“[Timed Quest] The Way of the Natives” is the last quest in the second book of Herald’s Journal. You have 3 minutes to slide down a cliff, travel over water to a cave, and find an invisible object.


Recommended Gear:

  • Your fastest boat or shark costume
  • 5 Movement Speed
  • Atanis Firefly

Pick up the timed quest at Kunga <Shultz Guard Decorated Veteran>

He is located NE of Kusha, at the edge of a coastal cliff.


A Ship & a Firefly

Epheria Cog works very well for this quest. It is a fast ship with 140% Speed.

This will let you cross the water in about 1 minute.

Before you set sail, pick up an Atanis Firefly from a General Goods vendor so that you can see better inside the cave.

Put your ship right below Kunga, to the east of him, below the cliff.

The Way of the Natives


You can see Kunga’s quest icon from the water. He is barely visible as a small shadow from the water.

The Way of the Natives: Boat Position


Leave the boat and swim a bit south, where you will be able to climb up to Kunga.

The Way of the Natives
The Way of the Natives

Next you will accept the quest from Kunga and click “Chat” and then ready option to start the 3 minute timer.



Water = SPLAT

Slide down the cliff to the boat. (Some players may die if they jump directly into the water from the top.)

The Way of the Natives


Sail to the Inlet

Sail east into the inlet across the water. The cave area is called “Kisleev Crag”

The Way of the Natives
The Way of the Natives


Spooky Dark Cave

The inlet leads to a cave. Jump out of the boat and go inside. It’s very dark unless you have an Atanis Firefly.

Cave for quest The Way of the Natives


Goal of Torturous Invisibility

The “Goal” object that you must interact with is invisible. Someone is evil at BDO!!! LOL! Just teasing. I love all BDO workers. 🙂

It is along the right side of the cave wall, beyond the green plant. Near the water deep inside.

Did you bring your Atanis Firefly I hope? Perhaps a lightning bug friend, or glowing pair of eyes…

Goal inside the cave
Goal inside the cave for quest The Way of the Natives
Goal inside the cave

For this quest, I used a boat, but I have seen a video of a player running through the sea with a Dream Horse as well. It’s reported in comments that 5 movement speed with a shark costume gives about a minute to spare.


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