Rawr-rawr <King of the Grass Rhinos> is a party field boss you can hunt with a matchlock. It spawns around the Narcion node in O’dyllita.

Rawr-rawr is similar to other field bosses like Fugitive Khalk, King Griffon, and Blue Whale, which spawn rarely, but drop a large amount of loot from participating. Respawn is randomly between 12 and 24 hours.


Top Rawr-rawr Benefits:

  • add +50 Max Durability to a Master Matchlock
  • another way to obtain Mythical Feather for T10 horse
  • help to obtain a T9 horse, Dine
  • large amount of meat, blood, hide, and other Life Skill materials

Rawr-rawr <King of the Grass Rhinos>
Level: 63


Rawr-rawr Location Map

Rawr-rawr spawns at the node called Narcion in O’dyllita.

Thanks to the offical PA team for the helpful map below!

Rawr-Rawr Location Map
BDO Narcion Node Location Map

View Narcion location map.


Rawr Rawr Spawn Alerts

  • A server message displays 15 min prior to Rawr-Rawr spawning: A massive aura of nature energy is detected deep within Narcion.
  • A second server message will be displayed 5 minutes prior to Rawr-Rawr spawning: Rawr-Rawr, king of the Grass Rhinos, huffs in anger at the matchlocks’ blare.
  • Press the World Map (M) to see an icon of where Rawr Rawr is near Narcion.
  • Combat music playes in a small area where Rawr-Rawr will spawn if you want to check different servers to see if he will spawn.  You must have music enabled and be close to his spawn point.
  • A seperate server message will alert you when Rawr-Rawr is defeated.
  • Takes about 10 minutes for a good sized group to defeat him.

Rawr Rawr Death 2 Weakies!

I finally got a chance to attend a Rawr Rawr battle!

It was fun, but I went splat like Frogger. This fella hits hard.

Fighting Rawr Rawr feels alot like fighting Karanda or similar. Just hope you don’t get his attention, but you probably will! LOL!

He has a wide AOE attack that takes a good chunk of HP from you. The ground will turn red in a circle around him. It’s hard to move out of it in time when you are too close and have a matchlock equipped.

Stay as far distant from him as you can while you shoot.

WARNING: Death penalty does apply, so act accordingly. 🙂

Rawr Rawr is twice the size of Grass Rhino.

Rawr Rawr Hunting Boss

Rawr-Rawr Rewards

Unlike other wild mobs, Rawr-rawr does not have to be butchered to obtain loot. You pick it up like normal loot with a pet, etc.

Obtainable loot is based upon damage contribution.

  • 1st – 40th place: High-tier rewards
  • 41st – 80th: Mid-tier rewards
  • 81th and lower: Low-tier rewards

RNG Drop Chance:

These may be looted, depending on luck, punk! 🙂


    100% Drop Chance:

    • Rhino Blood
    • Rhino Meat
    • Rhino Hide
    • Caphras Stone
    • Fire Horn
    • Hard Black Crystal Shard
    • Sharp Black Crystal Shard
    • Spirit Pouch of Ferocious Beast (Courser Training – Elegance – Diné)
    • Black Gem Fragment
    • Black Gem


    Example Loot:

    [Black Gem] 3 pieces.
    [Rhino Meat] 173pieces.
    [Rhino Blood] 191 pieces.
    [Rhino Hide] 184 pieces.
    [Fire Horn] 36 pieces.
    [Caphras Stone] 3 pieces.
    [Hard Black Crystal Shard] 5 pieces.
    [Sharp Black Crystal Shard] 2 pieces.
    [Black Gem Fragment] 5 pieces.
    [Spirit Pouch of Ferocious Beast] 9 pieces.

    rawr rawr loot

    Rawr-Rawr’s Heart

    Rawr-Rawr’s Heart has a rare chance of dropping from Rawr-rawr.

    It is an ingredient to make Gauche Rawr-Rawr’s Heart.


    Processing (L) → Heating:

    200- Steel

    3- Forest Fury

    10- Magical Shard

    100- Black Stone

    Rawr-Rawr’s Heart

    Rawr-Rawr's Heart

    Gauche Rawr-Rawr’s Heart

    Gauche Rawr-Rawr’s Heart is used to upgrade a Master Matchlock.

    +50 Max Durability to [Hunting] Master Matchlock

    • Press RMB or summon Black Spirit to start the upgrade.
    • You will have a 100% chance of successfully reforming [Hunting] Master Matchlock.
    gauche rawr heart

    Red Earth Bloodstone

    Red Earth Bloodstone has a rare chance of dropping from Rawr-rawr.

    10 Red Earth Bloodstone is exchanged to obtain Mythical Feather x1.

    Mythical Feather is used to make a T10 mythical horse.


    Exchange NPC:
    Lejenti at Dead Moon Post (house SW of Narcion node)

    Red Earth Bloodstone


    Sources & Additional Info



    Source: Patch Notes – Nov 30, 2022 https://www.naeu.playblackdesert.com/en-US/News/Detail?groupContentNo=4348&countryType=en-US



    Rawr-Rawr, king of the Grass Rhinos who graze over the fields of O’dyllita, has been discovered. Protected by its tough Grass Rhino hide covered by thick layers of soil and vegetation, Rawr-Rawr’s sturdy nature is known far and wide. Rumors abound of a means to utilize its notable characteristic, and many hunters have decided to see if there lies any truth to the matter themselves.

    Alas, many a hunter have tried, but not one has yet to return with any confirmation of the ongoing rumors. Some of the more seasoned hunters who sought out and tried their hand at taming the beast have mentioned Rawr-Rawr’s exterior hide and horns are extremely durable and dangerous, thus requiring a full-fledged party of able-bodied hunters to take it down, akin to hunting parties for Fugitive Khalk, King Griffon, and Blue Whales.

    • The blare of matchlocks awaken Rawr-Rawr, king of the Grass Rhinos, from his deep slumber in Narcion, O’dyllita.
      • As a field Hunting boss, Rawr-Rawr will require a greater number of like-minded adventurers to take down.
      • Defeat Rawr-Rawr to obtain the items below:



    Guaranteed Items Obtained According to a Set Probability
    Rhino Meat
    Rhino Blood
    Rhino Hide
    Fire Horn
    Caphras Stone
    Sharp/Hard Black Crystal Shard
    Black Gem Fragment
    Black Gem
    Spirit Pouch of Ferocious Beast
    Breath of Narcion
    Rawr-Rawr’s Heart
    Red Earth Bloodstone
    Concentrated Magical Black Gem


    • Red Earth Bloodstones you obtain can be exchanged for Mythical Feathers.
      • Red Earth Bloodstone x10 can be exchanged for Mythical Feather x1 (Dead Moon Post, NPC Lejenti)
    • Rawr-Rawr’s Heart can be crafted into Gauche Rawr-Rawr’s Heart by Heating (L) the following items:
    Gauche Rawr-Rawr’s Heart Recipe
    Rawr-Rawr’s Heart x1
    Forest Fury x3
    Magical Shard x10
    Black Stone x100
    Steel x200
    * Heating

    • Gauche Rawr-Rawr’s Heart can be used to upgrade [Hunting] Master Matchlock.
      • When you upgrade it, it will change to [Hunting] Gauche Master Matchlock and have an effect that grants Max Durability +50.
      • [Hunting] Gauche Master Matchlock cannot be registered on the Central Market or sold to a shop vendor.
      • You can use Mirror of Equilibrium to extract [Hunting] Gauche Master Matchlock to obtain [Hunting] Master Matchlock x1 and Steel x1.