[Manor] Starspun Chandelier is a ceiling decoration that brightens a manor interior. It is a large chandelier, but can be placed in almost any interior location, unlike wall lighting.

It is crafted by purchasing a design and crafting in a level 5 Furniture Workshop.

[Manor] Starspun Chandelier [Manor] Starspun Chandelier


It can only be installed in the interior of a manor.


Bad Joke #007:
Is a Starspun Chandelier heavy?
Or is it pretty light?

[Manor] Starspun Chandelier

Purchase Design: Starspun Chandelier


Purchase from Amarin:

Design: Starspun Chandelier


Silver Cost:
200 million

Manor Breezy Painting Order

Amarin <Luxury Vendor>
Location: Odraxxia

OPTIONAL: Amarin’s Other Manor Items

While you are visiting Amarin, you may want to purchase her other chandelier design and an item to craft a manor painting.

Make sure you have enough silver! They aren’t cheap!


Manor Design Silver Manor Furniture Recipe
Design: Sunflare Chandelier 100 million Sunflare Chandelier Guide
Top-Quality Thornwood Timber Frame 30 million Manor Breezy Painting Guide

Delotia-scented Candle

You need 10 Delotia-scented Candle for each [Manor] Starspun Chandelier.


Purchase or Process Delotia-scented Candle:

  • Purchase from Tama Nana <Ceramics Vendor>
    • Buy price: 2,000,000 each
  • Delotia Candle Recipe (Processing/Heating)

Tama Nana <Ceramics Vendor>
Location: O’daxxia, O’dyllita

Tama Nana Location Map

Design for [Manor] Starspun Chandelier

[Manor] Starspun Chandelier is crafted by a worker in a level 5 Furniture Workshop.


Screenshots for [Manor] Starspun Chandelier

The first image on the left shows a comparison of [Manor] Starspun Chandelier with [Manor] Sunflare Chandelier. [Manor] Starspun Chandelier is a larger and brighter chandelier.

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