Blackstar Sub Weapon became available with the global release of Mountain of Eternal Winter on 4-6-22.

The greatest advantage of Blackstar Sub Weapon is its PVE power, giving extra Monster AP.


Obtaining Blackstar Sub Weapon:

  • Challenge Reward (Y) for reaching level 61.
  • Blackstar Sub Weapon questline.
  • Purchase on the marketplace with silver.


TET Blackstar Sub Weapon:

  • AP: 31 – 33
  • DP: 20
  • Accuracy: 16
  • Evasion: 11 (+33)
  • Damage Reduction: 9 (+1)
  • Extra AP against Monsters: +64
  • Monster Damage Reduction: +2
  • All Special Attack Extra Damage: +10%
  • Ignore All Resistance: +10%


Blackstar Secondary Weapon is a red grade weapon that fills the sub-weapon slot.

Quest for one Blackstar Sub Weapon per level 56+ character.

The steps to obtain Blackstar Sub Weapon are very similar to obtaining the Blackstar Weapon.

PEN Blackstar Sub weapon: Shield

Blackstar Sub Weapon Comparison

Lets see how the Blackstar Sub Weapon compares to our other boss offhand favorites: Kutum and Nouver.

PEN Kutum
(Caphras Lv 20)


AP: 33 ~ 35
Accuracy: 25
DP: 25

● Evasion: 14 (+42)
● Damage Reduction: 11 (+3)
● HP: 60
● Extra AP Against Monsters 62
● Ignore All Resistances +10%
● Special Attack Extra Damage +10%
● Caphras Stones: 29,403

PEN Blackstar Sub Weapon
(Caphras Lv not possible)

Blackstar Subweapon

AP: 33 ~ 35
Accuracy: 23
DP: 25

● Evasion: 14 (+42)
● Damage Reduction: 11 (+3)
● HP: 60
● Extra AP Against Monsters 67
● Ignore All Resistances +10%
● Monster Damage Reduction +5
● Special Attack Extra Damage +10%

PEN Nouver
(Caphras Lv 20)


AP: 46 ~ 48
Accuracy: 12
DP: 13

● Evasion: 3 (+9)
● Damage Reduction: 10 (+3)
● HP: 60
● Extra AP Against Monsters: 5
● All Resistances +10%
● Special Attack Extra Damage +10%
● Caphras Stones: 29,403

Boss Sub Weapon Comparison
(PEN Caphras Level 20 for Kutum & Nouver)

Sub Weapon Stat Kutum Blackstar Nouver
AP 33 ~ 35
33 ~ 35
46 ~ 48
Extra AP Against Monsters 62 67 5
Total Monster AP 95 ~ 97
100 ~ 102
51 ~ 53
Accuracy 25 23 12
DP 25 25 13
Evasion 14 (+42)
14 (+42)
3 (+9)
Damage Reduction 11 (+3)
11 (+3)
10 (+3)
Monster Damage Reduction 5
HP 60 60 60
Ignore All Resistances 10% 10%
All Resistances 10%
Special Attack Extra Damage +10% +10% +10%
Caphras Stones 29,403 29,403


Blackstar Sub Weapon Pros & Cons


Blackstar Sub Weapon Benefits:

  • closest in stats to Kutum, rather than Nouver, therefore shares most of Kutum’s benefits
  • 5 more AP than Kutum when fighting monsters (does NOT apply in PVP)
  • excellent defensive capability with its 5 extra Monster DR, surpassing Kutum’s DR.
  • no need for 29k Caphras Stones
  • greater enhancment chance success in early levels of enhancement
  • strongest in PVE

Blackstar Sub Weapon Disadvantages:

  • +67 Monster AP and +5 Monster DR doesn’t apply in PVP
  • weakest of the 3 subweapons in PVP
  • 2 less Accuracy than Kutum C20
  • lower enhancement chance % in later levels of enhancement
  • no safe enhancement via Caphras Stones, but Crons can be used

Blackstar Subweapon has superior defense and AP against monsters. This, with comparable stats to Kutum, make it a good choice for end game PVE play.


Blackstar in PVP?
What about PVP with Blackstar Sub Weapon? Unfortunately, the monster AP and DR isn’t going to be calculated against hostile players. However, it is still an excellent sub weapon and comparable to Kutum.


Blackstar Sub Weapon Quest Requirements

NOTE: You can start earlier than Level 56 by completing the Calpheon and Mediah main story quests. You can also try to obtain boss gear via Night Vendor, Central Market, etc.

BDO Remnats of the Rift


You must have Specter’s Energy and Remnant of the Rift when you talk to Martha Kiyen in Northern Wheat Plantation. If you do not have these in your inventory, she will not give you the Blackstar quest options for the armor, awakened weapon, or sub weapon.

