BDO Imperial Steed is a bonus horse sometimes obtained along with a normal foal after Horse Breeding. It can be leveled up to 15 and sold at the Stable in Imperial Horse Delivery.


Imperial Steed Facts:

  • obtain 120 million silver + other Training goodies
  • can’t be exchanged or sold on the Horse Market or Breeding Market
  • increase your chances of obtaining an Imperial Steed by breeding higher tier + higher level horses
  • can only have one Horse Skill, “Imperial Stature”
    • Imperial Stature has no ability besides alerting you to an Imperial Steed status.
Imperial Steed Stats & Skill

Imperial Steed Rewards

After leveling and selling an Imperial Steed in Imperial Delivery, you get a Noble Stature Chest along with 120 million silver.

Imperial Steed Chances

Imperial Steed drop rate is low at about 2.5% if you use breed the best horses.

You can obtain an Imperial Steed from low tier and low level horse breeding, but you can improve your chances of obtaining an Imperial Steed.

Increase Imperial Steed Drop Rate:

  • The higher the tiers and levels of the parent horses, the greater the chance to breed an Imperial Steed.
  • Your parent horses’ levels will only increase your chances to birth an Imperial Steed up to Lv. 30. A parent horse at Lv. 31 has the same chance to birth an Imperial Steed as a parent horse at Lv. 30.
  • Your Training Level and Mastery do not affect your chances to breed an Imperial Steed.
  • You can only obtain an Imperial Steed through horse breeding. You cannot exchange horses to obtain an Imperial Steed. has an excellent horse breeding calculator that gives Imperial Steed drop rates.

horse breeding calculator

Imperial Steed Restrictions

You cannot use the following on an Imperial Steed.

  • Mount Brand Spell Stone
  • Mount Skill Change Coupon
  • Mount Skill Selection Coupon
  • Mount Skill Training Coupon
  • Mount All Skill Training Coupon
  • Horse Appearance Change Coupon
  • Premium Horse Appearance Change Coupon
  • Reset Mount Growth
  • Mount Name Change Coupon

Imperial Steed Comparison

Below are the base stats at level 1.


Doom Base Stats
Speed/Accel: 130%
Turn/Brake: 139.8%

BDO Dream Horse: Doom

Arduanatt Base Stats
Speed/Accel: 137.5%
Turn/Brake: 122.5%

BDO Dream Horse: Arduanatt

Imperial Steed Base
Speed/Accel: 131.5%
Turn/Brake: 122.5%

BDO Imperial Steed

Dine Base Stats
Speed/Accel: 133%
Turn/Brake: 127%

BDO Dream Horse: Dine


Imperial Steed Images


Imperial Steed


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