower
      Sky Blue Flower
      Violet Flower
      Blue Flower
      Hazel Tree
      Fortune Teller Mushroom
      Arrow Mushroom
      Dwarf Mushroom
      Cloud Mushroom
      Sky Mushroom
      Tiger Mushroom
      Emperor Mushroom
      Ghost Mushroom
      Fog Mushroom
      Hump Mushroom
      Bluffer Mushroom
      Ancient Mushroom
      Amanita Mushroom
      Silver Azalea
      Fire Flake Flower
      Dry Mane Grass
      Silk Honey Grass
      Wild Flax
      Insectivore Plant
      Fig Tree
      Star Anise Tree
      Nutmeg Tree
      Pistachio Tree
      Toxic Watermelon
      Desert Herb
      Bouquet Mushroom
      Purple Mushroom
      Pie Mushroom
      Eyelash Cup
      Star Anise Mushroom
      Rainbow Button Mushroom
      Blue Umbrella Mushroom
      Volcanic Umbrella Mushroom
      Pink Trumpet Mushroom
      White Umbrella Mushroom
      Green Pendulous Mushroom
      White Flower Mushroom
      Olive Tree
      Cedar Tree
      Apple Tree
      Ash Tree
      Pine Tree
      White Cedar
      Dried Old Tree
      Date Palm Tree
      Acacia Tree
      Elder Tree
      Old Tree
      Palm Tree
      Moss Tree
      Dry Pine Tree
      Loopy Tree
      Moonlight Stone
      Snowfield Cedar Tree
      Red-spotted Amanita
      Citron Tree


      Agris Fever Gathering Exclusions

      • The hedgehog’s special skill “Gathering Item Quantity Increase” is not affected by Agris Fever effects.
      • Scooping water, shoveling, and milking cows are not affected by Agris Fever effects.
      • Agris Fever only affects basic resources and does not apply to items such as Truffle Mushrooms, Dead Tree Essence, and other rare resources.

      Daily Gathering Quests

      There are many quests that give Gathering EXP or also recover Energy.

      One of the most helpful is a repeatable gathering quest you can do 4 times daily for 20 Energy each from 4 different NPCs.

      Daily 20 Energy Quest

      Daily 20 Energy Quest List


      Quest Objective: Gather  Fairy’s Breath


      Quest Rewards:

      Each quest has the same objective and the same rewards.


      Reward Details:

       150 Contribution Experience
       1x Restores 20 Energy
       1x Gathering Skill EXP


       1x Pickled Vegetables
       1x Fig Pie

      Daily Gathering Quest Quest NPC

      [Daily] [Gathering] Impressive Find in Nature!

      Location: Northern Wheat Plantation, NE of Calpheon City

      Norma Leight
      <Northern Wheat Plantation Owner>

      [Daily] [Gathering] Wonderful Find in Nature!

      Location: Loggia Farm node west of Velia

      Severo Loggia 
      <Node Management>

      [Daily] [Gathering] Astonishing Find in Nature!

      Location: Alejandro Farm node, NW of Heidel

      Amadeo Alejandro 
      <Node Management>

      [Daily] [Gathering] Surprising Find in Nature!

      Location: Ahto Farm node north of Tarif, Mediah

      Monta Ahto 
      <Node Management>


      Liana’s Daily Gathering Quests

      Liana’s daily quests reset after midnight (server time) every day.

      You can complete one of the following gathering quests each day:

      Liana <Valentine’s Apprentice>
      Location: every major city

      [Daily] [Gathering] Researching Mystical Gathering I to V

      Obtain Fairy’s Breath via gathering in all regions then talk to Ludowig via the Find NPC function.

      Fairy's Breath - BDOFairy’s Breath (Gather x1 to x5)

      Quest Objectives Rewards
      Beginner 1 to Apprentice 10:
      Gather Fairy’s Breath x1
      Gathering EXP
      (Apprentice 10: 65%)
      Skilled 1 to Skilled 10:
      Gather Fairy’s Breath x2
      Gathering EXP
      (Skilled 10: 60%)
      Professional 1 to Professional 10:
      Gather Fairy’s Breath x3
      Gathering EXP
      (Professional 10: 11%)
      Artisan 1 to Artisan 10:
      Gather Fairy’s Breath x4
      Gathering EXP
      (Artisan 10: 3.83%)
      Master 1 and higher:
      Gather Fairy’s Breath x5
      Gathering EXP + 5 Traces
      (Master 10: 1.7%)


      Master 1 and higher get x5 Traces as part of the reward.

      Liana Daily Gathering Quest

      Liana also has a weekly gathering quest for an ingredient to craft a Book of Florin.

      [Weekly] [Gathering] About the Fairy Powder

      Get Fairy Powder x100

      Secret Book of Florin

      Gathering Tips

      • the best Gathering experience is obtained via wild herbs
      • equip a Matchlock to avoid the cheer animation while gathering. This is especially useful during AFK water gathering with Empty Bottles. (You won’t get interrupted and stop gathering.) Cheer animation was removed in a patch.
      • mouse movement allows you to gather from a distance. For an explanation and demonstration, view Jeffy’s video:
      • You can turn in weeds to Lara <General Goods Vendor> in Heidel for gathering experience. You must have 100 Weeds minimum in your inventory, then talk to her. Click “Chat” option. (Chat option isn’t visible if you don’t have Weeds in your inventory.)

      Magic Gathering Tools via Old Imperial Seals

      NOTE: These were the rewards from the old Imperial Seals. You can still turn these in, but can’t obtain new ones any more.

      All info inside the red border, is from the old system.