Specter's Energy

Quick Step by Step Walk-through

  1. Complete Balenos → Serendia → Calpheon → Mediah main quest lines.
  2. Obtain Knowledge “The Three Legendary Blacksmiths of Mediah”
  3. Obtain rare drop, Remnants of the Rift.
  4. Obtain rare drop, Specter's EnergySpecter’s Energy from many high level grinding spots.
  5. Make sure Remnants of the Rift and Specter’s Energy are in your inventory.
  6. Right click Remnants of the Rift. Take Remnants of the Rift to Martha Kiyen at the Northern Wheat Plantation. (NE of Calpheon City) Choose the correct Blackstar gear quest. Blackstar Sub Weapon quest line starts with the quest, “[Blackstar Sub-weapon] Remnants of the Rift“.
  7. You will obtain Eye of Anguish during the quest line.
  8. Process > Heat 3 boss awakening/sub/main weapons or armors to create 3x Concentrated Boss’s Aura – do not attempt this until after you have the quest. (Better safe than sorry.)
  9. Process (L) > Manufacture: Eye of Anguish and Concentrated Boss’s Aura x3
  10. Give the manufactured item, Eye of Desolation, to the brazier at Star’s End and defeat the summoned boss, “Incarnation of Corruption”. (Option to do an easier version for those with low AP.)

Boss Gear List for Concentrated Boss’s Aura

The 3 boss gear you have to melt down, are transformed into Concentrated Boss Aura x3.

Only the base gear with +0 enhancements works.

Open the Processing window (L) then Heating on one of the following items to get Concentrated Boss’s Aura x1.

Boss Armor:

  • Giath’s Helmet
  • Bheg’s Gloves
  • Griffon’s Helmet
  • Leebur’s Gloves
  • Red Nose’s Armor
  • Muskan’s Shoes
  • Dim Tree Spirit’s Armor
  • Urugon’s Shoes

Boss Weapons:

  • Kzarka
  • Kutum
  • Nouver
  • Offin Tett
  • Dandelion

Specter’s Energy Grinding Spot Locations

Specter’s Energy is required for the very last quest in the Blackstar Sub Weapon quest line. It is a rare drop in many high level grinding spots.

Specter’s Energy Node Zone
Bashim Base Valencia
Basilisk Den Valencia
Cadry Ruins Valencia
Crescent Shrine Valencia
Desert Naga Temple Valencia
Gahaz Bandit’s Lair Valencia
Pila Ku Jail Valencia
Roud Sulfur Works Valencia
Taphtar Plain Valencia
Titium Valley Valencia
Waragon Nest Valencia
Specter’s Energy Node Zone
Loopy Tree Forest Kamasylvia
Manshaum Forest Kamasylvia
Polly’s Forest Kamasylvia
Tooth Fairy Forest Kamasylvia
Blood Wolf Settlement Drieghan
Sherekhan Necropolis Drieghan
Tshira Ruins Drieghan
Protty Cave Weita Island
Sycraia Underwater Ruins (Upper) North of Iliya Island
Thornwood Forest O’dyllita

Blackstar Enhancement

Enhancing Blackstar Gear requires a special item called Mass of Pure Magic for the higher tiers.

  • +1 to +15: use Concentrated Magical Black Stone
  • PRI to PEN: use character bound Flawless Magical Black Stone crafted from Mass of Pure Magic: obtain from daily quests, node investment, Life Skills, and grinding spots like Star’s End.
concentrated magical black stone weapon

TET Blackstar Challenge for Level 61

After completing the Mediah main questline (or equivalent) and reaching level 61, open Challenge Rewards (Y) to obtain a TET Blackstar Weapon or Dim Origin of Dark Hunger if you already have Blackstar Weapons.

Season TET Blackstar Weapon

TET Blackstar Challenge Requirements:

  • Reach level 61 with your season or normal character.
  • Complete any of the following Main Quest Lines:
    • Serendia, Balenos, and Mediah main questlines – Apocalyptic Prophecy (Recommended for beginners.)
    • Main Questlines for Veteran Players:
      • Mountain of Eternal Winter – [Everfrost] Beyond the Doors of Alyaelli
      • Land of the Morning Light – [Koo Mihyun] Seungsan’s Secret
      • Simplified main questline – [Special Growth] Fughar’s Memorandum Chapter 11
  • Limited to one time per family. (A second Season or level 61 character will not reward another Blackstar Weapon Challenge.)
Season TET Blackstar Main Weapon Box

You can choose from 3 different TET Blackstar Weapons.

  1. Choose the Main Weapon if you use Succession Skills and Awakening Weapon if you use Awakening skills.
  2. The Sub-Weapon is the third choice for those who already have TET Blackstar Main and Awakening Weapons.
  3. [Event] Dim Origin of Dark Hunger is used during Devour and recommended for advanced players.


  • Season characters must wait until after they graduate to open the TET (IV) Blackstar weapon box.
  • Shai class have buckets of sorrow and cry. Seriously, Shai class can’t open the TET (IV) Blackstar Awakening Box. 🙁
  • TET (IV) Blackstar weapons obtained from the box cannot be registered on the Central Market, but they can be enhanced to PEN. (And we hope can be used for Fallen God Weapons in the future.)
Event Dim Origin of Dark Hunger

Sources & Additional Info

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