[Manor] Aal’s Sanctuary Wall Candle Stand is a wall decoration for your manor interior. It also helps lighten up dark spaces, although the light isn’t as far reaching as a chandelier would be.

It is crafted by using Processing (L) → Manufacture and a bit of fishing.

[Manor] Aal’s Sanctuary Wall Candle Stand


It can only be installed in the interior of a manor.


A light that is three candle strong is sure to brighten dank hearts!

[Manor] Aal's Sanctuary Wall Candle Stand

Fishing for Golden Mane Glass Vase

Golden Mane Glass Vase must be in your inventory to have access to the first quest.

You will find this by fishing in the water at Ibellab Oasis.


Location: Ibellab Oasis, Valencia Territory

It is in the Great Desert, NE of Sand Grain Bazaar, so you may want to bring a compass.

Ibellab Oasis Map
Fish up one Golden Mane Glass Vase for each Aal Candlestick you would like to make.

I was able to obtain 2 in one night by AFK fishing.

Ibellab Oasis is a safe zone.

By the way, the fishing here isn’t very profitable. It has mostly green grade fish. You may want to check the option to not accept green grade fish.

Golden Mane Glass Vase

Give Golden Mane Vase to Kiyak

Quest Name: [Manor] Birth of Ibellab Oasis

Quest NPC: Kiyak <Bookseller>

Location: Valencia City


Quest Reward: Aal’s Sanctuary Candle Stand


You can complete this quest multiple times.

You need to complete 1 quest for each wall hanging you want to make.


Inextinguishable Stone Quest

Kiyak <Bookseller>
Location: Valencia City

Kiyak is located next to the Work Supervisor.

Kiyak Location Map

Recipe for [Manor] Aal’s Sanctuary Wall Candle Stand

Processing (L) → Manufacture:


Aal’s Sanctuary Candle Stand

3- Delotia-scented Candle

Delotia-scented Candle

You need 3 Delotia-scented Candle for each [Manor] Aal’s Sanctuary Wall Candle Stand.


Purchase or Process Delotia-scented Candle:

  • Purchase from Tama Nana <Ceramics Vendor>
    • Buy price: 2,000,000 each
  • Delotia Candle Recipe (Processing/Heating)

Tama Nana <Ceramics Vendor>
Location: O’daxxia, O’dyllita

Tama Nana Location Map

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