      Magic Tool Seal
      Magic Lumbering Axe Imperial Training Seal x2
      Magic Pickaxe Imperial Conquest Seal x35
      Magic Hoe Calpheon Trade Seal x100
      Magic Butcher Knife Imperial Conquest Seal x35
      Magic Tanning Knife Imperial Training Seal x2
      Magic Fluid Collector Imperial Fishing Seal x10

      Shiny Golden Seal – [Imperial Training]

      Imperial Training Seals are exchanged for Magic Tanning Knife and Magic Lumbering Axe Imperial Training Seals are acquired by doing imperial horse training. It’s not too difficult to get these, but the problem here is that you can use these seals to make other things like Black Magic Crystal – Viper. Depending on the cost of the Viper crystal or other items at the time, Imperial Training Seals can be valued differently. You might be better off getting the Viper crystal or the other rewards and then ordering a magic tool from the Marketplace.

      Imperial Training Seal Exchanges:

      Shiny Golden Seal – [Imperial Conquest]

      Imperial Conquest Seals are difficult to obtain quickly. You get these seals from killing bandits that roam around the map.

      Image credit to Facemelt#5867

      Killing bandits will give about 20 seals per hour. To get the bandits to spawn, buy a trade item from the <Trade Manager> and put it on your horse. Look for the red bandit icons on the world map. The bandits are levels 50 to 55. They will drop 0-3 Conquest Seals.

      Conquest Seals help make Black Magic Crystal – Harphia and Awakened Spirit’s Crystal. so we can use them to help determine the value of Conquest Seals.

      Imperial Conquest Exchanges:

      35 → Magic Pickaxe

      It’s not recommended to go out of your way to grind for Conquest Seals, but if you’re trading anyway, try to go routes that have bandits available.

      Shiny Golden Seal – [Calpheon Trade]

      Calpheon trade seals are obtained via completing Calpheon trading quests. These are time consuming, so not recomended.

      100 → Magic Hoe

      Shiny Golden Seal – [Imperial Fishing]

      Imperial fishing seals are easy to obtain via AFK Fishing. Selling your full inventory of fish to the Imerpial Fish Delivery NPC can give you 40+ Fishing Seals (4 Magic Fluid Collectors). But, the ease of obtaining Fishing Seals, makes them plentiful and cheap on the Marketplace. Fishing Seal Exchanges:

      Sources & Additional Info

      Thanks to all the creators below.

      • Bairog’s Gathering Spreadsheet – Calculate your gathering earnings using your full Mastery bracket information and compare to your next upgrade. Watch the video guide of most of the top tier, per tool, rotations to up your game and calculate earnings using auto-updated market prices to see if upgrades are worth it for you.
      • Community Doc maintained by Summer
      • Life Skill Discord – full of cutey squirrels gathering nuts non-stop!
      • Summer’s Youtube – packed with Life Skill goodness.
      • Bairog’s Youtube – too much goodness to count!
      • Thanks Warflash and Summer for sharing your work on the price sheet! source sheet

      Crafting items made unavailable:

      Lumbering Axe
      Sharp Lumbering Axe
      Steel Lumbering Axe
      Shining Steel Lumbering Axe
      Lucky Lumbering Axe
      Lucky Sharp Lumbering Axe
      Lucky Steel Lumbering Axe
      Lucky Shining Steel Lumbering Axe
      Fluid Collector
      Sharp Fluid Collector
      Sturdy Fluid Collector
      Shining Fluid Collector
      Lucky Fluid Collector
      Lucky Sharp Fluid Collector
      Lucky Sturdy Fluid Collector
      Lucky Shining Fluid Collector
      Butcher Knife
      Sharp Butcher Knife
      Steel Butcher Knife
      Shining Steel Butcher Knife
      Lucky Butcher Knife
      Lucky Sharp Butcher Knife
      Lucky Steel Butcher Knife
      Lucky Shining Steel Butcher Knife
      Sharp Pickaxe
      Steel Pickaxe
      Shining Steel Pickaxe
      Lucky Pickaxe
      Lucky Sharp Pickaxe
      Lucky Steel Pickaxe
      Lucky Shining Steel Pickaxe
      Bronze Hoe
      Steel Hoe
      Shining Steel Hoe
      Lucky Hoe
      Lucky Bronze Hoe
      Lucky Steel Hoe
      Lucky Shining Steel Hoe
      Tanning Knife
      Sharp Tanning Knife
      Steel Tanning Knife
      Shining Steel Tanning Knife
      Lucky Tanning Knife
      Lucky Sharp Tanning Knife
      Lucky Steel Tanning Knife
      Lucky Shining Steel Tanning Knife


      Cheap Blue/Green Crystal Deletion:

      Magic Crystal of Infinity – Durability x2 (20%) deleted in the great crystal purge of January 31, 2024.

      Trade Items Removed from Gathering

      Trade items like Intact Insect Amber were removed from gathering loot tables and replaced with Traces in patch November 1, 2023.

      Gathering EXP previously obtained from acquiring Gathering trade goods will now be awarded when acquiring a Trace item from Gathering.

      Trace item drop rates from Gathering activities are affected by pets with the Special Skill Gathering Amount Increase (i.e. Hedgehog).

      Mining Jewel Embedded Stone Removed, Trace of the Earth Added
      Hoe Gathering Female Kermes Removed, Trace of Forest Added
      Lumbering or Collecting Sap Intact Insect Amber Removed, Trace of Ascension Added
      Collecting Blood Crystalized Blood Removed, Trace of Memory Added
      Butchering Well-polished Sole Removed, Trace of Death Added
      Tanning Closed Beak Removed, Trace of Savagery Added