BDO Beginner to Black Desert Online

Just like this cute little BDO baby, we all have to start somewhere. Playing Black Desert Online for the first time can sometimes be overwhelming for newbies. There is so much to learn, but also so many new sights and adventures to discover! My sissy and I have created this Beginners Guide to help those just starting BDO, and for MMORPG fans considering a purchase of Black Desert Online.

Here you will find beginner tips we wish we knew before starting Black Desert Online together. I hope they help you along the way.

HAPPY journeying!!

If you’re looking for a humble opinion on the good and bad of Black Desert, please read my Black Desert Online Gameplay & Review. But if you want tips that are mostly non-opinionated, read below. πŸ™‚

Best Beginner Class

Choosing the right class for you is a very personal decision. Do you like complexity or simple? Speed or slow and heavy hitting? What’s important to someone else, you may not even think about. Ultimately, you will end up playing the class you enjoy the most, no matter what this guide tells you.

Is Witch/Wizard Class right for me?
For beginners to BDO, looking for the easiest class to play, many recommend Witch or Wizard. There are several reasons for this:

  • Easy key combos: you can Chain Lighting all the way to level 50. (Hold Shift + Right button)
  • High & Cheap Sustainability: Beginners have to worry less about using up precious inventory and weight limits on buying and carrying Mana and HP potions. (Pots are very heavy.) They are more free to focus on obtaining loot and using silver for gear. They have several spells that almost instantly regenerate health and mana.
  • Magic Lighthouse: a spell that turns a monster’s attention away from you and reduces their defense. This can help beginners, who probably have lower gear scores and need to save money on repair bills and pots.

Another bonus for beginners who choose this class, is that it has a good reputation for being strong in both PVE and large scale PVP. Some people hate this class because they say it’s boring, and others love it. I suggest you play a class that looks fun to you at least until level 56. At level 56, all classes change by getting a new set of combat skills after their Awakening. If you don’t want to go through the leveling process to 56, you can test out a level 60 of that class with a Trial Character. Read more about this below.

For more info on available classes, with an overview of their rankings, strengths, and weaknesses, visit BDO Class and Character Creation Guide.

Trial Characters

Testing Out a Class
Trial Characters allow you to try out a class to see if you will like it near end game.

BDO Trial Character
  • Max 3 Trial Character slots. (This is separate from the Standard slots.)
  • All Trial Characters are level 60
  • 4,000 Skill Points.
  • Trial Characters can only enter a PVE cooperative tower defence mode called Savage Rift or specific PVP areas: Battle Arena, Red Battlefield, Arena of Arsha. No Savage Rift rewards.
  • NPC Haz in Battle Arena sells Trial Gear for 1 Silver. (You are given 100k to spend.)
    • Arsha’s Chest (powerful gear set gives 255 AP, 305 DP)
    • [Battlefield] Instant HP or MP Potion (XL)
    • Buffs that can’t be used in Arena of Arsha
      • [Battlefield] Exquisite Cron Meal
      • [Battlefield] Giant’s Draught
      • [Battlefield] Perfume of Courage
      • [Battlefield] Body Enhancement
  • Trial Character Limitations: Can’t impact Family Fame. Can’t do normal activities like Attendance Rewards, In-game Mail, Challenges (Y), Node investment, and Guild Bonuses.

BDO Family Name

<Guild Name>
Family Name
Character Name

All the characters that you create on your account will have the same Family name. This Family name will be visible text above your head to players who run into you. It will also be visible in chat. No matter how many different characters you make, you will always have this name. In BDO, you can’t role play and experiment with having different characters in different guilds. Each character is tied to the Family name, which you can’t hide. (Unless you purchase and put on Pearl Shop outfits called Treant/Desert Camouflage.) When you join a guild, all your alts join as well.

Players can switch between viewing Family or Character names in chat, by clicking the gear icon on the chat tab.

BDO Family Name

To hide other players family names and the text and icons above their heads, press Escape key > Settings > General > Show/Hide

BDO Remove Family Name and Icons

This only shows/hides names in your User Interface. Other players will still be able to see your names, title, and guild if they have this setting turned on.

Rookie Attendance Rewards

Attendance Rewards are game items you obtain every day just for logging into the game. View them through the Escape Menu.

You also get another reward for logging in for one hour, called “Loyalties”. Loyalties are used to purchase Cash Shop items (F3). For more info about playing F2P with the BDO Loyalty Shop, visit our Free to Play and Price Guide.

Typical Beginner “Rookie” Attendance Rewards:
  • Value Packs to last one month.
  • Tier 5 Horse
  • +6 Inventory Slots
  • Kuku Bird pet
  • Enhancement Goodies (Keep these)
BDO Beginner Rookie Attendance Rewards

Collect your Attendance Reward goodies via the “Safe” icon located at the bottom right of your screen.

Sometimes Guild and other special event Attendance Reward tabs open up. Returning players (who have not logged into their account for 30 days) also get a special tab.

Notice that Attendance Rewards are only available for a limited time. “Loyal” Attendance Rewards normally only have a short monthly window. “Guild”, “Rookie”, and “Returning” player tabs usually have a broader time frame to collect.

Olvia Servers

Olvia Servers are only available to New and Returning players for a 30 day window. These servers give 100% more Combat Exp and 20% more Combat Skill Exp. A character can obtain up to 99% of level 60. (Leveling is very fast in this game, until level 56.)

  • New players can access Olvia servers for 30 days. New players are players logging in within 30 days (720 hours) of having first created their Family Name after their first log in.
  • Returning players can use Olvia servers only if they have been absent from the game for more than 30 days. (720 hours)
  • Oliva server is optional. You still have access to all other servers.
  • Certain content is not available in Olvia, such as Node War, Conquest War, Red Battlefield, and Horse Racing.

There is an Olvia server icon which is displayed for new and returning players.

  • When you bring the mouse cursor over the icon, the time left for Olvia servers is displayed.
  • The icon is located where the Value Pack icon appears.

BDO Alerts and Notifications

The UI can alert you to many different things that occur in the game. These include Trade notifications and other things like when other players fail or succeed at enhancements.

You can customize the messages that are shown. Press Escape key > Settings > General > Alerts

BDO Settings for Alerts

Chat Filters & Censors

BDO has two separate settings for “Chat Filter”. Although they are called the same, they are completely different and have unique chat filtering behaviors.

Chat Filter with *** Replacement
BDO has a very strong offensive language censor, that often filters out terms it shouldn’t. For example, it will show “so****ing” for the word “something” and “good ***ht” for the words “good night”. You can turn off their offensive language censors by going to Esc > Community > Language. There isn’t a way to fine tune this. It’s either on or off, and the developers decide which terms are offensive.

Press Esc > Community > Language.

