Nesser Gear was introduced into BDO in a patch on July 1st, 2020.

Nesser Gear is comparable to TET level boss gear and costs 50 CP (Contribution Points) for each piece.


Nesser Gear Highlights:

  • Yellow grade gear that is slightly weaker than TET boss gear.
  • Cannot be enhanced in any way.
  • 350 total CP cost for 7 pieces.
  • Difficult for any player that doesn’t enjoy questing (or cooking).
  • Players that choose Nesser Gear, will have to give up most, if not all of their worker empire, storage, or farms. (Anything they have invested CP in.) *cries* Why Pearl? Why?

Sahazad Nesser <King of Valencia>
Location: Valencia City

Is Nesser Gear Right for Me?

Nesser Gear is for players that have a large amount of CP and don’t mind giving it up, while they grind for enough silver to replace the Nesser pieces. For most players, full TET boss gear can take some time. This is a nice substitute, until TET dreams are realized!

Nesser gear isn’t going to appeal much to Life Skill players and is mainly for those who enjoy killing mobs. If you can stomache the questing required, then you will be set for a while. Or you can AFK Cook for Witch’s Delicacy to obtain more CP.

Now where is our [CP] PEN Gear? 🙂

Nesser Gear Requirements

  • completed main quest “Edana’s Descendant” from “[Lv.55 Valencia] Eastern Sands Kingdom Story.”
  • positive Karma for “Set Effects” to apply
  • 50 CP per piece
  • Both normal and season characters can use

Nesser Gear Stats

CP Cost: 50/piece (350 total)

NPC Location: Valencia City

BDO Nesser Main Weapon

Nesser Main Hand

Attack (AP): 110 ~ 114
11.50 LT

Item Effect:
Extra Damage to All Species +18
Extra AP against Monsters +8
All AP +5
Attack Speed +3 Level

BDO Nesser Gear Awakening Weapon

Nesser Awakening Weapon

Attack (AP): 110 ~ 119
Weight: 13.50 LT

Item Effect:
Extra Damage to All Species +9

BDO Nesser Sub Weapon

Nesser Sub Weapon

Attack (AP): 28 ~ 30
Defense (DP): 16

Accuracy: 11

Evasion: 9 (+28)

Damage Reduction: 7

Weight: 6.50 LT

Item Effect:
Critical Hit Damage +10%
Extra AP against Monsters +50
Ignore All Resistance +10%

BDO Nesser Armor

Nesser Armor

Defense (DP): 81
Evasion: 37 (+111)

Damage Reduction: 44 (+16)

Weight: 30.00 LT

Item Effect:
Max HP+300
Max MP/WP/SP +100
Weight Limit +20LT

BDO Nesser Gloves

Nesser Gloves

Defense (DP): 52
Accuracy: 47

Evasion: 23 (+69)

Damage Reduction: 29 (+11)

Weight: 16.00 LT

Item Effect:
All AP +5 (removed Dec. 20, 2023)
Critical Hit +2
All Accuracy Up

BDO Nesser Helmet

Nesser Helmet

Defense (DP): 72
Evasion: 25 (+54)
Damage Reduction: 47 (+8)
Weight: 20.00 LT

Item Effect:
Max HP+100
All Evasion +20

BDO Nesser Shoes

Nesser Shoes

Defense (DP): 69
Evasion: 40 (+84)
Damage Reduction: 29 (+6)
Weight: 17.50 LT

Item Effect:
Max Stamina +150
Weight Limit +20LT
Movement Speed+1 Level
All Evasion Up

BDO Nesser Shoes

Nesser Shoes

Defense (DP): 69
Evasion: 40 (+84)
Damage Reduction: 29 (+6)
Weight: 17.50 LT

Item Effect:
Max Stamina +150
Weight Limit +20LT
Movement Speed+1 Level
All Evasion Up


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Nesser Armor:


Nesser Weapons:



Nesser Gear Patch Notes

Source: Patch Notes from July 1st, 2020


  • Sahazad Nesser, the King of Valencia, made an announcement that those who have contributed to strengthen Valencia will be able to rent the Royal Nesser Family’s gear.
    • There are 7 types of them (Main/Sub/Awakening weapons, Gloves, Helmet, Shoes, and Armor), each of which requires 50 Contribution Points.
    • Season Characters can equip the Royal Nesser Family’s gear too.
  • You can rent Nesser gear by using 50 Contribution Points per item.
    • You can rent Nesser gear from Sahazad Nesser, <King of Valencia>, with characters who have completed the main quest “Edana’s Descendant” from “[Lv.55 Valencia] Eastern Sands Kingdom Story.”
    • Nesser gear’s stat will not be applied if a character with negative karma equips the gear.


We are always trying to figure out ways to lessen the burdens of enhancement for our players. On the other hand, enhancing gear is one of the more important aspects of enjoyment in the game, so between the aforementioned concerns, we’ve always struggled to find the right balance. Just as we recently showcased in the Season content, Tuvala gear was one of the fruits of our long deliberations. We designed Tuvala gear to help prepare new adventurers, who will eventually graduate from Season Servers, with a slightly less difficult version of enhancement yet still founded in the fundamental principles existing in its iteration on the live servers. Yet there were adventurers who expressed their sorrows for not being able to challenge new regions due to gear that slightly wasn’t up-to-par. So we decided to prepare some rental equipment that was much stronger than the existing ones.

Once you’ve completed the Valencia Main Quest and appeared to have fulfilled the royal family’s wishes, you can rent the royal family’s gear for 50 Contribution Points each. We hope to see all adventurers armed with even sharper weapons and sturdier armor so their amazing adventures will continue to unfold uninterrupted.

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