Atoraxxion: Yolunakea is a forest-themed dugeon for a party of 5 players. A solo version is also available that allows you to complete the Yolunakea main questline.

Yolunakea is considered Part 3 of Atoraxxion, but only requires completion of some of the main Atoraxxion quest line to enter. Completion of Vahmalkea and Sycrakea is not required to enter or complete Yolunakea.


Yolunakea Requirements:

  • Lv. 60+
  • 3 Pre-requisite Quest Chains under O → Main quest tab
    • [Lv. 56] *class*, New Power 14/14  (Succession or Awakening Questline)
    • [Invitation from I] Somone Beckons 15/15
    • [Atoraxxion] The Last Stronghold, Atoraxxion 16/45
      • quest line up to [Atoraxxion] Talibre’s Tear (16 quests)
      • requires a 100G Gold Bar (10 milllion silver)
    Invitation from I quest line

    Atoraxxion: Yolunakea has many similarities to Atoraxxion: Vahmalkea, but also some welcome differences.


    • only the final boss zone is instanced and private. You may encounter other parties in preceeding zones.
    • 4 optional puzzles are part of the Yolunakea main quest line:
      • not required to obtain the final boss and chest
      • Yolunakea main quest line requires completion of the Vahmalkea and Sycrakea main quest lines.

    Atoraxxion Biomes


    • Desert:  Vahmalkea
    • Ocean:  Sycrakea
    • Canyon:  in development
    • Forest:  Yolunakea


    Yolunakea Rewards

    Obtain up to 2 chests each week per family. (3 with Season)

    1. Elvia Servers:
      • Scalding Chest
      • Talibahar Chest
    2. Normal Servers:
      • Salunia Chest
    3. Season Servers:
      • Rift Chest

    There are 2 different chests available on Elvia Server, a different chest for normal and one for season servers.


    Yolunakea Chest Quests

    • You must have “Key of the Burnt Dawn” obtained by defeating the final boss “Impassioned Amarillos” in your inventory. (Resets every Thursday at midnight)
    • Limit of 2 quests per Family weekly (3 with future Season quest)
    • Limit of 1 quest per character (2 with future Season quest)
    • Chest Quests are given by the Yolu’s Time Capsule NPC located at Yolu’s Paradise after completing the dungeon. You can instantly complete the quests by talking to the NPC.
    • The Season quest “[Co-op] [Weekly] Vestige of the Rifts Bestowed by Yolu” is given by Fughar.



    Yolunakea Quests for Weekly Chests

    Your server and the completion amount determines which reward chest you will obtain.


    Atoraxxion Quests for Chests Weekly Chest Reward

    [Weekly] Yolunakea: Scalding Chest

    1st Elvia completion

    Yolunakea: Scalding Chest

    [Weekly] Yolunakea: Talibahar Chest

    2nd Elvia completion on a different character

    Yolunakea: Talibahar Chest

    [Weekly] Yolunakea: Salunia Chest I

    1st Normal completion

    Yolunakea: Salunia Chest

    [Weekly] Yolunakea: Salunia Chest II

    2nd Normal completion on a different character

    Yolunakea: Salunia Chest

    [Co-op] [Weekly] Vestige of the Rifts Bestowed by Yolu

    Season completion

    Atoraxxion: Rift Chest


    Yolunakea Reward Reward Details
    Scalding Chest

    Talibahar Chest

    Salunia Chest
    Required Quest [Weekly] Yolunakea: * Chest Scalding Talibahar Salunia I/II
    [Elvia] Yolu’s Rare Box

    RNG one of:

    • Narc Ear Accessory
    • Vaha’s Dawn
    • Ogre Ring
    • Valtarra Eclipsed Belt

    up to TRI (III) level

    1 0 0
    Yolu’s Rare Box

    RNG one of:

    • Narc Ear Accessory
    • Vaha’s Dawn
    • Ogre Ring
    • Valtarra Eclipsed Belt

    up to DUO (II)

