Sea Monster quests, unique to specific sea regions, were added on October 14, 2020.

  • Sail into the Great Ocean and defeat monsters for special rewards.
  • Requires level 50+
  • Enter specific Great Ocean waters to see region quests appear (top right corner of your screen).
  • Press M key to view the locations of region quests on the world map.
BDO Ninshark Sea Monster Quest
  • Region quests for sea monsters can be completed once per family.
  • Region quests are numbered I—III and must be completed in consecutive order.
  • For region quests that don’t appear after entering a specific region at sea
    • restart your client
    • try entering the area again from a different route

Regional Sea Monster Quests

Below is the list of sea monster quests you can do once per family.


 Sea Monsters Sea Monsters Sea Monster Quest Completion Reward
Saltwater Crocodile
100 Saltwater Crocodile’s Treasure I x1 Moss-Covered Map
300 Saltwater Crocodile’s Treasure II x1 Moss-Covered Map
500 Saltwater Crocodile’s Treasure III x1 Moss-Covered Map
15 Nineshark Subjugation I x3  Solar Black Stone
30 Nineshark Subjugation II x3 Lunar Black Stone
50 Nineshark Subjugation III x3  Sunset Black Stone
Black Rust
15 Black Rust Subjugation I x3  Solar Black Stone
30 Black Rust Subjugation II x3 Lunar Black Stone
50 Black Rust Subjugation III x3  Sunset Black Stone
15 Candidum Subjugation I x3  Solar Black Stone
30 Candidum Subjugation II x3 Lunar Black Stone
50 Candidum Subjugation III x3  Sunset Black Stone
Cursed Pirate Ship
50 Cursed Pirate Ship Booty I x3 Cox Pirates’ Artifact (Combat)
100 Cursed Pirate Ship Booty II x7 Cox Pirates’ Artifact (Combat)
150 Cursed Pirate Ship Booty III x10 Cox Pirates’ Artifact (Combat)

Ocean Stalker

10 Hungry Sea Creatures’ Crystal I x10 Verdant Black Stone
30 Hungry Sea Creatures’ Crystal II x10 Fiery Black Stone
50 Hungry Sea Creatures’ Crystal III x10 Frosted Black Stone



Sailing Quests Additional Info

For more info, please view our Epheria Old Ship Gear that shows epheria old ship part recipes. (Requires Verdant Black Stones.)

You can also use our Daily Sailing Quest Guide. Repeatable daily sailing quests help those looking to level their Sailing Life Skill.
The Sailing Dailies available from Oquilla’s Eye, in Ross Sea, offer ship and ship part upgrade materials.