BDO Chat Filter & Censor: Turning on or off

Chat Filter with Complete Removal
BDO has a separate option, in which you can input your own term, and it will completely remove the entire chat. This can work together or separately from their native censoring. Chat Filters you add in here do not replace the word with ***. It completely removes the player’s entire message, as if they never sent a chat in the first place.

Press Esc > Community > Chat Filters.

BDO Chat Filter & Censor: Turning on or off

Like all MMORPG games, BDO has its share of people advertising this or that. With Chat Filters, you can completely remove those types of ads. But you have to remember, if you put “.com” in this Chat Filter, you will have to delete the term to ever get a website recommendation from a friend, for example.

  • Filtered words can be up to 50 characters long.
  • The chat filter is literal, not case sensitive and does not support wildcards.
  • Any chat containing the filtered word will be completely removed.

The following gets rid of many gold sellers as well as people spamming chat with memes, annoyances, etc.

Thanks to for sharing this chat filter example!
    . c o m
    w w w
    cheap fast
    cheap gold
    daum cash
    fast delivery
    f$st delivery
    g o l d a h
    p a n d a
    \ / \ /  \ / \ /  \ / \ /
    B1|<1N1P@N|)@ DOT (0M
    |)@UM C@$H 50 0/0 0FF
    fa ggot
    fa git 

Pearl Shop Basics

To purchase Pearl Shop (F3) items, you must first buy Kakao Cash via the official Black Desert Online website. Use the Kakao Cash to buy a box of Pearls at the Pearl Shop in game. The Pearl box will go into your Pearl Inventory. Access the Pearl Inventory by clicking on the Pearl button at the top of your main Inventory window (I). Right click the box to collect your Pearls. Now you can buy items from Pearl Shop with Pearls.

$100 American dollars buys 10,000 Kakao Cash. 10,000 Kakao Cash can buy a Pearl box with 11,500 Pearls (10,000 base pearls + 1,500 extra)

A limited number of Pearl outfits, pets, and horse gear can be sold at the Marketplace. Always double check that the Pearl item has a Marketplace Value if you plan on purchasing Pearl items to sell on the Marketplace.

Please visit our Pearl Shop & P2W Guide for more details on the P2W gear you can purchase to make the game easier.

Pearl Shop Gifting

You used to be able to give Pearls and Pearl items to friends, but this was removed. BDO takes serious effort into quelling the actions of gold/account/power leveling sellers, but their ads are still visible in chat. You can filter out .com in chat to block them.

Giving Money (Silver) & Game Items Away

The main game currency is silver, and it can't be given to another player. Player to player trade is very limited in Black Desert Online. Most things like gear and accessories cannot be given or traded directly to another player and must be sold at the Central Market. Some exceptions are Health and Mana Potions and some foods and drinks. Also, once those items are traded, they become bound and can't be re-traded or sold.


Energy is another type of currency in the game and has many uses, such as allowing you to use Life Skills like Gathering and Farming. Maximum Energy is increased when any character you play completes Knowledge topics. Your Energy and Knowledge gained is shared across all your characters (Family).

The easiest Knowledge topic to complete is the Character type, in which you have to talk to the NPC to gain their Knowledge. Talk to every NPC with a question mark on your mini map to discover them and gain Knowledge. Press the H key to see a breakdown of all the Knowledge to be gained. For a more detailed guide on Energy, please read our Energy Guide. There is also a Knowledge Guide and a Knowledge Locator to help you find the nearest Knowledge to your location.

Passive Energy Restoration Energy Restoration Rate
While logged in 1 energy every 3 minutes (20 energy per hour)
While logged in and sleeping on a crafted bed 2 energy every 3 minutes (40 energy per hour)
While logged in and sleeping on a Pearl Shop bed 3 energy every 3 minutes (60 energy per hour)
While logged out 1 energy every 1 hour (24 energy/day)
Alts logged out 1 energy every 1 hour (24 energy/day)

Energy can be actively restored through quest rewards. Energy can also be increased with potions and buffs; most notable is Blessing of Kamasylve, which increases Energy regeneration by 2. It costs 1000 Loyalties (10 days of logging in for one hour) or 1,250 Pearls. ($12.50). Small energy tonics cost 100 Loyalties.

BDO Blessing of the Kamasylve for Energy Regeneration BDO Blessing of the Kamasylve for Energy Regeneration BDO Blessing of the Kamasylve for Energy Regeneration


Your Contribution pool is shared across all of your characters (Family). Each character adds Contribution exp to the pool by completing quests. To gain more Contribution Points, finish as many quests as you can that award Contribution. (Most do.) As you gain knowledge and amity with NPCs, more quests will open up to you. You can also obtain Contribution through Alchemy and Cooking, which provide a byproduct that you turn in to an NPC. (You get about 1 byproduct every 5 crafts.)

Contribution has 2 main uses in BDO. Most people spend their Contribution on purchasing Nodes and building their "Worker Empire". It takes Contribution Points to buy lodging for workers. Any kind of workshop housing will cost you CP as well. Renting weapons, armor, and storage space is another option for spending Contribution, for players that don't like crafting or world building.

Combat Skills

Beginners have until level 57 to freely test out their class and change skills. Skill Points can be put into any skill to level those skills up and increase their strength. Spending Skill Points is limited by level, available Skill Points, and sometimes skill pre-requisites. The majority of Skill Points will be obtained via fighting monsters. There are some quests that give them as well.

Experiment While You Can!
Once you reach level 57, you will need a Pearl Shop item to reset your Skill Points. These cost at minimum 500 Pearls or 2000 Loyalties. You do get one for free after Awakening, via a one time only quest called "[Event] Gift of Skill Reset" from the Black Spirit. (Must be level 57+)

Beginner Mounts & Navigation

NPC finder window
Beginner Travel Tips
Right clicking anywhere on the World Map (M) or the mini-map will draw a path to that point. Right clicking a node icon will take you to the Node Manager. Press your T key to have the game auto-run a path for you. Auto-path will follow the safety of roads as much as possible. Be careful when doing this outside of roadways, as your character can get stuck on trees and other objects. Not all roads are safe and sometimes auto-path takes overly long routes, so be watchful auto-pathing in areas you're unfamiliar with.

To find merchants and other NPCs, click on the NPC icon in the upper right of your screen.

NPC Finder Button

In the Search field of the "Nearby NPC" window, you can search using an NPC's name or their title. Sometimes certain helpful words are included in the title. For example, the search term "fence" will give you all the NPCs that will exchange fences for Contribution Points, so you can start the Farming profession.

NOTE: This NPC finder tool will only show NPCs you have spoken to already. That's another reason to speak to each and every person when you arrive in a new place. The category buttons in the NPC Finder are the exception. (For example, Stable will take you to the nearest <Stable Keeper>, even if it's your first time near the city.)

