BDO Caphras Calculator is a Simulator to show Caphras stats, levels, and cost.

  • Calculates the total Caphras Stones required to upgrade to a specific Caphras Level.
  • Each Caphras Level shows the total stats for all levels gained. (Combined Total stats given for all Caphras Levels selected.)
  • Includes the estimated silver cost if the Caphras Stones are purchased on the market.

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Caphras Stone2310000125768

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Caphras Calculator Terms


Gear with Caphras Levels:


  • Boss Gear (Yellow Grade):
    • DimTree (Dim Tree Spirit’s Armor)
    • BossMH (Boss Main Hand Weapon) Ex. Kzarka, Offin Tet
    • BossAwak (Boss Awakening Weapon) Ex. Dandelion, Dragon Slayer
    • BossOffhand (Boss Secondary Weapon) Ex. Kutum, Nouver
    • BossArmor (Boss Armor) Ex. Red Nose’s Armor, Bheg’s Gloves, Urugon’s Shoes, Griffon’s Helmet
  • Blue Grade Gear:
    • BlueArmor (Blue Grade Armor) Ex. Lemoria, Akum
    • BlueMH/Awak (Blue Grade Main Hand & Awakening Weapons) Ex. Liverto, Hughol’s
  • Green Grade Gear:
    • GreenArmor (Green Grade Armor) Ex. Grunil Shoes, chest, gloves, etc.
    • GreenMH/Awak (Green Grade Main Hand & Awakening Weapons)
    • GreenOffhand (Green Grade Offhand Weapon)

NOTE: some gear, like Blackstar Gear do not have Caphras Levels.

    Caphras Calculator Stats Explained

    • AP (Attack Power)
    • DR (Damage Reduction – added with Evasion to calculate DP)
    • Evasion (Evasion – added with DR to calculate DP)
    • DP (Defense Power is a total of visible DR + Evasion. “Hidden DR” and “Hidden Evasion” values are NOT used to calculate DP numbers in BDO.)
    • Hidden DR (Hidden Damage Reduction – this number is shown in parenthesis in game. Hidden values are not added to DP)
    • HP (Max Health Points)
    • Evasion (Evasion)
    • Accuracy (Accuracy)
    • Hidden Evasion (number that is in parenthesis. Hidden values are not added to DP)


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