[Event] Radiant Shakatu’s Seal was introduced after the Calpheon Ball 2022. You can expect to see more of these seals in early 2023.


Shakatu Seal Exchange NPC

[Event] Radiant Shakatu’s Seals can be exchanged for goodies with Dellus <Shakatu’s Right-hand Man>, located within Shakatu, a city in NW Valencia territory. He is next to <Boss> Shakatu. To find his location and draw a path, right click your Shakatu Seal.

 *You must be Level 56+ to exchange Shakatu Seals.


Obtaining Shakatu Seals:

A typical Attendance Reward month will give players 10 Shakatu Seals. This can fluctuate, with seals being given out or taken away during special events, on a whim, etc. 🙂

Event Radiant Shakatu's Seal

 Radiant Shakatu Seal Rewards List & Cost


  [Event] Radiant Shakatu Seal Reward # Seals
Advanced Old Moon Box
5x Item Drop Rate +30%
– Duration: 60 min
Horse Emblem: Tier 8 Golden Horse
Sprint, Instant Accel, and Drift at 100%
Oquilla’s Flower x20
need 1000 for Ebenruth’s Nol (2nd ship sprint)
[Event] Shining Gold Bar Box
(100 million silver to 1.5 billion silver)
Ship License: Epheria Sailboat 20
Supreme Old Moon Box
5x Item Drop Rate +50%
– Duration: 60 min
Item Collection Increase Scroll x30
Choose Your Krogdalo’s Horse Gear Box – Earth
Choose 1 of the 5 set pieces
Choose Your Krogdalo’s Horse Gear Box – Sea
Choose 1 of the 5 set pieces
Choose Your Krogdalo’s Horse Gear Box – Wind
Choose 1 of the 5 set pieces
Ship License: Epheria Frigate 50
Advice of Valks (+100) 70
TRI: Black Distortion Earring 100
TRI: Dawn Earring
TRI: Ethereal Earring
TRI: Ominous Ring 100
TRI: Tungrad Ring
Garmoth’s Horn
1= Young Crimson Dragon pet **
TRI: Manos Belt
Life EXP: +0%
Life Mastery: +75
TRI: Manos Earring
Life EXP: +8%
Life Mastery: +65
TRI: Manos Necklace
Life EXP: +8%
Life Mastery: +75
TRI: Manos Ring
Life EXP: +8%
Life Mastery: +65
Old Moon Trade Pass
+5% Central Market Silver Collection
(for one transaction)
Weapon Exchange Coupon Box
Main Weapon Exchange Coupon x1
Sub-weapon Exchange Coupon x1
Awakening Weapon Exchange Coupon x1
[Title] Shining Knight
Colored yellow glowing title.
Thanks bdfoundry’s title guide!


* You will still be able to exchange any remaining ‘[Event] Shining Shakatu’s Seal’ for the items listed on that item. If you only have a few left, 1 can be exchanged for 10 Cron Stones through Shakatu’s right-hand, Raomi.

**Take Garmoth’s Horn to Gerson in Duvencrune for a quest to exchange the horn for a Young Crimson Dragon pet.

Radiant Seal Location

The NPC to turn in your Radiant Shakatu Seals is right beside Shakatu, whose icon is shown on the world map.

Dellus is located in the city of Shakatu, in Valencia territory. It’s NW of Sand Grain Bazaar.

To easily find his location, RMB on the Radiant Shakatu Seal → NPC Location.

NPC Shakatu Location Map

Radiant Shakatu Seal Reward Details

Which of these rewards are the best? That’s a tough question this year since many of the rewards are good. There seems to be something for everyone. Need 7 billion silver? Maybe the TRI Distortion Earring can get you some. 🙂



Tier 8 Female Horse

Cost: 10x Radiant Shakatu Seals

For only 10 Seals, you can purchase a tier 8 female horse that already has some important skills. Sprint, Instant Accel, and Drift will be already learned at 100%. You’ll be that much closer to training a dream horse!

It has the same coat and starting stats as horse 8-2.

