In a patch on April 13, 2020, a rare monster was introduced deep inside the creepy crevices of Protty Cave!

In order for this rare monster to spawn, players have to find and attack a Protty Ootheca.

Protty Ootheca resembles a plant. It has a chance to spawn a Sid Protty <Parasitic>.

If you are unfamiliar with Protty Cave and how to get there, etc, please see our Protty Cave guide.

Protty Ootheca
Level 59

Sid Protty Facts

  • When Sid Protty is hit, he will attempt to flee from you and hide
  • If not attacked in a set amount of time, Sid Protty will disappear
  • Sid Protty can evolve 3 times:
    • Level 1: <Parasitic>
    • Level 2: <Hungry> Protty or <Gnawing> Sid Protty
    • Level 3: <Violent> Zera Protty or <Satiating> Sid Protty (from <Gnawing> Sid Protty only)
    • Final: <Overlord> Kaz Protty (from <Satiating> Sid Protty only)
  • Higher levels of evolution = better loot

DON’T KILL HIM right away!!

After you damage Parasitic Sid Protty, give him time to evolve. If you kill him right away, he will not evolve! Follow him around as he moves. After a bit, he should evolve.


Sid Protty <Parasitic>
Level: 59


Kaz Protty <Overlord> Sid Protty Stage 4

Kaz Protty <Overlord> can only spawn from <Satiating> Sid Protty.

Kaz Protty <Overlord> is the largest mutation and is level 60.

You must be lucky enough to get him! He takes the following combo of evolutions:

  1.  <Parasitic> Sid Protty
  2.  <Gnawing> Sid Protty
  3.  <Satiating> Sid Protty
  4.  <Overlord> Kaz Protty


Kaz Protty Loot
Do you know what this fella drops? Please comment below to share!



Kaz Protty <Overlord>
Level: 60


Kaz Protty <Infuriated>

Kaz Protty <Infuriated> is not an evolution of Sid Protty, but is a possible rare spawn inside Protty Cave.

Keep a look out for him too!


Kaz Protty Loot
Great Marni’s Stone (Protty Cave) (details below)


Kaz Protty <Infuriated>
Level: 61


Great Marni’s Stone (Protty Cave)

Great Marni’s Stone is dropped from Kaz Protty <Infuriated>.

Requirement: Kill Protty mob x50,000

When you exchange Great Marni’s Stone to Wacky Toshi, you obtain the following:


Marni’s Supply Box



Wacky Toshi <Marni’s Top Assistant>

Wacky Toshi will give you the Great Marni’s Stone back in a reset condition, making this a repeatable kill quest.

Wacky Toshi is located just outside Protty Cave, at the entrance.

Sources & Additional Info

Patch Notes Copy:

  • New types of Protty monsters will now appear at Protty Cave.
    • When the HP for Protty Ootheca is reduced below a certain point, there will be a chance for Sid Protty to appear among the monsters.
    • When Sid Protty is hit by adventurers, Sid Protty will hide among nearby monsters. Sid Protty will disappear if not attacked for a certain amount of time.
    • You must continue to chase and look for Sid Protty, who hides among the monsters.
    • Sid Protty evolves before dying.
    • Every time Sid Protty evolves, its body gets larger throughout 2 stages. Each time, it will have the following titles: <Parasitic>, <Gnawing>, <Satiating>.
    • When the initial <Parasitic> Sid Protty evolves, its body becomes larger or it evolves into an adult Protty.
    • From <Parasitic> Sid Protty, it evolves into the <Hungry> Protty or <Gnawing> Sid Protty.
    • From <Gnawing> Sid Protty, it evolves into the <Violent> Zera Protty or <Satiating> Sid Protty.
    • From <Satiating> Sid Protty, it evolves into the <Overlord> Kaz Protty.
    • You can obtain more rewards when defeating the evolved Protty, Zera Protty, and Kaz Protty.