Atoraxxion Sycrakea has a total of 7 puzzles that reward knowledge.

5 puzzles are required in order to complete the main Sycrakea quest line and 2 are optional.

The laser trap in Syca’s Throat has a puzzle you can complete to disable it. You must pass through the laser trap in Syca’s Throat to reach the final boss and obtain the chest.

All but one puzzle can be completed in solo mode.

Sycrakea Puzzle

Main Quest Line Puzzles

The are 5 puzzles you must complete during the Sycrakea main quest line.


Puzzle 1: Lights On Puzzle

There is a 3 x 3 grid of towers.

The object is to turn all the towers on. (So that they are sparkling and the top part is raised.)

When you activate a tower, the towers that are next to it are deactivated. But if they are already on, then they will turn off. If they are in the off position, they will turn on. Make sense? Haha!

It’s similar to the traditional “Light’s Out Puzzle.”

For help solving this type of puzzle, there is an application here: DDO Vale Puzzle Solver.

Use the puzzle solver and edit it to reflect the towers that are lit up as red circles on the solver. Then click the Play then Solve button. The number 1 means interact with that device. Starting from top left in order from left to right row by row to the bottom right.

When you see all of the towers NOT lit up, then interact with the very center tower to light up all the towers.

When all the towers are lit up, you win.

Knowledge: Thread of Intersecting Gaze

Quest: [Atoraxxion] Nine Sentences

sycrakea puzzle
sycrakea puzzle

Puzzle 2: Cubes, Towers, & Platforms, Oh My!

Knowledge: Thread of Complicated Relationships

Quest: [Atoraxxion] Divided Paths


TIP: Solo mode will instant complete this puzzle for you when you choose the [Solo] dialog at the device.


There are two separate locations for this puzzle.

Each section has a set of 4 cubes with symbols on them. ( I   II   Γ   ◻  and  off )

Each section also has round platforms that smoke yellow when you step on one to confirm you activated the platform.


North Cubes Location
Stepping on these platforms will change the symbols at the south cube location.

sycrakea puzzle


1. Make the 4 Cubes Match:

  • Your first task is to make the sequence of the symbols on the 4 cubes to match in both locations.
  • Do this by stepping onto one of the four round platforms in front of the cubes. (At the northern towers location.)
  • Go back to the southern location and find the cube that has changed symbols. This lets you know which platform controls which cube.
  • Symbols on the Cubes change in sequential order:
    • Step 1 once: I
    • Step 2 times: II
    • Step 3 times: Γ
    • Step 4 times:


South Cubes Location
Stepping on these platforms adds 1 to 3 light levels to the northern towers.

sycrakea puzzle


2. Light up All Towers:

Each of the 3 towers has 3 levels of lights. Stepping on a platform adds 1 to 3 light levels.

  • Walk onto one of the round platforms that are in a triangle shape in the southern location.
  • Have one person at the tower room to record the tower numbers and their light level
  • For example, tower 1, light level 2 by stepping on platform 3 (write T1.L2.P3)
  • Do this for each of the round platforms

Now think of this puzzle as an adding machine. Each time a platform is stepped on, it will add a certain amount of lights to the towers.

Adding lights to a tower that is already fully lit up at light level of 3 will cause that tower to reset to a 0 light level.

When all 3 towers have all lights lit up, an object will appear to allow you to finish.

sycrakea puzzle

Puzzle 3: Cube 5 is Alive!

Knowledge: Thread at the Precipice of Death

Quest: [Atoraxxion] Moonlight of Chaos


There is a tall towering Stellagia surrounded by 4 cubes that you can attack.

The 5th cube can’t be interacted with.

  1. Hit one of the 4 cubes 1 time.
  2. Interact with the Stellagia.
  3. Look to the 5th cube that’s outside to see if its appearance has changed.
  4. If there is no change, hit the same cube you hit the first time one more time and interact with the Stellagia again.
  5. Has the 5th cube outside changed yet? If not, hit the cube again until there is a change to the 5th cube.
  6. When the 5th cube changes, move to the next cube that hasn’t been hit.
  7. Repeat this process for the remaining cubes.