    0 1 1
    Dehkima: Token of the Oath 1 = Memory Fragment x2
    1 = Mass of Pure Magic x2
    5 = Advice of Valks (+40) x1
    10 = Advice of Valks (+50) x1
    10 = Black Magic Crystal – Harphia x1
    10 = Black Magic Crystal – Cobelinus x1
    10 = Black Magic Crystal – Viper x1
    10 = Black Magic Crystal – Hystria x1
    10 = Black Magic Crystal – Carmae x1
    10 = Black Magic Crystal – Addis x1
    1000 = 3 Weapon Exchange Coupons (1 per family)
    30 25 20
    Golden Tears of the Desert need 1 to make earring, “Vaha’s Dawn
    PEN Stats:
    Attack (AP): 21 ~ 21
    Accuracy: 16
    Damage Reduction: -5
    0-1 0-1 0-1
    Maha’s Fragment Exchange x1 for 100G Gold Bar
    100G Gold Bar = 10,000,000 silver
    10 8 5
    Rich Merchant’s Ring Piece ID: 44272 (one of 5 rare items to make Rich Merchant’s Ring) 0-1 0-1 0-1
    Ancient Spirit Dust need 5 + 1 Black Stone to make Caphras Stone 15-20 10-15 5-10
    Deep Blue Hoof Root Courser Training – Strength (Doom) 5-10 5-10 5-10
    Pure Forest Breath Courser Training – Strength (Doom) 5-10 5-10 5-10
    Fruit of Nature Alchemy ingredient 10 10 10
    Fruit of Nature Alchemy ingredient 10 10 10
    Fruit of Nature Alchemy ingredient 10 10 10
    Fruit of Nature Alchemy ingredient 10 10 10
    Trace of Nature Alchemy ingredient 5-10 3-8 2-5

    Yolunakea Loot

    Most of the loot inside Yolunakea is used to craft keys to obtain the end chest. However there are a couple other beneficial items for knowledge and obtaining an earring.


    • Golden Tears of the Desert is a very rare drop from monsters in co-op mode: 1 is used to make Vaha’s Dawn Earring.
      • mobs: Lekra Vuhuma, Sebekaruk
    • Yolu’s Circuit of Special Information is a guaranteed drop from monsters in co-op mode: 1 is used to get 1 random Yolunakea Knowledge.
      • mobs: Lekra Vuhuma, Sebekaruk, Impassioned Amarillos

    Yolunakea Rewards for Season

    Yolunakea Rewards for Season Server are unique and have many enhancement items for Tuvala Gear.

    Quest: “[Co-op] [Weekly] Vestige of the Rifts Bestowed by Yolu”
    Start NPC: Fughar
    Chest Reward: Atoraxxion: Rift Chest

    Also obtain Atoraxxion: Rift Chest x1 for a Challenge Reward (Y):


    Challenge Name Requirement
    [Season] On the Corrupt Yolun Dagger! Defeat Yolunakea Boss Amarillos
    Learn “On the Corrupt Yolun Dagger” knowledge

    Yolunakea Entrance

    There are three ways to enter Yolunakea.

    • Move to Yolunakea via a device inside the bottom of Ancient Stone Chamber.
    • Defeat Vahmalkea Last Ancient Weapon, Apex Lucretia, to open up Elribta’s Door in Vaha’s Paradise to move to Yolunakea.
    • Defeat Sycrakea Last Ancient Weapon, Maleficent Centilutos, to open up Elribta’s Door in Syca’s Paradise to move to Yolunakea.


    Yolunakea Entrance Option 1:

    The easiest way is using the Sol Magia inside Ancient Stone Chamber. (SE of Western Guard Camp. map)

    Be sure to select the correct biome.

    Yolunakea Entrance


    Yolunakea Entrance Option 2:

    You can also enter Yolunakea through a gateway called “Elribta’s Door” in Atoraxxion: Vahmalkea – Vaha’s Paradise. It is the desert part of Atoraxxion that was released 1st before Sycrakea and Yolunakea.

    Sycrakea Entrance


    Yolunakea Entrance Option 3:

    You can also enter Yolunakea through “Elribta’s Door” inside Atoraxxion: Sycrakea – Syca’s Paradise.