Beginner Mounts
Mounts are now easier to obtain for Beginners. There are usually quests or Attendance Rewards for them. If, however, you find yourself too long without one, visit the <Stable Keeper>, where you can purchase a Horse from any <Stable Keeper>, like Lorenzo Murray, in Velia. Horse Emblem: Beginner's Horse is available in his shop for 15k, but he also gives you access to a player Horse Market. You can find much better horses at the Horse Market.

BDO Horse Market of Beginners: T4 Horse
NPC Horse Market of Beginners: T5 Horse

<Stable Keepers> with a shop and Horse Market are available in most major cities.

You will notice that Horse Market prices for low level horses of up to Tier 4 are fairly cheap. Perfect for beginners. Tier 5 is a bit expensive, but maybe you will get lucky with some AFK fishing overnight. πŸ™‚ Keep checking if you don't see any low level horses at first.

You can also find and tame a wild horse with ropes and sugar lumps. Complete the mini-games to get up to a Tier 5 horse.

Don't be fooled by the Donkey, unless you choose the Shai class. πŸ™‚ Donkeys are adorable and so lovable, but harder to turn. Horses are easier to handle and most important, just as cute! (Some players have been known to defend their donkey's prowess to the death... beware of such players, as they are deluded.)

BDO Beginner Horse Mount If you bought the Traveler's Package or Explorer's Package, a horse is included. Claim your horse by logging into your account at the Black Desert Online website

While you are at the <Stable Keeper>, you may want to purchase food for your horse (carrots) and pets (Cheap Feed). Horse Health and Stamina (Power) can be recovered for 500 Silver per 1% by any <Stable Keeper>.

If you lose your mount or forget where you left him (poor guy), you can locate him by right clicking on your horse icon in the upper left of your screen. A path will be drawn to your horse. Left clicking on the horse icon will call your mount to you, but if he is too far away, it won't work. You can also retrieve your mount by remote collection at the <Stable Keeper> if he is not stabled in another city. If you left him at Toscani Farm, but you are near Heidel, go to the Heidel Stable Keeper and choose "Remote Collection". If you do this, your horse will lose its health and you will have to pay silver or give him carrots to recover him.

ALERT! Don't learn the hard way and drown your horse like I did! πŸ™‚ Your mount does take damage! He will loose health from monsters hitting him and from drowning and falling off high places. If your mount dies, recover him at the <Stable Keeper>.

You can only have one mount/wagon out of the Stable for each character.

For a more detailed guide about getting around BDO, pease visit the guide, Fast Travel.

Pets for Beginning Players

BDO Pet Window You can have up to 5 pets out at the same time. Pets are bought at the Pearl Shop or given as Attendance/Challenge Rewards. Pets pick up your loot for you. Pets have a max of 4 tiers and each tier has up to 10 levels. The higher your pet's level and/or tier, the faster it will loot. Pets gain higher Tiers after they are Exchanged. They are given 1 Special Ability, 1 Talent, and up to 3 Skills. Pets level up after being fed. To level your pets faster, switch them to Agile mode so your pet's hunger gauge decreases faster. If your pet's hunger level reaches 0%, it will no longer loot or use its special ability. It's skills, however, will still work.

BDO Pet Skill Window: Life XP for Cats

Pet Exchange (aka Pet Breeding) is used to produce a higher Tier pet, which is faster and is able to acquire more skills. Unfortunately, exchanging pets actually kills the parent pets. On the bright side, Bddatabase shows loot speeds that are about 2 times as fast.

Cheap Feed can be bought at the <Stable Keeper> for 3,000 silver and restores 12 hunger. Better pet food can be cooked or bought at the Marketplace.

PetPet Special AbilityPet Talent
detect gatherable resourcesLife XP
Crabdetect gatherable resourcesitem durability
Little Lambdetect PVP playersLife XP
Young Griffon
detect PVP playersitem durability
Dogsdetect PVP playersCombat Skill XP
Birdsdetect rare mobsKnowledge
Polar Bear
afk fish time decrease
(Polar Bear: +20LT & +10 LT/tier)
Life XP
Pandastaunts monsters (draws a mob to you)Combat Skill XP
Desert Fox
resistance to desert heatstroke/hypothermia (up to 35%)item durability
Hedgehogextra gathered resources
(averages about 3x the gathered items of someone that doesn't have this pet)
Life XP

Pet Talents & Special Abilities
This Pet Talent and Special Ability table is just a small list of available pets. To view all of them please visit our BDO Pet Guide. Pet Talents and Special Abilities for T1 pets like dogs and birds are good for grinding. Other pets, like cats and Hedgehog, are good for Life Skills. Pandas currently have a strange mechanic, so you may want to avoid them, unless you think they are too adorable to pass up! (Which they are.) Their aggravate ability only works on one mob every 10 to 4 seconds and it has been reported that this animation takes priority over the pet's animation to pick up loot. (You can turn Special Abilities off.) If this has been fixed, please let me know!

Best Pets for Beginners?
Many players say the Hedgehog is the best pet in BDO. With my own testing, I discovered I gathered 3x less than my sister who had a Hedgehog. This makes a big difference in the amount of time it will take to gather logs for ship building, for example. But Hedgehogs aren't good for players who don't gather and craft. Both the Hedgehog and the Polar Bear have limited availability. You can obtain these pets after purchasing a Gift Package for yourself or a friend and having that account level to 30. Gifting yourself another account might sound strange, but it has been OK'd by a GM on the official forum. According to their game gifting buy page: "The only restriction will be that you will need to own the game yourself and have purchased it before the first of this month." This means, as a new player, you would have to probably wait until next month to gift someone in order to obtain the Hedgehog or Polar Bear. Currently, you can buy the BDO Gift Package here for $9.99. There are a few other ways to obtain these limited pets. To learn more about how, please visit our Hedgehog Guide.

For more detailed information about pets, their buffs, and how to breed, manage, and obtain them, please visit our BDO Pet Guide.

Is BDO Free to Play?

BDO Pet Panda

There is no subscription fee for playing Black Desert Online. Many people consider this model free to play. It also has a 7 day free trial. However, you do have to initially make a purchase of at least $10 to continue playing BDO. This will give you the basic game without any extras. Some also consider the Value Pack a type of subscription fee. It lasts 30 days and gives 30% back after a 35% tax on Marketplace sales. It also gives good buffs to weight, inventory, and experience.

Is Black Desert Online P2W? (Pay to Win)
This is a hotly debated topic, because everyone has their own definition of what Pay to Win means. But most people agree that you do have to spend more than $10 to make the game enjoyable.

Pets are a good example of what many consider P2W. They aren't required to pick up loot, but if you don't buy them, you will have to repeatedly mash the same pick-up button over and over again after every mob group that you defeat. Mob groups are usually 5+ so that's 5x pressing the R button to do something that quickly gets boring and routine.... (So it's basically, R + Wait for pickup animation... R + Wait for pickup animation... R + Wait for Pickup animation... Not very exciting.)

