Relic Groups are available for players to obtain Memory Fragments with Ancient Relic Crystal Shards.


To find/form a Relic Group press Esc → Community → Find Party.


2 Relic Group Options:

  • Give device 1 to 5 boss scrolls (Quicker, but increased difficulty.)
  • Party Leader right clicks 1 boss scroll (Slower, but get Memory Fragments from leeching mechanic.)


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Ancient Relic Crystal Summon Scroll

Relic Device Memory Fragments

Expect about 1 Memory Fragment for each Ancient Relic Crystal Shard. (5 Memory Fragments per scroll.)


Stage 5 Relic Groups:

  • 20-30 memory fragments
  • takes about 5 minutes to complete
  • use 60 to 75 scrolls in one hour
  • very rare drop of a Memory Fragment Box giving 50-100 Memory Fragments

Ancient Relic Device Stages:

Stage Required
AP Memory
1 1 each 150 AP 5
2 2 each 190 AP 10
3 3 each 220 AP 15
4 4 each 240 AP 20
5 5 each 260 AP 25

Relic Device Step by Step

  • Obtain 5 to 25 Ancient Relic Crystal Shards to create 1 to 5 boss scrolls
  • Arrange the Shards into a + pattern.
  • Right click the scroll to draw a path to the location of the summoning device
  • Go to the location and interact with the NPC object named “Faded Ancient Relic”
  • The party leader puts in 1 to 5 scrolls according to the desired stage.
  • You must place the same amount of scrolls that the party leader placed into the device.
  • 3 bosses will be summoned one after another.
  • All party members loot Memory Fragments and Hunter’s Seals from the bosses that are defeated.

Relic Group Leeching

Leeching occurs when you are part of a group that is using the traditional relic group mechanic in which the Party Leader right clicks the boss scroll.


  • You cannot leech in a group that uses the summoning device.
  • Leeching requires using the old method of boss summoning. (Pary leader right clicking the scroll to summon.)
  • Leeching gives 1 Memory Fragment for the leecher only 50% of the time.
  • Requires more time because only the Party-Leader gets to summon and gets the quest rewards. Party Leader must be given in turn to anyone that has a scroll to use.

Humblebug <Leech>

Traditional Right Click Method

Right clicking the boss scroll will automatically give you a [Coop] quest that rewards Memory Fragments. However, you can also loot Memory Fragments from your party member’s boss corpses.


  • A 5×10 Relic group takes about 1 hour and 15 minutes
  • Combine scroll pieces together by arranging them in a + shape. (Un-check Auto-arrange)
  • Right click boss scroll to draw a path to the summoning location
  • Park your mount in a safe spot, away from summon location
  • Can’t attack bosses during Node/Conquest wars
  • Only party leaders can summon bosses and receive quest
  • Using a Memory Fragment scroll will automatically give you the associated [Co-op] quest
  • Only the party leader, who had the scroll, gets the quest reward, which rewards the most Memory Fragments
  • If Boss doesn’t summon, check to see if you got the quest. If so you can join another party doing the same quest
  • No death penalties from bosses
  • You cannot change party leader after the boss is summoned.
  • Boss must be killed in 30 minutes or it will despawn
  • Boss will despawn if it is idle for 2 minutes.
  • 50% chance to obtain 1 Memory Fragment when you hit the Party Leader’s boss

Can I Solo a Boss Scroll?

The right click method of summoning is recomended if you want to do the scrolls solo, unless you have very high gear score.

All the device bosses, even at Stage 1, were created with a party of 5 in mind, therefore they have higher HP and take longer to kill.

You get the same amount of Memory Fragments, regardless. About 1 per Ancient Relic Shard.

I attempted the higher stages with just one friend and it was not worth the time it took.

Boss Scroll Loot

  • Hunter's Seal Hunter’s Seals (exchange for Black Stone, Reform Stone, or Sharp Black Crystal Shards
  • 18,000 – 33,000 silver
  • random amount of regional loot to exchange for gold bars (20-30 pieces)
  • About 1 Memory Fragment per Ancient Relic Crystal Shard
  • 50% chance of a Memory Fragment if leeching, when looting a party leader’s boss.
Memory Fragments and Loot from Boss Scrolls

Example Relic Scroll Loot
(10 Scrolls)

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● Changed the way summoning works with the Ancient Relic Crystal Summon Scroll.



Before After
Party leader uses the scroll at the designated location to summon monsters.
Party leader gets loot and quest reward.
Party members get loot.

Go to the designated spawn location to interact with the Faded Ancient Relic and use the UI to summon.
The party leader puts in the number of scrolls according to the stage the party wishes to attempt.
The rest of the party member put in the same number of scrolls.
The party leader and members all get their rewards as loot.

* The summon scrolls can still be used in the old method!

* The summon scrolls can still be used in the old method where the party leader just summons the boss.

– The Faded Ancient Relic has up to five different “stages” in which monsters can be summoned. The different amount of scrolls and recommended AP per stage are as follows.


Stage Required Scrolls Recommend AP
1 1 each 150 AP or higher, Co-op
2 2 each 190 AP or higher, Co-op
3 3 each 220 AP or higher, Co-op
4 4 each 240 AP or higher, Co-op
5 5 each 260 AP or higher, Co-op


* The difficulty of the boss is determined by the number of scrolls used regardless of the size of your party. In other words, we strongly recommend you bring as many party members as you can.

For example, the Stage 1 boss summoned by one person registering one summon scroll versus one party of five members registering one summon scroll each will be of the same difficulty level. Therefore, bringing as many party members as you can will greatly increase the efficiency of taking down these bosses. – Higher stages summon more powerful monsters that drop greater rewards. – Using this revamped method of summoning these bosses has a low chance to spawn monsters who are [drawn to the Ancient Relic].

* Defeat these monsters to obtain additional loot.


The Black Desert summon scroll content, a.k.a. the “Disco Ball,” was one of the better means of acquiring enhancement materials such as Memory Fragments. However, the amount of time spent waiting for the boss to appear was greater than the actual time spent taking the boss down. Thus we’ve thought over many ways to make the process more interesting, but felt it somewhat lacking to simply reduce the summoning time to “summon a powerful boss and obtain loot, ” and thus decided to go with using a greater amount of summon scrolls to summon a mighty foe. This new method is similar to the “combine the (dagger) keys” method from Atoraxxion’s “Sol Magia,” where you can pick your own difficulty and potential rewards that scale up to Stage 5 (which will require 5 scrolls each). While not included in today’s update, we plan to implement a similar scaling system for the scrolls obtained by combining Forbidden Books and Scrolls Written in Ancient Language as well.