The <Cursed> Stone Cobra is a rare wild animal you can hunt with a matchlock. It can be found in Drieghan, in the mountains south of the Dormann Lumber Camp Node. It spawns in relatively safe areas, amidst low level goats and snakes.

Rare hunting mobs are difficult to find, but drop an unusual amount of loot from butchering them. Respawn is randomly between 12 and 24 hours. The map below shows potential spawn locations.

<Cursed> Stone Cobra Hunting Mechanics

The <Cursed> Stone Cobra will spawn an additional 2-4 cobras when its health falls below half. If you kill the clones first, you can butcher and loot them also, but if the original cobra dies before the clones, the clones will disappear and you will only be able to butcher the original cobra.

The <Cursed> Stone Cobra can be more challenging to kill than most other rare hunting mobs because of the clones. You will have 3 to 5 cobras rapidly striking and poisioning until you can kill them. It may take some practice before you master how to separate the original Stone Cobra from its clones. 

I’ve nicknamed him the Stone Cold Killer Cobra! Ouch! Consider bringing health pots and Hunter’s Salad which decreases matchlock reload speed.

<Cursed> Stone Cobra Knowledge and Titles

The first time you kill the <Cursed> Stone Cobra, you will gain knowledge under the category: Ecology > Rare Hunting Guide.

Completion of this category will allow you to obtain the Rare Hunting Guide from Lacy which then allows you to exchange energy for Manor Olvian Furniture designs.

You also have a chance to obtain 3 different titles while killing the Cursed Stone Cobras:

– Taken Aback
– Snake Researcher
– Faux Snake

<Cursed> Stone Cobra Loot

Butchering the <Cursed> Stone Cobra yields Snake Meat, Hard and Sharp Black Crystal Shards, Spirit Pouch of Ferocious Beast, and Energy-exuding Hide which is used to craft Manor Olvian Furniture. Hunting mastery makes a difference in the amount of each loot type and gives you the chance to obtain rare hunting loot like Sharp Tooth and Supreme Hide. Low mastery can still proc high mastery loot rarely as a crit.

A picture of the chat window was taken to show the loot obtained by butchering the <Cursed> Stone Cobra and 2-3 clones. Please see pics below for examples of loot obtained with low mastery and 930 mastery.


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