Even with the maximum of 5 pets, you may have to wait for pets to pick up loot, depending upon how fast you can kill monsters and what Tier and Level your pets are. In order to raise a pet's Tier, you have to buy another pet and combine two pets into one, so that doubles the price.

BDO Pet Pearl Cost

Tier 1 pet costs:
  • 1 pet: 1100 Pearls ($11)
  • 2 pets: 2200 Pearls ($22)
  • 3 pets: 3300 Pearls ($33)
  • 4 pets: 4400 Pearls ($44)
  • 5 pets: 5500 Pearls ($55)
BDO Pet Kuku from Attendance Reward

Note: BDO has been giving players a free pet Kuku bird through Attendance Rewards. Beginners to BDO will get the "Rookie" Attendance Reward. At the moment of this writing, that included one free Kuku pet that is Level 1 and Tier 1. Penguins have been given in the distant past and are more rare. A limited amount of free pets can be obtained via Quest/Attendance/Challenge Rewards.

You will notice that two Kuku pets can't be used at the same time. You can, however, Exchange 2 Kuku pets to create a higher Tier Kuku that has faster loot speed and better buffs.

Please visit our BDO Free & Price Guide for more info on ways you can use Loyalties to F2P. We also have a Pearl Shop & P2W Guide covering all the ways you can Pay to Win.

Beginner Quest Tips

quest logIf you enjoy questing, be sure to select All quests at level 20, so you won't miss out on any extra quests and rewards. Certain types of quests, like Life Skill quests, will not even show up at the NPC if it is not turned on in your Quest window. Press the O key to open the Quest window.

Quests are important for beginners to BDO, especially the main story quest that is provided by the Black Spirit. It will give you a nice chest piece, Inventory expansions, 3 pets, and other goodies helpful to Beginners.

Main Story Final Chest Piece (Level 56+)
Beginner Chest Piece: Roaring Magical Armor
The main story will lead to this upgraded version of Dim Magical Armor. Dim Magical Armor is upgraded 4 times via quests from the Black Spirit. The first of which is called, Magic Armor Exchange I and is given at level 53. There are also Roaring sub-weapons and accessories.

Another reason to complete the main storyline is it's required in order to obtain a Fairy, which provides a large variety of special buffs you can't obtain any other way, like instant resurrection without death penalty and auto-consumption of health potions.

Crossroad Quest in Heidel, Serendia

After you complete the quest, 'Paying Off Debts,’ to take money to Bobby Lauren in Heidel, you will have a window appear where you can select a Crossroad quest line of your choice. The window will not disappear until you make a selection of a Crossroad quest line. The Crossroad quest lines don't impact the main Black Spirit quest line rewards. So you will still get the same inventory slots and Beginner gear, no matter which quest line you choose. They do have differing rewards for Skill Points and optional items like gold bars, Black Stones, etc.
  • You can choose and play through 1 among 3 dividing quest lines at Serendia. The quest you choose at Serendia will eventually join into one quest at Calpheon.

  • Each dividing quest line has its own story, and each has its own path of Monster Zones to go through.

  • β‘  Crossroad I quest line starts with [Crossroad] The Lamenting Head of the League of Merchants. This gives a balance of quest amount, goodies, and combat.

  • β‘‘ Crossroad II quest line starts with [Crossroad] Silence, We’re Done Here!. This choice is for players who don't like questing, but still want the major main quest line rewards, like pets, bag slots, etc.

  • β‘’ Crossroad III quest line starts with [Crossroad] Each of Their Reasons. This quest line is for the quest lover that doesn't mind spending time doing lots of errands and gain more goodies.

  • After completing the Black Spirit's Gift (Adventurer's Tome) quest, you will get an item with the effect "Prognyl Silver Bar Gain +20%." Prognyl Silver Bars are frequently obtained with beginner quests and can be exchanged at the Storage Keeper for 20,000 silver.

  • Black Desert Online Storage

    For hoarders like myself, it will not take long for you to discover Black Desert Online storage can be a real issue. That is, unless your plan is to buy Pearls with real cash to increase Storage. When you are first starting out, it's not as bad. But expect to get much more loot after you hit level 51 and arrive in Mediah.

    Most Life Skills require lots of storage. You may want to choose one Life Skill to focus on. For example, you might want to store Cooking ingredients only and sell Alchemy ingredients to make more room. Cooking is much easier for a BDO Beginner to get started with.

    Most small towns and cities have a default storage of 16 slots each. This is where workers from that town or city will place goods they have gathered from Nodes. Storage is shared with all of your characters, enabling you to give gear and other items to alts.

    How to obtain more storage in Black Desert Online:
    • Alts: Turn your alternate character's inventories into storage.

    • Storage Housing: Purchase a House > Storage with Contribution Points
      • Cheapest Storage for Velia: Toscani Farm after purchasing Lodging for more workers (House 6-2 gives 12 storage for 3 Contribution Points)
        Cheapest Storage in Velia
      • Cheapest Storage for Heidel: every house on block 4 except 4-5
        Cheapest Storage in Heidel

    • Transport: Some items can be held in Transport via the <Storage Keeper>
      BDO Storage Transport

    • Wagons: Leave items on a wagon and stack your wagons at the <Stable Keeper>. Farm Wagons are sold by the <Stable Keeper> for 180,000 silver and have 14 inventory slots. This is a great way to store items that are not used often. (Stable slots can be increased after purchasing a Horse Ranch with CP). Note: if you Remote Collect Wagons or Mounts via the <Stable Keeper>, Trade Goods will be destroyed and if it's a non-Trade Good item, the mount will be transferred to the nearest <Stable Keeper>
      BDO Storage Stable Keeper

    • Central Market: Leave items in your Central Market Warehouse. Some items that can't be stacked normally, like Ancient Relic Crystal Shards, can be stacked inside this special storage. Visit the Marketplace or Storage NPC to do this. Click on the "Warehouse" button. (This is seperate from the city "Storage".)
      BDO Central Market Warehouse

    • Loyalty Storage: Storage can be purchased with 500 Loyalty. (Would take 5 days of staying logged in for one hour each day.) Loyalty Storage gives 1 Extra slot for 2 city storages, in one territory. The Serendia Storage includes 1 extra Storage Space for Heidel and Glish. Calpheon is the only one that offers 3 cities instead of 2.
      BDO Storage Slots from Loyalties

    Storage Bugs Anyone?
    Make sure you always leave one empty space in the city Storage, or your workers will get severely confused and not work anymore until you free up a space. This occurs even if they are harvesting something that is already stacked inside that city's storage. Poor workers! πŸ™ To me, this seems like more of a game bug. Similar weird things can happen when your character has a full inventory. So, if you are getting weird errors, when trying to hire a worker, for example, always check to see if your inventory is full! They like to sit in your pockets? LOL! Funny, but true.