Level: 1
Breed Chance: 1
Sellable: Yes


Horse Coat Code Speed
LT HP Stam
130.0% 124.0% 135 1792 3408

More details at bdolytics.com page

Young Crimson Dragon

Cost: 100x Radiant Shakatu Seals

Exchange Garmoth’s Horn via a quest to Gerson in Duvencrune (Gerson is near Trade Manager, Tikara)

Special Ability:

One Random:

Heat Stroke/Hypothermia Resistance
Auto-fishing Time Reduced 10%-30%
Taunt Monster
Hostility Detection
Finds Rare Monsters

Talent: +25 HP per Tier

Pet Type: Special and it can’t be exchanged with Wizard Gosphy. Can only have 1 Dragon summoned at once.

Young Crimson Dragon is sellable on the market and can also be obtained via a rare drop from Garmoth.

Krogdalo’s Horse Gear

Cost: 40x Radiant Shakatu Seals for one piece of the set.

  • Krogdalo’s Horse Gear has the best stats of all horse gear.
  • Equipping 3, 4, or 5 in the same set gives special set buffs.


Krogdalo’s Set – Earth Krogdalo’s Set – Wind Krogdalo’s Set – Sea
Krogdalo’s Champron – Earth Krogdalo’s Champron – Wind Krogdalo’s Champron – Sea
Krogdalo’s Barding – Earth Krogdalo’s Barding – Wind Krogdalo’s Barding – Sea
Krogdalo’s Saddle – Earth Krogdalo’s Saddle – Wind Krogdalo’s Saddle – Sea
Krogdalo’s Stirrups – Earth Krogdalo’s Stirrups – Wind Krogdalo’s Stirrups – Sea
Krogdalo’s Horseshoe – Earth Krogdalo’s Horseshoe – Wind Krogdalo’s Horseshoe – Sea


Krogdalo’s Horse Gear – Earth

3-Set Effect

Earth Slam (Charge)

Charge Attack Range +70%
Charge Damage +50%

4-Set Effect

Earth’s Echo (S: Fore Chop)

Knockdown 60% of enemies within 3.5m radius
S: Fore Chop Damage +50%

5-Set Effect

Earth’s Roar (Roar)

Damage Reduction +3
Evasion +3
10 allies for 60 min (including self)



Krogdalo’s Horse Gear – Wind

3-Set Effect

Wind Gust (Charge)

Charge Speed +30%
Charge Damage +50%

4-Set Effect

Wind’s Echo (S: Fore Chop)

Knockback 70% of enemies within 3.5 m radius
S: Fore Chop Damage +50%

5-Set Effect

Wind’s Roar (Roar)

AP +5 to 10 allies for 60 min (including self)



Krogdalo’s Horse Gear – Sea

3-Set Effect

Rising Tide (Charge)

Enemy’s Movement Speed -20%
Charge Damage +50%

4-Set Effect

Ocean’s Echo (S: Fore Chop)

Attack/Casting Speed -20% of all enemies within 3.5 m radius

5-Set Effect

Ocean’s Roar (Roar)

Max HP/Stamina +100 to 10 allies for 60 min (including self)


Radiant Shakatu Seal Earring Rewards

Cost: 100x Radiant Shakatu Seals for one accessory.

In terms of silver value, the TRI Black Distortion Earring is the best choice of the 3 earrings.

Distortion Earrings have superior AP, but a DP penalty.

tri dawn earring
tri ethreal earring
tri black distortion earring

Radiant Shakatu Seal Ring Rewards

In terms of silver value, the TRI Ominous Ring is the best out of the 2 rings.

Ominous Ring has a bit less AP, but far superior Accuracy.

tri ominous ring
tri tungrad ring

Radiant Shakatu Seal Player Voting

Which item will you buy first?


Choose 1 only please.

Radiant Shakatu Seal Voting for Shakakatukatoo Nuts

So 1 is not enough?! Humph! Who do you think Shakatu is? Generous or something? 🙂

For this poll, please select all the best items you are hoping you will be able to afford! (up to 20)


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