    Atoraxxion: Sycrakea is the water part of Atoraxxion that was released 2nd, after Atoraxxion: Vahmalkea.

    Yolunakea Entrance

    Yolunakea Zones & Key Progression

    NOTE: Everyone in your party MUST obtain every item listed in the table below.

    Zone Item Crafted How to Make Boss & Monsters
    1. Yolu’s Nail Pulsating Tree Vine Mob drop [Yolu’s Remnant] Veinturam
    [Yolu’s Remnant] Oreturem
    [Yolu’s Remnant] Syketurem
    [Yolu’s Remnant] Vayeturem
    2. Yolu’s Query Distorted Tear of Temptation Arrange Items:

    Pulsating Tree Vine
    Yolu’s Arid Fragment
    Yolu’s Arid Fragment
    3. Yolu’s Spine Soaring Hatred Tear Arrange Items:

    Distorted Tear of Temptation
    Yolu’s Burning Vine
    Lekra Vuhuma:
    Yolu’s Burning Vine
    4. Yolu’s Mane
    5. Yolu’s Teeth
    Voidlight Dagger Arrange Items:

    Soaring Hatred Tear
    Yolu’s Contorted Lightstone
    Yolu’s Contorted Lightstone


    In the first two zones, you must fight mobs until each player has a Pulsating Tree Vine.

    Keluos will drop an item that combines with Pulsating Tree Vine to make a key.

    Each boss has a part that you combine with your key to upgrade it so that you can enter the next zone.

    Yolunakea Monsters & Boss Strategy

    NOTE: The difficulty you select before entering Yolunakea will determine how complex the fights will be. In solo mode, some of the mechanics below will not appear or are easily overcome.

    Yolunakea Mini-boss: Keluos

    Keluos is a large golem mini-boss inside Yolu’s Query that drops a key piece.

    Destory 3 Keluos that are surrounding a Sun Control Tower within a short time frame displayed in the alert. You get 15 to 60 seconds depending on Yolunakea difficulty. Use the Tower to teleport to the next zone.

    Make sure all party members have Keluos’s loot!

    Yolu’s Arid Fragment

    Used to Craft Distorted Tear of Temptation.

    Keluos <Yolu’s Remnant>

    Yolunakea Boss: Lekra Vuhuma

    Lekra Vuhuma is the boss inside Yolu’s Spine that drops a key piece.

    Yolu’s Burning Vine

    Vuhuma requires the key called Distorted Tear of Temptation.

    The boss room is divided into four platforms. Each platform has an Energy Golem protected by a shielded dome.

    You can fight Lekra Vuhuma in the center of the room until he has about 75% HP and you see an alert.


    Lekra Vuhuma <Yolu’s Spite>


    yolunakea lekra

    75% HP Bar Phase:

    Alert shows, “Eye of the Sun activated. Charging Lekra Vuhuma’s Energy.”

    Look at the map of the room high up on the east wall.

    Four corner sections of the wall map have lighted circles which tells how many players are needed to disable the shields for each of the 4 platforms.

    For example, if there are 5 circles lit up in the bottom left corner of the map on the wall, then 5 players need to enter the shield dome located on the bottom left of the room to disable it.

    Lekra Vuhuma Mechanic

    Wall Map Example: 5 players required inside bottom left dome. 1 player in the top right, and two players in the other domes.


    Vaha’s Power Stone

    Lekra Vuhuma will drop one of 5 types of Power Stone for each player.

    Power Stone
    Vaha’s Power Stone: Cetus
    Vaha’s Power Stone: Creomar
    Vaha’s Power Stone: Krahtenn
    Vaha’s Power Stone: Lacerta
    Vaha’s Power Stone: Monoceros


    Vaha's Power Stone: Cetus

    Press RMB on the Power Stone then select NPC Location to draw a path to the exchange NPC.

    The exchange will provide a summon scroll called, “Kyvelan Mission Statement”.