When all 4 cubes have the correct symbol, a win message will appear.

Interact with the Stellagia to complete the puzzle.

5th cube showing 3 cubes are correct.

sycrakea puzzle
sycrakea puzzle

Puzzle 4: Torch Towers

Knowledge: Hidden Thread of Truth

Quest: [Atoraxxion] Syca’s Throat

TIP: Solo mode will instant complete this puzzle for you when you choose the [Solo] dialog at the device.

You will encounter a passageway that is blocked by deadly lasers. You must complete the puzzle that is before it in order to shut down the lasers so everyone can pass through without death or injury.

  1. Find the Stellagia on the left side of the road leading to the laser trap.
  2. On the right there is a climbing wall with 8 discs called “Pieces of Syca’s Thread”
  3. Place 1 man at the highest section at the very top of the climbing wall so he can see all 8 discs.
  4. Have another player start the puzzle by interacting with the Stellagia.
  5. Memorize the order that the discs grow into towers and erupt in flames.
  6. Hit the towers in the order that they came alive.
  7. Interact with the Stellagia to complete the puzzle.
sycrakea puzzle
sycrakea puzzle
  • “Broken” Lahtron appears in Syca’s Grave.
    • Making “Broken” Lahtron touch the Stellagia located in Syca’s Grave will deactivate the trap in Syca’s Throat for a certain period of time.



Puzzle 5: Colored Strings

Knowledge: Thread of Destiny

Quest: [Atoraxxion] String of Reason

  1. Activate the middle Stellagia surrounded by different colored devices.
  2. Select the Stellagia’s option to “Turn the Piece of Syca’s Thread”
  3. Look around the room to find the “Piece of Syca’s Thread” that has a blue device above it and select “Exchange the Piece of Syca’s Thread.”
  4. Move counter clockwise (to the left) to the next “Piece of Syca’s Thread” and select “Exchange the Piece of Syca’s Thread.”
  5. Go back to the Stellagia and select “Operate a Piece of Syca’s Thread.”
  6. Wait for the light string animations to finish.

Thanks u/cransis for the solution!

Optional Puzzles

Optional puzzles in Sycrakea are not required to complete the main quest line.


Puzzle 6: Ring Jumping

Location: Syca’s Scale (west of the 2nd puzzle area)

  1. Equip all swim speed gear.
  2. Interact with the Dopplenus and get a fall protection buff
  3. Go to the edge of the cliff and look down to find 3 yellow rings that move.
  4. Wait until the rings are in the correct position.
  5. Jump from the edge of the cliff and fall through all 3 rings at once.
  6. Quickly swim down to the Dopplenus that spawns beneath the surface of the water below you. (Press Q key to dive down. You have a VERY short time to swim to the device before it disappears and you have to start over!! 🙁  *cries a river*

NOTE: You can climb up at the far east end of the river after falling down, but the gates will all be locked. Make sure you jump AFTER you have all your keys or completed the dungeon.

Puzzle 7: Tall Numbers

Location: Syca’s Scale (east of the 2nd puzzle area)

This optional puzzle rewards knowledge. It requires at least two people and can’t be completed in solo mode.

  • Interact with the Stellagia to start the puzzle.
  • The tall cube has 2 sides that each have a platform on the ground below it.
  • Have 1 player stand so they can record the changes to one side of the tall block.
  • Have another player stand so they can see the changes to the other side of the tall block.
  • When each player sees a number appear in the tall block, have them also record the symbol that changes on the platform right below the tall number block at the same time.
  • Now player 1 must enter the numbers they recorded on the correct cubes by striking the cube.
  • The cube they must strike will have a matching symbol to the one that appeared on the platform below the number.
  • Have player 2 wait until player 1 is done entering their numbers, then player 2 must add his.
  • If player 1 and player 2 saw the same symbol appear, then their numbers must be added together.


  • Large Number Block shows number 5 and the platform shows   then hit cube labeled 5 times.
  • Player 1 and Player 2 both see the number 3 and their platforms show Γ then cube labeled Γ is hit 6 times.
sycrakea puzzle
sycrakea puzzle

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