The <Parched> Poison Net Desert Scorpion is a rare wild animal you can hunt with a matchlock. It can be found around Ibellab Oasis in Valencia. Because you can’t see your location on the map in the desert, I recommend using a compass until you become familiar with the spawn locations. You will also need to bring Purified Water/Anise Tea to combat the random desert illness debuff.

Rare hunting mobs are difficult to find, but drop an unusual amount of loot from butchering them. Respawn is randomly between 12 and 24 hours. The map below shows potential spawn locations.

Parched Scorpion Hunting Mechanics

This <Parched> Scorpion is thirsty for your blood and doesn’t care who knows it! Unfortunately for him, his title is worse than his bite, and he will likely die thirsty. Rarely, you may encounter two Scorpion spawns in the same location, noticing multiple puffs of black sand. When approaching spawn locations, you’ll see a puff of black sand rising up from the desert floor, falling into a black ring, then disappearing and reappearing in a nearby location. Run up to the puff of black sand and dig with a Shovel (can be purchased from the Material Vendor at Ibellab Oasis).


If your timing was right, the next time you run up to the black ring, the Parched Desert Scorpion will pop up out of the sand and attack. If your timing was off, repeat the shovel digging until it spawns. Parched Scorpion will randomly poke you with his tail, body slam, and burrow under the sand, popping up in an attempt to knock you down. He is easy to kill with a +10 Artisan Matchlock and doesn’t do much damage while wearing Tet Manos Hunter’s Clothes.

Parched Scorpion Knowledge and Titles

The first time you kill the <Parched> Poison Net Desert Scorpion, you will gain knowledge under the category: Ecology > Rare Hunting Guide.

Completion of this category will allow you to obtain the Rare Hunting Guide from Lacy which then allows you to exchange energy for Manor Olvian Furniture designs.

You also have a chance to obtain 3 different titles while killing Parched Scorpion:

– Fierce
– Desert Eagle
– Savior of Ibellab

<Parched> Poison Net Desert Scorpion

Butchering the Parched Scorpion yields Scorpion Meat, Hard and Sharp Black Crystal Shards, Spirit Pouch of Ferocious Beast, and Energy-exuding Hide which is used to craft Manor Olvian Furniture. Hunting mastery makes a difference in the amount of each loot type and gives you the chance to obtain rare hunting loot like Sharp Tooth and Supreme Hide. Low mastery can still proc high mastery loot rarely as a crit.

A picture of the chat window was taken to show the loot obtained by butchering Parched Scorpion. Please see pics below for examples of 3 different tiers of loot based on mastery and chance.


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