    Inventory Quests & Expansion Coupons

    BDO Inventory Expansion Coupon via Loyalties

    You begin with 24 Inventory slots, but you can raise that by 33 with quests for a total of 57 slots. To increase your inventory beyond 57, you will have to obtain inventory with Rookie Attendance Rewards, Loyalties, or Pearls. You receive 100 Loyalties each day you log in, allowing you to buy 1 inventory slot every 10 days. Or you can buy 8 slots for 800 Pearls ($8 or 16 slots for $14.50). 8 slots via Loyalties will cost you 2.6 months of waiting.

    Maximum inventory is 192 per character, so you can probably purchase up to 120 Inventory slots safely for each character, and still leave room for the free quest slots later.

    The most recent "Rookie" Attendance Reward gives you 6 slots. (This could change at any time.) Normally, Attendance Rewards don't give Inventory increases. "Rookie" is only available to new players, once per account.

    BDO Inventory Expansion Coupon via Loyalties
    BDO Inventory Expansion Coupon via Pearls

    Main Quest Line Inventory: As you progress through the Main quest line, you will begin to get quests from the Black Spirit for inventory space. Frequently check with him, especially after you defeat any boss in the story line. The navigation for this is a bit wonky, just check the Back button after you complete any [Boss] quest. He will give you another quest for the Inventory. (View your Main Story line by pressing O key and Main tab.)

    Note: The inventory quests below will not increase your inventory if you have already purchased the maximum inventory slots of 192.

    Obtained via Black Spirit main story.
    Press O key then Main tab.

    - Black Spirit's Gift #1 Inventory +2 Expansion
    - Black Spirit's Gift #2 Inventory +1 Expansion
    - Black Spirit's Gift #3 Inventory +1 Expansion
    - Black Spirit's Gift #4 Inventory +2 Expansion
    - Black Spirit's Gift #5 Inventory +1 Expansion
    - Black Spirit's Gift #6 Inventory +2 Expansion
    - Black Spirit's Gift #7 Inventory +1 Expansion
    - Black Spirit's Gift #8 Inventory +1 Expansion
    - Black Spirit's Gift #9 Inventory +1 Expansion
    - Black Spirit's Gift #10 Inventory +1 Expansion
    - Black Spirit's Gift #11 Inventory +1 Expansion
    - Black Spirit's Gift #12 Inventory +1 Expansion
    - Black Spirit's Gift #13 Inventory +1 Expansion
    - Black Spirit's Gift #14 Inventory +1 Expansion
    - Black Spirit's Gift #15 Inventory +1 Expansion
    - Black Spirit's Gift #16 Inventory +1 Expansion
    - Black Spirit's Gift #17 Inventory +1 Expansion
    - Black Spirit's Gift #18 Inventory +1 Expansion
    - Black Spirit's Gift #19 Inventory +1 Expansion
    - Black Spirit's Gift #20 Inventory +1 Expansion

    Total Black Spirit's Gift Inventory: 23

    + 10 quests from "Suggested" Inventory quest tab

    = 33 Extra Inventory Slots

    Suggested Inventory Quests:
    The Inventory quests below are seperate from the Main quest line. They will often have level or other requirements. (Press O key then Suggested tab)

    Suggested Inventory Quests
    Inventory Quest Level NPC Node Inventory Tips and Hints
    Claus Can't Contain! 15 Claus Western Guard Camp Bag space +1
    Eileen’s Request 6 Eileen SW Velia Bag space +1
    Crio and Sandfish 20 Crio Velia (docks) Bag space +2 Have Fishing Quests turned on! Pre-requisite quest: Basic Fishing - A Fishing Rod. Make sure you don't have Throw away junk checked.
    Techthon and Quality Iron 15 Techthon Heidel Bag space +1
    Glazed Naga Oil 18 Seilane Glish Bag space +1
    Gift for Happiness 40 Soon-to-be Bride NE Calpheon City (behind Skill Instructor) Bag space +1 Uncheck auto-arrange:
    (Veil > Wine > Glass).
    Item order for inventory quest
    Noble doesn't appear at night!
    Trent Worker Experience? 40 Spotty Troll Trent Bag space +1 Requires: Gathering: Beginner 2
    Have knowledge on Chopping: Beginner
    I Want to Be Like Father! 58 Durgeff Drieghan Bag space +2 Requires Drieghan Main quest completion, level 58, and the following:

    Inventory of Alts:
    You can view the inventory of your alt characters. The bag button in the End Game menu shows you the contents of their inventory. Press Esc > Disconnect > Hover Over Portrait > Bag Icon

    Item Rarity & Colors in BDO

    Many item names and icon borders in BDO are color coded to help you determine how rare something is. Workers, Life Skill levels, and items are all colored by grade/rarity. (They have a colored name/title.) Lowest is gray. Gray items are considered trash for the most part and most can be sold at the vendor.

    Some items can be exchanged for more than vendor price, if you have a large quantity of them and exchange them to a certain NPC that wants them. This type of exchangable loot has been removed from the majority of beginner grinding areas, but keep a watchful eye in later levels. Right click the exchangable item to draw a path to the closest exchange NPC.

    Some items like Memory Fragments are colored wrongly, so be sure to ask before discarding items you're unfamiliar with.

    Gray > White > Green > Blue > Gold > Orange

    Workers have grades as well:

    1. Artisan
    2. Professional
    3. Skilled
    4. Normal
    5. Naive

    Color grades reflected in Life Skill levels:

    1. Guru
    2. Master
    3. Artisan
    4. Professional
    5. Skilled
    6. Apprentice
    7. Beginner

    Beginner Gear Basics

    BDO Gear Window BDO is a gear powered game and with the right gear, you can defeat enemies much higher level than you. Armor, weapons, and accessories can be enhanced to increase Defense Points (DP), Attack Points (AP), and many other stats. There are no level restrictions to enhanced gear. Even a level 1 character can wear the best PEN (V) gear.

    Gear enhancements, in order of the best and most rare is:
    1. PEN (V) +20
    2. TET (IV) +19
    3. TRI (III) +18
    4. DUO (II) +17
    5. PRI (I) +16
    6. +15 to +1

    Armor Basics:
    The main benefit to armor is that it offers DP (Defense Points). But many armor pieces include extra stats like Evasion, Weight Limit increases, Damage Reduction, and Health Points. Armor can be shared between all your characters by putting them into storage at the Storage Keeper located in most major cities. You could also transfer gear to an Alt via a Farm Wagon (Mounts that have gear on them can only be Remote Collected to their nearest <Stable Keeper>.)

