[Manor] Carpet of a Forgotten King is a red and gold floor covering for manor decor.

It is crafted in a level 5 Furniture Workshop, after obtaining quests, Knowledge, and many materials.

[Manor] Carpet of a Forgotten King


It can be installed on exterior and interior floors of a manor.


I told Giovanni Romano <Carpet Vendor> that I didn’t want to carpet the stairs of my manor. He gave me a blank stair.

[Manor] Carpet of a Forgotten King

Fertile Oil-Rich Soil

Buy: 1x Fertile Oil-Rich Soil

Silver Cost: 5,000,000

Location: Calpheon City, E of Storage Keeper

Geranoa Location Map
Vilentia Location Map

Soil Vendor:
<Material Vendor>
Location: Calpheon City

You must have Fertile Oil-Rich Soil in your inventory, in order to get the “Chat” option with Merv for the next part.

Chat with Merv

Select “Chat” option with Merv.

Click “Ask About the Fertile Soil.”

Doing this will create an auto-path to a hidden location at Oze’s House.

Chat with NPC:
Location: Calpheon City

Merv Location Map

Travel to Oze’s House

Travel to the node “Oze’s House”, SE of Calpheon City.

Interact with “Forgotten Journal”, a hidden object on the second floor balcony of the building there.

Make sure all quests are turned on in Quest UI (O key).

Accept and complete the quest by chatting with the Journal.

  • Quest Name: [Manor] Forgotten Journal (Requires Calpheon main quest line + manor quest line starting with “[Manor] Crucio Domongatt’s Summon” from Black Spirit
  • Location: Oze’s House, SE of Calpheon City, (building balcony)

Knowledge Reward:Keplan Horn Cocoon

Oze's House Location Map

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Forgotten Journal

Keplan Horn Cocoon

Travel to node, “Rhua Tree Stub”, located SW of Oze’s House and NE of the town of Behr.

Climb inside the hollow tree.

Accept and complete quest from “Glowing Flower.”

Quest Name: [Manor] [Daily] Carpet of a Forgotten King

Location: Rhua Tree Stub (inside hollow tree)

Quest Objective: Give Fertile Oil-rich Soil

Quest Reward: Keplan Horn Cocoon

Rhua Tree Stub Map

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Glowing Flower at Rhua Tree Stub

Keplan Horned Cocoon Silk

With the Keplan Horn Cocoon, from the Glowing Flower, travel back to Merv <Tailor> in Calpheon City.

Click Chat and give her the Cocoon.


Chat Reward: 900 to 1100 Keplan Horned Cocoon Silk


Each daily quest has RNG chance to give you enough Keplan Horned Cocoon Silk to make 1 [Manor] Carpet of a Forgotten King.

Keplan Horned Cocoon Silk

[Manor] Carpet of a Forgotten King

[Manor] Carpet of a Forgotten King is crafted in a level 5 Furniture Workshop.


[Manor] Carpet of a Forgotten King

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