    Kyvelan Mission Statements:


    • Leaving Yolu’s Paradise, which you can reach via Yolu’s Cradle, will cause this item to vanish.
    • You must use Distorted Tear of Temptation at Yolu’s Spine to summon and defeat Lekra Vuhuma to reobtain this item.
    Kyvelan Mission Statement: Cetus

    Yolunakea Boss: Sebekaruk

    Sebekaruk is the boss inside Yolu’s Teeth that drops a key piece.

    The key called Soaring Hatred Tear is required to activate him.

    Use the scroll from the previous zone to summon your mount then interact with it to battle Sebekaruk. You will not be able to damage Sebekaruk without this. If you get kicked out of your mount, just right click the scroll again to resummon.


    Make sure all party members pick up his loot!

    Yolu’s Contorted Lightstone


    Sebekaruk <Yolu’s Avarice>


    Summoned Mounts have Unique Skills

    After interacting with a mount, a skill guide will display availabe skills.
    Each has unique skills to help win the battle.


    Hold SPACE: Charge Attack
    SHIFT, W during charge: keep running


    Q: taunt mobs


    Q: Debuff mobs


    W + SPACE: attack


    Krahtenn Key Commands:

    Krahtenn keys

    Hold Space then Shift to glide + LMB to dive attack
    Use skill on a button high up on the cliff that has a green beam of light.
    This prevents Sebekaruk’s heal skill.
    Sebekaruk’s Heal Alert: Emergency power source activated. Fueling Sebekaruk’s damage recovery.
    Prevent Heal Message: Emergency power source damaged. Cannot recover Sebekaruk.


    Look for a green beam of light high up on a cliff to the south.

    yolunakea cetus button location
    yolunakea cetus button

    Cetus Key Commands:

    yolunakea cetus keys
    yolunakea cetus button

    Yolunakea Boss: Impassioned Amarillos

    Impassioned Amarillos is the final boss of Yolunakea, located inside Yolu’s Cradle.

    Voidlight Dagger is required from all party members to access Impassioned Amarillos.

    You will automatically be kicked out of Yolu’s Cradle (final boss area) 4 hours after entering.


    He gives the key required to obtain the final chest.

    Key of the Burnt Dawn

    Impassioned Amarillos <Yolu’s Eyes>


    TIP: Buy Medical Kits from the Sol Magia before starting.

    Medical Kits can be used on party members who have died to resurrect them.

    How to Use:

    1. Press {KeyBind:MouseCursorOnOff} near an unconscious adventurer.
    2. Press the ‘Use Item‘ ({KeyBind:Interaction}) interaction.
    3. Press {KeyBind:Attack2} the item to resurrect the player.

    Cooldown: 5 min

    ※ Does not restore lost EXP.


    Medical Kit

    Party Wipe Walkers

    2 Vendum spawn on the north side and 2 on the south side. You must destroy them before they reach the large shielded dome in the center of the room.

    WIPE Mechanic: If any Vendum reaches the center dome, it will wipe the party.

    When a Vendum dies, he will leave behind a dark green circle. Move through it and it will follow you. When it touches a small sleeping golem, it will awaken it.

    After a short interval, 4 more Vendum will respawn like before. This is a cycle that repeats 3 to 4 times. Look for alert: “Heart of Creation incubation required. Activating recovery weapon Vendum.”


    WARNING: avoid the large circles of light floating slowly across the floor. They have a metal sphere high above them.

    Vendum <Yolu’s Remnant>


    Kill Sleeping Giants Before They Wake

    Each of the 4 corners will have 1 Root of Creation in a sleeping state and have a glowing color swirling around it.

    Kill Mechanic: Absorb the balls that have the same color as the glow on the Root of Creation before they reach him or it will kill anyone nearby.

    If you do not kill Root of Creation in time, he will stand up and transform into a Keluos with full HP.

    Keluos <Yolu’s Remnant>


    Vrekahim’s Towers

    Vrekahim will spawn at the north end by two towers.

    Kill Vrekahim and approach his corpse to obtain a buff.

    Take the buff to the two towers until they each have 5 green orbs.

    Vrekahim <Yolu’s Remnant>

    yolunakea tower orbs


    Twin Tuntaros

    2 Tuntaros will spawn.

    Try not to fight them in the main road because of the floating sphere that paints a circular light on the ground which stuns you.

    Take 3 players to attack the Tuntaros on the left and 2 to fight the other on the right.

    The Tuntaros on the left will periodically shield itself and if it’s not destroyed in time, will heal to full HP.

    Destroy both Tuntaros to below 50% HP at the same time to trigger the next change.

    Tuntaros <Yolu’s Spite>


    6 Towers

    Destroy the 4 small devices (Yolun’s Eye) on the four corners close to the shield dome.

    6 Heinton (small towers) will spawn and be invisible until you approach them to reveal them.

    3 Heinton will be in the north and 3 in the south.


    3 Southern Towers:

    The southern towers have a yellow beam of light that shoots from them. Destroy the 3 towers.

    Small Tower (Heinton)



    3 Northern Towers:

    The northern towers have a blue beam of light that shoots from them.

    Do NOT hit them.

    Instead hit then lure the small golems (Syketurem) to them until the blue beam turns green and the tower explodes.


    Small Golem (Syketurem)



    Yolunakea Final Boss

    Amarillos is a challenging final boss to beat. Near the end of the fight, he becomes much more difficult.

    Impassioned Amarillos <Yolu’s Eyes>



    50% Health Mechanic:

    When Impassioned Amarillos is at 50% HP, large circles of water will spawn on the ground. Standing in them will cause you to be shot high into the air and you can avoid any attacks.

    amarillos fight with water


    25% Health Mechanic:

    1 tower called Sol Magia will spawn in the north and 1 in the south.

    Amarillos will be given two very strong armor buffs and will be much more difficult to DPS.

    Do NOT destroy the towers. (This seems to prevent a very high damage mechanic from occuring, which can cause a party wipe.)

    Amarillos Fight with Sol Magia


    Watch for walkers (Vendum) that spawn at either end. Kill them before they reach the middle and cause a party wipe.



    amarillos final boss with vendum

    Yolunakea Puzzles

    There are 4 puzzles that are part of the Yolunakea quest line.


    yolunakea puzzle

    Yolunakea Death Penalty

    Playing Yolunakea in Elvia is more risky and more difficult for players.


    Normal Elvia
    Atoraxxion: Yolunakea
    No penalty Penalty applied
    Final Boss (in Yolu’s Cradle) No penalty No penalty


    • If you die during the final boss fight in Yolu’s Cradle, you can’t self resurrect until all party members are dead. (A party member can rez you with a Medical Kit, however.)
    • All items except for the Voidlight Dagger and loot dropped from defeating the final boss will be removed once you leave Yolu’s Paradise, accessible after defeating “Impassioned Amarillos” in Yolu’s Cradle.
    • You cannot damage other players with “Force PvP” (ALT + C) toggled on while mounting one of the mounts found in Yolunakea. You will, however, lose Karma if you attempt to do so.

    Yolunakea Challenge Reward

    There are challenges (Y) that you can complete in Atoraxxion: Yolunakea.

    • Limited to one per family for each challenge.
    • Log in again after obtaining the knowledge from defeating Impassioned Amarillos in Atoraxxion: Yolunakea.
    Challenges Objectives Rewards Server
    On the Voidlight Dagger! Defeat Impassioned Amarillos and
    obtain Voidlight Dagger knowledge.

    Yolunakea: Salunia Chest x2
    Infested Amarillos! Defeat Impassioned Amarillos and
    obtain Infested Amarillos knowledge.

    Yolunakea: Scalding Chest x2

    Yolunakea Knowledge

    Yolunakea has 163 knowledge topics. The following quests are rewards for obtaining Yolunakea Knowledge. Limited to once per family per quest.

    Quest NPC: Yolu’s Pupil – Exchange

    Yolunakea Knowledge Quest Rewards
    [Atoraxxion] Recover the Knowledge of Yolunakea I
    Learn 50 Knowledge
    1000 Contribution EXP
    Title: Mesmerizing
    Enchanted Scroll (+70)
    Vaha’s Dawn
    [Atoraxxion] Recover the Knowledge of Yolunakea II
    Learn 130 Knowledge
    1000 Contribution EXP
    Title: Fatale
    Enchanted Scroll (+130)
    Vaha’s Dawn

    Atoraxxion: Yolunakea Knowledge is obtained by puzzles, hidden objects, and fighting monsters. It’s highly desirable because it rewards high failstacks and two Vaha’s Dawn.

    Press H Key:


    • Adventure Journal > Journal of Atoraxxion
      • Yolunakea Expedition Journal I
      • Yolunakea Expedition Journal II
      • Yolu’s Thread
    • Ecology > Atoraxxion > Yolunakea


    • Character > People of Atoraxxion > Architect of Yolunakea
      • Yolu’s Records – Childhood
      • Yolu’s Records – Adolescence
    • Academic
      • Engineering of the Ancients III
      • Architecture of the Ancients III

    Yolunakea Knowledge Tips:

    • Finish Yolunakea Main Quest Line
    • Complete all 4 Yolunakea Puzzles
    • Defeat final boss to get Scroll of Yolu’s Records
    • Defeat Yolunakea mobs for Ecology knowledge
    • Object interactions cost 10 or 30 energy. You may need a tagged character and/or energy pots.

    Yolunakea Quest Line

    Yolunakea has a quest line of 46 quests that include a tutorial that walks you through how to complete the dungeon.


    Yolunakea Quest Benefits:

    • 2x Vaha’s Dawn (earrings)
    • many Yolunakea knowledge


    • Level 60+
    • Vahmalkea main quest line
    • Sycrakea main quest line
    Yolunakea Final Quest Reward


    Yolunakea Quest Requirement Details:


    • Pre-requisite Quest Chains under O → Main quest tab
      • [Lv. 56] *class*, New Power 14/14  (Succession or Awakening Questline)
      • [Invitation from I] Somone Beckons 15/15
      • [Atoraxxion] The Last Stronghold, Atoraxxion Vahmalkea 45/45
      • [Atoraxxion] The Last Stronghold, Atoraxxion Sycrakea 39/39
    yolunakea questline

    1 Time Yolunakea Quest

    This quest requires most of the main Yolunakea quest line finished, up to quest, Yolu’s Paradise.

    Quest Name: [Atoraxxion] Yolu’s Time Capsule

    Quest NPC: Black Spirit

    Quest Objective: Examine Yolu’s Time Capsule in Yolu’s Paradise (Requires completing the dungeon.)


    Quest Rewards:

      – Contribution EXP (1’000)

    Enchanted Scroll (+100)

    Fine Magic Crystal Box

    Yolunakea Titles

    Titles are rewarded for killing the final boss, Impassioned Amarillos.

    Title Requirement
    Yolu’s Sun Burns Once More Defeat Impassioned Amarillos once
    Like A Woman Sc-horned Defeat Impassioned Amarillos five times
    Stole Yolu’s Tears Defeat [Elvia] Impassioned Amarillos once
    Tactician of Yolunakea Defeat [Elvia] Impassioned Amarillos five times


    Yolunakea Party Matching

    Party Matching will place you in a party so you can complete Yolunakea.


    • ‘Normal” difficulty only
    • 220+ AP and 270+ DP

    How to do Atoraxxion Matchmaking:

    • ESC Menu > Community (F9) > “Atoraxxion Party Matching,”
    • or ESC Menu > Community (F9) > Find Party/Platoon” > “Party Matching”
    • In the UI you can choose which region to be matched in by pressing the “Party Matching” button.
      • Adventurers who selected the same region will be matched.
    • Once matching begins, you will be added to a party in queue or form a new party.
      • The Atoraxxion Party Matching function will match you with Adventurers in other servers as well.

    Yolunakea Screenshots

    These images are from the official NA patch notes.


    Sources & Additional Info