    Weapon Basics:
    Weapons and Sub-weapons (aka Secondary Weapons) are class specific. Some weapons can be shared with more than one class. The main-hand weapon of Staff, for example, is used by Witches and Wizards. The sub-weapon Steel Dagger is shared between Witch, Wizard, and Ranger. Awakening weapons can only be equipped by characters level 56+ who have completed their class specific Awakened quest line. (Archer is the exception to this rule and he is limited to the beginner Archer Awakening Weapon until level 56.) Awakening weapons cannot be shared with a different class.

    Enhanced Gear
    As a beginner, you can survive on quested gear until around level 55. But you will eventually want enhanced gear. Enhancing is expensive and RNG heavy. You may be able to find good enhanced gear for a fair price on the Marketplace. (Always keep in mind that if there is allot of something up for sale, and it's not selling well, it may be over-priced or not a good gear option.)

    For a more detailed guide on BDO Gear, please visit our Gear Progression Guide.

    BDO Leveling Guide

    BDO Leveling XP Chart

    For details on the best leveling spots, Combat EXP buffs, and more, please visit our BDO Leveling Guide.

    There is no level cap in BDO. However, there is what people call a "soft cap", where it gets to be nearly impossible to obtain a certain level. You see this reflected in the image I obtained of one of graphs available on Smite Datamining, which shows the amount of xp needed per level. As you can see, the xp needed for level 63 is much more than the amount needed for level 56. Getting to level 56 is fairly quick, but after level 62, leveling gets extremely difficult.

    Making Money In BDO

    Attendance and Event rewards can help offset the costs of upgrading or purchasing armor and weapons. There was a recent change to the beginner zones so that less junk and even green grade loot does not drop. Instead, Beginners should expect higher Black Stone drop rates than previously and higher value junk loot that they can sell at a vendor NPC. This should save you from having to buy pets immediately, but you will still need them for loot pickup after entering Mediah at around level 52.

    What Should You Keep?
    Don't sell any items that are used in weapon/armor enhancement: Ex. Black Stones, Shards. If you see something on the Central Market that sells frequently and there are zero to few available for sale, it's a good indication to hang on to it.

    Example Enhancement Items to Keep:

    Black Spirit's Adventure
    Don't forget to roll your dice every day to earn free rewards. Press Esc key to access this.

    Central Market
    Central Market allows you to buy and sell items from/to players. There are Developer Min and Max caps that prevent free trade.

    For an in-depth look into using the Central Market, please visit our Marketplace Guide.

    AFK Fishing
    The easiest and cheapest way beginners can make money right away is with AFK fishing. Equip a fishing rod, walk towards the water, press your space bar. That is all you have to do to AFK fish. Set this up over-night and you will get Ancient Relic Crystal Shards, which sell for 1+ million Silver. Current selling price for Ancient Relic Crystal Shards is 1.4 million silver. (Price varies with supply and demand.)

    The <Fish Vendor> Crio, sells fishing rods with 30 durability for 500 silver each. Better fishing rods can be crafted and sold on Central Market, but it will be hard for new players to get them. Many fishing rods have a skill level requirement. Read the fine print!

    Fishing Vendor in Veila Crio

    Like many things in BDO, fish have different quality levels. White is the lowest quality and worth the least amount, followed by green, then blue, and lastly gold.

    Fresh fish steadily decreases in value the older it gets. After 24 hours, your fish will be valued at only 30%. If your fish is almost expired and worthless, dry it. Open the processing window (L key) and select the fish icon that represents the drying process. Insert fish, dry, and you'll have your fish forever. Dried fish can be sold at the Marketplace and used in cooking. One fresh fish = 2 dried fish in recipes.

    BDO Velia Fishing Hotspot Beginner Fishing Hot Spot
    West of Veila, along the beach, you will find a small group of players fishing all together. This fishing spot is well known for catching higher quality fish (gold and blue grade fish).

    Karon, the <Imperial Fishing Delivery> NPC on the dock in front of the <Storage Keeper> in Veila, will buy blue and gold quality fish at 250% of their base value, but he only buys a certain number of each type of fish during a set period. After his fish quota is filled, he will no longer buy your fish. Always try to sell your fish to him first, then sell what is left over to the <Trade Manager> Bahar. Use the NPC finder to locate him.

    For more detailed about AFK Fishing, please see our AFK Fishing Guide.

    Gathering Logs

    Nodes & Hand Gathering
    Selling raw produce from nodes and hand gathering can net you a good amount, but processed materials are inherently worth more. (Most of the time.) Study the Central Market under the Materials tab and discover what products sell the most and the price they sell for. Items in BDO have a hidden price range determined by the game developers, unless you know what to look for. Player supply and demand also makes pricing fluctuate. Each item has a base price visible on the item. Central Market allows you to order/buy/sell at 10% above or below this base price.

    Some crafted items like Beer, a worker Stamina regeneration food, and Good Pet Feed will be in high demand. They have always been profitable, but that could change. You can also find items in which too many crafters have flooded Central Market and the price has dropped. Keep in mind that many items are not profitable to make! You can actually loose money crafting vs selling the raw goods after processing them. And even processing raw goods can make you loose money. Do your research before getting into any Life Skill. Many aren't meant for beginners to persue.

    Rulupee Travels & Her Goody Bag
    After you reach level 30, you will be able to talk to Rulupee (Southern Heidel Inn), who will give you a series of quests. Each of her quest series has a goodie bag at the end, which is very nice. For more details, view our Rulupee Travel Guide. Here is the end reward bag for the first two quest series.

    *** Rulupee's Lightweight Adventure Bag ***

    This daypack contains items handy for first time adventurers.
    Right-click to obtain:

    • Black Stone (Weapon) x5
    • Black Stone (Armor) x5
    • Memory Fragment x5
    • Sharp Black Crystal Shard x3
    • Hard Black Crystal Shard x3

    Beginner Grinding for Silver
    You will often hear players say that grinding is the best money per hour. Keep in mind that silver per hour is heavily dependent upon how fast your pets can pick up loot. For beginners, they made the loot system very simplified, where hardly any loot drops like it used to, but expect much more loot drops after reaching Mediah at around level 51. Inventory and weight does limit loot pickup, although less so for beginners because of recent changes to beginner hunting zone drops.

    You will probably start making good money from grinding by fighting Saunils around level 36.

    Hunting for Money Tip: I found that the Giants hunting ground is even better for loot than Saunils. So migrate there as soon as you can. (In my own experience. That was before they changed loot in the beginner zones though.) recommends level 44 for Giants, but do try it at earlier levels if you're feeling adventurous! πŸ™‚

    Buying Silver with Real $$$
    For super fast money, you can always sell a limited number of Pearl Shop items (like Outfits, Value Packs, and Pets) at the Central Market. Double check in the lower left window of the Pearl item you are considering. Hover over their icons on the bottom to make sure they have a Price. If they don't have a Price, they can't be sold on the Central Market and will be bound to you once purchased.

    You can register 5 to 35 Pearl items each week for sale, depending upon your Family Fame. Family Fame is a sort of measure of your account's growth, factoring in all of your Family achievements for Combat, Life Skills, Questing, and Knowledge.

    • Registration count resets weekly. (Monday, UTC 00:00)
    • Default Pearl item registration limit is 5.

    The limitations for the additional amount you can register change according to Family Fame.

    • Family Fame of 0 - 500 : 0 additional items
    • Family Fame of 501 - 1000 : 5 additional items
    • Family Fame of 1001 - 1500 : 10 additional items
    • Family Fame of 1501 - 2000 : 15 additional items
    • Family Fame of 2001 - 2500 : 20 additional items
    • Family Fame of 2501 - 9999 : 30 additional items

    PVP & PVE Death Penalties

    BDO PVP Activation Swords

    Characters of level 49 and under are safe from PVP, but player versus player combat can't be avoided at level 50 and beyond (You can run, but you can't hide.) After you complete the quest that lets you move past level 49, another player can "flag up" and attack you at any time, except in safe areas like cities and towns. The Black Spirit quest, [To Level 50!] Breaking New Ground, must be completed in order to level up from Lv. 49 to Lv. 50.

    Unwanted PVP occurs most often because of hunting territory squabbles. If you don't like PVP, stay away from other player's "rotations" for popular grind spots. You will still get PVP'd while grinding, when someone wants to take your leveling spot, but it's not an every day occurance, if you choose grinding spots that are less poplular. Switch channels when grind spots are full.

    PVP flagged characters have glowing red names above their heads.

    Some players just enjoy playing the bad guy and killing others for sport. These players enjoy having negative Karma (aka red Karma). Negative Karma occurs when you "flag up" and keep killing players that aren't flagged for PVP (that don't have a red name) and your Karma points sink below 0.

    PVP & PVE Death Penalties Depend Upon Karma:
    • PvE Death (you have 0+ Karma): Chance to lose crystals + guaranteed exp loss
    • PvE Death (you have negative Karma) Guaranteed exp/crystal loss + chance to lose 1 gear Enhancment level.
    • PvP Death (you have 0+ Karma): nothing happens
    • PvP Death (you have negative Karma): Guaranteed loss of crystals (usually 5 max) + guaranteed XP loss (more than Elion's Tear can recover) + chance to lose 1 gear Enhancment level
    • PVP Death in Desert (you have negative Karma): Jail time only: sentenced according to Karma (30/50/60 minutes) Desert area is in Valencia whenever you can't view yourself on the World Map. You will see a desert icon on your minimap.

    Negative Karma players will be attacked by NPC guards, except in the criminal's town inside Valencia. Having extremely negative Karma can even destory the gear you are wearing upon death.

    PVP penalties do not apply during node war, RBF (Red Battlefield), guild war declarations, duels, or arena.
    PVE Penalties don't apply for some boss deaths. (Dark Rift bosses have no death penalty. World bosses do give death penalty.)
    Arsha is a special PVP server that removes any Karma penalties, and also increases loot drops for level 50+ players.

    Guild Benefits

    BDO Guild Combat Skills Joining a guild has tangible benefits besides socializing and group activities. Guilds can earn points though guild quests and player advancement that they can spend on passive buffs to stats like Gathering, Fishing, and AP. There is also a daily contract payout amount that starts low and increases with time.

    At one time, joining a medium or larger guild gave an extra daily attendance reward. This may happen again in the future.

    NOTE: Guild pay outs coupled with active sea monster hunting was recently nerfed, but is still a popular way to earn silver for guilds that work together in vanquishing the terrors of the sea!

    Summary of Life Skills

    Pressing your P key will bring up a window with your character's information, including a list of Professions (Life Skills) under "Life Skill". There are 7 ranks for each Life Skill and 10 levels in each rank. Master has 30 levels and the highest rank of Guru has 50 levels.

    BDO Life Skill Levels

    We see color grades reflected in Life Skill levels:

    1. Guru
    2. Master
    3. Artisan
    4. Professional
    5. Skilled
    6. Apprentice
    7. Beginner

    Vist our Life Skill Levels guide for a more detailed guide on Life Skill Levels and the Life Fame benefit.

    You can read Life Skill summaries below. For more detailed Life Skill guides, follow the links:

    • Gathering - using an axe, hoe, tanning knife, butcher knife, fluid collector, pickaxe, empty bottle, shabby shovel, bare handed
    • Processing - AFK chop, heat, dry, filter, shake, and grind resources into processed materials
    • Cooking - AFK cook gathered material inside your residence on a Cooking Utensil
    • Alchemy - AFK brew gathered material inside your residence on an Alchemy Tool
    • Training - taming wild horses, AFK running horses on a loop, horse breeding
    • Fishing - AFK fishing or active fishing via mini game
    • Hunting - active hunting with a Matchlock and butchering the corpse with a Butcher Knife
    • Trading - active or semi-AFK trading by buying or making trade goods and delivering them far away.
    • Farming - planting seed in a rented fence and tending the crops
    • Sailing - sailing quests, hunting sea monsters
    • Barter - trade collected land goods to Barter NPC's located on islands and ocean objects.


    Gathering is a profitable activity that lets you gather all kinds of crafting materials used in other Life Skills and worker workshops. In many quest lines, it's a requirement that opens up other Life Skill quests. Each gatherable resource requires it's own tool to gather. Buy gathering tools at a <Material Vendor> or on the Marketplace. Or purchase a Tool Workshop and have your worker craft them for you.

    BDO Gathering by a Fruit Tree
    Gathering Tools
    AxeUse on trees to chop wood
    HoeUse on vegetation to gather herbs, weeds, seeds, and flowers (Barehanded gathering without a tool will mostly reward weeds which are used in alchemy)
    Tanning KnifeUse on animal corpes to gather hides and feathers
    Butcher KnifeUse on animal corpses to gather meat (Also used in the Hunting Profession to gather multiple materials and Hunting XP)
    Fluid CollectorUse on corpses to gather blood or trees to gather sap (which are used in Alchemy)
    PickaxeUse on rocks, ore, and gem nodes to gather rough stone, ores, and gems
    Empty BottleUse to gather river and sea water
    Shabby ShovelUse in the desert of Valencia to gather muddy water, vanadium and titanium ore and shards, blue and violet crystals

    All gathering methods have a chance to proc the very valuable Hard and Sharp Black Crystal Shards which are used in enhancing gear.  Lucky and Magic Tools increase luck while gathering. There is debate on how much, if any, Luck plays in gathering Shards.

    Empty Bottle for leveling Gathering SkillIf you would like to increase your Life Skills, I recommend leveling up your Gathering Skill to at least Beginner 7 ASAP. This is easily done via Empty Bottle gathering at the fountain in Heidel. Purchase 34 Empty Bottles at the Material Vendor near the fountain. Or you can use any river/lake for gathering water. I like Heidel because the Material Vendor is only a couple steps away from the water source.

    BDO Gathering Fountain Water for Processing Quests BDO Gathering Water for Processing Quests

    Speedy Tip: Get to Apprentice 4 Gathering Skill to bypass 9 prerequisite Processing advancement quests. You may want to do them anyway, though, since they give you a free fence and other goodies.
    BDO Apprentice 4 Gathering for Processing quest line
    Shai is the only class that begins with Professional 1 Gathering. (And also Professional 1 Alchemy.)

    Gathering level Apprentice 4 is a little more challenging to obtain. You will need about 274 Empty Bottles filled. If you do skip the prerequisite quest chain for processing, then you will miss out on the Shabby Fence and some housing furniture, as well as additional Gathering/Processing XP.


    Press L to open the processing window. No tools are needed to process materials. Processed materials are inherently worth more than raw materials at the Marketplace (but this does not always mean they will sell well, if at all, on the Marketplace. Look at supply and demand before processing anything!). Processing, like fishing, is usually a good AFK way to generate extra income, after it is leveled up to Artisan level. (Always check Marketplace demand.) There is a questline to complete before you can process at higher levels. See our guide for the Beginner Processing Knowledge Questline.

    Processing Examples
    raw material T1 T2 T3
    BDO timber unprocessed
    BDO Processed Timber by Chopping: Plank
    BDO Processed Timber by Chopping: Plywood
    sturdy plywood
    BDO Processed Timber: Sturdy Timber
    BDO ore unprocessed
    melted shard
    BDO Processed Ore by Melting: Melted Shard
    BDO Processed Ore by Melting: Ingot
    pure crystal
    BDO Processed Ore: Pure Crystal
    In BDO, the Processing Skill allows you to chop, heat, dry, filter, shake, and grind resources into processed materials. These refined items are often used in higher level crafting recipes. Everyone is able to do basic T1 processing. However, if you would like to do the second level of processing, (to create plywoods, ingots, cloth, etc.), BDO requires you to obtain "Beginner" Processing Knowledge. There are up to three tiers of processing: T2 Beginner, T3 Skilled.


    Cooking is one of the first Lifeskills you will most likely level early on as you need to make Beer to feed your workers. Check out this Beer making guide, which also goes into greater detail on how to begin cooking. Cooking requires a Cooking Utensil installed in your residence. Purchase a Cooking Utensil from chefs or innkeepers. Utensils can sometimes be sniped on the Marketplace, or have your worker craft one in a Tool Workshop.

    The image below shows the location of all the Velia grain/cereal nodes you can purchase to make beer. ( I obtained the map's background from Thanks Fam! )

    BDO Grain Nodes Near Velia for Making Beer


    Taming wild horses and riding your mount increases Training skill. You need ropes from a Stable Keeper to capture a horse in the wild. Read a more detailed guide about training in our Training Guide.


    When I first started BDO, AFK fishing over night was the easiest way to earn money and it probably still is. To AFK fish, press Space Bar, and let it go. You will automatically loot the fish after 3 minutes. Catching rare fish levels your fishing skill faster. With better fishing skill, you can use better fishing rods. Active fishing takes more keyboard warrior skill. To actively fish, approach water, equip a fishing rod, and press Space Bar to begin fishing. After you get a bite, press Space Bar to reel it in. You must successfully complete 2 mini-games to loot the fish. If you fail either one, the fish gets away. Read more about fishing in our AFK Fishing Guide.


    You need a matchlock to hunt. To level your hunting skill, you need to butcher <Wild> animals with a butcher knife or do hunting quests. To get started with Hunting, you should know about the Hunting quest line detailed in this Hunting guide.


    BDO Farming Window showing Temp and Humidity You need a fence and seeds to begin Farming. Pruning, killing pests, breeding, and harvesting crops increases Farming Skill.

    Farming for Grain:
    Farming is another profession you can do as a beginner that will help you get grain for making worker food. There is a low level quest line which will give you a free fence, or you can spend 3 CP on a Small Fence.

    Finding Seeds:
    Seeds can be acquired through gathering vegetation, the Marketplace, and seed vendors. A Withered Seed, sold by vendors, is the lowest quality seed, which will not yield very good results. But the good news is that you can breed them and there is a chance to obtain better seeds, which produce better crops. The next tier after Withered Wheat is the normal white grade Wheat Seed, which after about 5 hours from planting, will yield an average of 70 wheat.

    Fence Locations:
    To find all the NPCs that will rent you a Fence, please visit our Fence Types & Locations Guide.


    Trading is the act of obtaining one Trade Good and selling it to a <Trade Manager>, (for, hopefully, a profit). Trading is often touted as a profitable profession in the game, but you can actually loose money doing it, if you're not careful. Before getting into trade, be sure to read up on it. It is not usually recommended for beginners.

    BDO Alchemy Chest


    Alchemy creates potions (most have a shorter buff than foods), magic crystals, and reagents for Skilled Processing (Plywood Hardener, Metal Solvent, Gem Polisher). Alchemy requires an Alchemy tool installed in your residence. Purchase an Alchemy tool from a General Vendor, or on the Markeplace, or have your worker craft one in a Tool Workshop. Alchemy isn't as passive as Cooking can be. All Alchemy recipes require rare materials that you have to gather yourself or rarely obtain through nodes and grinding. This profession takes time to level up, but helps boost your character's power in many ways.

    The Shai class is the only class that begins with Professional 1 Alchemy. (And also Professional 1 Gathering.)

    BDO Sailing Ship

    Sailing & Barter

    A beginner sailing boat can be purchased at the Wharf Master for 10k silver. You can sail at low levels to find fishing hotspots and other adventures, but it's not recommended to go too far out by yourself (Ross & Margoria Seas), until you have an Epheria Boat. Sailing is very slow and the waters that are far out have sea monsters that quickly destroy a slow and weak boat. Building a good boat takes time and effort. Read more about Sailing and the ship UI in our Beginner Sailing Guide. Barter is an expensive Life Skill to get your ship to a point in which you make good silver. For this reason, it's not recommended for beginners.

    BDO Hotkeys (Default)

    The image below shows the default Hotkeys or Keyboard Shortcuts for different commands in BDO. The one you will use the most will be the Escape key. Through this, you can pretty much do anything you want, including accessing a helpful crafting knowledge database (F2) with recipes and item drop locations.

    One very handy tool in the Escape Menu is the Central Market button. You can make purchases away from town, as long as you have Silver in your Warehouse.

    BDO Hotkeys: Default Keyboard Key Commands

    Links to Helpful BDO Sites

    BDO has a great community of people. Many of whom have created websites and tools to help us in our adventures: